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An Post returning packages from outside the EU-See 1st post



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    You can use Twitter too but my last attempt took 6 days to get a reply. Chat this morning too 40 mins but pretty much the same reply to a different parcel

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    When you go the sensationalist route, your correspondence is usually filed under "BIN"

    It is not affecting "Thousands" - I think about 5 here. Any more and its purely a guess.

    It is not putting "companies in jeopardy".

    I've had one package rejected and sent back because information was not correct. But that's one out of about a dozen we receive every month - mostly samples of goods from USA & UK as tradeshows are still a no go area. But every package has the correct documentation as it is insisted upon now by all postal services.

    Delivery times are also much improved at about 10 days from USA and 3/4 days from UK.

    BTW - if you really think David Redmond read your email, you need to know that all his emails are filtered and you got a template reply from some junior intern

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    I'm glad you are experiencing improvements, however regarding your comments to me,

    you're mistaken on a number of levels.

    Firstly, there maybe only 5 here, I didn't count, but you don't take into account the many other forums

    where the activity is far greater and reflects far more than those here. I wasn't counting, just making a point

    that the problem is one affecting many, and this makes it a policy / operational failure on the part of An Post

    rather than a simple customer service issue.

    Secondly my emails were actual emails from Mr. McRedmond himself. there was no evidence of

    a template structure unless it was a very very smart AI one! We exchanged a few emails, in which

    my issue were discussed. Yes he does answer emails. Regretfully he has now joined his customer service colleagues

    in ignoring them, evidenced by user comments too.

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    He might have found out about the civil court you are taking against An Post, and decided not to engage further.

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    That's a fair point, but I have incurred substantial loss and therefore obliged to.

    I would have preferred an amicable settlement /agreement, and even offered one

    but there we are. The whole sorry mess we're all suffering is regrettable.

    I hadn't considered your point but thank you for it.

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    I don't get offered chat at all, just email or call, or I do web search and find their twitter @Postvox. I've got zero replies all week.

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    its only in office hours, I think I asked thd bot for customer service and it brought me to contact us and there was a bubble on the bottom right

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    I've attempted office hours many times all week, also tried oscar the bot, help and help-support/Contact-Us. If I have the choice I'll avoid an post going forward as this is the 3rd time in 3 years I've had to get in touch with no response.

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    Worth noting I think my ad blocker stopped the web chat from showing up before, so might be worth pausing that on the Contact-Us page and see if it shows up then.

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    wondered that too, but turning it off and also trying another browser has left me feeling that they're uncontactable for some /

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    Interesting web chat today.

    Tracking on package hasn't updated, no notification from Customs of any customs charges.

    Contacted An Post via web chat (going through the motions really).

    Customer service person first asked "what is it?" I said "a small package from Japan" and quoted the tracking number.

    They replied "oh it has been returned to sender then".

    I was abit taken aback given how fast they came back with that answer. They couldn't have possibly checked the tracking number before replying it had been sent back.

    They also said Customs were giving out incorrect information (ie. lying) to customers, and would be "dealt with". Whatever that means.

    Now we don't know what to do because we have nothing to show the shipping company to prove the item has been returned. Furious.

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    Loathe as I am to say it maybe it would be interesting to contact Liveline if Joe Duffy doesn't have some personal stuff he wants to discuss - at least you might all get a a feel for if this is affecting a lot of people

    For a chance of being discussed it would probably be good if a few of you contact them

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    I got on this morning around 10, had trouble other days, was using Firefox on mobile. Probably no help.

    Stuff like this makes me miss Parcel Wizard

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    Could you have screen shot the conversation? I did although neither of the sellers I was buying from seemed to take time to read it.

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    I have screen shots but likewise don't know if the seller will accept this - I don't see how there is anything they can do until the item is returned to them. God knows how long that will take, seeing how slowly An Post is moving. Until then, the package is basically lost in limbo. Tracking still says "at Dublin Mail Centre" 10 days later.

    What really annoys me is if the person on the An Post chat yesterday had instant access to information that the package has been returned, why hasn't the tracking updated to reflect that?

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    So I just spent 50 minutes waiting on the An Post chat to ask about my parcel from the UK which is in the Dublin Mail Centre - the previous time it was sent back due to an insufficient customs declaration.

    I asked if it had been processed and if An Post had my details to send on the invoice for VAT and Duty.

    I was told "it appears to be in a customs clearance delay and I would estimate it will be released and processed for delivery in the coming days. Unfortunately I cannot advise on a clearance date as An Post are totally separate to customs we have no control over anything to do with customs".

    I asked him if he could check if there was any problem with the customs declaration this time or if it just hadn't been processed yet.

    I was told "The customs declaration looks to be fine at the moment".

    I also asked if he could see any information on what specifically was wrong with the customs declaration on my previous parcel. I was told "As we do not have access to the customs database we are unable to advise exactly what was missing". However when I contacted customs they told me to ask An Post as they have nothing to do with it.

    So for the moment there appears to be nothing I can do to follow up what was wrong with the previous parcel declaration - the sender was told the exact same.

    Who knows if I will ever get this item. Either Customs or An Post is lying though.

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    That's exactly what I was told, almost word for word - "it looks fine to us" "it should be delivered in a few days" etc, then two days later they said my parcel was being returned. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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    Yes, I don't feel reassured at all. But it was advised here to contact them right away.

    There's nothing more I can do.

    OK, having looked on Twitter, it seems this issue is affecting hundreds of people there - so probably thousands in reality. This is clearly a massive issue. And it seems to be very common that Customs are saying it is entirely An Post's fault that goods are returned, while An Post say it's due to a legislation change from July. Customs told me that An Post are "erroneously interpreting" the legislation. Even from an environmental stand point (what must the carbon footprint of all these extra flights back and forth be), it cannot be something the state would support to return every item without any attempt to resolve the issue of jncomplete or insufficient information.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 10 Johnstaf has an import guide linked below. The CN22 form shown in this guide only has space for a description of the contents of the shipment, with no mention of tariff codes. The CN23 form (for packages valued in excess of €300) does have a space for tariff codes, but this form should not have been necessary for my package. I thought following Revenue's advice should be enough.

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    Hi folks. Wondering if anyone’s having problems with An Post returning USPS (or any other foreign origin) parcels? Been tracking a parcel I had coming to me since July - it sat in Dublin a month & was returned to the US last week!

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    Just came across this thread.. I've 5 packages in Dublin from the UK. I've been told all 5 are wrong. 4 have no electronic customs declaration and 1 the taric is incorrect..and all 5 are due to be returned

    Isn't it such a pity revenue or an post whoever deals with these aren't able to read the labels affixed to the front of the package and determine charges from there..

    The clown sorry customer service rep I've been dealing with started telling me it needed a cn23 (my items are no where near the value for a cn23)

    I think they are just rejecting anything and everything because they don't want to do any real work.

  • Registered Users Posts: 10 Johnstaf

    The exact same thing happened to me. According to the thread linked below, USPS gives the impression that post has arrived in Dublin as soon as it reaches the last tracking point in the US, so there's no way to know if it ever actually arrived in Ireland. These are two separate issues, and I can't figure out a way to know which one has affected our post.

  • Registered Users Posts: 43 MrCouperin

    I had a quick look at An Post's replies on Twitter, and there really are a lot of people having this same issue. Dozens of tweets about it over the past week alone, all receiving the same copy-and-paste response. Something really has to change with this, it's simply ridiculous that hundreds or possibly thousands of packages a month are returned from Ireland. I checked with friends of mine in other EU countries too, and they're all receiving packages from outside the EU fine, just like before July.

    I can understand that introducing VAT on cheaper items might be intended to provide a level playing field for EU-based retailers, but making it literally impossible to buy from the majority of sellers outside the EU is nothing short of crazy. Unless you go with the vastly more expensive courier option, of course (which I have to do now).

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    The end result will be more and more countries refusing to ship to Ireland at all, the way its going.

  • Registered Users Posts: 30 hammerheart

    Thousands affected, still no statement from An Post.

  • Registered Users Posts: 30 hammerheart

    Over a week on from my mail being returned to sender and I’m still none the wiser about what the problem was. That’s because there was no problem on my end.

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    I can imagine it but hope not

    Bad enough trying to shop and certain sales seeing "US only" on 2nd hand sales or Etsy

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    What method (if any) are people using to get in touch with customs to find out the missing information? eCommCharge email or is there a phone number that they're actually picking up?

    I have a Chinese package that was apparently processed for sending back two weeks ago, but the tracking only shows that it will be returned this morning. I also have another package which was "sent back" but still has the sorting centre tracking since 27th July.

    It's absolutely crazy, I have no problem paying VAT where due, just let us give you money!

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    [email protected]


    This is the Customs email for Dublin Parcel Hub.

    Unlike An Post, they actually answere and do so within a day or two.

    They are also very friendly and as helpful as they can be under their limited circumstances.

    Best of luck