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Joe Rogan downplays the need for a vaccination and gets covid

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    As it says in the title, Joe Rogan has announced he has covid. This isn't news in itself but I think it's worth discussing the fact that Joe has expressed doubt over the need for young people to get the vaccine.

    “I’ve said, yeah, I think for the most part it's safe to get vaccinated. I do. I do. But if you're like 21 years old, and you say to me, should I get vaccinated? I'll go no.”

    He clearly doesn't understand the science of vaccinations here but in fairness he did backtrack later by saying he thinks "many people should get vaccinated". He has also previously expressed doubt over the severity of covid. He is also being treated with Ivermectin, a drug used to treat parasitic infections but with no proven efficacy in regards to covid. Now I like the interviews Joe Rogan does and he seems like a nice guy. The problem is he suggests things on some shows which are really anti-science then backtracks. I mean if you're a covid sceptic fair enough but at least have the conviction to stand by what you said or think. Views?

    Hugely popular US podcast host Joe Rogan has announced he has Covid, months after he caused controversy by suggesting young, healthy people did not need the coronavirus vaccine.

    Rogan told his 13.1 million Instagram followers he was recovering but would have to postpone his next show.

    His podcast was acquired by Spotify last year for more than $100m (£77m).

    In April he faced a backlash over his vaccine comments. He later clarified: "I'm not an anti-vax person."

    Anyone over the age of 12 in the US is eligible for a vaccine and nearly 62% of the country has received at least one dose. However, there has been a slowdown in the vaccination rate - particularly in the southern states - which has been blamed in part by a lack of urgency among young people.

    The US has recorded nearly 39.4 million cases of Covid-19 and more than 642,000 deaths - the highest figures in the world.

    Why is the US falling behind with its vaccinations?

    Why Joe Rogan's exclusive Spotify deal matters

    Rogan, 54, said on Instagram he had returned from a show in Florida when he began to feel "very weary" and "run down", with a headache.

    He said he had quarantined himself from his family and taken a Covid test, which came back positive.

    "We immediately threw the kitchen sink at it, all kinds of meds," he said, listing a string of medicines including the deworming drug ivermectin, which health experts say has yet to prove effective against Covid.

    Ivermectin to be studied as Covid treatment in UK

    He said that, three days on, he felt "great" but he would have to move Friday's show in Nashville to 24 October.