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Niamh Community


Hobbies: Travel and exploring,pilates,theatre,films,reading,history,festivals.

Forums you follow: Dublin City, Food, Travel, Food Electric Vehicles & Hybrids

Favourite forum: Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows for the feel-good factor.

Mark Community


Hobbies: Watching rugby,playing videogames and boardgames,cinemas and gigs,baking..

Forums you follow: Rugby, Gaming (General), Cool Vids & Pics & Links, Food, Films

Favourite forum: A favourite is Photography. I can't take a good photo, but I love seeing
the creativity and work of the community.

Dave Developer


Hobbies: Software Development,painting,making horrible electronic music.

Forums you follow: Star Trek, Bargain Alerts, Films, Television (General), Recreation & Hobbies

Favourite forum: Recreation & Hobbies to see what people build.