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Berlin Q or Bust: Road to sub 2:45



    1. What's ungodly about 8:30 pm? 😁 Most GAA teams are just finishing their warm ups.

    and 2. How does one track the aforementioned gentlemen?

  • Well you are the absolute outlier on my Strava feed regarding timing of runs 😂 Running at that hour just feels.....wrong 😉 Although I did do a LR at 3:30am on one occasion. It even prompted TbL to post on this log for the first time 😁

    Regarding Berlin, there's usually an app, but I don't see it on Google Play so not sure about it on TV I wonder?

  • Monster session.

  • Second that, all the omens are good 👍


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  • would you not get a massage to iron out any remaining kinks?


  • You're doing some job of keeping the powder dry..those sessions have you straining at the leash which is a good sign..

  • Ah yeah I will aright. My significant other is actually a physioterrorist...but I might get another one of her kind to give me the once over. It's never really worked out great in the past, apparently I complain too much and am a massive wimp during these rubs 🤣 both pretty accurate to be fair

    I don't know if you think I'm using up some of my powder or not...😛

  • No not atall. Genuinely there's a good few sessions now where you've ran very comfortably and resisting the urge to go me that's keeping the powder dry...

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  • Yeah I feel the exact same after all the different Marathon runs over the last couple of weeks!

    It's gonna be a long week for everyone around me😳😂

  • Great work, J, all the best for the coming week and the big day. Looking forward to hearing about it.

  • Both of you have put in excellent blocks of training. Some of the not so good performances could not say the same,I guess 😳. Enjoy the rest of the taper and you both deserve a good race.

  • Thanks a mill D, we live & learn. But even with good blocks of training sometimes race day just doesn't go our way. Here's hoping that doesn't happen & we are both happy campers next week😁

  • 🤣 You really weren't in my thoughts when I made that comment! Seeing as you stealthily snuck that PB attempt in nicely under the radar. Like I said to you, it really was a free hit and fair play for making it to 20 miles. Hopefully your foot will keep playing ball and you can have a right rattle at one in the New Year. The week of a marathon can really drag sometimes, let's hope this one passes quickly! He says at 8:38am on Monday...anyway, off to check the weather forecast.

  • Morning,

    All the very best. Fantastic training as always.

    Now don't forget to pack charger and CHARGE WATCH!

  • I just checked the weather on your behalf on! Carlsberg don't do marathon weather forecasts, but if they did..... 🤣🤞

  • Might not get a chance to pop back in in the next few days so I'll say best of luck with the rest of the week and the race.

    Charge your watch.

    Charge you watch.

    Watch your charge.

  • Anyone flown out of Dublin Airport lately? Haven't been on a plane since the before times. If one had a 6:30am flight of a Saturday morning, what might be a sufficient arrival time to get through security these days?

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  • We did it recently. Got to the airport two plus hours early. We had a bag drop so had a queue but assume you won't. Would book fast-track Security for yourselves to ensure less stress. Breakfast on the other side was on our laps as restaurant full. Think we arrived at 5am for a 7:50 flight so had time to spare.

  • Haven't flown out of it but I work in it 🤣 Are you flying from T1 or T2? I won't be back in work until Saturday night but if you're going out through T2 I will stick your name on Fastrack.

  • I arrived at 7.40 for a 9.05 flight on Saturday. Around a 10 minute queue for security so was in plenty of time.

  • Thank you all kindly. @skyblue46 no, T1 on Michael O'Leary's finest for me. Next time maybe 😀

  • All the best Johnny, you have some fantastic training behind you.

  • Best of luck at the weekend. You have some serious training done and I hope you are justly rewarded for it in Manchester.

  • Very best of luck, you have all the hard work go & enjoy it😊

  • Best of luck J. Go and smash it. The work is done, Sunday is for putting it all on show.

    You feel a cold...thats the taper madness. Nothing to worry about.

    For Dublin airport, if you are parked in the blue car park give yourself a bit more time to get to the airport. The Blue car park feels close to Tayto park than the Airport. Also if you are in the Blue car park, take exit 4 off the M50. I am only telling you about the Blue car park because the red was full when I went. It might not be this weekend.

    As for security I went at lunch time Friday and I think it was the quickest I have ever got through it all. On the way back remember to have filled in your passenger locator form. The Ryanair crew were checking for that.

    Best of luck again and just bring it on.

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