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Joe Rogan downplays the need for a vaccination and gets covid



  • To be fair, he says those who are not really at risk don't need the vaccine.

    He's correct, if you go to and play around with the numbers, you can see how absolutely tiny the risks are to certain demographics.

    Risk isn't black and white.

  • It's a real pity that Ivermectin doesn't seem to do much.

    Plenty of people are kept alive with medications designed for completely other purposes; anti-malarials for people with immune system problems for example. There's an incredulity regarding this topic as the majority of people don't understand how often off-label medication is used.

    "Anti-malarials for an immume system disorder when we don't even have mosquitoes? No way I'm taking that nonsense." is what you'd get if lupus was as politicised and in the news as Covid is.

    It seems long Covid is a lot to do with the immune system and triggering these problems, so you're going to have a lot of these off-label medications being recommending in various ways. I hope the mainstream media and divisive politics can leave the scientists and doctors to it.

  • Why the stupid jokes? I’m not calling you a bigot, I’m trying to engage in debate.

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  • Except it isn't. The ramblings of whatever latest internet expert you've dug up doesn't change that.

  • I stand by that. I'm not cowering away from my statement about Brian being fast and loose with the word bigot.

    My claim was that people who have a similar outlook at worst want to shut things down, and at best just insult people by calling them bigots.

    Not sure what you mean?

    Brian describes me as a bigot, a label I wholeheartedly refute. I think that he uses the word too easily and cheapens it.

  • Its this selfishness when you think "the risks only to myself" that causes the virus to spread wider, for longer, and mutate.

    Don't be selfish, it's not a good personality trait.

  • bigot:

    a person who is obstinately or unreasonably attached to a belief, opinion, or faction, especially one who is prejudiced against or antagonistic towards a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular group.

    I don’t play “fast and loose” with the word bigot, I use it correctly .

    You deciding I want to shut down discussion because I’m left wing is bigotry. Your anti trans rants are bigotry. Bigot =/= racist, which is the way most people use it these days

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  • Joe Rogan comes across as genuine to me, is he the the brightest man you've ever met, no.

    That's no why people tune in, he has child like enthusiasm for a whole range of topics and has fun discussing those topics. He's authentic and discusses interesting topics. If you have hatred for Joe Rogan the problem isn't with Joe, it's with you.

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  • Irrelevant unless it's clinically effective at treating covid.

  • Moving the goalposts...

    I said it was disingenuous to call invermectin a de worming medicine thus implying it wasn't for human use...but it clearly is ...I never said it was an effective medicine for issue is the whole misrepresentation of Ivermectin as only a veterinarian medicine as the stanch is wholly unscientific and wholly inflammatory

  • Choice is one thing, but that seems to equate to an expectation that you should be free from all criticism for making a moronic choice or just ignoring all facts, or choosing to believe a load of nonsense on some social media platform.

    The problem I’m seeing in the USA in particular is one of inability to distinguish between opinion, beliefs and facts. They’re placing the same weight on random people's beliefs and ramblings as scientific facts.

    The scientific method, an ability to use a process of logical steps to get beyond those belief biases was basically what took humanity out of the dark ages at various times. When you wander into a society that is based on rumour and superstition, that melts away very fast.

    You have a whole lot of people who want to just bury their heads in the sand and become politically annoyed with reality or find some convenient idea that makes it all go away, by just ignoring the rather unpalatable reality that we have to deal with a pandemic.

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  • Nonsense. It's not remotely disingenuous and you know it. I never said it couldn't be used in humans. 

  • That's not disingenuous - it is deworming medicine. It's anti-parasitic. That's obviously in no way like saying the potassium in bananas is the same as the potassium used in potassium cyanide.

    Your average American with no health insurance and a low level of education is buying veterinary paste. It needs to be made clear to them that Invermectin is medicine for parasites, such as worms in animals. To do otherwise is disingenuous.

  • I spent a sizeable portion of my childhood working with sheep and remember my parents keeping Ivermectin amongst many things that were necessary to ensure a healthy flock. The overreaction when any sort of American conservative gets any sort of criticism is always weird to see.

  • Joe Rogans a conservative? I've never know a conservative to be so fond of psychedelic drugs.

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  • Well, you’ll end up treating your scabies and roundworm problems, but by the looks of it it’ll do very little for COVID and the formulations and doses being sold are intended for topical application to horses in many cases.

    Most don’t seem to be comprehending how difficult it is to kill or disrupt a virus using chemical agents. It’s not very likely that some random old drug like this will have any impact at all.

    If you look at antiviral agents, they are typically very complex and target a specific protein, enzyme or receptor.

    The likelihood of some old, simple medication having any impact on a virus would have worse odds than winning the euromillions three weeks in a row.

    There has been progress in managing some of the issues like fibrosis of lungs abs so on, using pretty old fashioned steroids, but those are about managing immune reactions and are only useful in the context of someone who’s been hospitalised.

    If something emerges as drug for treating or preventing COVID it’s almost certainly going to have to be something developed specifically for that purpose, designed to target some aspect of the virus, its entry or reproduction mechanisms.

    We hopefully will get to that stage, but you’re not going to achieve much by eating horse dewormers, unless you have horse worms.

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  • It may not be a nice personality trait, but isn't it great that we live in a society where people are free to have varying personality traits, and make personal medical decisions.

    There's people who think meat eaters are selfish despicable people, should we all stop eating meat to keep them happy? Of course not, we're free to eat what we want.

    If you're not old or obese, the chances of dying from Covid are extremely low (you're more likley to die on the road), why are people trying to force vaccines especially one with a relatively high side effect profile on young healthy people, and not pressure obese people to get in shape if personal outcomes are so important?

    The vaccine doesn't stop the spread of the virus, it's main benefit after 6 months is it reduces the severity of the illness. So it's down to personal outcomes, and personal responsibility, just like lots of others things you do that can kill you.

    If everybody was healthy there would be less death. Look at the mortality rate in the US, the fattest country in the world. Americans have extremely high rates of all the co-morbidities that increase Covid deaths. And all those co-morbidities were managed by drugs, now they're dying from covid and the solution is .....more drugs?

  • If he was a liberal, I doubt there'd be people defending him here.

  • of course its great that we have personal choice and people can choose to be selfish idiots if they want.

    its hilarious watching them crying "discrimination" then when the results of those idiotic choices come home to roost for them.

    people are free to be idiots, and i will fight tooth and nail for their choice to be so, but they certainly do not have a right to be free of the consequences of those idiotic decisions.

  • Most of those old UK prog rock bands are grumpy old conservatives now or in Eric Clapton's case always were

  • Well like I said before the fading efficacy of the vaccine at reducing transmission makes the restrictions pointless in my opinion. If stopping covid deaths becomes the main goal we could ban old people, fat people and unvaccinated people from public places, but ultimately everybody is getting covid anyway, so we're just spreading it out.

    If stopping death in general is the goal we should ban drinking, smoking, driving, swimming, and unhealthy food to start with.

    That said, Im not crying discrimination, I think eventually logic will prevail, so I'll just wait it out.

  • I don't know. There's plenty of snarky remarks about metropolitan elites, conspiracy theories and the like about liberals. To be clear, I've no problem acknowledging my own giving of the short shrift to various "intellectuals" who get promoted around here.

    The libertarian thing seems much more aligned with conservative values than anything else. Lower-to-no taxes, everything privatised, restrictions on abortion, bible-thumping and so on. It's not a clean fit of course.

    As you've pointed out, he's smart enough not to jump full on into anything he can't easily extricate himself on and there's enough "big government" anxiety about the US to justify his promoting, directly or otherwise Ivermectin. Personally, I find the whole thing a bit disingenuous. If you're going to commit to something, do it and be straight up. There's plenty of UK politicians I dislike but at least I know their stance on things.

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