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  • Thanks Hermy, I'll try just the surname and see if anything pops up. Also maybe the first name was not the real first name, maybe a second name. I have a few relatives with changes in the first name. Worth another go so.

  • Have you tried going another way and finding a burial for him? Deansgrange and Glasnevin and Buried in Fingal give good coverage.

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  • I may well be repeating something others have posted but a word of warning. Be very wary of family trees created by others e.g. on Ancestry. People unfamiliar with an area are prone to including all births in an area with a particular surname to the family they are researching without carefully looking at the birth records themselves. An example I found was births to parents of the same name (very common names in the area) registered in Westport all attributed to one family when some were to parents in Westport town and others to parents in Louisburgh.

  • Yes, that's a very common problem.

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  • I imagine a phone enquiry to Glasnevin with a particular name would give you information if he is there. Also Mt Jerome have a decent office. Sometimes people are buried in unusual locations eg if came from outside Dublin, they may return to a family plot. Deans Grange and Shanganagh have a great facility to view their record book once you have logged on to

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  • Thanks, I'll have a look at the burials too now.

  • off topic. I am embarrassed by my poor knowledge of Irish history even all history... Could anyone recommend a decent book on the 1916 to 1923 period? Or do we need to go further back? Events of that time are significant to family tree. I am trying to explain bits and pieces to non Irish cousin.

  • Don't be embarrassed Garlinge - I'm in the same boat but am trying to address this deficit both for genealogy and quizzing.

    I can't recommend a book specific to the 1916-23 period but Tim Pat Coogan's Ireland in the Twentieth Century, his biography of Michael Collins, and the RTE documentary series Seven Ages (you'll find it on YouTube) were my starting point.

  • I think you absolutely need to go further back than that period, Garlinge. What happened then only happened because many things finally came together, but the roots of why they happened stem from our whole complicated history with Britain.

    Two books I recommend:

    Modern Ireland by Roy Foster

    The Cambridge Social History of Modern Ireland edited by Eugenio Biagini and Mary Daly

    I second Hermy's suggestion of the Seven Ages documentary.

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  • Excellent response both of you.... thank you.

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  • Just a heads up, customs charges being put on FamilyTree DNA kits (and probably the others too).

    Only €3.69. But worth noting this will delay the arrival of the kit if anyone is ordering.

  • Love it. I had one of those too.

    Translation: in no way related.

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  • They might be step-neighbours-in-law!

  • Keep it up and he will get back to Adam and Eve!

  • I am interested in very small village where grandfather was born 1890 but left in 1904. He wrote his memoirs of those time later in life so lots to follow up. There is a Facebook page devoted to local parish ( includes two villages) affairs and there have been bits of historic/genealogical interest contributed there but soon buried amidst lost dogs, GAA match events, weddings etc. I dont 'do' Facebook otherwise. Is there any other suggestions as to a forum to share memories etc? A bit like boards or a forum where topics stay organised. I have used Rootschat but not for this. A google of the village name ( so tiny) brings back few 'hits' save the facebook stuff and some defunct website. I have found "Tipperary Studies" run by county library and that might place to go.

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  • Have a look at this site. I only came across it last week - it seems to have what you are looking for.

  • Yes thank you, I have been there and contributed a bit but there is very little traffic about my small place.