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Anxiety and depression thread (Please read OP)



  • Hey thanks for asking

    Still feeling crap and off work, waiting on new meds to kick in

  • Hopefully you see some improvement soon....

  • Thank you, its an awful struggle at the moment I'm having nothing but nightmares. No restful sleep

  • Kind of similar at the moment, OMT.

    Had a very bizarre sleep last night (slept 14 hours, even going to bed earlier than usual). I thought I was coming down with a flu, just flop sweats, and so on. I think I may have taken something that didn't agree with me. Didn't eat right on Thursday, so it might have played into it.

    Had to sit next to a radiator too, because I was cold as hell. Probably down to the sweats. Funny how the mind can mess up the body so much.

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  • This was more of a panic thing-like, there was the feeling of being sick (stomach and drained of energy kind of thing) but no actual sickness.

    When I get really anxious or panicky (even as a kid) I sweat so bad you'd think I'd stood out in the rain for hours. Bad sleep and weird dreams didn't help. I do do anti-gen tests every now and then, especially after something like grocery shopping or having to go to a funeral, like I did a few weeks back. It's me trying to make sure I don't infect anyone, despite being vaccinated. No positive result yet.

  • fair play to you, ive only had one antigen done, but that was to go on holidays, and i dont think it was done right at all

  • Well, I bought mine online. You can get bulk packs from mybio (among other places). I haven't gone to get one in a doctor's office. I think the last time I tried, it got cancelled (not by my choice).

  • Thanks for your reply Apache. I have another app in a few weeks. Hoping things improve by then.

  • I’m having nightmares every night also. I’m exhausted from them. They’re like something you’d see in a really disturbing horror movie. I can’t seem to shake them off during the day.

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  • Completely burned out, anxious and depressed for a long long time now. Getting no joy out of anything. All just problems, big and small and work.

  • I am supposed to be having a good time.. I'm disappointing myself, it all feels very empty.

  • Nothing in particular just a general anxiety

  • Scrolling on my phone, reading the news, buying crap, watching crap, playing crap video games,

    ... is not going to fix my problems.

    It's just filling my mind up with ****. And giving me no space to breathe.

    It's **** junk food. And I keep falling into this trap.

  • Sometimes, when I feel the 'trap' coming on--as in similar behaviour you describe, I try to just write down how I feel. Like, handwriting, not typing it out-something about our handwriting and the whole 'motion' is more cathartic. Then take that piece of paper, and just rip it up (some people throw it in the fire and watch it burn. It's honestly up to you).

    It takes away the thought's power.

    Helps a lot.

  • Thanks. Nice.

    Going to take some time tomorrow to sort some things out.

  • Definitely do. Today was me sleeping off whatever it was that was bugging me for the last day or two. I kind of think it was something related to taking meds on an empty stomach. Either way, it's less so today. Still groggy.

  • Have been feeling very unwell the past few days. Took me ages to get a Covid test appointment but eventually got one for tomorrow morning.

    What bugs me I was on leave from work last week and didn't even have any interactions with anyone so don't know where I picked it up. I'm pretty sure I have it though as I have all the symptoms.

    Was supposed to be back in work today. That's that knocked on the head.

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  • My cousin had it about a month ago. She went out for groceries, came back feeling crappy. It doesn't take much to get infected. (I think being only in contact with someone who's infected for 15 minutes can mean you catch it).

    Just take care of yourself. And if you start feeling really bad, don't hesitate to go to hospital.

  • @apache How are you getting on?.

    I've been quiet because of a bad few weeks of pain flare, still not right but more manageable this evening than it's been in a while. Talking to psychologist weekly currently which is helpful.

  • Thanks guys, just back from my test. Glad I went but an awful chore to get washed and dressed this morning. Hot/cold, aching bones, sore throat and terrible cough, no smell or taste and no appetite.

    @ Grem what's the difference between a psychologist and a good therapist? I know they are more expensive and more specialised but what exactly is it?

  • Still in peaceful isolation here. Not sure I said this way back? But when we tried to find out how folk managed with CFS/ME in old age (I am looking 80 in the face) we were told that that was not known as so few lived to old age. And the main cause of death was "overwhelming infection" Which makes sens e as we have immune system damage. So even before covid I was in strict isolation and had supply lines set up. Vaccines are contraindicated for me. I have minimal health care here and that is fine as few drs have a clue re CFS/ME and put it down to mental health issues. After 30 years of misdiagnosis in the UK ..

    I think we have in common the need to pace ourselves? Yesterday was stressful for various reasons and I have felt that today and SAD has moved in.

    re pain relief and sleep? Very happy still with Tylex ie codeine with paracetamol. If there is good physical health then natural ways sure; but where there is physical damage?

    Admiring you all tremendously.

  • @apache Very little difference in a psychologist and therapist in patient terms i think. Both have studied though psychologists usually have done a fair bit more.. I'm just lucky that i actually am getting somewhere with this fella as he is from HSE so not costing me, could never afford what i need on my own.

  • That's good to hear. If you find you're getting somewhere that's a result.

    I'm seeing a therapist for quite some time. He costs €60 a session. Worth every cent.

  • A fdew years ago i could afford it better but didn't click with a few people, or perhaps wasn't ready i'm not sure now i think of it.. Glad you found someone you can communicate with freely

  • It's important to have a connection.

  • I’ve just came across this thread and read the last 10 or so pages and I’d like to share…

    I’ve been suffering with severe depression and anxiety for a few years now which has been exacerbated by the pandemic, working in healthcare and struggling to smile and do my job every day when this demon is eating me up inside. I also went through a traumatic breakup of a 6 year relationship. When I started dating after I had some really negative experiences and I feel like giving up now. I’m 33.

    My GP put me on sertraline and I had to come off it due to awful night sweats and worsening suicidal thoughts, I was then put on molipaxin and it made me extremely sedated, like fall out of bed in the morning sedated, I’ve recently started venlafaxine and I’m tapering up, no bad side effects so far.

    When I first started having suicidal I confided in close friends and family to keep myself accountable as I was terrified I’d do something. Recently I’m having them again and keeping it to myself. I dread waking up every morning, don’t get proper sleep as it’s plagued with unsettling and disturbing dreams, then when I’m in work I’m sort of ok as I’m distracted but then I dread coming home to an empty house alone with my thoughts.

    I’ve tried a few therapists but didn’t find it really helped me. Most of my friends have drifted probably because I’m no longer fun to be around.

    I used to be so motivated and a ‘get up and go’ but now tasks like cleaning and laundry seem so daunting.

    I’ve also dropped from 60kg to 50kg in the last year or so even though I eat plenty.

    I feel like I want to go to sleep and not wake up.

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  • great to hear from you grace, looking forward to hearing your winter storm stories, look after yourself