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What do you even call this? Funeral procession joyride maybe?



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    I'd know of a good few families like this in the midlands, including distant cousins of mine who would now classify themselves as travellers.

    I'd say the bulk of them are now indistinguishable from your average traveller and many have the baggage of various criminality. Many of their settled forefathers would have been from tough families, so wouldn't have been hugely different to begin with.

    I'd know a few examples of ones that went the other way and a friend of mines mother was from a travelling family. Two of the family are very successful with college education but one embraced the lifestyle of his grandparents and mainly hangs around with other travellers.

    Suppose alot comes down to good r bad parenting and how good values are instilled in their children whether they are travellers or not.

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    For those asking "how would they feel if their granny got broken into and beat", the levels of hypocrisy about these things are off the wall.

    A few weeks ago on FB I saw a fairly nationally well known gangster ranting and raving that his little cousin's bike had been robbed from outside a local shopping centre, offering a reward for into and threatening violence against anybody seen cycling it, even if they only bought it second hand.

    This fella started out as a car thief in the 90s. When he was too young for that probably snapped more bike locks than he can remember. Yet here he is apolopytic with rage because someone robbed his relative's bike.

    Ultimate irony being there's a good chance the bicycle was sold and the thief used the proceeds to buy a retail bag measure of drugs that the outraged gangster himself distributed in the area.

    Excuses friends of these three lads probably use? Well for one thing I'd imagine the only place these three men wouldn't rob in were the council estates of West Tallaght- both for the fear of recognition and the fear of accidentally doing a home associated with a local gangster or dissident republican. My thoughts:

    house in any neighbouring estate, say Firhouse or Knocklyon- "bleedin posh coonts look down on Jobstown"

    house in D4, Foxrock- "bleedin posh coonts look down on Tallaght people anyway"

    house down the country "bleedin culchies look down on Dubs anyway, besides they're all fuckin loaded tight coonts"

    house in Citywest or Adamstown "some tight foreign coonts who wouldn't have spent the money anyway"

    council house in, I dunno, Blanch "Blanch people are all fuckin scum anyway, Bohs supporters half of them"

    And so on and so on.

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    "house down the country "bleedin culchies look down on Dubs anyway, besides they're all fuckin loaded tight coonts""

    Yeah, when you get these guys referring to their fellow countrymen and women as "culchies" then you know you're dealing with real hate-filled ignorant gits, a bit like their London counterparts who refer to their fellow Londoners as "paddies" and "pakis".

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    If those funeral videos created by those scummy funeral directors in Tallaght were shown to law enforcement agents or other innocent people living in other countries as an example of seeing how scummer funerals can take place in Ireland. What would be their first response if they ever had the right mental headspace in themselves to actually watch them online?

    What could that answer be to that $64K question; could anyone here take a guess?

    I would presume this would not go down well at all with any of them. They will probably be rightly appalled or disgusted at the level of blind ignorance of those people who attended the funerals of these scumbags when they watch them on Facebook.

    In an ideal situation; the people who watch these videos & then leave positive messages of love and support over these scumbags deaths really would need to have their moral compasses questioned in a really uncomfortable way within Irish society. No individual who obtains a decent greed of support & respect in themselves for one's fellow man would never ever support activities like this taking place on social media. They would be instantly disgusted by the actions of these neanderthals & could secretly wish they could have the books thrown at them by the courts.

    The funeral directors along with the people who attended these funerals apparently have a clear notion in their own heads that Irish people who live around the country & in other parts of the world share their level of sympathy over these scumbags deaths. OTOH though; reality says different. Irish people who don't know about these gangs whereabouts of these scumbags activities could silently say to themselves that they have a different opinion that is more honest & rational when they get the chance to express their opinions about these violent scumbags. Irish people, who are not involved with these scumbags at all, could say in silence that their deaths is really good news for society in general.

    And I cannot really argue with that opinion. These vile pieces of human excrement caused an unquantifiable amount of misery towards other innocent Irish people to enhance their own violent behaviour & to enhance their own personal gain. I would say Irish society is delighted that these pieces of scum died crashing & burning in a car that wasn't even belonging to them in the first place. Karma is most certainly a bitch.

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    Joy ride was a small price to pay considering the benefits - the world is now a safer and better place due to the demise of these scrotes.

    I'd happily watch a hundred more funerals like this.

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    Every cloud... 😎

    Bring back the :pac: !

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    Think of the massive savings for people and the economy by these guys doing us such a favour and obliterating themselves off the face of the earth.

    Hundreds of families saved the heartache of a burglary.

    Hundreds of thousands of euro saved by insurance companies

    and millions saved by the state in legal fees defending these scum and their upkeep in jail that would have been on and off for the next 20-30 years

    and the unseen benefits - more time for gardai to solve other crimes and susceptible young lads no longer looking in awe at these scum.

    Frankly, it was one of the best days for the country for many a year and the truck driver who was injured should get a medal and decent compensation for their unplanned contribution to that wonderful event

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    Freeman got a 10 year sentence with 4 years suspended in 2017 but was out this year obviously, how was that?

    These guys preyed on poor old people in their homes but got eulogies saying they were legends by loads of their friends and neighbors.

    Maguires aunt was on Liveline saying the three that died had more humanity in their hearts than of the media.

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    Any of the media

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