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Anxiety and depression thread (Please read OP)



  • @kit2021 gosh you've been through a lot, I'd say you are early enough days on the latest meds?. Can take time to sort out the right dosage.. Keep at it, your post reminded me of me at some points in my life, it's not nearly over yet.

  • So honestly, the last 6 months or so have been my lowest in a while. Career wise I'm doing great but also moving back to my home county has resulted in me feeling isolated and lonely. I don't really have people to see and joined a club that I go to weekly but honestly just finding it hard to make friends at thirty. Also fail pretty badly at dating so just have a terrible perception of myself at this stage and struggling to remotely integrate.

    I'm due to see a psychiatrist in January, just because this has been an ongoing issue for years. Honestly, just dunno if I'm ever gonna be comfortable with myself at this stage.

  • Can't focus on anything or get things done. Just too many issues building up. Have an awful lot to be grateful for, but so many things gone pear shaped and I feel totally useless. Continually being damned by someone who I tried to please, but really, I should have lived my own life and be true to myself. I feel like a complete fool. Just bitter, angry, resentful, lonely and anxious.

  • Thanks gremlinertia, I’m a few days into the 75mg and I feel a small difference already, and no negative side effects which is good. I’ve taken a few days off work too to get on top of things at home which I hope helps. Thanks and I hope you’re doing well!

  • You sound like you've been through an awful lot, especially in light of everything going on right now (the pandemic I mean). And that you're on the frontline, putting up with horrible stuff, and getting little thanks for it probably isn't helping.

    Medication can be odd, as it takes a while for it to kick in. You think you're 'feeling normal'... but it takes months to fully adjust. You can't 'force' it.

    I can't give any relationship advice. I gave up on them long ago. I'd be a burden to someone else. I do know that a relationship ending is similar to a death. You planned a future together, more than likely, so that future died, as did many of the dreams you had.

    As for pursuing a new relationship... that might require a little more work on yourself, and your situation improving a little. Happiness comes from within, not from someone else.

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  • Hey, hang in there and give yourself some time and patience and love. Being a health worker you are doing a immense amount for others. So, congratulate yourself on that. Give the Samaritans a call now and then. It really helps. Don't give up. You are young. Life can be really crap sometimes, but even the simple things can help, like some space, peace and quiet and a cup of tea. Stay off all the social media crap and avoid all advertising.

  • For some better sleep just don't drink coffee. I find tea relaxes me but coffee keeps me wide awake even if I had it hours earlier.

    Also I find these ear plugs very very useful and very cheap. 3M EAR Classic ear plugs. You can get about 50 for a tenner.

    Supper definitely with eg milk. Eg bowl of cereal.

    And hot water bottle. And decent warm duvet or even a very good quality down sleeping bag.

    Also, any stuff you can get done that's bothering you, just do it as soon as you can rather than letting things and anxiety build up.

    And give yourself a decent break after work and before bed to read, watch a movie (no ads!!).

    Light exercise if you can every day. No need to go overboard as that just ends up like work sometimes. Just a relaxing walk.

    And if you can, and have the space and time get a cat or dog. But leave that until you are ready as it's another commitment. But worth it.

  • It actually has not helped. Just meant it has hit like a sledgehammer now. The weather being fine dies not help as it is the actual hours of daylight be they sunny or cloudy , Nearly 80 and too used to it for it to really bother me any more!

  • Had a really bad couple of nights, I can’t shake these thoughts that I don’t want to be here anymore, maybe a side effect of the new medication, been on it over two weeks and I had been doing ok

  • I am gone a bit nuts. Too much **** last week and still wired today. Can't relax. Have house, health, family, family health problems. Chronic problems. No one can help. Just platitudes. I am dreading the future.

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  • Hope everyone managing ok.

    The weather isn't helping. But at least we got plumbing fixed last week and have heat.

    Can't focus on my job. Just burned out. Management have managed to drain any kind of enjoyment out of it.

  • Very aware how near the shortest day it is and doing the bare minimum. Love how Christmas comes when the tide has turned to allow ever increasing more light.

  • Yes, it's incredible how fast the year turns. Saw some cherry blossoms yesterday! Think this can happen in a warm winter. Still!

  • Went for very quick dip in the sea. Was absolutely freezing. But great to reset the mind and stop time. Everything seems even more chaotic and stressed now, back at home. Christmas is like a steam train every year.

  • I’m taking a different (for me) approach to Christmas. I’m not buying presents and no visiting. Just a quiet one. I did put the tree up. I love the lights, they really relax me, oh and the smell too. ❤️ The Christmas build up was getting to me so I changed my plans. Feeling better now.

  • That's good. Similar for me. It will come and go. I'm working all that weekend which I don't really mind.

    Supposed to get my booster jab Sunday but couldn't be dealing with the queues. Will try again Wednesday.

    In the past few months I have reduced my meds by 50% with no effects which is good going.

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  • The big stress/anxiety day is over and the rain has stopped. And the days are getting longer. Today was beautiful and sunny. Much prefer St. Stephens day.

  • Got up at 12:30 today. Really, the longest lie in, in years. But have no energy. Came across this article which sums up and reminds me of many reasons why I'm not functioning properly.

  • Found this very useful video on YouTube re depression and recovery.

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  • Cheers for those I'll have a look later. At a low ebb myself.. Going with time of year etc rather than digging deeper..

  • Have the January blues kicked in with anyone else or is it just me?

  • It's not just you. Completely flattened and exhausted today here. Unreal.

  • came across this myself, but didnt read it, whats the gist?

  • Tech and society's use of it is killing your ability to concentrate, focus, get work done, remain calm, make rational decisions, relax, ...

  • This is a wonderful thread. I hope the nice weather today and over the next few days will brighten up yere lives and hopefully a walk in the sun with the birds singing will give ye some respite from yere feelings. It’s great that mental health is taken seriously now and that people are being made aware of the struggles that people have on a daily basis. Best of luck to you all and well done for expressing yourselves and making others aware.

  • Hey I came here for some positive stories about people's recovery from severe depression and anxiety, all I can find is stories that are negative or give me little to no hope of a full recovery.

    After visiting the GP, i was referred to counselling in the form of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and it helped me to conquer my Panic disorder after having it for nearly a year. I had been doing well for a month or two after stopping the Panic attacks but never really went back to being my carefree old self. I still struggle daily with general Anxiety and my depression only seems to be getting worse.

    I am a young mother, I have a boyfriend, great friends, a job, a big family yet most of the time I feel so lonely and like they dont understand at all as they havnt experienced the pain that I experience every single day inside my head. I wake up every morning wishing I could have just stayed asleep. I feel like life is pointless and boring and dull and hard work more than anything and like it will never be better and things will always be this way for me. I am scared to die but I know I cant live like this for the rest of my life, I have lost hope and I really am scared that some day something will push me over the edge and Il just decide Ive had enough, I am totally exhausted from battling with anxiety and depression I have no motivation to even help myself anymore or do anything that might help me feel better I just go about the same routine everyday like a robot and pretend to everyone im fine because i feel like they just do not understand what I am going through.

    Does anyone out there have any treatment advice or positive story on coming out of Depression and enjoying life again or is it just something we have to live with.

  • Hi, this is a bit awkward but any females on anti depressants not able to orgasm? I can’t and I just can’t take it anymore. I’m on Venex xl with years and my doctor increased my dosage a while back but it’s just doing nothing to help my mood, energy, motivation, nothing. And to top it off the orgasm bit. Is there any drugs available in Ireland that don’t have these side effects? Thanks and apologies if some people are embarrassed by my post.

  • tis common enough with anti-depressants unfortunately, for both males and females, male here, my interest in sex has virtually gone to zero, this isnt bothering me too much though, it could be a trial and error situation though, you may have to try different medications, until you find the right balance

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  • There must be something though! I read in America they have Bupropian but that’s now prescribed here. I’m trying to find a new gp too as my old one is in city center which isn’t really accessible for me. Would you know any gp that is good with dealing with mental health issues not in Dublin cc? Maybe this isn’t allowed sorry.