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What do you even call this? Funeral procession joyride maybe?



  • Toxicology report is relevant to culpability in many cases - not this one I admit. I'm thinking the driver and passengers were probably coked up.

    Not your ornery onager

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  • He does love himself. Front and centre in all the videos. The sunglasses on a chain and the shoes and no socks and the walking in front of hearse with the hat and cane.

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  • Jesus H Christ what a display at that funeral. And who the hell films people grieving and carrying a coffin?

  • The funeral video to go with the wedding video. Never heard of it before. Imagine sitting at home one night and thinking to yourself sure lets watch Johnnies funeral video. 😕

  • The funeral director loved the few (many) shots of himself, but why not, he was looking well and it's his business.

  • Technically the problem is the justice system. Needs reform big time.

    But now that ya mention it. Maybe a special team setup to deal with people outside the law. Just disappear the scum. Just like cillit bang.

  • Wouldn't it be handy for the Kinahans if the death of these 3 crispy bits was turned in to such a spectacle that public pressure was brought to bear on the Cock Wall gang.

    I wonder was it the funeral home that suggested the videos etc

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  • This story really "warms" my heart! It's almost poetic that these miscreants would have almost certainly be found in what is referred to as the Pugilistic Stance, given their so called "culture"...

  • We cling to the vestiges of our traditions but Christianity, which was the centre of Irish life, is meaningless to us and an embarrassment in public life.

    In all the commentary, no one has made the obvious point that the prayers at this funeral could not save his evil soul from eternal torment. His aunt seemed oblivious to this issue - if she had any awareness of Christianity, she would have asked us to pray for their souls. Instead, she was full of the most obnoxious hubris.

    These men died in the act of endangering everyone on that road and almost killing that unfortunate lorry driver. If you believe in Heaven, you must believe in hell. Otherwise you believe that evil-doers will be rewarded with eternal happiness. But these ideas are not discussed because we are no longer Christians. We don’t even have enough understanding to pretend to be Christians.

    A number of posters here hoped that they died slowly in that fireball. Christians believe their souls will have all eternity to endure that suffering.

  • We should all chip in and buy these lads some people carriers

  • Interesting from The Times.

    Silence in Tallaght about trio’s deaths in N7 crash tells its own story

    Local politicians almost as wary of commenting as community workers, says former TD

  • The article is careful not to smear Tallaght, making the point that it has a population as large as Galway City and quoting an (anonymous) community worker:“Most people are good, decent, wholesome people who get up and do what they must do every day for their kids.”

    but it also points to the most troubled areas:

    There is obvious evidence of deep-rooted social deprivation and trashed public realm – not everywhere but in significant pockets, including in parts of Kiltalown, Jobstown, Brookfield and Springfield.

    The fear is palpable in this article. The clear message is that these thugs are bringing misery to their own neighbourhoods. They used the funerals to broadcast a message - "Three of us died but we are still in control and untouchable. Don't mess with us". At least they didn't desecrate the church with phony remorse. They leave that to their legal teams who prostitute themselves on a daily basis in the courts with lies about their clients "turning over a new leaf".

    A pity the IT didn't get a comment from their lawyers - no shame in having a guilty client but lying to the court should get them disbarred. No mention of the Gardai, the courts, the prisons or the probation services. All those services are part of the gangsters business infrastructure. A bit like the Environmental Protection Agency for polluting industries. They do add to operating costs but their main effect is to control competition by restricting market entry, especially in the most lucrative areas - drugs and prostitution. I wonder how lucrative the burglary business can be? I suspect the main attraction is that the market is open i.e. the bigger gangs don't care because it's open season on the general population.

    How many elected representatives are currently being paid to serve the people of Tallaght? I would guess more than two dozen at local, national and European levels. Not one will take a stand. Charlie O'Connor and Peter Kavanagh went on the record but only to mutter about how everyone else is staying stumm and they are just sympathising with the families. Eric Adams has got elected Mayor of NY by being tough on crime but I can't think of a single Irish politician in that mould.

    Peter Murtagh is a legend among Irish journalists - he worked for the Sunday Times and the Guardian before coming home to be Editor of the Sunday Tribune.

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  • You can guarantee the Funeral Directors were paid very well in cash up front for this funeral.

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  • None of the three were Travellers, but Maguire was clearly held in very high regard, if you can fathom that, to be allowed marry into them.

    Always did wonder how you have the big ten- 12 traveller surnames then you see a few crop up that seem rare for their community but common among the settled, especially seeing as the popular surnames grew so big on account of 17, 18 kids per family. Maguires of Drogheda being one. Wonder whether it's when a settled man married into them relatively recently in history.

    Anybody know what all the "up Foxrock" business was about? Is Foxrock their favourite hunting ground?