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08-06-2021, 17:24   #4681
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Reaching the 10,000 mark on my number of posts
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08-06-2021, 18:58   #4682
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I found a banana Swiss roll in the press that I had forgotten about, yeay.
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08-06-2021, 19:17   #4683
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painted small bathroom today that I had been putting off for months.

even with lockdowns, I still didn't have the motivation to do it.

took me only about an hour and a half to do it

.....It's done so now so I'm happy
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08-06-2021, 19:44   #4684
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Not having a great day mentally. Combination of pregnancy hormones and various triggers of childhood trauma. Took the dog for a walk after work and didn't meet a single car, the sun was shining but there was also a lovely breeze, and that heavy blossom scent in the air that you only get at a particular time of evening. I bumped into an old friend and it was so nice to see her and just chat for a minute. She's so calming and a really lovely person. My dog was ecstatic to see her.

Sometimes you just meet someone at the right time and it's enough to keep your spirits high
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08-06-2021, 19:45   #4685
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Originally Posted by Archeron View Post
I found a banana Swiss roll in the press that I had forgotten about, yeay.
TH that banana Swiss rolls exist!
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08-06-2021, 21:17   #4686
Mam of 4
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Making arrangements with my best friend to meet for coffee outdoors this week . Long overdue , we speak on the phone every week but haven't seen each other in person since the first lockdown last year
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08-06-2021, 22:08   #4687
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Turned up at the gym for my outdoors exercise class... to find that they / we can go indoors now which is great... the car park was in ribbons with potholes, loose stones and cracked tarmac.... not fun... this despite the clamor from one cohort who said they were enjoying the fresh air and preferred to stay outside...
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10-06-2021, 21:14   #4688
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Went for an outdoor ice-cream and a lovely walk with fiancé, babba and the dog. It was so nice to actually go out and do something together as a family Although I feel a bit poisoned now from all the sugar
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10-06-2021, 22:02   #4689
There is a light
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Went out for lunch today with the better half. It was great to be eating out again and the staff in this local business, who have had a really tough time of it this past year, still as courteous in a relaxed manner as ever.

So good to feel some normality again and admiration for these entrepreneurs who have tried to fight their way out of a very tough time for them ( even offering blankets if you find the outdoor dining too cool! ).
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11-06-2021, 00:16   #4690
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I took a bit of a risk recently, buying some slightly expensive wireless earbuds with active noise cancellation. (Not the Apple or Samsung ones, which are overpriced in my opinion.) I have not had good luck with cheaper earbuds before, but the new ones I got have exceeded my expectations so far, particularly when it comes to music sound quality.
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11-06-2021, 10:19   #4691
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Opened a parcel from amazon this morning, a book I ordered. Anyway, there were 2 books in there. The 2nd book, which I didn't order at all, looks far better than the one I ordered. So that's getting a read over the weekend.
Thank you oh wise and generous book fairy wherever you are
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11-06-2021, 10:33   #4692
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We took the dog out into the county for a walk last night, at the start of the walk is a fish restaurant which has recently reopened.
Boy dog loves the fishy scents from here and he was ecstatic to have so many new smells to smell now they are cooking again.

You could see it in him how happy this made his walk.

All the extra smells made him very tired and he slept through the night which is unusual for him.
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11-06-2021, 12:29   #4693
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There is a large cemetery near our office so I sometimes go there at lunch just to sit on a bench. It’s quiet and in the shade

A lady was cleaning a grave and watering flowers n’such

She came over to the tap near my bench to refill the watering can and started apologising if she was making noise and disturbing me. Of course the answer was no and she had nothing to apologize for! Anyway she had more reason to be there than me

Th’d at kindness and consideration from the lady here and it wasn’t needed at all

Faith in humanity restored
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11-06-2021, 19:01   #4694
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TH that I look forward to reading this particular thread

and it has never let me down!
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11-06-2021, 23:26   #4695
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Got my vaccine AND the nurse told me I have lovely hair. It seems so childish that a compliment made my day but I'll take it
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