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What do you even call this? Funeral procession joyride maybe?



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    It's not the journey to the graveyard, there's no way in hell that a driver of a hearse would drive like that. The story being circulated is that they broke into the funeral home and stole the body, coffin and hearse to drive back to some (presumably halting) site and carry out their own funeral.

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    what you call this is scumbaggery, nothing else. There was a story that the hearse was stolen and taken for a joyride but there is another story where the uncle of one of the guys who died owns the funeral home and it is him that is driving the hearse.

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    At high speed and a danger to everyone else.

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    The convoy actually flew past myself and the brother.

    There was a Garda car the other side of the road, didn't pull out after them.

    Reckon it would have caused mayhem.

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    "horn da beep"

    Funny, they talk exactly in the same way that they drive down the road.

    "Lunar South is Solar East" - W. B. Yeats

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    Well this is crap you get when certain 'minorities' have an exemption to law & order

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    Surprised the funeral home just let any Joe drive their hearse,I can imagine their insurance company won't be too happy with them either especially if their was an accident ,and there is still two more of these **** show's to go

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    What minority was involved in this incident?

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    A poster remembering Maguire was also put up which read: "RIP Dean. You know the score, get on the floor, don't be funny, give me the money."

    Screwdriver and torch brought to altar at funeral of burglar Dean Maguire who died in Dublin N7 crash - Irish Mirror Online

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    Because as the original situation should show you, any resulting incident is blamed on the Gardai.

    Also remember that a lot of Gardai are driving without advanced training and are not allowed engage or even use lights and sirens

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