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What games have you been playing lately?



  • Overheal wrote: »
    Oxygen not included. What a fantastic colony sim game. Go check it out.

    amazing game. if i played it in school i would have been a lot better at physics, and enjoyed it!

  • Dead Cells the last couple of days. Oxygen not Included was option #2.

    I'm coming from Hades as a first for this type of game so I wasn't blown away but I'm getting it now. Finally past the first few stages and it's really fun, but brutally hard. Things can slip away from you very fast.

    Gf watched and then played and loved Hades, but she has little interest in this one. Which is fair. It's nowhere near as visually or narratively pleasing. You really have to work hard at Dead Cells and you never feel like a God. So far anyway.

    Makes me appreciate the skill that went into Hades more than anything. Whoever thought up the idea of escaping the underworld with those characters is a genius.

  • Red Dead Redemption 2 and I'm finding it an absolute slog to play. The world, characters, voice acting, visuals and music are all top tier but actually playing the game just isn't all that fun to me at the minute. Everything is just so slow and tedious. There's also animations for ever single thing you have to do.

    Rockstar's mission design I feel is also poor, you must do the mission exactly how they want. Some of the mission failed screens are ridiculous.

  • With the good weather the last few weeks have played very little games. Over the last couple of days have been drawn back to Death Stranding. Am about 6 hours in, just activated the bike and still cant decide if this is a brilliant game or just mental....🤔🤔🤔

  • Just hit 4k Hours in 7 days to die,i should really play something else🤣

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  • Buried in FF14 lately with a bit ok Pokemon Unite on the side.

  • Started Psychonauts tonight so not too far into it yet

  • I've started Wonder boy and the Dragons trap after finishing Skyward Sword.

    Apparently it's not a difficult game but the underground part that brings you to the ninja dojo is a big difficulty spike imo

  • Cant find anything to grab my attention these days, dont know how many games ive started, played for a couple of hours and uninstalled..

  • Divinity Original Sin 2

    Its crazy hard at the start and the story takes awhile to get going but its one of the most satisfying experiences you can have on a PC if you manage to get yourself to the end.

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  • Yep I'm really enjoying it so far. My last post on here in June mentioned how I was in Act 2 and I'm still on Act 2 even though playing it a couple of times a week. It's quite a hefty game! We're pretty much wrecking everything in every battle so looking forward to the difficulty scaling up in the next acts. I'm running a Summoner/Archer build which is very effective but I've read summons don't scale too well in later Acts so might re-spec fully into Ranged/Huntsman when they lose their effectiveness.

    Has anyone given Humankind a go yet? I keep hovering over it on Steam and reading the reviews but haven't given in to temptation. It seems there's a good few bugs so may wait a while before considering purchasing.

    Finished Dark Souls Remastered recently but copped on I missed the DLC so playing through NG+ to get to the DLC. I have also started playing both Hollow Knight and Dragon Age: Origins which are both excellent so doing a lot of juggling between games recently!

  • Arma 3 again but this time playing Vindicta its like a Taliban simulator, its a very good mission.

  • Humankind is on the Xbox for PC app so could sub for a month and try it. I downloaded it but I havent tried it yet.

  • I gave 12 minutes a quick go at the weekend, not for me I think after 2 runs. But I hate repetition so that's probably not suprising :), still Gamepass giveth so I tryeth.

    Spent about a week on Terminator Resistance and it was surprisingly fun. Janky and archaic looking but they do a decent enough job on the story and the core gameplay is good though never great. I'll give games like this a lot of leeway for knowing what they are but doing it well, in this case a simple 2010 like FPS that masters just being 'good'. Worth a go when 20 or less.

    Just started Necromunda Hired Gun (I'm in an FPS mood lately). While more polished than Terminator Resistance it falls into that same bucket for me, it know's is a B-movie game and doesn't pretend to be anything other than a silly gorefest. Movement is superb and the options and implementation there are some of the best I've seen in many years but the level design (in tactical terms not aesthetics) and AI don't really match that freedom. Still again good silly fun so far with the only real gripe being the super heavy geordie accent on the female lead, it drives me nuts every time she talks.

  • I went ahead and took the plunge on Hardspace: Shipbreakers

    It didn't even occur to me at the time this was made by Blackbird Interactive - of Homeworld Acclaim. Nor did it click that Shipbreakers was the working title of Deserts of Kharak (before they secured the Homeworld IP rights). However, the devs are clear this is not Homeworld - it takes place in the sol system, Arizona is it's own nation according to your employment agreement, etc. and the devs plan to expand the Hardspace universe - I'd assume with other space jobs, like a freighter captain, or down the road combat - because, can we talk about this explosion? This was a bug encountered by a user - ships are not supposed to explode when they load in. But LOOK AT THIS EXPLOSION. This is realtime, fully destructible ships.

    This game has a lot of potential. Still in Early Access, I haven't encountered too many bugs, but the story arc is still being fleshed out and I think there are still some planned features. The devs have warned save progress is to be reset soon (and might again before 1.0) but I'm alright with that. There's enough content as it is to be enjoyable - I've already played about 20 hours of it, and I haven't gotten very far up the certifications/levels to unlock bigger ships etc. the plan is for 40+ hours story and lore content at launch.

  • Oh **** it. Now I’m a Star Citizen.

    the choice of starter ship apparently didn’t matter too much (aurora, Bc bunk and box storage and ability to ferry players) because everyone I’ve met has been really nice. Wanna gun a turret? Want a tour? Wanna fly my corvette? Uhm yeah okay! One guy gave me his Pisces for a whole session, there’s no penalty right now to pull ships and let other players use them or wreck them so why not. Fun world event happening now too where everyone in the instance (currently 50 players max) all have to take down the new capital ships they’ll be adding to the game when they up the player cap to accommodate the sheer size of these ships, like the Javelin Destroyer, which can fit dozens of players.

    my buddy meanwhile caught the itch. He backed in 2014 with a mustang. He bought a $100 cutlass and is looking at a HOTASS :D

    ICYWW the game is - for an alpha, incredibly playable, the latest update added the last planet to the first system, you can fly throughout the gas giant now and there’s a bespin-like cloud city. the elevators are buggy as hell, you will have to reload the game a good amount, but dammit we are having a blast.

    last night during the event our IFF bugged and I was gunning for a pug, I blew up the other player ship, both ships apparently went IFF red for some reason but we got a crime stat. To clear it, we had to fly to grim hex station, a place where you can hack thhe criminal database to wipe your slate clean. Oh, but me and my new pug had to kill everyone we met in there. He handed me a crypto key to clear my name but it fell through the floor. After he cleared his name, another player murdered him (and probably got his own crimestat) I killed them, but then someone else killed me. So I ended up in a prison colony. To get out I had to either wait 4 hours or toil in the mines (I toiled in the mines) there’s a way to break out of prison involving lots of parkour but unfortunately the route was bugged so I became a gem miner. I earned my chicken flavor nutrient bar.

  • Octopath Traveler, lovely little game.