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Mandatory vaccination in Ireland



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  • I doubt it will ever happen. I think they probably have to discuss it because other countries are looking at it. Probably just a kite.

    Has any vaccine ever been mandatory before in Ireland ?

  • It’ll never happen in Ireland as we don’t have a national identity scheme and the privacy rules.

    Its sad really. The human right to choice trumps the right to live and the right to protect the most vulnerable in society. Something that is covered by the human rights charter.

    I guess most people are only interested in human rights if it effects them directly.

  • is there a constitutional case in it a la the Ryan flouridation case based on bodily integrity ?

  • If this were to come about, and I wouldn't say for sure it would be deemed necessary, you'd expect it'll be "mandatory" in the sense of extending the existing vaccine mandate, as opposed to the totally unrealistic prospect of prosecuting the vaccinated or using any level of force.

    So all it could mean is that all forms of public places such as workplaces and schools will require vaccination to enter.

  • Mrs Ryan actually lost that case, but the court did acknowledge the right to bodily integrity, it just didn't set a precedent.

    There no way this will happen

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  • It's a good idea when vaccine uptake percentages are on the decline.

    We got enough leeway to get above 90% voluntarily.

    It's time for the government to take us the rest of the way home.

  • The bar for mandatory vaccine is high, but it's there. By stating that something can never be justified, you're basically saying that you would rather people die preventable deaths than violate a principle.

    That's fine for you, if you would rather die than violate your principles than that's your call. A state cannot take the same approach.

  • He didn’t say it could never be justified though. He said the justification in terms of the history of this particular illness has never been there.

  • Michael and Leo would have to personally perform the vaccinations.

  • Principles are absolute. Otherwise they're not principles, but merely tactics. It's the anti-Republican Provisional Movement who cannot understand principles, and it's why they're awful people.

  • That's not the case either though. If vaccination uptake was low and Delta remained dominant there would have absolutely been justification for it.

    Bull-headed refusal to even discuss a measure is pure ignorance. A wilful desire to put emotion above facts.

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  • I am surprised by the situation how people are afraid of compulsory vaccination. I think that everything is not so scary as many people think.