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Werewolf Post Game Feedback Thread



  • I will echo duffers sentiments about the Priest role in play and how that affects the flow of the game. Complained about it in-game, but actually really loved it.

    Excellent game overall lads, 'twas a lot of fun, and even encouraged me to start following and regularly watching wrestling.

  • Marvel Avengers

    For BJ to do alone, he did a marvellous job, many players with only some roles revealed in the main OP and again without auto priest but an exciting thrilling great game, bloody marvellous

  • in regard to Hell's Kitchen Werewolf, a foodie flavour fun ranting enjoyable entertaining game, great job Necro, Ecto and Trig so well ran

  • Really great game, thoroughly enjoyable.

    Wolves were in trouble early doors but still had great fun. Something to consider for future games which might be a good way to give wolves/evils a chance to play some fake role claims is instead of auto reveal its just alignment reveal.

    I think it was done in the past IIRC

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  • You can't search a poster by just throwing the username into the search bar, you need to access their profile on mobile or go to to the not very advanced search and use author and that has mixed results.

    I do think it would be beneficial to have each player having a backroom so they can quickly take notes while reading especially on mobile, and have them all in one place, just switching tabs etc

  • The time of a post disappears once the thread moves into the next day. In a large thread timestamps are my go to reference as there was never post numbers on touch site.

  • Despite the hassle navigating the new site layout for the Star Trek II game, major kudos to the mods and fellow players for sticking it out and making it enjoyable

  • Adding my modding 2 cents to the pile here:

    *No post preview - small editing window means I can't see the entirety of my post if I'm doing a big OP with images and gifs and tons of text. So it's nice that the images etc appear in line as I'm creating the post, but I'd also like to be able to see the entire post before I post it up.

    *Apparently no block editing? I can embolden a line in the post, but if i want to embolden a number of paragraphs all together I have to do each line seperately?

    *The table function - whilst it's nice to be able to quickly copy and paste in a table to nuboards, the table isn't editable. Usually in games our players will use different colours to highlight confirmed good and evil players, I'm not sure how we do this if the table is just an image.

    *As mentioned, the search function is an absolute shitshow

    *No post numbers (which we would use for highlighting tasks to mods) and no total list of posts (to see top poster etc)

    *Notifications for a bookmarked thread are a nightmare - you can't subscribe to a thread anymore and just get emailed notifications about that single thread. If you turn them on, they're on for EVERYTHING. I had to turn off the notifications for the game because there were just so many.

    *gif posting - previously you just grab the link from giphy/tenor and paste it in with the image tags. Now you need to open the gif in a seperate tab and copy THAT link into the thread. Bit of faff.

    *posting a response to a thread doesn't automatically reload the thead so posts can be missed in between when I start responding to a post and when I actually post it.

    *having to navigate back to the top of the page to go back to the parent forum is a bit of a pain in the arse. We, at the very least, need a 'Top of Page' button.

    For some balance - Good points:

    *adding an image is WAY easier and better

    *tagging is a nice additional feature

    Um............ 🤔

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  • Updated my list there to avoid duplicates.

  • I could not figure out how to view thanks on phone

    and on desktop, i could only see a limited number folks on a heavyily thanked post

    edit: replace thanks with likes.

  • Feedback from a werewolf point of view.

    When someone is a 2 life character, if they are hit, the shot should register as a hit but the person survives, or something to that effect. Making it a miss leads players into believing something else is at play (like they are bodyguarded/angeled or the shooter is rubbish at pointing their gun and clicking, etc... )

  • You can view likes/thanks by clicking on 'log' beside the like button. I flagged the issue on desktop though.

  • Couldn't figure out how to get back to the first page on mobile.

  • Yeah that's very annoying

  • Where is this log?

    I just see a birdie, and if i click anywhere near the ‘like’ button it adds like

  • No log for me either. Could be only mods have it?

  • Could be. Cool. I said it about not seeing a way to see likes and was told to use log. Didn't realise it was a mod feature. You can see it below.

  • Just checked, yeah, I can see Like Log on mobile too. Must be mods only, which is stoopid.

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