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An Post returning packages from outside the EU-See 1st post



  • A simple information site might help but customs aren't generally simple, and definitely aren't the responsibility of the receiving post office.

    I had a poke around the Japan Post website and it has some detail but not much more than An Post.

    The below is for Ireland, your browser should translate it automatically.

    The specific notes for Ireland are:

    "Special conditions (1) Customs Declaration Form CN23 must accurately state the product name, price, gross weight and net weight for each type of content.

    (2) The country name must be stated in the address."

    I see plenty of stuff about how to send stuff, not much about what should be included to get Post through Japanese customs efficiently.

    I get your frustration but it is misplaced. It is the responsibility of an exporter whether they are in the UK, Japan or Angola, to familiarise themselves with the requirements for exporting to the EU and Ireland specifically.

    I had a quick look at La Poste in France too. It has similar or somewhat more information but again it is for exporting from France. For tarrif codes and rates it points to an EU website.

    Educating the world on how to export to Ireland is not An Post's responsibility.

  • What is the reason though that a company is reporting that they ship hundreds of items a day to EU countries from the UK, and only An Post is sending stuff back. The company has checked to see what's wrong and they cannot see a problem with their customs declaration and An Post won't tell them what was wrong - they just send it back. Is there something very different required for an Irish customs declaration than for other EU countries?

  • If a parcel fails Customs clearance, it doesn't matter who the delivery company is. Delivery companies are just following Revenue rules, and the An Post site gives the link where people can learn what is needed.

  • Totally agree, I had a small metal adapter bracket costing £7.49 on eBay from the Uk sent back by customs, there was a tracking number and that told me it was sorted on August 13.

    I sent an email enquiry form to an post four days ok, nothing back.

    I was caller 39 in line on the phone to customer services wanting to know where this tracked item was, it was a specialized bracket for a brake master cylinder, they told me it went to portLaois mail Centre and customs returned it as they did not accept the description or the value of the item.

    I paid full price on eBay, I had the seller send me the Customs declaration and it was perfect.

    An Post tracking system is not fit for purpose full stop and they could not care less, this item was returned wrongly and I have no way to discuss this direct with Customs.

    the result is the uk supplier told me that’s it no more supplies to Southern Ireland.

    how many machines are out of service waiting on a part to arrive from the UK.

  • dxhound2005

    you really are beginning to sound like the complaining whining aulone from the other side of the garden fence.

    Apologists for An Post are not needed here and contribute nothing to the debate.

    An Post has a status (and a responsibility) beyond that of a delivery company.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I though you pointed out that an Post had been charged by Customs to adminstrate the tariff system!

    The link you gave is next to useless.

    An Post are ignoring customer service emails, refusing to offer explanations for their actions and refusing to cooperate.

    I don't know what gave you the idea that commercial organisations have no obligations to their customers or standards?

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  • Have many of you actually received a notification of customs charges and then still had the item returned?

    If you did receive a notification, how long did it take for you to get one?

    Parcel tracking still showing as sorted, Dublin Mail Centre, 18 Aug but no request for customs charges either.

  • I too had an item due from the UK.

    29/07 the item was dispatched

    30/07 left the UK

    31/07 An Post had it

    06/08 It was back in the UK with the tracking stating "Item leaving the UK"

    I told the shop I hadn't received it an they sent another but didn't use tracked mail. I received this one within a few days.

    Item was children's clothes and the customs declaration stated this, so no VAT due. The tracking for the first one is still stuck at "Item leaving the UK" on 06/08.

  • Has anyone got "we could not deliver your post. We will try to return it to the sender"

    What happens next? I've never had something so vague on tracking before, it's clothing from Russia.

    Just had a Buyee package sent back too, trying to explain what's happening is so stressful, they don't understand I had no opportunity to do anything, maybe I should get a friend to translate or something. I see parcels going back as 'rejected' but it's just automatic.

  • Anyone else have packages shipped via. the USPS with tracking saying they left Dublin Airport on 13/8/2021 for delivery? I haven’t received any customs notice or email.

  • I just had a package come from China worth €2. I got a text from An Post to pay customs of €3 on it. That was over a. Week ago and it hasn't been delivered yet neither

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  • Yes, that is what the tracking on my missing package says. After 3 weeks saying 'Sorted - Dublin Mail Centre' it changed to that. An Post told me (after waiting 1.5 hours on their Chat service) that there is an insufficient customs declaration and that's why. But over a week later and it has not actually returned to the sender and the company cannot get any specific information from An Post about what was wrong.

    So what happens next? It seems your package goes missing for weeks in limbo and An Post won't give any information about why they deemed the customs declaration insufficient to either you or the sender. Good luck.

  • Or An Post could have delivered it as they're supposed to do.

  • The item was probably still in the USA at that stage. I got the same tracking info a while back, got notification a few days later to say it was leaving an airport in the states, Miami I think.

  • You really are getting quite obnoxious at this stage.. Just because someone points out(correct) information that doesn't align with what you think, doesn't mean they have nothing to contribute.. A little humility would go a long way..

    DXhound2005's link is very helpful as it includes a worked example from the Revenue of how the charges are calculated, I would think most people haven't the slightest notion of this.. If people actually took the time to read the links, there would be a lot less people moaning about being "Robbed" by An Post or other agents filing customs clearance on their behalf..

    The constant An Post bashing is really getting old, even more than you still think you are their customer when you are NOT.. You are essentially buying goods from a supplier on terms DAP(Delivered to you Duty and VAT unpaid) or DDP(Delivered to you Duty and VAT paid).. It is up to your supplier to fulfil their end of the contract and deliver the goods to you under the terms of your contract.. They are not forced to use Postal service to do this, they could just as easily use a courier or even a freight forwarder.. But in the instances you are taking offence with, the chose to book with their local postal service(probably because it is the cheapest).. In turn, their local Postal provider passes the shipment on to An Post to complete the necessary customs procedures and deliver to you. An Post's customer is the overseas Postal service with the IPU, not you!

    There is no way to be certain, as An Post will never admit to it, but I would imagine what is happening is that An Post have taken a hardline with overseas postal operators and are insisting that they be provided will all the correct information in the correct format required to complete the customs format(if DAP), or the IOSS in the correct format correctly embedded into the Postal tracking barcodes(if DDP).. If this is not available, An Post is returning the package until the correct information is provided by the overseas postal operator.. In the past they might have held onto the package and requested the correct information.. However with the removal of the exemption on VAT on goods valued under €22(this was a massive loop hole being abused by (mainly Chinese) shippers by mis-declaring the value of goods, so the EU closed it, saying this has nothing to do with prejudice before you start again) and Brexit, has meant An Post now has to do customs on a much higher volume of packages..

    So An Post has two choices, deal with a massive backlog and an administrative nightmare for ever more due to missing information HS codes etc or refuse shipments missing information now in the hope that other Postal operators will learn their lesson and stop sending forward post that is missing important information.. This is obviously causing a lot of issues for people, but you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs!

    So in summary, the issue is most likely with your supplier or their postal service, and unfortunately you are caught in the middle.. You are however perfectly within your rights to insist your supplier resolves the issues satisfactorily for you as you have entered into a contract with them to deliver to you, and they(or their preferred delivery partner) have not upheld this.

  • so only saw this thread by chance this morning. I have a package that left PortLaois on 19th of August from the US. Decided I would email them this morning to see what the hold up is. Well they've sent the package back because of incomplete customs information. Great - thanks for letting me know; I could have provided anything they wanted and I had zero issue paying duties etc. Appalling.

  • My Amazon package arrived today without me having to pay second vat added that they were looking for.

    The seller sent me the ioss number and I forwarded onto an post.

    At least I got it but it's a pain in the ass.

    On another note, my 6 fortnightly magazines that were sent back have been resent.

    I mentioned about the ioss number to them so hopefully they have that on the package for an post to see.

    I know people people aren't happy with an post but I think the sellers need to have all the necessary information on the packages from now on.

  • MOD - Put a stop to the bickering back and forward. Warnings have been issued already. Let's keep it on track, this thread is useful to people.

  • does anybody have solid information on what to do next.

    My sender in Japan went to his post office to discuss this, he said:

    “I went to the post office today and talked in detail.

    Even after the new EU rules, if I send from Japan to Ireland by EMS, I don't need the TARIC code.

    Besides, it was said that they would not be returned after arriving in Dublin.

    Isn't the Dublin Post Office wrong?

    There is no place to write the TARIC code on the EMS documents.

    It is the official document of Japan Post.

    The Irish post office must deliver it.”

    In all of my emails with An Post’s woeful customer service, the only information they have told me is that the TARIC is missing. So who is right??

    What do I need to do to make sure this doesn’t happen again? The goods are expensive and as far as I can see, are now lost in limbo. Tracking last said “leaving port Laois” over a week ago. I can’t bring myself to contact an post again as I won’t learn anything new.

  • some posts are saying it's the taric

    A friend said their ems parcel the new form or something theres only room for 4 items

    I sent an email to An Post asking the same how do we avoid these things again. I had my parcel from Buyee sent back, my other order was running out of time so trying Fed Ex since the returned one was ems

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  • “Some are saying it’s the TARIC” yeah, I just think it’s mad how we are meant to figure this out for ourselves.

  • I thought maybe all the main POs woukd contact each other.

    I can't find a single answer.

    My DM said about my Japan parcel this but not what in particular to fix, afaik they mark everything as refused

    This item has been processed to be returned to sender. The customs declaration which was provided electronically was insufficient. As we cannot amend or rectify any electronic customs data, the item must be returned as a result.

    Please refer to the sender to arrange for the item to be re-issued with the correct customs information once it arrives back in the country of origin. This is beyond our control as customs and excise are a separate entity to An Post. 

  • The Tariff code or TARIC is required for each individual item on an import or export. On imports it is used to determine the correct rate of duty, and if there are other duties applicable such as anti-dumping duties, excise duties etc. Also, it can give the correct VAT rates for books, clothing etc. It was usually the import agent that had to look this up in an 8inch thick book called the tariff book. You are supposed to be able to find a code to cover every single object in the world in it. It was quite a skill to be able to read it and find what you needed. Not much easier today, you just don't have to lug around the massive book, you can look it up online.

    I would imagine that they are supposed to have the TARIC entered electronically from the originating country which would allow the automatic processing of the entry.

    An Post seem to have taken the easy way out and just return everything, rather than roll their sleeves up for a couple of months, and do part of it manually, as they always did. We should all send emails to the CEO of An Post and let him know the effect this is having. I'm finding it hard enough to get stock to keep my business going, and then An Post send back packages to the UK and Australia. They wouldn't be so quick if their wages were in it......

  • I'm probably trying Fedex for my Zenmarket package too. I asked Fedex about it, and they said they could import the parcel fine. I'm going to email them the tariff codes just to be safe. If the package ever reaches Japan, that is, which it still hasn't after 12 days.

    I'm going to make a formal complaint to An Post (I'd advise others here to do the same too), and I've pointed out to them that I'm An Post in future for all of my purchases from outside the EU. Maybe if we all point that out to them, they'll eventually realise they're losing customers. I'm sure the €3.50 fee mounts up eventually, so it'll hit them if they're losing revenue from that.

  • I got a response from the echargecommquery mailbox to say both items were returned to sender as insufficient electronic data was received!! They said each item is missing a Taric code. What is that? The declared value was marked. I would not have known about this until I queried it with them.

  • Fuc*ing An Post and Revenue!

    "We could not deliver your post. We will try to return it to the sender."

    Liars - they could have, but decided not to. They have utterly lost the plot. Given the situation with the highly protected and locked down pharmaceutical retail situation in this country, VRT, excise and such, It wouldn't surprise me if this isn't just another cute scheme by the Irish government to use the independence of tax policy to further exclude Irish consumers from the EU supposedly 'common market'.

  • So my replacement parcel (for my parcel which An Post returned to sender due to an insufficient customs declaration) has reached the Dublin Mail Centre today. This is where it all went wrong last time.

    I know I need to pay VAT and Duty on it so they are supposed to send me that info now. How long should I wait before following up with them? Or is there anything I can do to try stop the same thing happening again?

    Unfortunately, because the original parcel is now missing, and An Post couldn't give the sender any further information on why the customs declaration was deemed insufficient, and the sender confirmed the TARIC code was included last time, I fear this is not going to end well again as there was no way to know what needed to be rectified.

  • And would you recommend using email, chat or phone? Is there a specific address or number I should use? Thanks.

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  • Hope it works for you.

    I've been emailing An Post Customer Services for a few eeks now and all I get is the auto acknowledgement.

    They seem to have given up replying altogether!

    I've done the same with Customs who have been very courteous and reply very quickly, however while they can find parcel references, they

    can't effect any changes. It' seems An Post are controlling everything. They also prefer to blame Customs for everything!

    I've written to the CEO David McRedmond twice. The first response was the usual "We're doing everything we can". When I wrote back to him

    to address the query he left unanswered in my email, he simply ignored it.

    I've had so much to do with a family emergency, I haven't done all I shold, but I'm planning to rectify that soon.

    What I can't understand is that not one of the print/digital/broadcast media have picked up on this shambles which is clearly effecting thousands

    of customers all over Ireland, and has even put many businesses in jeopardy.

    Maybe a little bit of old fashioned writing to the news editors might help!

    Sorry I haven't anything better to offer!