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Are you concerned about the destruction of the natural world and climate change?



  • No one's saying to stop flying, I just mean things need to change, in my opinion, which means nothing really!

  • Anyone else think the likes of Concern jumping on the climate bandwagon is a shameless greenwash

  • Where is that Ice Age today that primary school children were threatened with in the 1980’s?

  • It is true that some scientists in the 70s predicted we were imminently heading for an ice age but it was far from a majority position though it got a lot of media coverage. Some scientists being wrong in 1970 or even 1980 isn't a good argument against basically all climate science now though. Vastly more evidence has been gathered and analysed and show a world which is, on average, warming .

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  • I find it extremely worrying and frustrating at the same time. It's the futility of individual efforts that's a killer. Sure every little bit helps but me recycling and cutting back on meat won't do s**t if there are billions burning coal all over the world. Change will have to be policy and government driven with the largest countries leading the way. Their appetite so far? Underwhelming :(

  • Thanks for finding that! I was trying to put numbers on it but couldn't find a good source myself.

  • Ever think we might be nearer the end of that period of decades than the beginning?

    You know, as a race we are just so terribly arrogant. We believe now that we've managed to wreck the climate (and we have contributed) and we believe also that we can repair it. Maybe we can't.

    Twice in the 19th Century, two Volcanoes erupted in the South Seas, big enough to eliminate summer for a period after and create crippling winters and localised famine. That was when the population of Earth was less than 1 Billion.

    Just one more of those eruptions, say tomorrow and all that climate change will be reversed in an instant. Global agriculture would die off and everyone dependent on solar power would be fecked, at least for a while. In other words, let us not sweat the small stuff.

  • "Twice in the 19th Century, two Volcanoes erupted in the South Seas, big enough to eliminate summer for a period after and create crippling winters and localised famine. That was when the population of Earth was less than 1 Billion."

    you mean a single volcano (on two separate occasions, thus providing a little bit of repeated proof) was able to measurably change the weather (or climate), but all the influence we can bring to bear, could not?

    surely a single volcano being able to have a measurable impact - even without our modern technology to measure the effects - could be used as proof as to how easy it could be for humans to have an effect?

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  • No, I don't. I mean Mount Tambora in 1815 and Krakatoa in 1883.

  • You don't have to go as far as the Amazon to see habitat destruction, just take a walk to your nearest river. The damage is here already. It's been a gradual process so people don't really see the decline year on year but our waterways as badly damaged. Likewise, despite our fields looking green, they really aren't all that healthy. Sad to think we're living in a dying landscape but we are.

  • I'm missing the point though. Just because large volcanic eruptions can cause temporary cooling doesn't mean that we shouldn't change our behaviours that are causing warming.

  • This is by far the most progressive government on green initiatives - and all thanks to the handfull of greens in government.

    If you think all they have done is rollout a handfull of charging stations, you're letting your emotions cloud facts. Or just trying to spread trumpisms and misinformation.

  • Funny how theres no one catching people or bringing councils to task about mowing hedges to nothing during nesting season. They dont seem to give a sh1t about biodiversity. Do provide examples where greens are doing anything beyond infighting, windowboxes and (lol) wolves and cheering an electric car I cant afford. I see some hooh hah about public transport, you know, for the poors but very little being actually done.

  • They are frauds. They are doing very little to protect and restore habitats. Industrial scale destruction is still taking place. The greens are part of the carbon cult now and this is a priority for them over protecting the environment.

  • The carbon cult ffs. How do you suggest the minority Greens in gov restore habitats? CPO land? They'll be gone from Gov after the next election anyway, if you think lack of action is bad now it'll be even worse when they're gone.

  • They've also only been in government for four years in the whole history of the state so it seems weird to blame them and not mention FF and FG.

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  • You see it all the time. Water pollution, closed swimming areas, rubbish on beaches, people start going on about it being the Greens fault because they in Government.

  • OP to answer your initial question, I'd be more concerned about the destruction the Green Party are trying to bring to rural Ireland, the rules and regulations they are proposing in the name of climate action will cause absolute carnage to rural farming communities such as mine here in rural county Limerick, they haven't a god damn clue about rural Ireland, and as for that bell end Eamonn Ryan, don't even get me started. I intentionally gave the Green Party the very last number on my ballot paper at the last GE and I fully intend doing the same at the next GE.

  • Lol. Ok I'm not sure how that's relevant to the possible collapse of civilisation, it's hilarious people like you think the status quo can remain though .

  • Good to see the bigger picture being observed there. Any destruction the greens would make to rural Ireland are a drop in the ocean compared to changes in rainfall patterns here and the possible disappearance of our temperate climate.

    FFS there is a lad on the farming forum remarking how this year's weather has been all over the place being too cold/wet and warm/dry. That seems to be the issue with agriculture here, its too reliant on absolutely perfect conditions for growing feed/fodder and if it varies slightly from that (which it will do, they lads there themselves are remarking it themselves) the whole system falls apart. Then they have to start importing fodder. Christ the whole thing is mad when you think about it.

    What are the greens trying to do which is possibly more detrimental than that? As one poster above put it, they've barely ever been in power and they simultaneously get blamed for being too ineffectual whilst also having implemented disastrous policies.

  • If the rainfall patterns do change they'll still blame the greens for not doing anything when in power. It's pointless squabbling like this.

    I would think everyone's life would need to change in the western world, if we wanted to actually take action, whether living in a city or a rural farmer.

  • Op while you started a great thread here and an important topic to discuss I think you need to respect that some people, like that poster, are much more worried by real and current threats to their livelihoods and way of life than of possible apocalyptic scenarios in the future. Many people are already very overwhelmed with day to day worries and environmental issues come well down the list.

  • And this is why we are screwed. People are only thinking in the short term and about themselves.

  • But that's human nature. You've stated you don't have kids. People who do are far more concerned about day to day issues such as providing for them as many people's livelihoods have been destroyed by the prolonged Covid regulations. I respect your worry for the planet but I'm simply pointing out that others have more immediate and more tangible worries and that's acceptable and understandable. Not a solution for the environment but still very understandable.

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  • There's an article about climate change on the journal now and people are going on about it being a money grab and that they support green measures if it's cheap.

    I just don't get how any reasonably intelligent person can't grasp that we may need to live differently and be inconvenienced, it's so disheartening.