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Berlin Q or Bust: Road to sub 2:45



  • Thanks for putting that up J....and here comes the

    All joking aside, all I'll say is its not a physical thing. It's purely mental. I think you put a lot of pressure on yourself to deliver a performance your training deserves. I think the attention from the running community (boards, strava etc) compounds that. If I was in your shoes I'd spend a marathon block completely off the radar just to get that monkey off your back. You've also had a very hectic few months. Wouldn't underestimate that either.

    Just my two cents. Hard luck lad. The training hasn't gone to waste that's for sure. But you know that already. You're still a beast of a runner.

  • I'm not inspirational at all, I was in a different mindset that's all.

    As raw as that was to write hopefully it helps you to process the events & emotions of the day & as all ready said by others, the glory is great but what we learn from the non glory days in life makes us stronger people. It's always easier to be kind to others so just try be kind to yourself.

  • You’ll be back, it happens to the best of us.

    Having a few days to reflect is there anything in your training that in hindsight that you would change?


  • Well done on some beastly, consistent training. You certainly didn't deserve that finish to it all. You are going to knock the crap out of your next race with your current fitness levels.

    "And then, just like someone turned off a switch, I stumble from my then 5:30/km pace onto the kerb "

    I can relate to that line so much - its such a surreal feeling.

  • I'm sure it doesn't make you feel any better but many an athlete struggled that day for whatever reason. I don't think anyone in our running group performed as they should have. Again, it's probably no consolation to you. Could've been a multiple of factors that you've probably over-analysed yourself ever since. As you said in the race, peaks and troughs - it's part and parcel of being a runner. No doubt you'll be back to your peak soon enough

    Your report was great to read, too often we get to hear about the great races and very rarely get to hear about the not so great. Thanks for sharing. It's makes me question whether I will ever be able to run my expected time in a marathon when I see things like this happen to a fantastic runner whose training was unbelievable and everything done by the book.

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  • I guess the pressures on me now! Ah worst case I'll pace you for 20 miles ......Great write up by the way.

  • Great read J. The mind is such a weird & wonderful place at the best of times, add pressure & who knows where it goes. We all know when it comes to putting pressure on ourselves we are the worst. We are so hard on ourselves in so many aspects of our lives & sometimes it's just gets too much. It's good that you have been able to look at it all & pick out where you think it went wrong but also to learn from it. Over the past few months I have learnt that I need to be a bit more gentle with myself, I know for a fact I would show way more compassion & support to another person so why not for myself? If you find out how to do it successfully let me know please 😂

  • Hi J - Great read and thanks for sharing. From outside looking in I cant see anything wrong with your training. You were in great shape and had an off day unfortunately for whatever reason. I think its a good approach to get a few races in now before Limerick and get used to racing again as we are all a bit rusty.

    I'm planning to run Limerick in May too! Similar to yourself its the appeal of not having to travel overseas and will have some support on the day too.

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  • Thanks AMK. Yeah he's fairly pragmatic about these things. Reckons I was in the shape to do it and whether it was a cold or the long build up and pressure, it's done now and all we can do is just bang on. If a pattern develops then we can look at things, but for the moment just file it away as a once off and cash in on the fitness the next time. He had some big highs and massive lows so he's a good sounding board for these things. 'Marathons are f*%king mad!' was his final word on the matter 😄

  • Thanks D. Great to hear from you again. Yeah you've definitely got a point on benefits of regular racing and not letting things build up. I mean, I haven't raced a 10k since March 2019 🤣 I'm always building for a marathon it seems. Gonna try and remedy that in the next few months as racing is definitely a skill and something that can be improved upon (I am speaking of course to a man who set his 10k PB on a tough XC course!) Currently working my way through a couple of bugs/doses. It's happened to me in the past when, post marathon block, the system is a bit run down and I've picked up a few bits. Feeling great today so will kick into a bit of a block next week hopefully.

    That 10 mile/10 mile session is one to think about alright. First things first, I went harder than I was supposed to. I was meant to come home in 61 mins, so that's on me. I just felt invincible that morning and the 59:39 split felt really comfortable. I was thinking 'this is the session that is going to crown me'. Maybe it did ultimately push me over the edge. I didn't have many sessions or LR's where I went off plan, but that was one of them. I tried to use it as a positive, but yeah you might be onto something there.

    Hopefully see you at a few races in the next while. What's in the plan for your good self?

  • It must be the only sport where we can get engrossed in training and neglect the actual competitive side of things, even the tea\cake after a race and the associated chats help the process in my view. Football, GAA, Golf....all built around the actual game whereas we tend to get buried in the training....of course the last 2 years didn't help things !

    I've no doubt you'll blast out some good efforts over the winter though, fitness is not a question, mind yourself with the doses though.

    My own plans have been derailed somewhat by COVID, I had been building for San Seb at the end of the month, got myself into pretty good shape over the summer\autumn but picked up COVID a couple of weeks back. While the dose itself felt mild enough, it really becomes apparent when trying to run (low energy, breathing heavy etc) so I've no real choice but to let the system restore itself over the next couple of weeks and move onto some shorter stuff sooner than I had planned. But I'm ok with that, it is what it is, there are worse things happening out there !

  • Great Post J, will you coach me for Limerick? 😀

  • Me too?

  • Wed: 13.2k: 1:00:41 @4:36/km

    Tipping along around the hilly outskirts of the Curragh. Felt decent enough, a few consistent days now and i'll be grand. Back on plan next Monday, 2 weeks later than scheduled, but I've nothing too urgent to prepare for. Entered for Raheny so that's a target, but will try and get a few shorter races in sharpen the edge. Have an entry for Jingle Bells, so will run that as a range finder, see where I am. Who else is in for Jingle Bells from on here?? Is it back to the old route? I only ran it in 2019 when the route had changed. I have some vague memories of Overpronator saying the older route was a nicer one? Or maybe it was the other way around.

  • I'm in for Jingle Bells. Not sure about going back to the old route - scotindublin has the inside track on that one. IMHO the older route was nicer - no Furry Glen trip in the 4th km!

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  • Those 5 miles tempos are fantastic. Good luck in Jingle Bells I'd live to be doing it again