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Are you concerned about the destruction of the natural world and climate change?



  • To call them non issues would be giving them too much credit, yet for some reason they dominate our national media discourse.

  • You're doing it to yourself, I know nothing about either cause really, much like your attitude to the subjects being discussed here.

    Maybe avoid things about trans and blm if it upsets you so much you want mankind to end.

  • Some “plebs” only respond to financial levy’s. I’ve no doubt that some are taking advantage of a greener agenda (including governments) , the bigger issue is that humanity has to be forced into common sense by hitting their pockets.

    If our climate changes dramatically over the decades we just don’t know the true impact. You talk of Atlantic changed as if that’s the worst that can happen, when you don’t know anymore then anybody what the long term effects might be. That’s not the only threat either, a lot of our oxygen comes from the oceans , how will more gases in environment affect our seas?

    ”The earth goes through different cycles, heats and cools naturally” is not addressing the incalculable damage that man made actions are causing. Since it seems humanity has never changed it’s environment so much in the past we have no benchmark or guaranteed models that can say with relative accuracy how things may change.

    another issue is the vested interest groups who are using their influence to obfuscate fidelity. Some groups and people want to suit themselves. You don’t have to be “scared for your life” or “living in constant fear” to objectively see the madness in putting your head in the sand and presuming it will all work out because that is what you choose to believe.

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  • The Irish independent had an article on him recently and was a interesting read once it got over the unnecessary plamasing his appearance and discussed what he did on the farm and it's a bit more in-depth. Even Jeremy Clarkson has devoted a part of his farm to re-wilding on his Amazon show and it was a good watch. Hope more farmers devote some of their land to re-wilding as the death of insect species in recent years is scary.

  • We were sending used plastic to China, paying them to take it, word is that it didn't always manage to get there,

  • Saw a Joanna Lumley travel show about Haiti,

    Just dumping plastic on the beach,

  • Not really, people are self interested assh0les for the most part so it's inevitable that we will destroy ourselves

    I have no faith in our ability to fend off climate change

  • Absolutely we dont know the full extent any changes would have. Totally agree. The gulf stream collapsing could usher in a new ice age for all I know.

    As I've said before, the outcome of a sudden dramatic climatic change within my lifetime is something I'm happy to accept/face.

    I enjoy seeing the world and do not wish to sacrifice my ability to fly relatively cheaply to "potentially" reduce MMCC.

    I don't litter (intentionally) I've no idea what happens to the contents of my bins when they're collected. I cycled a few days a week when I was in the office. I buy local. I help clean my local park once a month and if at all possible I will switch to green energies when they're fully green and it doesn't cripple me financially.

    But that's about as far as I'm willing to go personally and I don't feel the least bit guilty about it. To slightly mis-quote Drago, if we die, we die.

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  • Unfortunately I share your sentiments. Humanity is collectively moronic , psychotically self destructive and incapable of collective long term agreed strategies to help our environment remain suitable for the greatest prosperity.

    I do agree with the sentiments of others who say “what can I do” as it can feel like even the small things we can do won’t make much difference , particularly as some are bigger polluters then others. But every little helps, we all need to not be polluters just because we think it’s not really that much in the scale of things.

    Society works as the majority of us live within the agreed rules/laws that are made. We need a similer understanding and social contract when it comes to our planet but I’m not sure we are capable of doing this without some sort of threat (war, financial etc).

  • Tax on everything increases the cost of it.... in theory, be it a service or product... if every business, say car dealerships said they didn’t want to pay tax on car sales, gyms because it health and fitness the same... suddenly every business / industry is paying SFA and its the man and woman on the street again who bare the brunt of keeping this country going.

    governments are unwilling to stand up to big business and corporations, that won’t change, their friends and family members and backers are of that ilk.

  • The Gulf Stream appears to have been slowing for 1600 years. Everything now has to be explained through the anthropogenic climate change lens, of course, so this inconvenient fact can now correctly be reinterpreted as it's having been 'destabilised' by ACC and recent slowing declared unnatural.

    The next ice age, if it happens fairly soon, will be said to have been caused by ACC and not by natural processes, even though the timing of it fits perfectly with the natural process pattern of past ice age events. It will be mere 'coincidence' that humans triggered it's onset to match perfectly with the data for prior events.

    By the way, global average temperatures usually increase substantially, very rapidly, just prior to the onset of ice ages, another astonishing coincidence, but recent increases in global temperature and the slowing of the gulf stream are both clearly due to human activity, even though they may look exactly like climate patterns that presaged past ice-age climate transitions.

  • I’m always open to new information and healthy challenge of consensus. I’m not in the science field so have no more then a layman understanding of the man made climate change debate.

    At a basic level , dramatically changing your environment , including the gas levels in that environment would presumably have a compounded effect eventually. Don’t have to be a scientist to work that out, to what degree I imagine is the more pertinent question.

    These cycles you mention, I gather the information we have is incomplete. We may understand when different climate cycles have happened but we don’t always have the Complete picture. kind of like looking out into the stars and making assumptions like only earth like planets can have life and then learning that moons of planets can actually create environments for life well outside the Goldilocks zone.

    So in the absence of complete clarity it seems illogical to take such a bold stance of “man made climate change is not a factor”.

    But one thing I would ask is how are so many adopting the man made climate change hypothesis and that it is making a meaningful impact? If it’s not really relevant and this is mostly a natural process , where is the credible, peer reviewed information that clarifys otherwise? Why are these views apparently on the fringe of these debates? Are all people on the man made climate change side willing or unwitting participants of opportunistic entities/parties?

    Not all conspiracy’s (agenda by certain parties to push a certain narrative) are wrong but most are driven by distrust of authority and confirmation bias.

  • Apparently the IPCC report is going to tell us the 1.5c tipping point will be reached much sooner than expected. Early 2030s I think. The tech and models they have now since the last report in 2013 are a lot more accurate, apparently.

    Are we even doing anything to prepare in Ireland?

  • I guess a lot of raised sea walls will be needed unfortunately.

  • Residents groups will block them like they did in clontarf

  • Yes, I'm imagining a particular suburb of Dublin 4 would head back to the High Court too.

    I'm selfishly hoping I won't be around when changes start to become very noticeable. Not a very defensible position I know!

  • Are they not becoming noticeable now? Temp records being broken around the world, wildfires etc.

  • Sorry, that's true. I was more thinking of the Irish climate and thinking about once in a century floods happening every five to ten years and the like. Basically I expect things to get worse :(

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  • Have the likes of yourself started reducing your standard of living to help the environment ?

    If you were a two car family did you get rid of one ?

    If you had multiple screens and devices in the house did you reduce it down to the bare minimum, e.g. one TV, one phone, one radio ?

    Did you stop buying out of season fruit ?

  • I was always of the opinion that the no matter what happened the human race would be able to do something about it even if we were a little late to the party. But corona has shown that won't happen. If anything serious ever happens we are fucked.

    Every company goes on about being carbon neutral or net zero - which is bs. Basically it is we are gonna keep doing what we are doing but we are gonna plant a load of trees. I believe BP alone would need to plant an area 4 times the size of England.

    Methane is an even bigger problem than CO2 - can you imagine the uproar if they were to massively cut cattle herds? People throwing tantrums because they couldn't have meat with every meal?

    Then you have the people who think we can't affect the climate? The human race destroys the world's carbon syncs and pumps millions of tons of co2 and methane into the atmosphere... but no we couldn't possibly have any affect on it.

  • A recent study identified 5 countries that would cope best if there was a global economic, societal or climate breakdown.




    New Zealand


    Islands with relatively low populations, temperate climates and good agriculture. Islands that could block migration.

    I was a bit surprised by Australia, with its frequent bushfires and baking summer temperatures.

  • I don't think we have any chance of effectively combating climate change. Countries/people are too selfish.

    We would never react to it like we did Covid where companies and countries essentially went on a war footing.

    Essentially we need less economic activity and a smaller population to start tackling climate change. I don't see how that will happen.

    If I really want to get depressed about it, all I need to do is going into Smyths Toy Store at Christmas and see how much plastic garbage from China is being bought for the children to provide maybe 2/3 hours of enjoyment if that.

  • id say that list was pulled out of their arse- uks food security is poor

    we are fucked - no doubt- most people banking on some miracle tech innovation to get us out of this- not going to happen

  • And in turn the industry will collapse, thousand more unemployed.. the aviation industry here is responsible for indirectly and directly about 140,000 jobs. A seriously big earner for the government coffers... travel is necessary .. I’d rather government look at static polluters...

  • I’ve always thought there was a good chance of me living to see a major famine/drought crisis in what is considered a developed first world country

    reckon we will see that in next 5-10 years now

  • Ok so do nothing, imagine the carnage when all the major cities and huge areas of the country are under water... you want to talk about job loses.....

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