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  • Rmulvany wrote: »
    Trying to spend some time on the lesser know side of my tree, the family of my 3xG-Grandmother Judith/Judy Hartneady.
    Her husband is William Brady

    I'm going through whatever records I have for mentions of other Hartneadys or Bradys (sponsors, witnesses etc)

    I have the following baptism in Kilnoe Clare:
    Jan 1839
    William, William Brady, Judy Hartneady
    S: Owen Brady, Judy Hartneady, Ballinahinch

    My main Q is who is the Judy who is sponsoring?
    Surely it can't be the child's mother...
    Could it be the child's grandmother? If so, could Owen be his Grandfather?
    Could it, by chance, be the child's aunt by marriage (taking the married name Hartneady)

    I tend not to look at sponsors or witnesses for clues as they could be anyone!
    But I appreciate any input :)
    Are there any traditions for RC sponsors, parents, siblings?

    It's always important to look at sponsors, they usually confirm that you have the right family, if they have common names.
    In this case the mother has an uncommon surname nationally, but it may be common in a local area.

    Sponsors are usually relatives or close friends, but sometimes are not, being chosen for convenience or as an honour.
    Judy / Judith may have been common in the maternal family perhaps the eldest granddaughters of another Judy. It is possible that the godmother is a first cousin.

    When my father was baptised his nine year old brother was godfather. I asked the parish priest about this as we were looking at the register. He said that the sponsors were supposed to be confirmed but sometimes were not.
    It should also be remembered that confirmation was formerly held much closer to first communion than what we have now. So a nine year old might have been already confirmed.
    I would investigate the possibility of the child having cousins and aunts (including by marriage) also named Judith.
    It should also be mentioned that in much of Tipperary and Kilkenny, Judith and Johanna were used interchangeably. Clare being next door to Tipperary, this could be a practice in Clare also.

  • A minor enough complaint but I'm not a fan of the new layout of FTDNA. It's a bit messy when scrolling down through the list and worse when using the table view (should really freeze the top pane). And am I right in saying that there's no sort by match date option in the table view?

  • It also looks like they've changed the calculation of shared DNA. Someone who was near the top of my list previously shared 95 cM with me whereas now it's down to just 29 cM.

  • mindhorn wrote: »
    It also looks like they've changed the calculation of shared DNA. Someone who was near the top of my list previously shared 95 cM with me whereas now it's down to just 29 cM.

    Yes, they've removed tiny segments.

    I've only played around a bit but I think it's ok.

    Genealogy Forum Mod

  • mindhorn wrote: »
    A minor enough complaint but I'm not a fan of the new layout of FTDNA. It's a bit messy when scrolling down through the list and worse when using the table view (should really freeze the top pane). And am I right in saying that there's no sort by match date option in the table view?

    Hmm, yes, think you're right there. But the match dates have all changed to this year - must be when they applied the new algorithms.

    Genealogy Forum Mod

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  • I'll have a proper read of the dna-explained post on it when I get a chance but I was just surprised to see one of my top matches drop way down the list. In hindsight it makes some sense as the two of us had no idea what the connection could be and for everyone else around the 95 cM mark I knew how we were related.

  • Looks like Gedmatch have changed their classic page layout. How am I able to see my most recent matches? The site used to have the match date listed but I don't see that now.

  • Why is it that RootsIreland is lacking in records for Co. Clare?

    Every other county seems to be accounted for in Births/Marriages/Deaths etc.

  • Because Clare county library has that market cornered.

    Genealogy Forum Mod

  • Do you mean the excel sheets that are on I have used these before for some tracing where I knew what file to search in but I feel they would benefit from being included in a large searchable database.

    Roots' search function is really helpful, especially is the family have have moved parishes or counties even over the years.

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  • Yes. I agree, but I think they're unlikely to agree to them being put on Rootsireland when they're already there for free. At one stage, there was nothing for Clare on the site but it's much improved.

    Genealogy Forum Mod

  • Gosh it's quiet here these days!

    I'm wondering if anyone has a trick for getting around an incorrect link on Irish Genealogy. The image link given for Cecily Christy's death in 1905 in Enniskillen goes to a page of Donegal records: I've reported the error but I'm not sure how long it might take to be corrected.

  • A little bird tells me that the record is misindexed as 1, should be 51 - see last entry Holywell no. 2 sub-district Oct-Dec

    Genealogy Forum Mod

  • Aha! Thanks so much 😁

  • This site has gotten awfully quiet of late. Never any craic, anymore. Anyone found / doing anything interesting, genealogy or otherwise?

  • Mollymoo you're right, it's quite the desert these days. It's a pity really. But congratulations to you Hermy on finding your birth father, I know you've been slogging away for so long. I haven't been doing much research as every search produces zero results for me. I no longer have my Ancestry sub and I'm pretty disappointed in the Irish Newspaper Archives too. Wondering what to do next as I doubt if Findmypast will be any better.

  • Thanks Jelly! Yes, just short of ten years since I began my search.

    What disappointed you about the Irish News Archive?

  • That is exciting, Hermy, congratulations and well done. I hope it brings you lots of joy and / or contentment.

    The books I have on the go at the moment are Equine Sports Coaching (Alison Lincoln). I'm thinking of doing a course. Also Discovering Irish butterflies & their habitats (J M Harding) as there have been so many butterflies in the garden recently, I wanted to (re)learn their names.

    I'm plugging away with a little research, though not finding anything too exciting. Jelly, have you done a DNA test? I did one at Ancestry and uploaded it here and there, and it's brought me hours of fun, and enough discoveries to keep me ticking over.

    And I'm taking up Kundalini Yoga in a week or two - which should be a laugh, if not even a healthy pastime for the winter.

    The joys...

  • Thanks Molly. I think the overriding emotion at the time was relief but there has been much contentment too.

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  • Well done (in public) to Hermy - such a huge success along with all the emotion.

    I've been quiet because I've been finishing my Masters.

    The changeover to Vanilla on Boards has been a nightmare.

    Genealogy Forum Mod

  • The disappointment was due to the fact that I didn't find anything relating to my searches for my family. I was also checking a date of death of a neighbour of ours in the 1970's in Dublin which I couldn't turn up and I wondered if I was searching correctly. Any suggestions for doing that, i.e. for a 'Gerard Mongey' (not the real name) how would I enter it? I've tried 'Deaths-Gerard Mongey' also 'Deaths Mongey Gerard' and in desperation 'Deaths Mongey' and zilch came up!!

  • Questions:

    Is it possible there was no death notice placed in a paper?

    Which newspapers were you looking in? I find the Indo and the Evening Herald best for Dublin.

    Where you giving too narrow a field? I.e. if you know the year, just put the entire year in the dates field 1/1/1970-31/12/1970

    Have you put in names of family members in the "might include" section? I also put phrases like sadly missed, deeply regretted, etc.

    Have you checked that there wasn't a glitch on the site at the time? I saw someone mentioning finding no results the other day on Twitter and presumed a temporary fault.

    Genealogy Forum Mod

  • Hermy, I just saw your post about finding your birth father after your long search. I am so glad to hear of your success and hope it brings you much satisfaction. Congratulations. Many here, including me, must be very happy for you.

  • Thanks Virginia.


    Despite their comprehensive coverage there are gaps in the Irish News Archive and your search might just fall into one of them.

    When I'm searching for deaths I find entering a surname and place name works well.

    If I have a good idea of when the event took place I will manually browse the notices paper by paper.

    I still might not find anything but at least I'll know it's not down to the OCR missing it.

  • Delighted to hear your news Hermy, a great sense of completion for you, a very significant detail for your 'tree'. Just an idle query, what is the state of research facilities these days for example the Werburgh St BMD place and the Gilbert Room in Pearse Library? Being lazy of course so thought I would ask here. I heard that public libraries do not let you linger but just in/out with book.

  • Don't know about the Gilbert, but the GRO is appointment only with no availability until October. However, I'd be hopeful that they'll do away with appointments then based on the new relaxing rules.

    Genealogy Forum Mod

  • Goodness booked up to October! I have been in GRO office quite a few times in former times and only a handful of people in a very large room.

  • Yes, that's part of the problem. They're only letting a couple of people in per session (morning or afternoon).

    Genealogy Forum Mod

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  • That's a thought Pinky, I suppose it may not have been in the paper. I did check the Dublin papers and I entered a ten year span as I'm sure the death was in the 1970's. I will of course give it another go with wider fields than all those I already entered just in case. As far as I know there was no glitch as I've been searching over a period of weeks but that was a couple of months ago.