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Cork developments



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    Irish Examiner:

    A developer is in consultation with An Bord Pleanála over the potential development of 191 apartments in Cork.

    Tiznow Property Company has commenced a consultation with the board over the demolition of structures on the site of the former Cork Warehouse Company on Monahan Road, Cork City.

    The consultation proposes the construction of 191 apartments and is a standard part of the Strategic Housing Development. Its outcome is not indicative of future planning decisions. The Monahan Road site is close to the potential locations of other major residential developments, including the proposal from Marina Quarter Ltd, which is seeking to develop 1,002 apartments on the former Ford Distribution site, fronting Centre Park Road and Monahan Road. That scheme was approved in April.

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    That's not the site across from the Marquee entrance is it? Those warehouses were demolished over the summer.

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    It is indeed from what I can tell. Company behind the application looks to be Comer Group related.

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    Found a planning application from 2000 which confirms they're former Cork Warehousing Company. Not sure what's left to consult around demolition beyond what they're going to do with the rubble... I wonder will we ever see much happen here.

    Edit: Had a walk past today and there are more walls standing than I thought. I could be wrong about when the demolition happened.

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    Remains found on Nancy Spains in Barrack Street so I assume building stopped temporarily

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    Having been walking down there during the warmer months, I've seen them sluicing out the drainage ditch that borders Centre Park Road.

    In the hotter weather, it reeked of slob mud and chemicals so I wonder if the consultation is about any present or future liabilities that might arise from building on heavily polluted ground.

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    Consultation is a standard part of the SHD application process. It allows for dialogue about the application given that there’s no request for further information in the later application process so all the Is need to be dotted and the Ts crossed before submission.

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    Personally, I think that ten stories are a bit much for Douglas village?

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    I imagine the taller buildings will be set back from the street? The site is quite long.

    Wierd how the pic is of the new Permanent TSB location having just explained that the development is at the old location.

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    The higher you go the more you can charge for the penthouse away from the poors down below!

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    I can't figure out where the new building will be. Is it the Legion Mary building, by the bus stop, across from Coriander (Formally known as Lal Quila?).

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    Even if set back, it sets precedent for the village. The current max is 4/5 stories over by McDonalds?

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  • Registered Users Posts: 1,623 ✭✭✭ Mav11

    I remember that the old TSB which was the computer centre, got the first TSB drink link (cash machine) in the mid 80's. Very handy for Barry's and O'Driscolls. Used to go running across the road a few times of a Saturday night.😁

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    Premier Inn are well known in the UK for using old buildings. The interior is generally modern, but they do do a good job with the exterior and fitting in sympathetically.

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    Well seeing as Douglas is a flood zone, if I lived there I would want to be up quite high!

    Personally I prefer tall efficient use of land to sprawling development. There are loads of amenities there, shops, pubs, food, cinema. A bit light on schools. Reasonable for bus services. Seems ok for high density to me.

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    You lost me at Douglas is a flood zone, so should be ok for high density.

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    Not sure you could really call Douglas a flood zone - I only remember it flooding once in recent years, and that was due to a large blocked drain. That could happen pretty much anywhere. Most of the city centre is probably more flood prone.

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    Douglas and city center are the lowest points alright. Pretty much set at sea level.

    Build them up on stilts! Venice of the north. :)

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    You've stated before that you are not against high rise buildings. What is it about Douglas that makes you say that 10 stories is too much?

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    I know I have and I am still in favour of high rise in specific areas. I just don't believe that they are suited to everywhere. We have argued this previously and as you know I am in also in favour of retaining the character of certain areas of the city and letting the development of high rise, high density to other areas such as Tivoli docks, which has good connectivity including rail line. Mahon is also more suited to high rise and should be connected to the city centre via a tram line.

    Specifically regarding Douglas and as I said personally, I think that 10 stories is too high, given the village nature of the area and the existing relatively low rise nature of the surrounds. I also think that connectivity from the village is rather poor and not suitable to high density. But then, that is only my opinion.

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    Given a choice between a high rise or another estate in the hinterland I'd reluctantly agree with you. It probably means that Douglas is over developed at this stage and other areas need to be looked at, particularly those on a rail line or a potential rail line.

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    Curious, what are their affordability advantages?

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    The foundations and basement were completed with the first phase of the development years and years ago

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    Possibly not good news for Custom House Quay

    Three executives of a large US construction company which was founded by a Kerry family face up to 20 years in jail after being found guilty of fraud.

    Donal O’Sullivan, 60, the founder of Navillus Contracting, his sister Helen O'Sullivan, 61, the payroll administrator, both with addresses in Queens, New York, and the company's financial comptroller, Padraig Naughton, 49, with an address in New York, faced charges of wire fraud, mail fraud, embezzlement from employee benefits funds, submission of false remittance reports to union benefits funds, and conspiracy to commit those crimes.


    Donal O’Sullivan, who now faces jail, was a passive investor with his brother, Kevin O’Sullivan, who, through his firm, Tower Holdings Group, is behind plans for Ireland’s tallest building on the former Port of Cork Custom House site in the heart of Cork city.

    The ambitious 34-storey hotel and heritage project on Custom House Quay, at the confluence of the two channels of the river Lee, has planning permission from Bórd Pleanála but work on site has yet to start.

    The same firm is also behind plans for the €20m 15-storey Prism office building close to Parnell Place, also in Cork city.

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