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Will you be taking a booster?



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    The vast majority of people don't get flu jabs and there's likely to be a level of complacency and to some extent indifference about boosters. There are already anecdotal reports of it taking longer to persuade people to get another jab, hair appointments getting in the way says the CMO. We are not going to get anywhere near 93% on boosters, especially with far younger healthier people who statistically at least at risk from COVID. An overall booster total of over 70% will be good. It should be high in older and more at risk groups but it would not be surprising at all to find it at 50% or under for some younger cohorts.

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    Your assuming here that the only or primary benefit of taking the vaccine is keeping yourself out of hospital. But this is to miss the whole point about vaccination against infectious disease; it's primarily done not to keep you out of hospital or to confer any particular benefit on you, but to confer benefits on other people; to protect them from becoming infected by contact with you.

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    People think in different ways, this is just one way to look at things.

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    There is two ways of looking about the vaccine. I'm young & healthy so I'm alright Jack or I a concerned about the risk I bring to my family home. My mother, father etc. Plenty of otherwise healthy under 40s ended up in hospital & even ICU from covid. Some have dies too. Youngest I can remember was a 15 year old in the last few months. I'm not willing to be one that puts pressure on our health system. I don't want people with other ailments not to get the treatment they need just because I didn't want a jab.

    Here's the thing, if you took two doses of the vaccine, what is the issue taking a 3rd or 4th. Now all of a sudden to be afraid of a vaccine you took twice? Vaccine passports are being updated. Last dose will have to be within the last 6 months to have a valid passport that will scan. If you don't get 3rd shot by March or so then you will not have a valid passport for eating, drinking indoors or possibly flying out of the country.

    I went to Egypt for holiday a few years ago. We got every vaccine recommended by the doctor. We were to go to Peru last year & again had all the recommended shots. Unfortunately the trip has been cancelled till the madness ends

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    I'll take it when I'm offered although I think I'd prefer another dose of Astra rather than a different one, but that's not going to happen.

    Seven Worlds will Collide

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    Got the booster a few weeks ago. WiFi has not improved. Getting a Covid test today as a close contact. Hopefully the booster has worked.

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    I was recently reading and article that says the astra zeneca vaccine is only effective for 96 days. Not great.

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    This isn't really a matter of "different ways to look at things". It's objectively true that vaccination confers a measure of protection on people who are, for whatever reason, not themselves vaccinated; that's how herd immunity works. Whether the individual being vaccinated knows or cares about this doesn't change the objective fact.

    Someone who approaches the question of whether to be vaccinated purely in terms of the benefits it confers on them is implicitly saying that they do not care about, or do not accept responsibility for, the consequences their choice may have for other people. That is, as you say, one way to look at things, but I'm sure we can agree that it's not a particularly admirable way. It's pretty selfish.

    If the question becomes whether the government should encourage or require people to be vaccinated, then obviously the government is primarily concerned with the benefits of vaccination for the community at large. So they should definitely be taking account both of the protection conferred on the person who is vaccinated, and on the protection conferred on everyone around them. It would be bizarre to suggest otherwise.

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    the vaccine doesnt stop you from catching the virus, if it did then there would be no need for boosters and we'd be out of this whole mess

    it greatly reduces the risk of you getting very ill

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    No you're wrong there.

    I also want to see the statitistcs on transmission reduction and efficacy.

    I'm not worried about being hospitalised or dying.

    So transmission will be the key metric in my decision

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    I will probably take this one, but I am very sceptical about how long it will remain effective for.And if it starts becoming a booster every 6 months or so, I'll be questioning that.

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,164 ✭✭✭ The J Stands for Jay

    Having Covid doesn't mean you won't get it again.

  • Registered Users Posts: 7,989 ✭✭✭ Igotadose

    tl;dr: vaccinated are much less likely to transmit.

    Long read:

    "I'm not worried..." bollocks. Go read any of the death-from-covid sites out there, would you want that? Versus taking a vaccine? If you're not worried, your heads in the sand (or worse, you're a lying anti-vaxxer)

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    Yeah, I'll take it, I get the flu jab annually so will just roll along with this for now.

    I'm still relieved its not a decision I need to make for my smallies as they are currently under the age for it and I'd rather it stay that way for now, they are at very little (if any) risk from the current strains circulating.

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    The statistics don't back up the need for double jabbed people under 45 to be worried. I'm sorry that's just the data.

    Of course, you could be very unlucky as with so many things in life.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,807 ✭✭✭ the kelt

    Never said it did, in fact i expect that i will in all honesty.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,775 ✭✭✭ brickster69

    Booked in for next week for mine. So yep, seems to be showing promise

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    Feel free to present your mystery data. I've shared some (and the Atlantic article linked to some excellent NYC data.) So, what's the cost of Covid illness to an under 45? What is the likelihood of under-45 spreading it unboosted versus boosted?

    Booster programs just started, FYI, so data might be hard to come by. But there's plenty of data on how bad it is to die from Covid.

    Basically, your point seems to be "I can't be bothered since I was double jabbed and I'm under 45." Is that right? And you're advocating the same for others under 45, even though you have no data, pro or con?

    In the US, depending on the severity, it's pretty scary. In Ireland I'm sure it's very expensive but good luck pulling data from the walking failure that is the HSE.

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    Yes and remember it's not giving us any freedoms back, just look at the EU now, going/gone back into lockdown.

    Only a matter of time for Ireland ...

  • Registered Users Posts: 989 ✭✭✭ manonboard

    Why do you think they are not effective? What numbers are you looking at to decide that and what numbers would you need to see to decide they are effective?

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  • Registered Users Posts: 890 ✭✭✭ kg703

    Yes, I'll take it. Not due one for a few months Id say though. One issue Ill have to ask my GP is if I can get a different one because I was so sick after the second, I really dont want to go through that again.