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Driving testers RSA 2021



  • cr2118 wrote: »
    Thanks for the information, However i find it hard to believe, given the long drawn out recruitment process that it took 60/70 people to try fill 40 positions. The handbook was clear in black and white what the job entailed with the salary offered. In a pandemic with the loss of many jobs, you would imagine people would take a two year contract to keep there heads above water rather than 350 a week which will stop soon.
    Dont be giving people false sense of hope...

    I'm not giving false hope. Just the information I got which some might find useful. People are free to make there own decisions.

  • Driver 2018 is correct a friend of mine was in the 60’s on the list and was offered a position last week but the location didn’t suit. I myself am in the 50’s and turned down the offer and I can see a lot of people doing similar if they are in work already.

  • They are on number 69 on the panel. So whoever is number 70, will be the first to get a call.

    As it is. 1 to 20 are still training. 21 to 40 haven't started training yet.

  • So are they definitely taking another 40 from the panel, which realistically see anyone under number 110 getting a call, hopefully they notify people sooner than later!

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  • Anyone hear any news of the pop up centres

  • I was in the high 50's and got a call in May with an offer like some on here. The offers were at the complete opposite end of the country. Apparently lots of candidates from the west/south got through but most of the positions were in the East. Has to make you wonder about how efficient the whole recruitment process is if they ended up going through 70 candidates to fill 40. If the panel is 130 as reported on here, then they will struggle to fill the second 40. I wonder what the reasoning is behind not doing it regionally.

    I was told on the phone, that refusal of a position too far away does not exclude you from getting a call if the second 40 are required. You will be called again if that goes ahead. I was also told this would be at least August/September.

    Just wondering if anyone has had any contact since May and how the whole thing is going for the successful candidates.

  • I am number 99 on the panel and haven't heard anything yet regarding the second 40.