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Berlin Q or Bust: Road to sub 2:45



  • Registered Users Posts: 6,582 ✭✭✭Swashbuckler

    Thanks for putting that up J....and here comes the

    All joking aside, all I'll say is its not a physical thing. It's purely mental. I think you put a lot of pressure on yourself to deliver a performance your training deserves. I think the attention from the running community (boards, strava etc) compounds that. If I was in your shoes I'd spend a marathon block completely off the radar just to get that monkey off your back. You've also had a very hectic few months. Wouldn't underestimate that either.

    Just my two cents. Hard luck lad. The training hasn't gone to waste that's for sure. But you know that already. You're still a beast of a runner.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,500 ✭✭✭Laineyfrecks

    I'm not inspirational at all, I was in a different mindset that's all.

    As raw as that was to write hopefully it helps you to process the events & emotions of the day & as all ready said by others, the glory is great but what we learn from the non glory days in life makes us stronger people. It's always easier to be kind to others so just try be kind to yourself.

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,623 ✭✭✭ThebitterLemon

    You’ll be back, it happens to the best of us.

    Having a few days to reflect is there anything in your training that in hindsight that you would change?


  • Registered Users Posts: 1,007 ✭✭✭Lambay island

    Well done on some beastly, consistent training. You certainly didn't deserve that finish to it all. You are going to knock the crap out of your next race with your current fitness levels.

    "And then, just like someone turned off a switch, I stumble from my then 5:30/km pace onto the kerb "

    I can relate to that line so much - its such a surreal feeling.

  • Registered Users Posts: 735 ✭✭✭Treviso

    I'm sure it doesn't make you feel any better but many an athlete struggled that day for whatever reason. I don't think anyone in our running group performed as they should have. Again, it's probably no consolation to you. Could've been a multiple of factors that you've probably over-analysed yourself ever since. As you said in the race, peaks and troughs - it's part and parcel of being a runner. No doubt you'll be back to your peak soon enough

    Your report was great to read, too often we get to hear about the great races and very rarely get to hear about the not so great. Thanks for sharing. It's makes me question whether I will ever be able to run my expected time in a marathon when I see things like this happen to a fantastic runner whose training was unbelievable and everything done by the book.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 2,181 ✭✭✭healy1835

    Right...where to start? This could be rambling, but I do keep an online running log so it is the ideal place to trash things out! 

    Well, there hasn't been a whole lot of running since MCR. Ran once the following week, went up to Belfast for a couple of nights, ate and drank a lot.

    Back running the second week, felt pretty good all in all. Bit of a sore throat started to rear its head on the Wednesday, ended up cutting a run short and heading home. Things went progressively downhill from there, out of work Thu & Fri. Negative for covid but my old friend Pharyngitis had returned, the net result being thta I was awake for 48hours straight due to the pain when I swallowed. Zero. Craic. There. 

    Recovered by Sunday, went for a few (too many) pints of Guinness after Sarsfields match and since Tuesday have been back running easy.

    There's a lot of reflection to be done after Manchester, and I'm sure different things will pop up here and there that I haven't thought about. I've gotten a lot of advice and takes on what happened from people who's opinions I really respect....and while there's no consensus on what went wrong, there's definitely a some things/mistakes/approaches that I need to learn from. I'll go through a few bits here as they come to me (I did add the disclaimer at the start of this post 😉) 

    Strava Pressure

    A couple of people have mentioned this to me, including Swashbuckler on here. I took a little Strava/Boards sabbatical there after the marathon, but to be honest I missed them. Any external pressure that may have arisen from Strava or the log, was minute in comparison to the pressure I put myself under (more on this later). The community that I'm part of on here, and Strava to a lesser extent, is a big part of my running and without doubt enhances the experience for me. I enjoy being on the journey with others and sharing my ups and downs. One absolute disaster of a race doesn't change that.


    Jeepers, where to start? First things first, I 100% trust my training. I know what I'm doing works for me and have no doubts about where it's coming from. That's not to say it won't change for the next marathon block, whenever that may be, but my training has evolved along with my running over the years, and I'm sure this time will be no different.

    In retrospect though, there are a couple of things I'd do differently. I was doing marathon type stuff for a long while. This was completely my decision. When Manchester Apr 2020 was pulled and the first lockdown happened, I just stayed in touch and tried to keep some variety in my running. I then naively started a block that July for Amsterdam the following October. Did most of it, pulled plug about Sept, ran a XC race (ugggh), then on a relative whim, ran a 2:56 virtual DCM. After that I did a handful of shorter sessions, and managed ran a 16:50 5k TT which, rather than whetting my appetite for the distance, caused me to park any 5k training as I'd broken 17 mins and wasn't really bothered about going any faster.

    The lockdown after Christmas led me to decide to keep doing marathon type stuff. The training suited my head space and home/work situation. Long hard efforts were just appealing to me at that point. Steady LR's, long intervals, MLR's, getting plenty of miles in. I've always navigated towards the longer distances and during those difficult weeks and months, those runs really helped. 

    My mate who coaches me, is precisely that: a mate first, not a coach first. He understood where my headspace was and prescribed the type of stuff I asked for, even though he suggested changing emphasis. Looking back, these few months really got me into great shape if I'm honest. However, maybe I would have been better off focusing on some shorter stuff for a block or two instead. 

    Where I'm going with this, I think, is the (unintended) mental fatigue that came with this. I was soley focused on the marathon for the guts of two years. When I trained, that was the only thing I'd visualise. I think that may have just caught up with me by the end. I'd so much invested and riding on the race, that I maybe I just didn't/couldn't enjoy it. It wasn't my first rodeo, I know how marathon pace feels and even in those first few miles in Manchester I was flat, worried, over analysing things...

    The Race

    All the above directly or indirectly fed in to the result. The report is a few posts back for all to see. Treviso's comments were much appreciated, as were all the commiserations I recieved on here and offline. In hindsight would I change the raceday approach? Whatever happened that morning, be it a bug, mental fatigue, heat, whatever....would have happened even if I went out conservatively at 2:48 pace or something. That's what I think anyway. The pace didn't kill. My body of training, race results, sessions, LR sessions all suggested that sub 2:45 was a realistic target, and if I'm honest, I expected to be able to wind things up second half and go under it comfortably. 

    For whatever reason, I just didn't have it that day. I've ran marathons where I've blown up, where I've bled time at the end, where I've cruised around for 23 miles, where I've slipped on plastic cups, where I've negative splitted etc. It wasn't my first rodeo and I've never felt as flat as I did in Manchester. I was waiting to feel good, for it to pass, and it just didn't happen. 

    A couple of people have called me out on the DNF, suggesting that I should have crawled home if neccessary, that I've let in a blight into my mindset by walking off the course. I get that, and it's fair game. The only thing I'd say is that I've done the death shuffle in the past. I've no problems finishing marathons if things have gone belly up. On this occasion the system said no and I couldn't jog another step. Mental? Physical? Who knows, but I was not able to complete that race. 

    If I ever go abroad for a race again I'm going the Friday afternoon I think. Saturday was a long tiring day, and even though I got a few hours kip in the afternoon, it just added to my lethargy. It was the first time in about 8 years that I'd an afternoon nap too 😂

    Next Steps

    Well I'm changing emphasis for a while. If I'm feeling up to it, I will start a 5k/10k stretch of training next week, hopefully culminating in Raheny at the end of January, with a few other races thrown in there. 

    I'm going to run the Limerick Marathon in May. I know there's faster options with deeper fields in April, but I need to simplify things. The appeal of not having to travel overseas and sleeping in my own bed the night before is to the forefront of my thinking. Plus, I've ran the marathon before and have great memories from it. (also add in the fact it will be Swashbuckler and MYBAD's marathon debuts...)

    Fair play to anyone who's stayed with this strain of consciousness. All thoughts or observations welcome as always 😊

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,582 ✭✭✭Swashbuckler

    I guess the pressures on me now! Ah worst case I'll pace you for 20 miles ......Great write up by the way.

  • Registered Users Posts: 10,438 ✭✭✭✭Murph_D

    Yes, very interesting reflections there J. On the surface, your race report at the time suggested overtraining to me, mostly based on the 'flat' feeling, which I've felt myself more than once. But your diagnosis of overfocus on the marathon is probably more plausible, it does get old alright. Definitely with you on not travelling the day before, especially because that's something you can control. I'm absolutely sure this will all play into better racing in the future. As an educator, you know that we are all learning all the time, and if we aren't we're f*cked!

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,500 ✭✭✭Laineyfrecks

    Great read J. The mind is such a weird & wonderful place at the best of times, add pressure & who knows where it goes. We all know when it comes to putting pressure on ourselves we are the worst. We are so hard on ourselves in so many aspects of our lives & sometimes it's just gets too much. It's good that you have been able to look at it all & pick out where you think it went wrong but also to learn from it. Over the past few months I have learnt that I need to be a bit more gentle with myself, I know for a fact I would show way more compassion & support to another person so why not for myself? If you find out how to do it successfully let me know please 😂

  • Registered Users Posts: 467 ✭✭browne_rob5

    Hi J - Great read and thanks for sharing. From outside looking in I cant see anything wrong with your training. You were in great shape and had an off day unfortunately for whatever reason. I think its a good approach to get a few races in now before Limerick and get used to racing again as we are all a bit rusty.

    I'm planning to run Limerick in May too! Similar to yourself its the appeal of not having to travel overseas and will have some support on the day too.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 5,236 ✭✭✭AuldManKing

    That's a great synopsis and a great read for us all to re-read prior to starting a training block - maybe even a contender for post of the year.

    I really agree with your points on Strava & Boards regarding the 'pressure' or lack thereof - while I'm enjoying the break from both - but I miss the camaraderie that it brings. BTW - I also think you made the right decision to DNF - carrying on would have no benefit whatsoever other than to tire you out even more.

    I sent you my synopsis privately, so I'm not going to go over it again - I think your on the right wavelength - I'll just say that I dont think you done anything 'wrong' - it was just a victim of circumstance that it rolled on a bit longer.

    I'm interested in any thoughts that your buddy who sets your training has on what happened??

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,181 ✭✭✭healy1835

    Thanks AMK. Yeah he's fairly pragmatic about these things. Reckons I was in the shape to do it and whether it was a cold or the long build up and pressure, it's done now and all we can do is just bang on. If a pattern develops then we can look at things, but for the moment just file it away as a once off and cash in on the fitness the next time. He had some big highs and massive lows so he's a good sounding board for these things. 'Marathons are f*%king mad!' was his final word on the matter 😄

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,983 ✭✭✭Duanington

    Howdie J, I've been meaning to drop by for a while now and post this. I was sorry to see things didn't work out in Manchester, I'm not on Strava much these days but when I do take a look, its usually at people like yourself to see how you're going - and you were bombing along for sure.

    I hope the recovery is going well and you're getting the fire back in the belly for another assault at something or other.

    I've nothing to add to the above other than, I do think we are in danger of sucking the fun out of the sport at times with the level of obsession we get to (lets be honest, for a lot of us, thats what it is). The last couple of years have been strange, lots of solo training, lots of fitness building, and maybe lots of anticipation\pressure building with that.

    The absence of the natural release valve that races usually provides us with is something that can't be dismissed in my view. The art and skill of racing is also just that, a skill - something we learn and get good at, some of us need it more than others. I know I certainly thrive on racing, both for the physical exertion and for the mental training\dealing with pressure that comes with it. Without regular races, I tend to build my own pressures and expectations, all internalised and sometimes catastrophised !

    Doing more of something generally makes us better at it, I do wonder if you'd had a good year of racing under your belt, without over doing it of course, would you have come out the far end better off.

    I did take the time out to look at your training and it was crystal clear that you were in super shape, primed for a crack at the marathon distance. I did think that one or two of your sessions looked to have crossed that line in terms of risk v reward....(there was a 10 mile + 10 mile session in particular that stands out) but what you experienced on the day would be very hard to put down to any one thing, my guess is that it was a combination of things and we all know that with the marathon, if something is're going to be found out, usually the hard way.

    I don't doubt you'll be back and all the better for it but I do think its important that you take something from this, some sort of lesson or some sort of growth that you remind yourself of in 3 months time when you're flying around again and all is well. You'll know better than anyone what that is and how to apply the learning in the best possible.

    Hope to see you at a race soon enough, enjoy the next adventure


  • Registered Users Posts: 2,181 ✭✭✭healy1835

    Thanks D. Great to hear from you again. Yeah you've definitely got a point on benefits of regular racing and not letting things build up. I mean, I haven't raced a 10k since March 2019 🤣 I'm always building for a marathon it seems. Gonna try and remedy that in the next few months as racing is definitely a skill and something that can be improved upon (I am speaking of course to a man who set his 10k PB on a tough XC course!) Currently working my way through a couple of bugs/doses. It's happened to me in the past when, post marathon block, the system is a bit run down and I've picked up a few bits. Feeling great today so will kick into a bit of a block next week hopefully.

    That 10 mile/10 mile session is one to think about alright. First things first, I went harder than I was supposed to. I was meant to come home in 61 mins, so that's on me. I just felt invincible that morning and the 59:39 split felt really comfortable. I was thinking 'this is the session that is going to crown me'. Maybe it did ultimately push me over the edge. I didn't have many sessions or LR's where I went off plan, but that was one of them. I tried to use it as a positive, but yeah you might be onto something there.

    Hopefully see you at a few races in the next while. What's in the plan for your good self?

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,983 ✭✭✭Duanington

    It must be the only sport where we can get engrossed in training and neglect the actual competitive side of things, even the tea\cake after a race and the associated chats help the process in my view. Football, GAA, Golf....all built around the actual game whereas we tend to get buried in the training....of course the last 2 years didn't help things !

    I've no doubt you'll blast out some good efforts over the winter though, fitness is not a question, mind yourself with the doses though.

    My own plans have been derailed somewhat by COVID, I had been building for San Seb at the end of the month, got myself into pretty good shape over the summer\autumn but picked up COVID a couple of weeks back. While the dose itself felt mild enough, it really becomes apparent when trying to run (low energy, breathing heavy etc) so I've no real choice but to let the system restore itself over the next couple of weeks and move onto some shorter stuff sooner than I had planned. But I'm ok with that, it is what it is, there are worse things happening out there !

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,178 ✭✭✭MY BAD

    Great Post J, will you coach me for Limerick? 😀

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,582 ✭✭✭Swashbuckler

    Me too?

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,181 ✭✭✭healy1835

    Well......It's been a month since Manchester, so I may resurrect both the log and my running career! Outside of my couple of bouts of sickness, it's just been wall to wall slobbery If I'm honest. Now I'd planned a few social outings in advance of the marathon to reward myself at the end of a hard period of training, so I've had a few more occasions to let things slide than normal. But as of today, I'm getting back on the horse, cleaning up the diet, getting back training and, first of all, shift the pounds that have flew on in a short space of time!

    Running has been sparse over the last week or so, mostly down to laziness and hangovers. That's not to say I haven't been enjoying myself! but I've gotten things out of my system now, so I'm pretty much ready to go again. Any running I've done has been pretty piecemeal and lacking quality of any discernible sort. Will get a few easy runs in the rest of this week and then go from Monday.

    Runs since Manchester:

    Fri 15th: 4 Miles: 30:34 @4:45/km

    Mon 18th: 10.6k: 52:28 @4:57/km

    Tue 19th: 6k: 29:21 @4:56/km

    This is where I felt dodge during the run and subsequently was sick...

    Tue 26th: 12.3k: 56:11 @4:35/km

    An 'I'm not dead' type of run!

    Wed 27th: 7 Miles: 59:06 @5:15/km

    Thu 28th: 7 Miles: 57:12 @5:04/km

    Fri 29th: 7 Miles: 57:15 @5:05/km

    All 3 runs on the wet and windy plains. Very cathartic.

    Sat 30th: 20k: 1:22:46 @4:08/km

    Bit of a hit-out

    Wed 3rd: 10k: 48:13 @4:49/km

    Fri 5th: 7 Miles: 53:29 @4:45/km

    Pre trip up the 3 Arena for the Bellator MMA card. Enjoyable evening was had.

    Sun: 18.2k: 1:16:47 @4:13/km

    Pre county final run, threw on the tunes, jacket sleeve on over the watch, no idea where, how far or how fast I was gonna run....Enjoyed it in the end, but was feeling the effects of diet and alcohol intake to be honest. Post county final pints were enjoyable, county final not so much.

    Meant to get out last night but a few bits got in the way and by the time I was able to run, I just couldn't be arsed. Looking forward to getting out this afternoon and steadying the ship.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,181 ✭✭✭healy1835

    Wed: 13.2k: 1:00:41 @4:36/km

    Tipping along around the hilly outskirts of the Curragh. Felt decent enough, a few consistent days now and i'll be grand. Back on plan next Monday, 2 weeks later than scheduled, but I've nothing too urgent to prepare for. Entered for Raheny so that's a target, but will try and get a few shorter races in sharpen the edge. Have an entry for Jingle Bells, so will run that as a range finder, see where I am. Who else is in for Jingle Bells from on here?? Is it back to the old route? I only ran it in 2019 when the route had changed. I have some vague memories of Overpronator saying the older route was a nicer one? Or maybe it was the other way around.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,600 ✭✭✭Wubble Wubble

    I'm in for Jingle Bells. Not sure about going back to the old route - scotindublin has the inside track on that one. IMHO the older route was nicer - no Furry Glen trip in the 4th km!

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  • Registered Users Posts: 2,181 ✭✭✭healy1835

    An actual week's, well 5 days, running to report on 😁

    Wed: 13.2k: 1:00:41 @4:36/km

    Just happy to be out running. Little quick but I hadn't exactly over exerted myself if the preceding few days. Running wise anyway 😕

    Thu: 7 Miles Easy: 56:33 @5:01/km

    Fri: 7 Miles Easy: 55:25 @4:55/km

    2 rambles around the town. Mojo beginning to return. Enjoying the runs.

    Sat: 8.3k Easy: 41:47 @5:01/km

    Shoehorned in a few miles while Ben Healy was at Sarsfields training.

    Sun: 16 Miles inc 6x1 mile on/off: 1:48:41 @4:13/km

    Starting an actual plan tomorrow, two weeks later than planned, but how and ever. Fancied putting in an effort and dipped into my catalogue of workouts to pull out this guy.

    Had a challenging enough route planned out that came in at 16 miles. Had a vague idea of 7:15 pace for the miles off and 6:26/27 pace for the miles on.

    Planned on starting easy enough but the two warm up miles come in at 6:53 & 6:50 🙄. No time to second guess myself here so off I went for the first effort. Up the effort and after about 400m glance at the pace, it's showing 3:53/km...ease off but I'm moving nicely and don't slow a whole lot before the miles beeps at 6:17. I know the route is lumpy so I just focus on trying to maintain the same efforts for the on and off miles. First off mile comes in at 7 mins dead on. Obviously this is faster than I'd planned, but the paces were arbitrary enough. What followed were 6:23 & 7:00, 6:12 & 7:43 on a lovely downhill mile out the back of Athgarvan followed by a filthy mile back out of it, 6:16 & 6:59, 6:10 & 6:52 and 6:14 & 7:07 to finish out the efforts. Tipped home in two 6:58 miles for a pretty decent day at the office.

    5 days running for 70k in total. Few weeks of shorter stuff now, free hit at the Jingle Bells, a parkrun and warm up race after and then up to Raheny for a good bloodbath 😛

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,181 ✭✭✭healy1835

    Mon: 7 Miles Easy: @5:12/km: 58:37

    Tue: 7 Miles Easy: @5:05/km: 57:15

    A couple of almost identical shuffles across the soft and increasingly murky plains. Enjoyable as always.

    Wed: Session: 6x1km off 2mins

    Good God this was a serious shock to the system. I won't say what the suggested pace was, as I'd risk some serious embarrassment 😭 To be fair, the plan was accompanied by the advice 'don't worry too much about the paces for the first couple of weeks, we can adjust them as neccessary' Which was just as well!

    I hadn't ran a km faster in a session faster than MP since Aug 24th (if you don't count the HM, and pair of 59:30 10 milers that were snuck into the end of the block) and it showed. Went up to the top road in the camp and went and back for these. One direction being slightly tougher and upwind. I honestly thought of knocking things on the head after the first rep came in at 3:44. But I have to start somewhere don't I. 'Suck it up Healy!' Just focused on effort after that and knocked off the rep pace data field on the watch as it demoralising enough. 2nd rep in the faster direction comes in at 3:31. Session ended up looking like


    After the first rep, which was a shock to the system, I settled in and felt better by the end. I now know where my baseline speed is right now, so hopefully the only way is up from here.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,426 ✭✭✭scotindublin

    Was doing some log surfing and saw this pop up. Jingle Bells is back to the original route this year; 2019 was temp move because of some resurfacing works on the Upper Glen Road.

    A much more favourable route; get to the Furze junction and blast home the last mile from there; it's an early 0930 start time though which I hear is going to be the norm for races in the Phoenix Park going forward.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,181 ✭✭✭healy1835

    Thu: 7 Miles Easy: 1:01:51 @5:24/km

    Ambling around the town after a long day in work 🤯

    Fri: 10k Easy: 50:46 @5:05/km

    Had written off a run after a head melting day, but an unexpected window opened up about tea time and I shot out the door for this one. A good sign that I'm back in the swing of things.

    Sat: Session: 14x400m off 75 secs

    It wasn't a million years ago when I could rattle off 20x400 off 60 secs without a second thought. I'm out of practice though. I'd no expectations for what pace I could maintain for 14 reps. I knew the recoveries were a little generous, so I just went on feel. Went to Industrial estate loop which is about 550m which worked well as I wasn't checking watch like I might at 200m on the track. I didn't know exactly where I was, and that suited me just fine. Managed to churn out



    Was working hard, but was delighted with the effort. Dug in for the last few, but definitely felt something reawakening inside me as the reps went on.

    14.6k for the day.

    Sun: 21.1k: 1:29:55@4:16/km

    Steady longer effort was called for. Had a pretty unmalleable window for this one. Planned 14 miles around 6:50, but met a running buddy who lost a friend recently so sacrificed a mile to have a chat with him. 

    Felt great during the run. Far be it from me to go all Celine Díon, but it's all coming back, it's all coming back to me now...😁

    91k for the week. 2 sessions and a MLR in the bag. Another couple of these weeks and I'll be back on the horse. 

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,181 ✭✭✭healy1835

    Things ticking along slowly but surely...

    Mon: 7 Miles Easy: 56:28 @5:01/km

    Usual amble around the plains, which are getting softer by the day. An absolutely glorious chilly late afternoon out there. Passed at least 8 randomers out foraging for what I can only presume were magic mushrooms. Everyone of them was looking in the wrong place and literally missing out on hundreds of them out the other side of the plains near the gallops. I didn't tell any of them that they were looking in the wrong place...😏

    Tue: 8 Miles Easy: 1:05:52 @5:07/km

    As per Monday, plus a mile, minus the magic mushrooms.

    Wed: Session: 8x800m off 90 secs.

    Wasn't really jumping out the door to do this after a head melting day, but I'm in a nice little groove atm so I got out without too much procrastinating. Paces are a bit exploratory at the moment. I'm given the sessions and we sort of see where things are. I've definitley felt like I'm already in better shape after only 2 sessions; the horrendous mile repeats (6) and the slightly better 400's (14).

    With MacPhisto's recent glowing endorsement of the Endorphin Speeds in the back of my head, I threw them on for this one. I think they're my favourite shoe. I know they're not fantastic in the wet, but I haven't found them as bad as some others have.

    Anyway, took to the loop after work and cobbled together the following off 90secs recovery;

    2:42, 2:42, 2:45, 2:43

    2:43, 2:43, 2:46, 2:40

    Nearly got a belt of a car on the second last one (not my fault), and was still annoyed by the time I started the final rep.

    I'm doing my sessions off the track in Newbridge from here on in. I've doubts about both the GPS and track length if I'm honest looking back at my sessions. I feel like I get more from doing them on the road anyway.

    Was feeling 'that' feeling that one gets at the end of a tough interval workout today. I wanted to quit, recovery felt way too short etc, but I finished session and the times were respectable enough. Again, I feel like I'm progressing slowly but surely.

    13.4k for the day.

    5 mile tempo on Saturday lined up next. 

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,181 ✭✭✭healy1835

    Thu: 8 Miles Shuffle: 1:11:29 @5:33/km

    Mooching around the town. Layered up, podcasts on, not spending an extra ounce of energy than needed. Watch died after a couple of miles, so was probably even slower than advertised 😛

    Fri: 9.1k Easy: 43:55 @4:49/km

    Short little run around a baltic and windswept Camp. 

    Sat: 9 Miles inc 5 Mile Tempo (29:41)

    A morning spent toy shopping in Smyths didn't have me bouncing off the walls for this one. Windy and cold up in the Camp. Plan was 3 miles at 6 min pace and a bit faster for the last couple. Managed it without too much drama, although I never felt particularly great at any point. Was just happy to get it done on a scaldy enough day for it. 

    Splits for tempo were (5:59, 5:58, 5:59, 5:53, 5:52)

    Sun: 22k Easy: 1:40:31 @4:34/km

    Easy run around the town with a buddy. First easier long effort in a while. Nice change. 

    96k for a decent week's work. 

    Running Jingle Bells next Saturday. Have zero expectations or targets. Will see how I feel on the morning. Could be 17 mins, could be 18 mins or somewhere in between. Will be good to get in a blow out anyway. 

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,178 ✭✭✭MY BAD

    Those 5 miles tempos are fantastic. Good luck in Jingle Bells I'd live to be doing it again

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,181 ✭✭✭healy1835

    Mon & Tue: Nowt

    A couple of days that had me questioning my career choice. Tough going.

    Wed: 7 Miles Easy: 54:47 @4:52/km

    Scrapped planned session and just went easy across the plains and out the back of the racecourse. Nice to be in the headspace where I could actually get out for a run.

    Unsure whether to run Jingle Bells at the weekend. Will see where where my mental wherewithal is at after tomorrow.

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    An update of sorts. Raced JB in the end. An enjoyable morning, if a little underwhelming performance wise. Great to see AMK bag a pb (and take my scalp for the first time in a long long time 😂) Was feeling a bit of a dose that morning and this got worse as the day went on, and by Sunday morning I was tracking McPhisto and watching Valencia in a very ropey state indeed. (What a run btw! If the man himself could treat us to a report that would be great! Tracker went down after 15k, but I never had any doubt as to him keeping the show on the road. Inspiring stuff.) Out of work Mon & Tue, serious case of man flu (I'm not a good patient btw). Back in yesterday, only to be sent home by a combination of my DP and Secretary. Sometimes you convince yourself you're feeling better only to go into work and realise that 'Sh1t, this is just not happening' 🙁 Went for PCR test just to count out Covid, but I'm sure I just have a bad dose.

    Anyway, haven't ran a step since Saturday's warm down with AMK. Think I'll scrap the rest of the week and start afresh from Monday. Probably for the best. Feeling motivated though. Think my system is trying to tell me something.

    Will sort out restructured a block for Raheny and then go into Limerick block. I've lost the guts of 4 weeks due to illness since MCR, and am nowhere near where I planned to be, but I'm not worried.

    When I'm back running I might put up a report on the Jingle Bells (17:27), but there's not really much to report. Ran relatively hard, didn't feel fast, happy enough considering where I was, didn't hurt or put myself in the position to hurt at any point. Actually, that is the report. 😁

    Coming near the end of year review time. I don't think I'm looking forward to that.

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    At least mention the part where you overtook me for about 10 seconds, then I went by you again.

    Get well soon - meet up during the hols.