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13-03-2020, 19:08   #1
Put that light out!
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CoVid-19 Part VII - 169 cases ROI (2 deaths) 45 in NI (as of 15 March) *Read OP*

90 cases already in the Republic, 29 in the North (up to 13 March). I fully expect temperatures to rise further (and if they do, call a doctor!) but would request everyone pays attention to the mod warnings carried over from earlier threads and set out below. In particular please remain civil to each other

First thread

Thread II

Thread III

Thread IV

Thread V

Thread VI

Mod warnings:
Originally Posted by Beasty View Post
OK, time to step in with some mod instructions:

1. Please interact in a civil manner
2. Do not tell others what to do, or what to post
3. If you have a problem with a post report it and leave the modding to the mods

In terms of thread content:

4. Treat everything you read here with caution. Anything posted is from an anonymous internet poster. You cannot assume anyone has any "specialist" knowledge whatever they claim
5. Statistics are important to some (and I personally pay a lot of attention to them), but they are of very little use to anyone who is already caught up in this, or indeed knows of people who are caught up
6. Terms such as "sinus", "airborne", "aerosol" have little relevance at this time in this jurisdiction. Ultimately though if cases are discovered in Ireland please pay attention to the relevant authorities and what they advise/recommend, and not some randomer(s) on the internet

All the above is me talking as a complete layman on the subject. Like everything in this thread do not treat it as chapter and verse, beyond paying attention to items 1-3 above

Any questions please PM me - do not try and dissect this post in-thread
Originally Posted by Beasty View Post
Last time it was a "suggestion"/request

Now it's an instruction

Stop all the tit for tat stuff on the stats. None of us are in full possession of the facts and none of us can draw any "definitive" conclusions. Bottom line. It's serious. Not serious in Ireland at this stage, but may become so. Anyone caught up in this is not going to take much solace from any stats however they are complied

Any questions PM me - do not respond to this warning in-thread
Originally Posted by Beasty View Post

A number of posts have been sanctioned although it could have been many more

Could everyone please re-read the warnings in the OP

Could I also re-emphasise - attack the post, not the poster

I understand people can get very emotional about this sort of thing. Regardless of that there is no reason this cannot be discussed in a civil manner. Yes there are people implying there is little to worry about. Equally there are some doom and gloom merchants in the thread. Despite appearances I actually think most posters are probably somewhere in the middle recognising this is serious, but at this stage not overly so in Ireland

Whatever your own views are please recognise others are entitled to different views., Even if at different extremes please do not try and repeatedly ram your views down the throats of those who have differing views

In due course we may well have a far better understanding of this virus, but at present I do not think anyone can claim anything approaching a full understanding, and as always we need to take information posted by anonymous internet posters with a pinch of salt

Any questions PM me
Originally Posted by Beasty View Post
I'm opening this one up with a very clear warning. Cut out all this cover-up/conspiracy stuff. If you have a reliable source quote it (not just their words but provide a link to a reliable source) - otherwise your claims carry little if any weight
Originally Posted by Beasty View Post
A reminder to everyone

It is against site rules to seek or offer any medical advice. Please do not post here about your symptoms asking what to do. Contact your doctor by telephone and they can advise you as appropriate
Originally Posted by Beasty View Post
A few reminders:

1. Some posters have been less than civil in their posting - particularly in the last few hours. Continue interacting in an uncivil manner and your posting privileges will be removed

2. Until something is reported "officially" treat anything you read here with suspicion. I am not saying posters are deliberately posting misleading or incorrect information, but this site, as well as other social media outlets cannot be considered "verifiable" news outlets. Of course if the likes of the HSE have a verified Twitter account we can assume what they post is accurate. Randomers on here or elsewhere cannot be considered "official" or "reliable" sources

3. I have little doubt there is some kind of lag in reporting "official" updates to numbers as I equally have little doubt there will be procedures to follow before any case becomes formally "confirmed". Hence you may feel you have information that contradicts any "official" information. That's not necessarily the case - it may be that you have access to information before others. Regardless of that do not post it as an actual case here. We can only go by official updates and you can expect others to be sceptical about anything not coming from an official source. That does not make your information wrong, but it needs to be formally verified before you should be claiming anything is "fact"
Originally Posted by Beasty View Post
I will say this yet again, but from now on not only will your posts be deleted, but you may well get additional sanctions applied

It is against site rules to request or offer any medical advice. If you have symptoms phone your doctor, and do not try and get a diagnosis from some randomer on the internet. Do not ask what medication to take here

Any questions, please PM me
All threadbans carry over, but we will reconsider if anyone wishes to discuss it further via PM

Please remember we have a Conspiracy Theories forum for speculation. Treat any information posted here as if it's from an anonymous internet poster. No-one is an expert here whatever they may claim. Please provide reliable sources where you can, and if you cannot please caveat your claims accordingly

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13-03-2020, 19:51   #2
Put that light out!
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First reply, and some stats:

Thread 1 - 9,947 posts in 34 days - 1 post every 4.9 minutes
Thread 2 - 8,575 posts in 125 hours - 1 post every 52 seconds
Thread 3 - 9,601 posts in 105 hours - 1 post every 39 seconds
Thread IV - 9,278 posts in 74 hours - 1 post every 29 seconds
Thread V - 9,852 posts in 74 hours - 1 post every 27 seconds
Thread VI - 9,988 posts in 58 hours - 1 post every 21 seconds

You need to slow down a bit if you wish to flatten this curve.....

Last edited by Beasty; 13-03-2020 at 20:55.
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Put that light out!
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And if anyone thinks they are getting reply #2, think again....
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13-03-2020, 20:54   #4
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Channel 4 reporting that 99% of doctors in the UK don't think the NHS can cope with the impending disaster.

Could you imagine if they did that survey here. And a month ago I'd say every Irish person would prefer to ride this out in the hospital systems of the UK or Italy rather than the Irish system.

We will need to triage cases. First up the selfish muppets who went on the piss in the Cheltenham petri-dish for the past week gets treated in a tent out the back of the hospital. They were happy enough to catch it in a beer tent they can suffer with it in a medical tent.
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13-03-2020, 20:54   #5
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Last thread closed on page 666 on Friday the 13th with 13 posts shy of 10'000.

Is Besty trying to mock the Gods?

Anyway I will not be going away everything paid for won't get a penny back but fook it not worth it.
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13-03-2020, 20:54   #6
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Quick calculation of current reported (active) cases per million population,

Italy 247
Norway 171
South Korea 144
Denmark 138
Switzerland 131
Spain 116
Iran 87
Sweden 80
Estonia 60
France 55
Austria 55
Belgium 49
Netherlands 46
Germany 41
Finland 28
Singapore 18
Ireland 18
Czech Republic 13
UK 12
Portugal 11
China 10
Australia 7
Japan 4
Canada 4
Poland 2
New Zealand 1
(Iceland 394 per million, pop 340,000)
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Quantum Erasure
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Originally Posted by cnocbui View Post
Yes. Pretty much any EU edict can be ignored on the grounds of National security or medical emergency.
Common Travel Area has nothing to do with the EU though
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13-03-2020, 20:55   #8
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I still see questions on whether disposable respirators are providing some protection.

I'll just throw in a picture of the medical team sent by China when they got off the plane in Italy and what they seem to think about it:

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13-03-2020, 20:55   #9
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1 post every 15 seconds here because we're all at home bored
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13-03-2020, 20:55   #10
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Quarantinies at my place tomorrow night. All invited.
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13-03-2020, 20:55   #11
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It's just the flu lads, calm down and come to Cheltenham.
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Beasty right about now...

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13-03-2020, 20:55   #13
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Originally Posted by retro:electro View Post
How ye all
Shurrrup yew
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Italy's new cases are interesting are we reaching a peak there, numbers are not increasing for 3 days.

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randy hickey
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It's been picked bare in here as well.
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