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Boating chit chat thread.



  • Devastating!

    I’m not familiar with 49ers, but the measuring process seems tough - dunk the harness in water, let it drain for a minute, and then measure. At least with foils or the hull you know the weight, it doesn’t change. With the harness you’re depending on the absorbency and everything else remaining the same. Gutted for the lads.

  • I don't think I've ever seen as many reefs in one place as on this morning's Fastnet start line 😱

    I do NOT envy them, that is going to be a rough, tough first 24 hours.....

    Manky-looking conditions!!

  • Its a race this year to be enjoyed from the comfort of a chair

  • Storm jibs and heavily reefed mains in few boats in class 2. Wonder what'll they do if they get 35 knots

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  • One of the lads who sails with us was doing the fastnet but they had to retire shortly after the start with a blown out headsail.

  • Matt Sheahan on a commentary rib at the start said they'd seen a boat with a big tear in their headsail, I wonder was that them?

    There must be 30 or more retired already - a multihull after a collision with a spectator boat near the start, and I saw two class 3 or 4 boats doing what looked like a slow waltz with their rigs entangled before their start. I can't believe there weren't more collisions, tbh, given the conditions.

    ETA - 38 retired by 5pm

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  • First boat a tri was around the fastnet around 8am and is blasting away at 30 knots (according to marine traffic) towards France while the leading monos have barely passed the Scilly isles. 2 Irish boats lying 25th & 26th overall on IRC

  • Pata Negra (ISORA crewed and owned, so honorary Irish!) 8th overall - Nieulargo and Desert Star IOS best of the Irish, in the 30s and 40s.

    An eagle-eyed pal of mine just pointed out that Rambler 88 seems to have sailed the wrong side of the Fastnet TSS..... whoops 🙈

    *gets popcorn

  • And Kenny Rumball/Pamela Lee leading in the Figaros - fantastic!

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  • It showing on yellow brick Rambler came round the fastnet and went straight back inshore leaving the TSS to starboard instead of port. YB isnt the most reliable though as it only updates every few minutes and doesnt always track the actual course sailed

  • That usually manifests in boats looking like they've sailed through the TSS though. In this case it's hard to imagine that track showing if they did in fact leave the TSS to port.

    It'll all come out in the wash, I'm sure!

  • This is supposedly the keel of a beneteau first 40 that retired from the fastnet with a leaking keel boat. Another few hours and it could have been worse

  • I'd take some small comfort from the fact that they hit something, which at least explains the damage.

    Cheeky Rafkiki, I thought the keel just sheared off? With no time to raise the alarm. (I might be remembering that slightly wrong.)

  • They were taking on water through the keel bolts, the boat had a few grounding and the damage we never properly checked or repaired. The bolts rusted out.

    The skipper was in contact by sat phone the charter company but neither realised that it was the keel. After it happened the owner of the charter company was put on trial cleared of manslaughter but found guilty of " unsafe operation of the vessel and of failing to fulfill the requirements of the Merchant Shipping Act."

    Company went bankrupt and he has to live with it!

  • A J120 also had issues with their keel on the fastnet. Its not the 1st time a J120 had keel issues in a race. Not sure of the year of the photo but if say there was a bit of a conversation on petra negra if they heard

  • Pata Negra (the hon Irish ISORA crew) have finished in 3rd overall on IRC - fantastic result!! (assuming it holds, obv)

    Phosphorus, finished in 5th overall, with a pal of mine on board.

    Irish Offshore Sailing currently 22nd overall - they were somewhere in the 70s last time I looked, that's some fight back!!

    There are two other ISORA boats doing it 2-handed Polished Manx and AJ Wanderlust, and I feel I should give them a shout for just still being out there!!!

    Still a long way to go for a lot of boats 🥺

  • See Rambler88 did the honest thing after the finish and retired after realising their mistake on the Fastnet TSS

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  • I have absolutely no connection to this boat and sadly am not in the market to buy currently, but this is a bargain boat for some lucky new owner. Sounds like she is not racing material, but a terrific cruising boat.

  • Tom Dolan first around the Fastnet in the last leg of La Solitaire du Figaro race, and now a close 2nd (although it looks like the rest of the fleet will get the incoming wind first, so who knows how long that'll last).

    Also, decision is due today on the awarding of the next Americas Cup to Cork or not - I'm not sure how I feel about that, tbh, I'd be afraid that given our track record with these things we'd either make a complete hash of it, or it would actually and finally bankrupt the country. But the fact that we're this close is something, I suppose. (I see what sounds like some last-minute furious back-pedalling by the suits, saying "oh we won't be deciding if we accept the offer until the due diligence is done".... firstly, I'm not sure that's a wise stance to take (if you actually want the gig), and secondly, why wasn't it done already???)

    (disclaimer, I know precisely nothing about the processes involved, so that's just my natural scepticism/cynicism kicking in)

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  • As much as I'd love to get the America's Cup, I can see Dubai probably 'buying' it with a mega bucks bid..... but here's hoping.

    I don't really think it's an event we can screw up, as ultimately it's held out on the water. I'm guessing the team shore bases will be the key thing, but surely some locations in Cork Harbour in the port area could be seconded to the teams to set up bases.

    Would be a nice little venture to own/rent about 10 Ribs for the event, as there'll be no doubt huge money to be made at an AC.

    If we get the AC, do we also get the Louis Vuitton Cup? or is it simply the final race (NZ vs Challenger) we'd get?

    I can just imagine some of the 'outrage' we'll read in the next few days though if we do get it..... "It's costing us how much?????", and then when they realise Coveney is a sailor!!

  • Yeah, given the fact that we're gazillions in hock after Covid, I can see it being a very hard sell to the general public shelling out hundreds of millions (150 up front costs was the last estimate I heard) on yotties, no matter what the payback might (or might not) be.

    I just wonder, having struggled every 2 years to get accommodation for 12 crew for Cork Week, where they expect it all to spring from for the 10s of thousands of visitors and spectators? And if they do manage to produce that many bed spaces, what happens them after?

    No idea about the LV Cup (although wasn't it Prada last time??) - haven't heard that mentioned at all.

  • Been following a thread over on sailing anarchy about it and some of the crap coming out from local vested interests and media is amazing regarding numbers of bed nights, visitors, superyachts and tourist euros. We dont have the facilities to host the AC boats never mind all these magical superyachts and visitors if they turn up. The organisers/defenders would also probably need to be looking at a new class of boat just to cope with the waters off cork which are not as protected as Auckland. Covney seems to be a big force pushing this aswell and after his recent behaviour I could see this being used as a political football by sections of the left

    Another issue I have is that this event was about the prestige of winning the cup and bringing it home to the winners local port/city/club but its now like every other big sporting event and just goes to the highest bidder

  • Nothing wrong with 12 metres....

  • Once they have manual coffee grinders and wire jib sheets why not

  • I know the AC75's are magnificent feats of modern design & engineering etc..., but looking at 8 lads riding exercise bikes, while another 2-3 lads steer and trim the wing/jib wasn't exactly appealing to the inner sailor in me...

    There's little excitement in watching 2 boats creaming along at 30+ knots.... with no drama going around the windward mark and hoisting kites....

    The best you could hope for at the recent AC was in light winds and the boats maybe came off the foils.....

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  • Agree 100%.

    Either falling off the foils, or capsizing, was the height of the excitement to be hoped for.

    After the first couple of races, literally the first boat across the start line was almost guaranteed the win. Drag racing is all it was.