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An Post returning packages from outside the EU-See 1st post



  • Imagine trying to explain “it should like” to a Japanese man.

  • Had one returned to sender with no explanation recently. It was a few presents for the kids birthday from family in the US. Both sides p1ssed off at An Post

  • What are people doing about packages that are being returned after paying customs?

    It's bad enough the issues I'm facing with items with incorrect customs forms, that I can accept as annoying as it is. But yesterday, one of the UK packages that I had paid my customs dues on within 5 minutes of receiving the notification was sent back via Portlaoise. As with most people, I am just requested to get onto the seller and to get onto ecommcharge for a refund. There's nothing worse than doing everything correctly and speedily and still getting screwed over.

  • I'm waiting 8 days now for any acknowledgement of my refund request for a similar issue above. I got the automated response from the eComm email address but nothing since.

    I had to send a separate enquiry to this email address which was not related to a refund and they responded within 2 days, so something is definitely not right with regards to refunds.

  • Were you using a proxy service or was it something else? The service I was using, ZenMarket, aren't apparently able to provide the codes. Not only that, but the package was damaged by An Post, and I'm expected to pay a 1000 JPY repackaging fee as an extra little sting on top of the original shipping fee, plus the cost I'll have of having the thing shipped to me a second time. This whole situation has cost me something like €40-50 in various stupid fees and charges.

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  • I just had an order arrive with Fed Ex from Buyee and so had a friend yesterday.

    Theirs had a sticker up the side with every item, taric, weights.

    Mine hadn't 1 but still arrived, mine only had 1 item in it I dunno was that why. I know they're saying it's the electronic too but thought they needed to match.

    Not An Post I know but assume they still follow EU rules no?

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  • proxy service?

    I just bought the stuff straight from a guy through Instagram, so it wasn’t from a large retailer or anything, if that’s what you mean.

  • I think FedEx must handle that themselves. They gave me a list of information I should give them when the package ships - and they didn't even mention TARIC, so I assume they figure that out themselves. I enquired with Buyee and they don't seem to need TARIC codes for shipments to the EU, and apparently haven't had problems with that. Jauce seem to be able to provide a sort of workaround, involving entering the codes in the item description. I don't know if that'd pass An Post's crazy bureaucratic system...

    Between the 6 packages I got from ZenMarket this year, the postage costs come to €46 or thereabouts. With FedEx, to get them all shipped in one package would have cost about half that, or possibly a bit more. So in fact, courier is a cheaper option if you get one big parcel instead of a lot of small ones. Might be the best way to do it in future.

  • Ah, so he can just provide the TARIC codes on the customs form. That's a much simpler solution than I've come up with for my problem.

  • Its the electronic form that seems to be the problem more than anything.

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  • I've been chatting to a very helpful person from Dais records who send me two cds from the US. They came to Dublin, stayed in the Dublin Sorting office and then went back to where they came from in Illinois. I presume the distribution centre asthe company are in New York. Gibby from Dais records says that they send out all products with a harmoization code. But I imagine this isn't sufficient for An Post since July? Any thoughts, please? He's willing to send them out again but I don't what to do. I could go for refund.

    Really maddening.

  • what do they mean by 'electronic' - does this mean something has to be sent in advance? I assumed it was just standard code scanning.

  • I bought a record (Cindytalk's Wappinschaw) from Dais records recently. It took a while to get here (Ordered on July 30th, shipped on August 2nd), but it arrived on the 19th of August without issue. I didn't get hit for VAT at all. It was shipped from Illinois (Elk Grove Village). I don't have the packaging any more to check what codes were on it. It landed in Ireland on the 14th, so it took 5 days to get from Dublin to me in Clare.

  • My parcel from Jauce sent by EMS got sent back.

  • I'm guessing those pesky TARIC codes weren't on the package, though.

  • As An Post have gone totally dark, in desperation I tried contacting Customs about a particularly urgent package (one of three outstanding).

    I explained that Royal Mail tracking was showing it with An Post since August 9th and 5 emails to An Post Customer Service have been simply ignored.

    I asked Customs the same thing as I asked An Post - Is the parcel still there? and Does it need extra information or documentation to effect its release?

    They couldn't answer directly, but it was still a very helpful reply, and by the way, I mailed them at 15.43 today and got the reply at 16.30 (they're always like this).

    "In Response to your email query below, please note that a new importation procedure was introduced at the start of 2021 for non-EU importations.

     This new system requires the postal carriers to lodge electronic importation declarations on behalf of all non-EU importations. As An Post are the declarant, they are fully responsible for inputting the correct data. Based on the information entered by them into the importation system, a charge, where due, is calculated. An Post then collect the charges from their customers on behalf of Revenue.

     In the event of any missing data or unpaid charges, it is the responsibility of the declarant / An Post to contact you regarding any issues.

     Customs will only have interaction with parcels if they are selected for inspection. In these cases we contact the consignees directly, should we need further information or issue detention/seizure notices.

     I have therefore passed your query onto An Post to respond.


  • rhshs

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  • I have stopped buying books from Ebay. Pattern of exhotbitant charges and delayed/failed deliveries. Last item cost me 26 pounds sterling for a small item. Ebay total including delivery 48 pounds. I have reverted to the physical shop. Buy the product and walk away with it. Online purchases becoming increasingly problematic imo.

  • It looks to me like the information is to be sent electronically to An Post by the sending PO. They they will have sender, receiver, description and TARIC codes along with the values. This will automatically generate the customs entry, send you an automatic notice of charges, and then automate the delivery process. Basically An Post won't have to do anything with the parcels, VAT is charged and collected automatically. It doesn't look like this was conveyed properly, if at all, to the sending postal authorities.

  • Based on a package recently received (normally) from the UK,

    It seems that a correctly completed Form CN22 will do the trick.

    I have to say, I told the sender to make sure to complete and attached a CN22, and they did it to perfection!

    If I'm wrong or missing anything, please feel free to correct this.

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  • Reply back after 2nd time sending email to D McRedmond, from Corporate business executive. They are looking for tracking details.

  • Mine didn't say taric exactly "The customs declaration which was provided electronically was insufficient" when I messaged them is it still worth emailing?

  • Yes, it is worth emailing them. This is an absolute joke. I’ve emailed them and asked them how should the label actually look and I’ve asked the shipper that the item was sent back to, to take a picture of the label that “An Post” refused and I am going to compare them. I want to see exactly why they sent it back. If there is no difference in the label, I’m going to ComReg although they are another useless shower.

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  • I think revenue have to issue clear guidelines. They are saying on one hand taric code, description, weight and value must be on ALL packages, but on a standard cn22 form it only says Taric code "if known"

    The CN22 form, which is international, has to be updated and state that Taric code and country of origin must be included.

    Revenue/AnPost need to give leeway for a few months for goods under €150 and maybe introduce the stricter regime in January.

    But its both that are at fault and it very frustrating as its causing huge delays

  • It's hard to say what will do the trick.

    If only they gave us a chance to rectify.

    6 fortnightly magazines from the UK with cn22 complete sent back and no explanation to me or seller.

    1 parcel worth 130 euro sent back which I can only assume is missing the taric code.

    1 Amazon parcel that they were looking for vat even though I had paid it at checkout.

    I was able to rectify this by getting ioss number off seller and emailing it to them.

  • "As of the 1st of January 2021, all goods items coming into Ireland from Non-EU countries irrespective of cost are required to have electronic data sent to An Post to enable Irish Revenue to assess the goods and apply custom charges where applicable. 

    Unfortunately, the sender of your goods has supplied incorrect data and the goods cannot be declared to Irish Revenue for assessment. Your Item has now been returned to sender and you will need to contact your retailer regarding this matter."

    So, its not Customs, its An Post making the decision. I have asked them what exactly is missing.

  • It does seem to be An Post alright - FedEx and other couriers seem to be delivering TARIC-less packages fine as usual.

    This hasn't been happening to me since the 1st of January, only since July (or actually August). I had 4 parcels from Japan before July, all of which arrived fine without any TARIC codes, and one that arrived in Dublin after the new system came into effect (apparently) that was also delivered fine to me despite the TARIC codes not being there. There's something strange about the story An Post are giving - the spiel they gave you suggests that the TARIC codes were needed as far back as January even for items under the old €22 exemption. My experience suggests otherwise, though.

    They're infuriatingly hard to get a straight answer from.

  • I think that's a mistake, and should be July 1st to coincide with no minimum for VAT.

    FedEx and the rest of the couriers probably have all this fed into their system at export, which mean they just have to send the customs entry online as soon as it arrives. This is what An Post are trying to implement but don't seem to have told anyone else.

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  • Done that, hopefully something comes out of it.

    My Taobao orders have arrived, way too heavy for FedEx, I wonder if they can hold onto it. They also seem unaware of what's happening here.