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Donald Trump discussion Thread IX (threadbanned users listed in OP)



  • I thought his attack on Colin Powell was a new low for Trump, I honestly thought WOW there's no way he could possibly go any lower.

    But it's Trump, he always has to set a new bar

  • He’s a **** cretin. Jesus h Christ and it wasn’t up to him to allow John McCains funeral as he said.

    this documentary on the riot on BBC two is eye opening because the amount of mental gymnastics is startling.

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  • The utter lack of anything even resembling a human empathic emotion from Trump would be surprising if it weren't so typical, so boilerplate at this stage. And remember, this is the man the GOP is cosying up to, for fear of losing "the base". They're hog tied to a cretinous human. You can really tell just how much he keeps grudges by the fact he trots out McCain's death and his family's response yet again. But still can't resist that childish urge for superlatives with the "world's longest funeral" blather.

  • In an interesting turn of events rolling stone is reporting today that the January 6th protest organisers are saying that held “dozens” of meetings with members of congress and the White House in the lead up to the day. If you wondered why the GOP want to downplay and in some cases invent alternative reality of that day, now we know(I think we knew anyway) and it’s because they are up to their necks in this.

  • This article from Rolling Stone suggests much more active involvement by the White House and Republican Members of Congress than has been evident up to this. Apparently there were numerous planning meetings involving Trump aides and Members of Congress, including a mention of a 'blanket pardon' for the organisers.

    Along with Greene, the conspiratorial pro-Trump Republican from Georgia who took office earlier this year, the pair both say the members who participated in these conversations or had top staffers join in included Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.), Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.), Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.), Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.), Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.), and Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas).

  • One should assume [if one were sane] that the people organizing the attack on the Capitol thought they would succeed in their aim and that to the winner go the spoils. That might not include the incipient leader of the gang who seems to be a reckless gambler with other peoples fortunes. There lies the chance that he might get away blame-free if enough of his conspirators don't turn states evidence to save themselves by testifying that he attended at, was aware of and directed the meetings and discussion themes there-in.

    The USSC has to be given enough information through the committee chair to make an unbiased legal majority decision that it will NOT hear any application from the leaders defence team against allowing the committee taking evidence from any of the leaders former W/House staffers on spurious claims of executive privilege. It has to be assured that what the committee chair provided to it amounts to evidence that members of congress involved themselves in the conspiracy to attack the congress sitting in the Capitol building on the 06th Jan 2020 and deigned to act with treasonous intent against the US and its constitution, including the court itself.

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  • I'd say outrage is exactly what he's looking to provoke with a statement such as that. In essence, his strategy doesn't seem that much different from ISIS, which is to say, "Be crazy. Be chaotic. Polarise people.". His bitterness and irresponsibility have become old-hat, but what is interesting to me is that he is clearly no longer making overtures to the middle ground. At least in 2016, he was making quips about his opponents and sort of saying, "Hey, take a chance on me. It could be fun...", and he could do that because he was ultimately an unknown quantity. Now, in 2021, he's no longer an unknown quantity, and he's not even trying to reformulate his image or policy. He's just going farther and farther down that rabbit hole of mean-spirited paranoia. He's going all-in with the base and that makes me ask the question - is that just to milk them for cash, or is he really planning another run, and plans to do 'right' what his followers failed to do in January, if the election doesn't go his way?

  • I get the feeling that he has such an ego complex that he is getting a messiah complex and is starting to believe his own **** and the **** his supporters that revere him say.

  • The messiah complex for Trump is like how a heroin addict looks forward to his next hit.

  • The last sentence in yours, if it were not done to basically - milk them for cash - defraud the average Trump/GOP membership base [something I wouldn't put past him and others with an interest similar to his] would oblige him to carry out a successful two-part operation. 1: win the actual election. 2:if he fails to win it fairly, try for a re-run of Jan 2020. He'd have to have the total assistance of the GOP to do so. I think that with the number of criminal trials running/ending or starting of his 2020 election close acquaintances [incl those in his Capitol insurrection bid] they may not be as much interested in his future as in theirs. The acquaintances may have some vague hope of him being re-elected in order to get a presidential pardon for anything they are charged/convicted of in federal court in the next 3 years. Edit: the dislike he has raised between others is spilling over towards him now due to the statements he has made about them and their characters.

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  • Ha I see shares in the company that plans to formally list his new social network platform have fallen sharply.

    Short sellers targeting the company good. Anything to stop this buffoon of a disgusting human to get on the airwaves again is good.

  • His plan here has nothing to do with him "getting back online" , it's about him grifting money from people gullible enough to by stock of the SPAC vehicle. I'd say it's even money at best if it ever even goes live tbh.

    Even if "Truth Social" ever actually gets off the ground , it'll be a meaningless vacuum , just like of all the other "Free-speech" portals.

    What all of these guys fail to understand is that people don't want a place to say what they want , they want a place that they can say what they want and to then get into a fight with someone who disagrees with them.

    Social media thrives off the interaction and the disagreement - There'll be none of that on his platform (the T&C's in fact demand that).

    At best some stuff from "Truth Social" will get posted on Twitter , but probably not really.

  • Half of me thinks he's already cashed out, the other half remembers he's the guy who can't run a casino profitably and opened a mortgage brokerage right before the 2008 crash.

  • He also made a IRS tax return declaring a loss so big that there was not enough space on the form for the number of zeros by a lot.

  • Evidently "Truth Social" may already be in legal trouble regarding the source software.

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  • Biden is still going on about him anyway..

    If he runs again in 2024 he'll win..

  • Why the certainty? He lost the last one in a landslide, wasn’t even close.

  • > Without the Voting rights act in place before 2024 , it could genuinely be the last proper Election they ever have.

    But could that actually be a good thing in that it will force the system to be changed? Yes, it would mean another 4 years of the disaster that is Trump, and the dodgy voting rules become more dodgy to enable red states to remain red... But wouldn't that then force the hand of the bluer places to say enough of this and start serious moves to break up the union? Would the red states then flinch and back off from the nonsense such that a more sensible system can be put in place to keep things together?

    It's a game of chicken though, which so far the Democrats are repeatedly losing.

  • If the Democrats made serious noises about breaking up the union, it would just raise the temperature and lead to more sabre rattling from the Republicans. You may have your sensible establishment Republicans who would like to strike a more conciliatory tone, but I think the way the Republican party is going those voices would be drowned out or silenced. It just raises the probability of open confrontation and that is exactly what many in Trump's base seem to be seeking - the display they put on during 1/6 and the disturbing amount of support those actions had with the wider Republican base is indicative of this.

  • Can Trump use this to try make another IRS write-off claim if he has persuaded money-market speculators to invest in the vehicle and it crashes before it's stated launch date next month has been reached? I'd be surprised if he hasn't planned for another IRS write-off claim.

  • I expect D Trump Snr or Jnr to make a statement tonight on their usual style slamming former NY Gov Andrew Cuomo as he's been charged with a misdemeanor sex crime related charge in Albany City Court tonight.

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  • Well no , it really wouldn't be a good thing.

    Given his current absolute control over the GOP , if they got into power in '22 or '24 does anyone honestly think that Trump would try for the "President for Life" gig?

    He'll claim that it's the only way to be safe as the Democrats can't be trusted because they cheat so much blah blah blah.

    If Trump were to cheat his way to victory in 2024 it would be the end of the US as anything remotely close to a functioning democracy.

    Saying this even a few years ago would have been rampant hyperbolic lunacy , but today sadly it's a very genuine and tangible risk