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Donald Trump discussion Thread IX (threadbanned users listed in OP)



  • Mark Meadows wrote in his new book that Trump tested positive for Covid-19 three days [26 Sept] before the 1st debate with Biden held on 29 Sept 2020 and did not tell anyone Covid-19 had hit him. Trump was rushed to Walter Reed hospital by helicopter from the W/House at the start of Oct 2020.

    I expect from this revelation and from his decision to appear before the Congress committee investigating the insurrection bid at The Capitol by Trump supporters on the 06 Jan this year that it may be taken that there is a split between both men unless, of course, this a plan by Meadows and others with experience to waste the committee's time on behalf of Trump.

  • To be somewhat expected, looks like one of Trump's picks, Kavanaugh is making initial noise over a softening of Roe Vs Wade. To these ignorant eyes it reads like hes hiding behind a "stateist" perspective but it's still a potential bullet being chambered against the judgement

  • It's beginning to look like a war between men, women and women over body integrity rights with a version of religious rights being used as a cover to overturn the Roe V Wade judgement. Hopefully the court will see sense and stick with the existing judgement as the standard for women's rights over those of people who want to destroy those rights. As for the judges, ruling on something which some of them are more than likely to have a bias against should have obliged them to step aside temporarily from sitting on the bench on this issue. A case of one sense of morality over-ruling the other obligatory sense of morality for judges.

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  • Hopefully the women in the US who are genuinely interested in protecting their existing constitutional and court-granted rights from interference by abusive men, and by some of the female US high office holders and dilettante toadying up to the men, wake up and turf those gutting them out of office and positions of control.

    On the Mark Meadows book front, it's been reported that he's said the news reports on the "Trump Covid-19 illness" start-point quote taken from his book is "fake News" after Trump described the reports as "Fake News".

  • There seems to have been an interesting development in the US Senate with Mitch McConnell agreeing not to vote against Biden's stop-gap government funding bill, adding that shutting down the government over opposition to COVID-19 vaccine mandates makes no sense. The funding allows for funding of federal agencies until Feb 18 next year.

    I don't know much of how important the funding is for the agencies and the services they give to the public but assume that as McConnell has agreed to have the Senate GOP vote alongside the Senate Democrats it's very important. It seems to pave the way for the funding bill an easy ride through the Congress voting system and a win for the Biden Admin.

    It's how Trump reacts to such a bipartisan vote in both the senate and house that interests me. If he starts ranting about Mitch again, can I take it that he sees it as another slap in the face for himself? Could it also be seen by rebel GOP members in both chambers and two specific Democrat senators that deal making and bipartisan-ship between the parties is the way to go for the next few months at least?

  • Trump's insistence on getting loyalty from those he believes are indebted to him included Premier Netanyahu of Israel. He became aware that Ben was the first leader to send a message congratulating Joe Biden on winning the presidential election race, accused Benny of being disloyal to him and said "f*** him" in an interview with an Israeli journalist.

  • Fascinating primary.

    Perdue was very unlucky not to win in the 1st round of the senate vote in 2020 , and then he decided to hitch his load to MAGA whose leader told his base not to bother voting in January because it was "rigged",,,however Perdue is back for more .....

    Brian Kemp has okish numbers in Georgia and governs like a standard GOP governor would govern for better or worse.

    Kemp is stacking up some very strong local GOP endorsements while Perdue is all in on MAGA and hoping Trump secures him the primary.

    Trump normally in a primary gets involved when the result is nearly over, this however is very close, if Perdue loses then its proof the party is slowly slipping from his grasp.

    The likes of RDS and Nikki Haley will be watching this primary very closely indeed.

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  • Its not the end of the world if she loses as its going to be hard for a lot of Dems if its a redwave, but if she was to win next year then is in a great position to run for President in 2028.

    Looking at some of the governor races its not nice reading for Dems, but a small bit of good news is Charles Baker of Massachusetts the GOP governor is stepping down which means the Dems will have a very easy pick up their as the person who will come through the primary will be a MAGA idiot. That's all well and good in Alabama not so much in Massachusetts.

    Its a warning though to both parties, keep calling people " Dinos " and "Rinos" ....they will get the hump some day and leave and you will lose.

  • For Trump everything is a Zero-sum game.

    His entire life is based on Quid-pro-quo (although I doubt he knew the term before his 1st impeachment)

    The idea of doing something because it's right doesn't factor for him. He has to get something in return for everything he does , whether that's cash or praise he doesn't care. It's also why he has to punch back at even the smallest perceived slight , he has to "balance the ledger" for everything..

    Thinking that the McCain family owed him because he "allowed" John McCain a State funeral is another one. There are so many examples.

    It displays an incredible lack of maturity and emotional depth.

  • Former Trump White House chief of staff Mark Meadows sent an email about Jan. 6 — apparently on his personal account — saying National Guard would “protect pro Trump people”, per his contempt report: 

  • Read about this. It seems very strange to me that Meadows would think he could get 10,000 National Guard Personnel activated to protect Trump supporters at the 06 Jan rally called to support Trump's cause while the election result was being read into the record on the hill. Looking back at the day and the chaos in the upper echelon of Washington political and security circles in the days before the 6th about the non-availability of reinforcements for the DC police [who was the authorised person to sign the paper need for the activation and call-up of the Guard] back then. The Mayor etc all voicing off after the fact on what they could not get done to help the Capitol and DC police when it was needed. Edit: If what is reported to be in an email sent by Meadows referring to the NG being active and present on the day for the supposed reason mentioned is absolutely true, it flies in the face of the reported chaos in DOD and military circles about who could call up the NG to support the DC authorities. It could tend to add substance to the whatever about political hacks abusing national authority to supress the reading of the vote result into the record on the 06 Jan 2021.

  • Tonight's revelation by Liz Cheney at the committee hearing on Mark Meadows that Don Trump Jnr texted Meadows asking him to tell Trump Snr that he needed to talk to the US and tell the people attacking the Capitol to get out, that in Don Jnr's words "things had gotten out of hand, that tweeting to the Capitol Police was not enough" seems to show that Trump was advised to tell his supporters to stop what they were doing at the Capitol. It doesn't actually show Don Jnr had told his dad this but there would be no reason for anyone to say he couldn't do so. There seems to be contact made between Fox News and Meadows asking him to get Trump to get things involving his supporters at the Capitol under control or his legacy would be destroyed. It's apparent Trump Snr's foot-dragging did him in in the long run and Don Jnr realised what was happening.

  • Not happy just attempting an insurrection, they considered a coup.

  • The pressure that the committee is putting on Meadows by releasing the contents of the texts on his phone to flip and turn up at the hearings to tell all of what he heard, saw and conversations he was involved in on the 06 Jan about the insurrection attempt, and any he took part in on the previous days is terrific. I'd imagine his family also must be feeling the heat. It's obvious now why the committee is going after the phones belonging to certain Republican party members of the senate and house who were on the hill on the 06th Jan. the committee wants to prove the members were complicit in an attempt to subvert and destroy the existing US republic and its constitution.

  • The mark meadows text messages are big news but they just put meat on what most people already believed to a high degree.

    Donald Trump’s head must be spinning for the all the “winning” bigly he’s been doing lately. I’m joking of course, because a trump appointed judge this week denied his appeal to block his tax returns going to congress, and there was the rejection of his executive privilege claim. And an accountant that dealt with his taxes at the accountancy company he used has been granted IMMUNITY to testify before a New York grand jury. As I said so much win.

  • I see he is going to hold a media conference on January 6th. As if anyone wants to listen to that clown now.

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  • 42.6% of Americans still have a favourable opinion of Donald Trump so plenty of people still want to listen to him.

  • Citation? 42.6 is hard to believe even from somewhere like Rasmussen

  • Considering he was impeached twice and caused an insurrection his popularity has risen which should be concerning for Democrats that no matter what they try and do they can't shake off Donald Trump.

    Imagine if it was a an actual politician they were up against.. Dems better hope Donald runs again as ron de Santis would walk in to the whitehouse at the moment.

    Democrats are all over the place at the moment you have manchin causing mayhem then AOC and Bernie complaining about everything while Kamala and Joe are like the principal and vice principal who can't get the class to quieten down.

  • Would you consider it to be a fact that the Republicans also cant shake off Donald Trump?

    Would you have any thoughts on what Trump and former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly revealed about them both taking booster shots having a possible negative effect on GOP supporters [given how the chosen audience booed him for the revelation of apparent support for the Biden & Fauci approach, as distinct from the small and strange reaction from some elected GOP personalities] where it comes to Media graphs displaying possible approval ratings on Trump as a possible candidate or useful ally to the GOP in the 2024 presidential election and Senate/Congress/State elections the GOP think very important to its political future in the US?

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  • Any actual politician would not be a cult leader which means they are not immune to scandal so I am not sure an actual politician would help their case.

  • It was interesting to watch and listen to Trump's Surgeon General tonight on CNN discussing Trumps support of the Covid-19 booster shot saying that if Biden had asked him earlier to support his Admin's push to get more people take the shot, Trump would have done so and come out about having taken the booster shot himself. The former surgeon general called Trump President during his statement. Bill O'Reilly seems to have come onside with Trump in promoting the US public to take the booster shot against the Covid-19 pandemic in the US. It might be a way of Trump taking control again of his electoral chances for the next few years or supporting some-one favourable to him.

  • "The former surgeon general called Trump President during his statement"

    Isn't that standard protocol though? That ex-presidents retain "president" as their official title for life?

  • It is yeah, it’s an odd thing and generally harmless enough use of a title and respect. Although Trumps use of it now on his press releases is distasteful but generally in keeping with his lack of dignity.

  • The US President retains the title during his life.

    The reason they are always referred to as Mr. President is because when Hoover was President, a radio reporter or presenter could not get President Herbert Hoover out and kept muffing it. So it was then accepted to just refer to them as Mr. President and avoid the possibility of such unfortunate mistakes.

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    • That's true enough as things go. It's that it seemed to me when watching the interview that the former surgeon general used it to make a political point: that Biden didn't contact President Trump and ask him to support him in the ongoing fight against the Covid pandemic. He didn't [if I'm getting things right] say: President Biden did not call President Trump and ask him for his support. Following on from your post, I went looking for Mr Adams interview words and the CNN interview and it's enabled me to see my initial reading of it [in reference to Mr Adams] was wrong. He may not have been slamming Biden for inaction. This is the interview wording:
    • Trump endorsed coronavirus vaccines this week, saying it's protecting people and not killing anyone.
    • Jerome Adams, his surgeon general, suggested he waited to say this until Biden praised him.
    • "You can't deny that that is when he changed his tune and came out and supported vaccinations," he said.

    Former President Donald Trump's surgeon general implied that Trump waited to express public support for coronavirus vaccines until President Joe Biden praised his involvement in them.

    Jerome Adams, who served as US surgeon general under Trump, told CNN's "AC360" on Thursday that he was surprised Biden had not praised Trump over the vaccines earlier, and suggested Trump had been waiting to back the vaccines until he got the mention.

    —Anderson Cooper 360° (@AC360) December 24, 2021

    "We know the president's love language is words of affirmation. We know Joe Biden is known for his cooperation," Adams said.

    "So, to me, what was most shocking, what was most telling, wasn't that Donald Trump came out and supported vaccines — it was that it took Joe Biden 11 months to finally do what he has been known to do for 79 years, and that's to reach out across the aisle. "Once he gave President Trump those words of affirmation, you heard President Trump come out and say: 'Thank you, I appreciate that.' And he applauded it. And I hope we see more of that."

    The CNN host John Berman seemed surprised by Adams' comments on the Thursday show.

    He said: "Come on, Dr. Adams. I mean — are you are telling me that Donald Trump didn't praise vaccines or boosters until Joe Biden decided to thank him for the vaccines? That's what he was waiting for?"

    Adams responded by saying that he had studied psychiatry and psychology, and said: "People have different words of affirmation, different love languages. That's the truth.

    "That is when you saw Donald Trump change his tune. I'm not saying it's right, I'm not saying it's wrong. I'm saying you can't deny that that is when he changed his tune and came out and supported vaccinations.

    "And regardless, that's a good thing."

    Biden had said on Tuesday: "Thanks to the prior administration and our scientific community, America was one of the first countries to get the vaccine."

    Trump endorsed the vaccines to the conservative commentator Candace Owens in an interview published Wednesday.

    "The vaccine worked. But some people aren't taking it. The ones that get very sick and go to the hospital are the ones that don't take the vaccine," he said.

    "But its still their choice, and if you take the vaccine, you're protected. Look the results of the vaccine are very good, and if you do get it, it's a very minor form. People aren't dying when they take the vaccine."

    Trump has sent mixed messages over his support for the coronavirus vaccine. He sought praise for the vaccines being developed while he was president, and got vaccinated himself.

    But much of his base is against the vaccine, and he notably did not get vaccinated in public, despite many other politicians doing so.

    He was booed by a crowd of his own supporters on Sunday when he announced that he supported vaccines and had received a booster shot.

    The gap remains between the former and the present presidents', as volunteering still seems to be something former president Trump does not go for if it does not enable gain for himself over the national interest of killing off the Covid-19 pandemic first. Trump had been vaccinated but wanted Biden to praise him for getting vaccinated before electing to urge their fellow citizens to take the Covid-19 vaccinations themselves.

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