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Joe Rogan downplays the need for a vaccination and gets covid



  • I don't recall accusing him of covid denial. Yesterday, you accused me of wanting him dead so I think I'm going to ignore your fake nonsense from here on.

  • It does go both ways, i see more bashing of people who decide not to take the vaccine than those that do. Personally i couldn't give a hoot. I looked at the science and decided it's all good, others decided it's not. I view everyone as an individual capable of making their own decisions.

  • Thats exactly what I thought and possibly even more so with the unfiltered redface

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  • I've listened to a few of his podcasts where he's said he's pro vax.

    As I've already said- he did say that if a young healthy asked him he needs to take the vax he'd say no. And like I said- some people read that as anti vax and other's don't.

    It's not that interesting a take.

    It's been done to death on another thread over on Podcasts. The debate quickly becomes circular and very uninteresting.

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  • I think the guy is an imbecile who loves the sound of his own voice so don't listen to his podcasts. And so far all I have is your word that he is pro vaccine despite you agreeing he made anti vaccine comments.

    And he is certainly of the age where the vaccine would have been available to him so it is intertesting your are certain he is pro vaccine with no real evidence to that effect.

  • It's a sad world when people are listening to an idiot like Joe Rogan.

  • Here's a quote from an Entertainment mag that quotes Joe Rogan...

    On Thursday's episode of his popular show The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan insisted that he isn't against vaccines. "This whole thing, this people being upset at me, I'm not an anti-vax person," he said. "In fact, I said I believe they're safe and I encouraged many people to take them. My parents were vaccinated. I just said, 'I don't think if you're a young healthy person that you need it.'"

    So, as said, some take the line about "young healthy" people not needing the vax as evidence that Joe is Anti- Vax and others don't share that opinion.

  • He uses the word gaslighting like how you use the word bigot.

  • The problem with the US is "personal freedom to choose" overrides every other consideration. Which is why someone like Rogan, who is pretty level headed on a number of topics, still can't resist making the simple process of getting vaccinated against a deadly virus, into a thing.

    If a cure for cancer was discovered and the US govt passed a law making it mandatory to go into your town hall to get a jab which would prevent you from ever getting the disease, they'd be a huge backlash from people who want the right to choose to get cancer and die from it in the future. The country is just beyond parody at this point.

  • As if it would get that far, guarantee if it was democrats or republican in power whoever tried to pass it opposition would just block it

  • It's very interesting watching prominent Republican politicians in the States go so hard on this anti-mask, anti-lockdown, pro-choice (towards getting the vaccine) stance. Sure, it may play well for them in the short term, but this just goes to show how short-sighted the whole power game is. Do they not realise that the people more likely to listen to this type of messaging are their own voters? And therefore those would be the ones who could be killed or otherwise incapacitated in greater number? And, perhaps most important for the career politician, would lose them votes and maybe therefore elections?

  • Personal freedom to choose, is what separates us from places like China and North Korea. The problem with allowing the government to choose what's best for you is that they don't know where to draw the line. If everybody falls in line and gets the vaccine for a virus which is extremely unlikely to kill anybody young and healthy, then why not keep going? The virus kills old people, and sick people, but driving disproportionally kills young people so nobody should do that, studies show meat is a carcinogen and cancer kills everybody so lets get rid of that, drinking and smoking kill more people than Covid will, so they should definitely go, and so on and so on. If people allow the government to dictate your health decisions, it's a slippery slope to ending up like China, where you're told by the government what times you're allowed to play video games and how men should dress and act on TV (That's just this weeks new rules). I know people will call me a conspiracy theorist or something, despite the numerous countries around the world where too much power has been given to government and the people pay the price.

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  • Broadly speaking, in Europe and certainly in regards to Ireland, there is still a functioning social contract between the citizen and state. In America, decades of decimating the working class and overloading the middle class in debt has led to a breakdown of citizen's trust that the state actually works for their interests. This, married to the whole American exceptionalism and "muh freedoms" mythology, means the US is screwed when it comes to society functioning for a common good.

    Even take the "big bad state" angle out of. In Ireland, the vast vast majority will get a vaccination simply because of common sense which is something that the yanks can't even muster these days.

  • Its wrong that its come down to the level of entrenchment in america is utterly bizzare,otherwise reasonable people seemingly revel in the death and suffering of people whom were foolish/vax hesitant etc deosnt sit atal well with me

    .....sf and dup could work together to try best with covid,while in america,they have let distrust of each other to kill hundreds of thousands,for no reason atal.....they have a long to travel,to even reach status of a normal society now

  • I think it's gas that its largely the same "my body my choice" people who are now the ones trying to dictate what drugs other people should put into their body, and also the same sort of people who said a bakery can't not make a cake for a gay couple, say that same bakery can now exclude people on the health grounds.

    I honestly don't care that I can't sit in restaurants, I was collecting a take away yesterday(masked), watching all the "vaccinated" crammed into the restaurant and pub with no masks, oblivious to the fact that that's where the virus is spreading, not the unvaccinated sitting outside in the fresh air. Calling people who don't agree with you on vaccines covidiots, is childish, especially in the face of all the data coming out of Israel, showing that the vaccines really do very little in preventing the spread of the virus. Were you aware of that when you got it? Did you know it would drop to 16% efficacy against high viral load infections after 9 months? Or did you think it would work really well and you just turned out to be wrong? Could you even be wrong about other things vaccine related? Is it possible that since bars, restaurants, concerts are open to vaccinated only, that the vaccinated will actually be more likely to spread covid than the "covidiots"? I guess we'll see. Just the ponderings of an idiot, who has a 1 in 71429 chance of not being around to find out if he was right. Assuming of course I don't die doing one of the many more dangerous things I regularly do, like driving 1 in 107 chance.

  • There's a lot of truth in that HB, but American culture had pretty much always boosted the rich and ignored even exploited the poor, the middle classes were tiny for much of its history and really only took off in that high watermark of the American Dream in the past war boom of the 40's, 50's and 60's, much of which was born out of the decidely "unamerican" New Deal of the 1930's, what with its socialist leanings. God forbid.

    Another aspect of American culture and how it views itself is for all the God Bless America and flags on lawns the culture is far more individualistic than collectivist and that's embedded in the thinking and even the constitution. About the only collectivist angle is the whole Gaaawd thing and that's fractured all over the place and is the Christian god, mostly Protestant. It's all about the rights of the individual and that's a good thing and is what quite likely saved America from both facism and communisim, but it can have a bad side too. In times when a societal agreement is needed stark individualism can throw a spanner in the works. OK it can be overridden in times of war, because that is spun as a simple them versus us, good versus evil narrative, but something more complex like a pandemic is a much harder nut to crack in such a framework. This isn't their first rodeo either, similar, down with masks etc was seen there in the 1918 flu pandemic.

    Rejoice in the awareness of feeling stupid, for that’s how you end up learning new things. If you’re not aware you’re stupid, you probably are.

  • So what's the point of the vaccine apart from making the companies who produce them sensationally profitable?

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  • Joe blows - he's 5'2!

  • Yeah and as bad as this rabid individualism is, there's an argument that in a different time, one free of misinformation fueled social media and full bore propaganda in the form of corporate media, the Yanks could probably have got their shít together during this pandemic, in the same way the country sang from one hymn sheet in the 40's for the war effort.

    I'd place a large bet that if fascism was to overpower Europe again in the near to medium term, the American's might well find themselves siding with the fascists instead of waging war on them, such in the complete breakdown of people's idea of an objective truth.

  • I wasn't trying to be funny and it is completely true.

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  • He/him/his

    “When you're used to privilege, equality feels like oppression”.