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Relaxation of Restrictions, Part XII *Read OP For Mod Warnings*



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    There is a CT thread on that exact topic that you can bring your evidence if you're confident in it. As said, your rants now have a basis that you won't elaborate on to prove.

    The passes won't be permanent within countries, they might last a lot longer for international travel (which you seem to support anyway). However, it could be 6 months or 3 years before the pandemic is over, so they will be "permanent" till then.

    Also not worried about EU overlords dictating anything, that's very tin-foil hat-ish.

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    All restrictions limit groups in different ways, they're not discriminatory (e.g. "you must be this tall to go on this ride").

    They are public health measures designed to reduce R and hospitalisations while trying to minimise impact on people. The vaccinated 80 year old has followed public health advice, the unvaccinated 18 year old hasn't, it's that simple, so many rants and you still misunderstand the fundamentals and what discrimination is (unless the EU overlords want control over unvaccinated 18 year olds?).

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    It is scientific, the goal is to reduce R, not go after the individual measures that decrease R the most (otherwise public transport would be closed), it's a group of measures to keep R down, the measures are arbitrary e.g. 60 year old vaccinated can do more than a willfully unvaccinated 18 year old, because it keeps the R number down and the 60 year old has followed public health measures.

    If Omicron is bad or R increases a lot, then restrictions based on age could come in (we already had the cocooning advice).

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    That's what's happening, keep R low enough so that hospitalations don't overwhelm the system but try and keep everything as open as possible, we'll see restrictions fall away into Spring (depending on Omicron, if it has a high reinfection rate alot of people will be impacted, booster jab seems to work well on preliminary results though).

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    Its quite bizarre how many people believe if something inst 100% guaranteed its 100% useless

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    So basically the vaccines were not as effective as they hoped.

    Passes don't stop the spread as hoped. (hence closing night clubs again)

    Got it. I don't think we disagree tbh. Maybe on if at this point we should get on with it or not.

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    Natural immunity doesn't just bluntly pass after 6 months, it wanes slowly, meaning it becomes less effective over time, a year, maybe even 2 years post-vaccination you should still have significant antibodies and T-Cells to protect you from the virus

    So, no, the pass should not expire after 6 months

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    If its dropping while clubs were open. Should clubs be open now? or are these restrictions silly?

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    I think it's more that the immunity level from infection is unknown vs. consistent with vaccine it could havr stimulated the reaction in the immune system a lot more or a lot less. As a simple example, my son caught chicken pox when very young and had almost no symptoms, I doubt he would have the same resistance as my older son who had the full range of symptoms and reaction.

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    Just one but that could be a new thing. HCWs were very hesitant on them with rates as low as 30% before this all started. Paul Reid drew attention to it in 2019 and it was a known issue back then.

  • Registered Users Posts: 348 ✭✭ Timmy O Toole

    Is that based off the reported cases every evening? How is there a big spike in November then down again even though positive swabs have never been over 4900? Backlogs in reporting affect the R number ?

    Post edited by Timmy O Toole on

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    As opposed to the tiny number that can't be vaccinated (that the anti-vaxxers try and blame for everything).

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,102 ✭✭✭ Micky 32

    MM view on international travel :

    “In relation to international travel, the Taoiseach

    said Ireland would align with the EU on travel


    And he pointed out that the World Health

    Organization and the European Centre for Disease

    Prevention and Control are not advocating travel

    restrictions despite the challenges posed by the


    He said travel restrictions were not "the direction

    of travel" right now and the Covid test requirement

    introduced here last Sunday had already reduced

    the volume of international travel. “

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    The annoying thing is, the hints about restricting travel came via "reports" from nphets leaks from nphet then?!

    I thought that sh1t was supposed to have been knocked on the head?

    So either nphet are still leaking stuff to force the govts hand, or the govt are leaking stuff to soften us up and so they can blame nphet.

    If MM says restrictions on non essential travel is not being considered, we can take it to mean its being announced next week :/

  • Registered Users Posts: 7,984 ✭✭✭ JRant

    That does not compute. I'm fairly sure it was nphet/government blaming the unvaxxed for everything.

    "Well, yeah, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man"

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,414 ✭✭✭ MOH

    It's conveniently difficult to answer basic questions like that when as usual it's just an image without bothering to link back to the original source. Which I've failed miserably at finding on the OurWorldInData site it appears to be from.

    But hey, why bother giving proper credit to people when you can just nick their images, post them without a single word, and consider that a valid argument

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    They are not in Ireland. You can’t just « avoid » fines there.

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    Copy of post I have just made in the main thread:

    We get the fact some of you bare dissatisfied with the performance of the Chief Medical Officer, NEPHT, members of the Government and indeed some of the experts you may pay attention to on TV, radio or indeed the print media

    We also get the fact that some of you like to let off steam in this and indeed other threads in the forum

    However repeatedly stating your dislike/hatred of such people and abusing them here is not only irritating to posters who like to interact in a civil manner, but it's also highly offensive to the individuals in question. Can posters just refrain from resorting to such commentary as it not going to achieve anything beyond winding up (ie trolling) other users and attracting mod attention

    I am copying this warning into the Relaxation of Restrictions thread. but it applies equally across the forum

    Any questions PM me - do not respond to this warning in-thread

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    Thanks Beasty, any chance we can sort out the off topic rents on vaccination/non vaccination drivel too please? Every time I drop into the thread I have to go through pages of unrelated crap. Thanks