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What's your meal plan dinners this week?



  • Neyite wrote: »
    Chilli Peanut Beef

    400g free-range rump steak, sliced into 1.5cm slices
    200g green beans
    175g baby sweetcorn
    1 red pepper, finely sliced
    1 red chilli, finely grated
    2 cloves of garlic, finely grated
    5cm fresh ginger, grated
    1 tsp sea salt flakes
    1 tbsp sesame oil

    45g crunchy peanut butter
    1 tbsp dark soy sauce
    1 tbsp rice vinegar or lime juice
    1 tbsp water

    50g spinach, roughly chopped
    3 spring onions, finely sliced
    a handful of salted peanuts, roughly chopped
    quick-cook noodles or rice

    Step 1 Preheat the oven to 220C/ 200C fan/gas 7. Tip the sliced steak, green beans, sweetcorn and pepper into a roasting tin large enough to hold all the veg in a single layer.

    Step 2 Add the grated chilli, garlic, ginger, sea salt and sesame oil and mix to make sure everything is coated.

    Step 3 Move the slices of steak to the top of the tin, as you want them to char nicely, then transfer to the oven to roast for 25 minutes.

    Step 4 Meanwhile, mix the peanut butter, soy sauce and rice vinegar or lime juice with the water.

    Step 5 Once the beef is cooked, stir through the spinach, pour over the dressing, scatter with the spring onions and salted peanuts and serve with the cooked noodles or rice.

    I added a bit of chilli to the sauce for a bit of heat.

    It is such a quick dish to prepare and get in the oven.
    Some tips! (We cook this a lot).
    It is a very forgiving recipe - our oven isn't the best and it needs a bit longer than 25 mins in ours. Swap out the veg if you need to - we have tried mangetout, thin slices of carrot, pak choi at the end instead of spinach, etc. I am not a fan of the sweetcorn in it as it is always too crunchy for me (but I am not a major sweetcorn fan anyway!).
    Step 2 I always mix these in a ramekin before adding to the dish - I find the puree ginger and garlic helps a lot with this and makes it so much easier. I have also used chilli flakes with/instead of the fresh chilli - I find it gives it a bit more of a kick.
    Harry's nut butter (extra hot) gave it a nice kick too!
    I am not a fan of satay, or peanut butter in general to be honest, but I love this dish.

  • Bassfish wrote: »
    Had roast chicken for the last two days. Started pulled pork yesterday for today and tomorrow. Burgers Friday, takeaway Saturday.

    Nice, are you following a specific recipe available somewhere ? :D

  • grahamor wrote: »
    Nice, are you following a specific recipe available somewhere ? :D

    Nah, just used what I had really. Smoked Paprika is a banker to add good flavour. The bbq and oregano just made sense. I had a packet of schwartz Mexican seasoning lying around so I put that in the water I cooked the pork in.
    It's pork neck fillet, coated in the dry rub for 4/5 hours. Then poached in the slow Cooker for 8 hours or so and left to cool in the water. Having it burrito bowl style later. Didn't even realise it was Cinco Di Mayo today when I planned it...... Olé :D

  • grahamor wrote: »
    Nice, are you following a specific recipe available somewhere ? :D

    The recipe from the Cooking Club is excellent.

  • The upcoming week is really busy with work/college, so this week's menu plan is very simple. I am getting to travel to see my parents at the weekend also, so will try use up everything in the fridge/freezer before heading down.

    Monday "Freezer meat", with roasted peppers and cous cous
    Tuesday Spaghetti Carbonara
    Wednesday Fish and Chips
    Thursday Omelet
    Friday Freezer potluck
    Saturday Backyard pizza at my parents

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  • I plan to try the peanut chilli beef during the week and went supermarket shopping today. But they didn't have spring onions :eek: So I got leaks instead :o I plan to chop part of one up quite fine to sprinkle on top if that's not too mad an idea... they're just giant spring onions, right? :P

  • Scallions have been out of stock in a lot of places lately

  • This week comes largely courtesy of james whelan butchers as i've been in a rut and wanted easy but a little different dinners.

    Monday: Chorizo stuffed port fillet, beetroot and butternut squash couscous, mashed sweet potato and paprika roast potatoes
    Tuesday: Beef stirfry bowl with noodles.
    Wednesday: Mexican hash
    Thursday: Chicken parcels with mash & roast carrots and parsnips
    Friday: Oxtail ragu with gnocchi
    Saturday: Bbq pulled beef burgers, mac n cheese, buttternut squash grits and corn on the cob
    Sunday: Dunno, maybe a takeaway or leftovers or burgers and chips. Definitely something easy

  • Tree wrote: »
    Scallions have been out of stock in a lot of places lately

    It has been so frustrating. But I have seen loads of hacks where you chop them fresh and put them in an empty water bottle, freeze them and pour into dishes when required. I think I am going to stock up when they are back in shops.

  • My dinners until next Wednesday.

    Thursday lasagne, chips and coleslaw
    Friday beef casserole
    Saturday don't know as I'm going to a funeral
    Sunday pizza
    Monday mince beef and onion pie and veg
    Tuesday mac and cheese with ham bits

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  • _Godot_ wrote: »
    My dinners until next Wednesday.

    Thursday lasagne, chips and coleslaw
    Friday beef casserole
    Saturday don't know as I'm going to a funeral
    Sunday pizza
    Monday mince beef and onion pie and veg
    Tuesday mac and cheese with ham bits

    Lasagne, chips and coleslaw is such an odd dinner when you think about it but it's bloody gorgeous :D

  • Saturday: stir fry with noodles
    Sunday: Korean chilli beef rice bowl
    Monday: BBQ chicken with baby potatoes & veg
    Tuesday: Steak with rocket salad and pesto
    Wednesday: BBQ chicken/pork again with baked potato I hope
    Thursday: Rice and beans
    Friday: Spag bol

  • Saturday: Southern fried goujons, brocolli and garlic potatoes
    Sunday: Ham fillet, carrots and baby potatoes
    Monday: Lasange
    Tuesday: Barbecue*
    Wednesday: Duck noodle soup
    Thursday: Fajitas.
    Friday: Pizza and wings.

    *weather dependent.

  • from Wednesday, when I get my grocery delivery.

    quiche lorraine, coleslaw, turnip, carrots and parsnip

    pepperoni pizza

    mac and cheese

    beef and veg casserole


    cottage pie and veg of some sort


  • Meals for this week

    Gnocchi lasagne 

    Meatloaf, roast veg and mash

    Mexican hash 

    Hoisin pork lettuce wraps, stir fry noodles

    Leftovers or fry

    Homemade pizza/Nachos

    Takeaway (curry)

  • Got one of those vegetable farmers boxes online, had a discount so decided to use it. Lots of veg to use up.

    Tuesday - Salmon with broccoli and pickled cucumber.

    Wednesday - Potato, squash and broccoli curry.

    Thursday - Beetroot risotto with feta.

    Friday - Beetrooot fritters with sour cream and salmon tartare

    Saturday - Courgette, feta, tomato frittata.

    Sunday - Going to try a chilli con carne with beef chunks rather than a pork/beef mince mix I usually do. If anyone does it this way normally and has any recommendations, I'm all ears.

    Kinda happy with only one meat meal this week, and two salmon. Very veg heavy, I suppose it's the goal.

  • @Dial Hard has a chilli recipe that uses meat chunks rather than minced I think.

  • My meals this week are scant because we had a few things on meaning we were dining out.

    So for the rest of the week I'm just going to do a roast chicken dinner this evening, a seafood chowder tomorrow evening and a chicken curry with the rest of the chicken from tonight.

  • Jaysis, fair play on your memory!

    Yep, I use this recipe but instead of the ground beef chuck use diced stewing beef. I do use pork mince too, though, in place of the Italian sausage.

    And actually, the last few times I've made it I've used a rib roast, rubbed with all the dry spices, braised in the beer, then pulled and added back in to all the rest of the ingredients. It really is sublime.