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Cork GAA Discussion Thread



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    Ellis deserved it

    But media love affair tipp more so limerick nationally is alive and well

    How do you make out the media love Limerick? North Cork's O'Flynn seems to have a grá for Limerick but other than that I couldn't agree with you!!

    FWIW Hickey deserved his all star, dowling probably fortunate to get it. Thought he wouldnt because of the media!

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    Thanks smithy

    Callaghan.must only stayed year so he was with effin for a time

    Foley be great coach charville but hopefully wouldnt bring ciaran carey with him

    Finn is apparently thinking joining tj sets up,he worked with him at u 21
    Credit due tj making good move there but how much.input has finn,i get impression tj runs the,show,hes way way
    Ryan and finn didnt work at u 21,for me its simple maths ,finm has better record ,tj has a poorer one so I tend to not blame finn

    Pat mul was never going to join.newtown,two rival clubs,huge rivarly,theres a respect there but.pat I doubt would join newtown on hes doorstep.
    Just matter time before he joins intercounty somewhere,be interesting to see who..

    Frankie flannery from.camoige?milford

    Presume not frank flannery cit,carrigtwohill and waterford senior,cork minor coach

    What do you think walsh will choose
    Id think hurling.

    I think Walsh will choose Football, he spoke about having close friends on the football panel before & for that alone I think it would be less controversial and less hassle for him personally.

    Saying that I'd prefer him to stick at the hurling, as I would like to see him reach his potential (not against Tipp however) to see how good he can be.

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    The  national media love affair with tipp and limerick is in full circle as  in their symapthies votes with all stars to them,makes me laugh,imo if im going to be brutally honest, they get all stars dont deserve as the media feel both were unlucky v kilkenny and ah it was heartbreaking both lost.
    Such nonense,emotion overriding realism never imo a good mix in sport.

    Both could have won their games but lacked in limerick case the hurling brains to do it in  tipps it is the case the lack of real  balls of conviction and steel to see it through.I dont feel sorry for either,i dont do that nonense sorry now.Tipp deserved some all stars, without a dobut and are the second best team in ireland, but did not deserve more  all stars than the leageue,all ireland,leinster champions ,unbeaten ,no way.

    Thats what both are now ,tipp and limerick imo the counties that most feel sympathy for, feels  while kilkenny wont give a flying duck they will just want all irelands.
    The love,affair is gone of kilkenny over cody comments in the media,should of been sanctioned ,imo but  cody ,at the end of the day is,a winner ,and i have huge respect for him.Hes a winner.

    Hickey deserved  hes all star withoubt a doubt i said,from day one,mcdonnell.can feel unlucky ,yes,dowling was good,and great in early games but no way deserved one imo,
    He didnt do much v jj delaney bar moments of skill,two points hardly great from play for a full forward winning an all star.That was a big big game,against all ireland champions didnt do what i would expect .Dowling yes done it v tipp,wexford couldnt treat seriously they were,shattered.
    Had o neill in trouble but for a poor poor,full back he,did not get dominated by Dowling.

    Im not just critsining limerick for the sake of it,buts its impossible to criticise all stars without reference to them,they got two,only team outside kilkenny,tipp to get one.

    Munster champions cork deserved one with ellis.Same on the sunday game team of the year,no cork man,two limerick men.Worse,again none even mentioned much other cork performsnces,all bout limerick
    Yes cork got hammered by tipp but didnt limerick v clare get roasted like a duck on a hot grill,last year but still got one all star.

    You see cork hurling  dont have the same poor  old soul,no luck it always rains on me judgement the national media have with limerick and  now feel for tipp awe our heart goes out to them thats why imo they get close calls all stars more so limerick,but let them off,they will be proved wrong again when limerick wont even come close to an all ireland despite media having them as a top four team,usually that rubbish starts in May.Twas far easier not to give cork an all star.Some look on Cork Hurling with dissain and contempt imo.

    I wont loose too much sleep over it,and im not in to token all stars but ellis deserved one.
    As donal o grady said ,kearney not being considered for one was baffling.
    Id go further,twas a joke.
    But the all stars are now like munster becoming a laugh at times.
    limerick are in their glory with two all stars,they think they can win all ireland next year by some of  their fans on their thread.

    Its like Brendan rodgers been blown up as a genuis manager one flukey season.
    That cookie crumbled fast ,watch and wait,liverpool will do what they do best,accept mediocroty,probaly give him a new five year contract soon enough though,make excuse after excuse hide behind but for gerrard slip we could of been champions of england.A load of Boll##.

    If my aunt had ba##s she could be my uncle nonense.Many teams must stop living off ifs,buts ,maybee,where is the harsh real honest truths,the great,now i mean the great,really  really great teams have,you get what you deserve in sport.Cork  senior football is lacking it also.
    I said it before Cork gaa cant become the liverpool protoype,ONCE GREAT but will never be again,now such a minnow in Elite soccer,surroudoned by poor managers year after year, making more headlines off the field than on it ,bar the odd exception,but all they have is managers  that talk bout visions,How proud they are to be there usal talk the good talk stuff.It is hard to know which is worse clubs like that or the people that actually believe the nonense

    Same as i said bout Northampton rubgy,weeks ago,Stuart barnes lauding them in hes preview,many have them favs,yet again no bottle get loosing bonus point to an average racing  in france,but yes great hammer poor ospreys at home but against munster,leinster or in france they lack steel but christ can they talk the talk.

    They also are,fine win challenge cups,joke of english premsership cant or wont win a heinken cup with a lot of rescources but  loved by the so called  experts in English rubgy in ,anything they do sun  always shines,and anti munster most of the time.
    I recorded and watched,sale v clermount ,had put commentary on mute after five minutes,i wanted to enjoy my boh monday and not suffer a bad dose of diarrohea ,couldnt be listening to  sickening Worshiping of,Golden boy Danny Ciprani.Game barely on,he does two passes,and all i  hear is,sublime passing from ciprani.
    One minute later ,woeful kick straight down to clermount full back,nothing bout that.
    Someone would want whisper in their ears,An outhalf must be able kick,as,well as pass or else hes no good ,and please Avoid cherry picking.
    Its no good being a good driver on a motorway,but cant negate roundabouts.The same concept.

    My point is simple in every sport, their are teams or players that are easy to love, they are teams or players  just as easy to dislike ,and once media perception of focus get attained to its love or dislike emotion,no realistic anyalis takes place,when there just good,there blown up to be great,when there awful,its just a bad day always an excuse to hide behind and while the ones they dont like when they are great there just good or lucky.

    That misperception of judgement imo clouded by emotion over what the eyes can actually see is quite common in GAA,at levels regarding teams in some Gaa Pundits eyes.
    There wont be any harsh critisim of tipp,limerick,Cork football even,simply as they feel sorry for them,no real reason to envy them as they dont win much,so much heartbreak,we get the self pity,id rather win any day of the week and be disliked,as that means you have somthing others should be jealous off  .

    Majoirty of the media love limerick,its the great heartbreak,romance feeling imo.It was in full flow like the river shannon after a moral victory v kilkenny imo.
    People still feel limerick were robbed v kilkenny,nonense as cusack said when both teams looked at each other in the heat of battle their was only going to be one winner.
    Disgregard,a tired wexford four weeks in a,row,who did ye beat tipp yes fair enough but thats it.
    Cork beat clare all ireland champions ,yes not as good,as last year but a very good team ,and ye will again be beaten by them next year im sorry to say.

    As for aidan walsh,he is very close to nash,lorchan two clubmates,he played minor u 21 with egan,lehane,luke,joyce etc so lot friends there,and having won an all ireland at football would join elite group if he,won at hurling an all ireland title.

    As for being less controvrersial playing football,i cant buy that,in was always first and foresmost seen as a hurler,had trials with hurling first for cork but the Great Denis walsh,some manager,couldnt see what we all could.and didnt give him a call and just like treatment of leigh desmond,lost two potential talents.
    He will get no critisim which he chooses imo ,the only controveresy would be if he choose hurling,in that would be more so on cuthbhert,but thats nothing for walsh to worry bout,he has a better chance winning in hurling,for that reason and shambles football is imo.
    I could be wrong,but i think hell go hurling and even talking dromtariffe people at  a match,there view,and in duhallow was hed go hurling.

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    I wouldnt take the examiner as confirmation as regard walsh going football ,eammon murphy has in the  echo hes going hurling flashed across back page.Id be inclined to go with murphy as i heard hurling also.
    Ed,coughlan also with cit as perferomamce analyst.
    I heard paduie kissane is also doing work with them,training them for the sigerson.
    Christ above cit have.,keith ricken,over football,cian o neil,paudie,coughlan at different levels,way better set up senior set up cork football.

    Murphy has in echo ,pat flanganan joining cork,jesus he took an age to decide to be coach.
    Cahalane,cadogan meant going hurling also,Cork football if true ate loosing ,a centre back,full.back,midfield player.
    If this happens cork football is a shambles people must question cuthbhert.
    we will see in due course with walsh oy
    If its football for walsh i  wish him the best .

    Johnny keane meant to joining kilbrin.
    Shrewd move for kilbrin ,guarenteed to.get promoted from.junior if true.

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    Walsh will surely join the hurlers and give it a right lash. In 2 yrs time he would be still young enough and athletic enough to go back to the football if the hurling didn't work out. It wouldn't work the other way tho. Walsh will be a big success with the hurlers IMO.

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,276 ✭✭✭thinkstoomuch1

    Id agree smith
    Once he goes hurling he wont go back imo if he goes

    You see imo cuthbhert has been saved from judgement now.

    If,cadogan,cahalane,walsh goes he will,be by some given slack as it was always rebuilding process once there gone,he,wont be criricised nor,will mininum standard failure be,set

    He played an absolute blinder when ronan mac left,he said ronan be huge huge loss,cant be understimated.
    Shrewd move,take heat of him,buy time next year.

    Now it could be ,no full back,no centre back,no midfield not that we had,any in 100 per cent down to him last year ,but half loaf better no loaf at,all,but now we may loose walsh ,wait just wait for talk like

    It set my vision back,lost leaders on and off field,takes time to replace them,he lost sheehan last year,flan is year one ,it was going take time blend and of course the best ever excuse that typifes,cork football that makes me get bad,stomach cramps,my head begin to loose hair,a bad dose of diarrohea is the excuse some in cork will say and preach to give him time nect year after another defeat in Kerry

    No cork team has won in killarney in 20 years,and their all ireland champions so we have no realistic right to expect more

    That to me with young talent we have,utter rubbish i simply must refute,and the grassroots real real fan,knows the same,we have the talent to win in killarney just manage it
    All blacks beaten munster 1978,ireland ladies beat them,ireland beat italy w cup,recently drew world champions in germany,
    Donegael,Armagh ,Derry,Clare Hurling,Clyda in Football,Castle haven,Newtown ,Tyrone in Hurling,etc and many many more examples all making breakthrough against their culture,the best til last Cork ladies footballers and

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    Must ,must ,simply must mention wonderful,morneabbey ladies team,taking on parnells in ruisluip,doing lot fundraising for trip to england in all ireland semi final

    I may be wrong but i believe there travelling by bus.

    Their efforts on and off the field are a credit to cork football in not just ladies but in general
    Amazing ,truly truly amazing

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    Cadogan going hurling unexpected no? got the impression himself and JBM didn't see eye to eye

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,276 ✭✭✭thinkstoomuch1

    It should be taken out of hes hands in jbm should politely say i dont need you next year

    Understandably cadogan may want to leave footballers but we cant play lad just cause doesnt want play football

    Is cadogan best full or half in cork,no he is not
    Jbm made a woeful error ,bringing him panel,over killan murphy who was treated shockingly ,when others get more chances
    Im.not sure with cadogan choosing hurlimg.but eammon.murphy seems to think he will by hes articles.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 1,005 ✭✭✭willietherock

    Cadogan going hurling unexpected no? got the impression himself and JBM didn't see eye to eye

    He's the form hurling club defender in the county. Nobody comes close. JBM is a pragmatist.

  • Registered Users Posts: 355 ✭✭sean mac

    After he was left sitting on the bench this year when his heart was needed vs tipp I would be amazed if cadogan went hurling, could he do a job for cor - YES, would he be a huge loss to the footballlers YES, massive void at 3. Interesting times and worrying times for cork football. Potentially after canty, quirke, oleary, Sheehan, poneill, kissane, cadogan, walsh, cahalane, oconnor leaving the squad in less then a year. Some indictment .........

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    I have to disagree wille
    Rememeber pat horgan was,scoreless from play in three games, so i wouldnt read much in to cadogan holding him,mcdonnell has been superb in the club championship and for cork

    Cahalane was very good for barrs in short season

    Is cads better than cahalane,imo no
    Is he better than defender year last year club imo jamie nagle no
    Is he better than joyce no
    Better than lorchan no,he is better sweeper,and reciver puckouts nash than cads

    Wasnt fan ellis but he was magnificent,and,cork have play sweeper next year,him playing deep wasnt reason tipp beat us or a lack of heart
    I clearly said get match ups,wrong in the lead up we loose,we did

    Time to get real We lost to tipp as we played,a corner back full,full back half back,half back corner back,half forward full forward,full forward half forward and a poor bench.
    Playing so many out of position drained the team of balance,cohesion,belief,direction,and dynamic team equilbrim was off balance,thus,we lost as,we,were like rabbits dazzled by headlights ,we lost our,survival instincts and naturally we were a shambles

    Christ munster rubgy who symbolically emphaise heart,hunger etc would look rudderless if you played paul o connell at six,foley at seven,cronin at three,botha,at 1,murray at ten,keatley at nine,zebo and jones in midfield as like cork hurling v tipp good players played,out of position be made look bad.
    Lads it,aint rocket science,it had zero do with a lack of heart,it,was,clear as day systematic shutdown due to unbalanced team selection.
    Nothing more nothing less imo

    To say lack heart is wrong,2013,showed team had heart ,and,courage in abundance it didnt just fly out the,window imo.

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    Another point people are naive enough to forget up to august v tipp,Cadogan had played just ONE CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP game,for douglas v sardfields,,just one league game cork aprox,not many challenge games ,limited training due to dual and injury yet complete rubbish higest order,start him v tipp when hes touch would have been way off and,as tipp showed touch finese is paramount to cork tipp clashes

    Cadogan had extremely limited,club championship hurling up to the tipp game,after then he had four games,midelton youghal,glen twice
    How in the name of jesus could anyone think starting cadogan all ireland,semi final ahead of who exactly????cahalane,joyce,ellis,lorchan ,all way more hurling done would need,a reality check imo.
    This is Elite Senior Hurling not Shinty in fairness
    Whatever bout 2015 no way should he of started v tipp.

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,064 ✭✭✭zetecescort

    Aidan Walsh going hurling next year.

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,249 ✭✭✭slingerz

    These players leaving football to go hurling is an insult to those on the football panel who put everything into it. Walsh should never be left back into the football panel for Cork. In the future any players with notions of going hurling should be sent that way from the minor grades not use football as their fallback option should they fail to make it. It's not tolerated in Dublin or Kerry so why should our footballers put up with it

  • Registered Users Posts: 9,460 ✭✭✭Orizio

    slingerz wrote: »
    These players leaving football to go hurling is an insult to those on the football panel who put everything into it. Walsh should never be left back into the football panel for Cork. In the future any players with notions of going hurling should be sent that way from the minor grades not use football as their fallback option should they fail to make it. It's not tolerated in Dublin or Kerry so why should our footballers put up with it

    What kind of bizarro-crap is this.

  • Moderators, Category Moderators, Recreation & Hobbies Moderators, Sports Moderators Posts: 32,546 CMod ✭✭✭✭ShamoBuc

    slingerz wrote: »
    These players leaving football to go hurling is an insult to those on the football panel who put everything into it. Walsh should never be left back into the football panel for Cork. In the future any players with notions of going hurling should be sent that way from the minor grades not use football as their fallback option should they fail to make it. It's not tolerated in Dublin or Kerry so why should our footballers put up with it

    What a load of nonsense. 'Use football as a fallback in case he doesn't make it' - he is certainly a player Capable of making it at both grades. Some players will chose football over hurling or vice versa thats just the way it is.
    Both sports aren't exactly equal in those counties you mention. When did Dublin hurlers or Kerry hurlers last win Liam ?
    Also, I couldn't give a rats arse what they do in other counties.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 5,851 ✭✭✭Mountainlad

    Aidan Walsh is good enough to play both. Therefore he'll choose the best setup all day long. That is obviously the hurling right now.

    Any idea about Cahalane?

  • Registered Users Posts: 9,460 ✭✭✭Orizio

    Aidan Walsh is good enough to play both. Therefore he'll choose the best setup all day long. That is obviously the hurling right now.

    Any idea about Cahalane?

    Declared for hurling a month back.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 6,276 ✭✭✭thinkstoomuch1

    I told ye despite the examiner said he would go hurling

    You often wonder where some get stories,heaven above real grassroots fans had no doubt hurling was walsh choice at match wedneday.

    No suprise,im delighted,and slingerz with greatest respect take your head for once please ,out of the sand,and actually see what the dog on the street can,football under cuthbhert,a man while you never a total fan him ,you still many times here,had a go at me being over the top negative with him,is the reason that walsh,cahalane cadogan likelt go hurling,that two top coaches refused join set up,and ray carey wouldnt rejoin panel as like I said from day one,this guy I had huge huge doubts and is a shambles of a manager

    You spoke lots of rubbish here before but that last piece ,fair play was some work of beauty.
    Well done

    Get real ,if walsh ever decided play football would be welcomed back with open arms,now jusy cause you accept mediocrity,second best,believe ah its bad but dare not criticise,it doesnt mean walsh is like you,he wants to win and anbody in the right mind would choose hurling over football

    What you should be saying but you wont is why your own great muskerr man bob ryan allowed cuthbhert a novice take over an elite job ,thats down fall of cork football ,

    The football ,is in dire trouble.
    Coach left,now players,and heard there is likely be more news bad on the way outside of dualism.

    I hear one player this morning,seriously considering hes future.
    People close to him,hopefully get him to stay.
    No body will ask questions though of why cahalane in particular football etc ,of cuthbhrert.
    Cuthbhert term has to be ended but it wont be.
    In fairness this is no suprise with the football.
    Its no insult to the football hes leaving more insult to the manager in charge.
    I know that all players,dont have any ill feeling to walsh at all,bit are only envivous in.he had the talent and choice to do both.
    Well done aidan ,you made the great choice.
    Christ its like choosing man utd or liverpool if you were falaco.
    You aint going to choose liverpool.
    Why choose silver when you can have gold.

    I feel.for the football,i really do ,but hopefully the ex pundits,some one media will for the love of good start calling a,spade,a spade and mick slocum fast enough to critise cork fans last year would want to.take a look at the football set up,hes a fan.of cuthbhert,but surely he can see this is not working and cork football.will be,relegated in league but we,will win the mcgrath cup,so ah thats progress alright.

    Maybee bob can orgainse an open top bus ,parade of the cup through all towns of muskerry,when some to be fair real gaa muskerry men are disgusted the way their own paddy kelly was woefully treated,this year.

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,276 ✭✭✭thinkstoomuch1

    Cusack was brillant last night on the tv

    Walsh is going to be year,hes hurling on hes left side,will.improve no end and he will be superb

    Interesring he imo didnt give a really total ebdorsement of football management,like its top class,very good etc etc.
    Yes of course he said,to brian ,hopefully,we may work together again imo just aidan being a gentleman softening the blow,a bit like the your partner breaking up with you and saying it hasnt worked but we can still be,friends,lets keep in touch,rarely does it happen,like,walsh,you broke up for a reason and as time goes on you loose interest and touch with your ex

    Imo walsh will never play football under cuthbhert,hopefully he,wont get two year term 2015 as clubs hopefully will stand up for once and get democracy,as this will get a lot lot worse before it gets better.

    I can say as a geuine geuine cork gaa football fan,wore a cork jersey at two in my back garden ,im sickened,very very sad,very very sad to see cork football at its lowest Ever ebb,i get a lump in my throat and have hold back tears writing this bout cork football as we have,so.much so much truly wonderful talent availble and i pray ,i really pray,lads from the bottom of my heart cork football term is reviewed as for all commitment and have,its clearly not working.

    Pat flanganan ,sligo,paul bealin,got sacked for less,traptoni,mick maccarrhy,declan kidney,eddie,sullivan,warren gatland all eventually had terms ended when they had at least some success ,Does Cork Football mean anything to Anyone now.

    Im hurling fan,but i dont want cork football to become a poor relation,we have enough talenet to serve both imo.
    A lot of real grassroots fans football are disgusted by this fatal blow to cork football,key players leaving.

  • Registered Users Posts: 303 ✭✭Smith614

    TTM....How long more has Cusack left as chairman of the GPA?

  • Registered Users Posts: 417 ✭✭CORKDOUBLE

    JBM owes a big thank you to Frank and Cuthbert ....

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,276 ✭✭✭thinkstoomuch1

    From a very reliable scource,that has not let me down yet, i hear pat mulchay will be joining cork,set up to confirm in few,days,delay,was uncertainty with kingston.

    Wonderful news,cork ,and lads ye know me i dont do unfounded optisisim but with him,walsh,and cahalane real chamce cork will win all ireland within two years and also pa callaghan.may be persuaded join.

    Its a statement intent jbm will.embrace running style and possession game and is huge for cork.

    It was mentiomed by john horgan hes candiates for role tonight,he had o.grady hartnett,pat ryan,marl landers all good names but then he had teddy mac

    imo teddy hasnt hope getting it,he,wouldnt be considered by many top top clubs with seriouss ambitions of winning imo.
    Johm considne was also,but imo too long away from top level,good coach

    The dean ryan cup semi final ,i.heard not confimed or hindred per cent mideltiom v charville be mallow next friday week,

    Colm.o.neill was named in international rules,interesting if he plays,as while not as serious as ist thought still suffered one.
    Smith as far as i think cusack roåe in gpa no set term,once both parties happy he,will stay

    He said on tv satuday wouldnt ruåe out poltics and who knows in time may go in to it,so may leave gpa,hes still on board national sport campus of ireland also and msny more.

  • Registered Users Posts: 417 ✭✭CORKDOUBLE

    Ciaran Sheehan and Aidan Walsh the great white hopes of Cork Football , both played leading roles in the 2010 win both gone from Cork football ...its the same sad story for Cork football ....would not happen in Kerry....massive news for the hurlers now with Aidan giving 100% if they can get the likes of Colm Spillane , Colm Barry , Pa O Callaghan , John Cronin and a few others they will be very strong in 2015 ....with the added commitment from Damien Cahalane and Eoin Cadogan.

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,276 ✭✭✭thinkstoomuch1

    A great great i.mean truly great player,
    He is being groomed and,will make in time a top top manager,hes a,winner and ruthless no nonense.

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,276 ✭✭✭thinkstoomuch1

    When it rains it pours.....

    More bad news on the way for cork football in the coming days i hear.

  • Registered Users Posts: 571 ✭✭✭Figsy32

    Positive developments for the hurlers no doubt but I'd question what roles Cahalane and Cadogan will have compared to those they would have had if they chose football.

    When it came to the crunch this year against Clare, Limerick and Tipp, Cahalane was not trusted to play full back. He played half back on each of these occasions. I'd seriously question JBM if he thinks Cahalane is even in the top 5 wing backs in Cork, never mind playing for Cork there. Granted he did well full back but I'm not sure his pure hurling is up to the level required. This may improve now he'll be devoting his full time to it though. He's a work in progress at best though.

    Its a similar story with Cadogan. I see people are saying he should have played there against Tipp but he had virtually no hurling done all year. Moreover, these people seem to be forgetting his first stint playing there where he was a liability. I think he could play half back but the way that line performed this year I don't see who he gets in ahead of.

    I'd have loved to see these two play football but apparently they don't have time for Cuthbert, particularly Cahalane. They do add excellent depth though.

    Full back continues to be the thorn for Cork hurlers as I see it. It played a large role in our performance against Tipp IMO. The lack of faith in Cahalane meant the whole backline had to be rejigged and the match ups were skewed all wrong. Spillane seems the ideal candidate to be groomed at full backthere but they appear to see him as more of a forward. His clubmate Colm Barry is another possibility.

    Full forward is the other problem area IMO. Cronin's given fantastic service but I think his time may be gone in the first 15. The next men up ala Moylan, O'Farrell all seem very similar to what's elsewhere in that line. Nice wristy hurlers but I feel we need a bit of a presence to our forward line. Take out Cronin and I don't think any of them are over 6 foot (maybe Harnedy?). Not sure who the man for the job is honestly.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 1,265 ✭✭✭ciarriaithuaidh

    A great great i.mean truly great player,
    He is being groomed and,will make in time a top top manager,hes a,winner and ruthless no nonense.

    Nice words TTM, but Tomás is in the USA all this week so no way will he be playing Saturday night I'd say. In all the furore about his transfer to Nemo it seems to have been forgotten that he hasn't kicked a ball in over a year!

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