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30-06-2020, 06:16   #1936
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Originally Posted by Autosport View Post
Tired feet
Was that the final and least successful of the Happy Feet film franchise?
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30-06-2020, 09:50   #1937
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Molly: Dear Customer, here is A, B and C information that you requested. Love, Molly.

Cumstomer: Yeah that's great but what about A?

Molly: *internal sigh* Here is A

Cumstomer: And also B?

Molly:*seriously?* Here is B

Cumstomer: And then finally, what about C?

Molly: *swallows tongue* If you refer to my original response, you'll see that I've already addressed your query about C.

Can people not take in more than one piece of information contained in an email?
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30-06-2020, 13:15   #1938
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So far this week, a youngster had a go at me for standing outside of the general q, as per the shop's instructions.
The liaison person in my job's bank, treated me like covid-mary BUT treated me to a list of how much harder I was making her job by not having internet banking , imo doing the job I pay fees for.
Yesterday, a guy pulled into a carpark from behind me, he had to know that I couldn't have seen him until he was within mm's of hitting me.

I'll be lucky to survive this week it seems.

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30-06-2020, 13:46   #1939
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I'm a cheerful mix of hungover and PMS'd and can't do a single productive thing today. Literally working from my bed. It took me a half hour to send a work email earlier. TA'd by my own bullsh1t.
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30-06-2020, 17:27   #1940
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It was my first day back in work yesterday since the lockdown and while I was delighted to get back to (covid-compliant) normality, I am still TA'd at an incident that happened.

One of work colleagues is terminally ill and called in yesterday to hand in his keys and have a catch up. While he is in remarkably good spirits considering his prognosis, there was still a sort of a "goodbye" theme to the visit. I don't live in the same town as him and wouldn't be the best at visiting people when they are dying (don't like to impose myself on burdened families) so not sure if I will ever see him again. Which is obviously more than a TA.

Which brings me to my TA: there is a committee that oversees the running of the place, and one of the more prominent members of said committee is a retired construction "magnate" with all the people skills of Trump. He called in during the visit for a completely unrelated matter, and proceeded to completely let on that he didn't know this fella from Adam. Was very rude in essentially brushing him off as a stranger even though my work colleague would be very well known in similar social circles and would have had his own business in town for years beforehand. I could tell that my work colleague was a bit offended by his lack of manners, but being the gent that he is, used it as an excuse to head off. It has been playing on my mind ever since.

This same committee member essentially treats me and the other staff members like we are all his minions and barely has the nicety to remember our names (even though there are only four of us max on the staff). God I hate people who think that their **** doesn't stink.
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30-06-2020, 17:31   #1941
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TA'd at the pronunciation of 'Ralph' - especially by the Brits.

Ralph Beckett (English horse trainer) = Rayf Beckett
Ralph Fiennes (English actor) = Rayf Fiennes

But Ralph Lauren (some French designer I think, don't even know if he's still alive) gets the 'proper' pronunciation - Ralf Lauren. I don't recall anyone on TV saying Rayf Lauren.

I can hear some say: "But what about the actor in 'The Royle Family' "
His name is Ralf, not Ralph Little.

My name isn't Ralph
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30-06-2020, 17:44   #1942
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Jut found out when the communion and confirmation is on.August and September . Are they having a laugh.
Seriously i will barely have the money to send the kids back to school,never mind the added expense of communion and confo.
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30-06-2020, 22:18   #1943
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Stoopid Period a whole week early. A life of never being able to plan anything. But as I've had the mis-fortune of injuring my Ribs & Shoulders the other day literally a hot minute after Restrictions were lifted, an early Period just totally matches my mood right now anyway.
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30-06-2020, 23:10   #1944
Deja Boo
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on the days I have the most going on, my body chooses to be the sickest - thanks for the support (shakes fit at self)
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01-07-2020, 09:43   #1945
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My lungs kept squeaking and waking me up this morning. So very rude of them!
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01-07-2020, 12:52   #1946
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The lifespan of Fresh Milk during the summer.
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01-07-2020, 13:35   #1947
Princess Calla
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In the 20 odd yrs of owning a phone, I've never majorly damaged or lost one. I own them until they give up.

Until this one.... Got it as a present.. 4 weeks and the screen was smashed (left it on the banister as I went into bathroom, it fell down the stairs and hit radiator)

Couldn't afford to get the screen fixed as it was a few hundred euro to fix.

It's fixed about 3 months and now has a white light bloom going down the right hand side and then white horizontal lines going across to the middle.

I thought maybe moisture got into it so turned it off and left it in a freezer bag with silica gel overnight and no improvement.

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01-07-2020, 13:56   #1948
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The heavy breathing of your one doing the weather on Rte.
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01-07-2020, 16:20   #1949
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Originally Posted by GoatBoy74 View Post
The heavy breathing of your one doing the weather on Rte.
I somehow read that as “your wan doing the waiter”....which would explain the heavy breathing....
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01-07-2020, 17:52   #1950
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Found a pristine copy of Herbie Hancock's Columbia albums box set on Ebay. Photos from the seller showed it in immaculate condition.

Arrived today. My heart sank when I saw the packaging he had used - brown paper and a thin layer of bubble wrap.

All corners dented and one side with a gouge mark.

Partial refund offered but he was genuinely surprised when I pointed out that the set didn't have a chance of arriving unscathed in such flimsy packaging. For a set like that the corners need to be doubly protected with bubble wrap wrapped very tightly and placed in a hard cardboard box so that it can't move around in transit.
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