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Cork GAA Discussion Thread



  • Closed Accounts Posts: 3,433 ✭✭✭darragh_haven

    When it rains it pours.....

    More bad news on the way for cork football in the coming days i hear.

    Ffs ttm. Why put a post like this. Just tell us what you heard. The waiting would kill me...... has Cutbert got a 5 year extension

  • Registered Users Posts: 341 ✭✭wackokid

    Might be A.W. has changed his mind?

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 3,433 ✭✭✭darragh_haven

    Frank has put himself in charge of the football team and has split the county into 2. West cork plus everything East of castlemartyr..... training will be in charlevill. The rest of the county will train in goleen.

  • Registered Users Posts: 79 ✭✭Producer Ben

    No Pat Flanagan for Cubby, back to the drawing board. Named Offaly manager according to RTE

  • Registered Users Posts: 355 ✭✭sean mac

    No Pat Flanagan for Cubby, back to the drawing board. Named Offaly manager according to RTE

    There is a fella in offaly called pat Flanagan also, a different man to the pat Flanagan being associated with Cuthbert

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  • Registered Users Posts: 79 ✭✭Producer Ben

    My mistake

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,276 ✭✭✭thinkstoomuch1

    The news is in regards cork football is a player may not be committing next year,considerong regards it.
    Theres alwsys possibilty u turns, and i hear from what was a leaving earlier,now being reconsidered so i wont name as yet,i dont belive in saying unless while you can never be 100 per cent at least close to it.
    Hopefully no other footballers be lost.

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,276 ✭✭✭thinkstoomuch1

    Nice words TTM, but Tomás is in the USA all this week so no way will he be playing Saturday night I'd say. In all the furore about his transfer to Nemo it seems to have been forgotten that he hasn't kicked a ball in over a year!

    Im no fan of kerry ,but i think having a,dislike and,respect,are two different things

    Would i say i love o se,no but jesus i have huge,respect,admiratipn what he,achieved on and off field,and very committed,honest aa player,wonderful skill

    Im no paul galvin fan but id pick team in mornimg if cork kerry combo o se ,galvin be on it
    You can never let emotion cloud judgement players imo

    I see,your point re o se,but i think,may be,wrong,groomed management,down line,playing isnt main thing.

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,276 ✭✭✭thinkstoomuch1

    Figsy32 wrote: »
    Positive developments for the hurlers no doubt but I'd question what roles Cahalane and Cadogan will have compared to those they would have had if they chose football.

    When it came to the crunch this year against Clare, Limerick and Tipp, Cahalane was not trusted to play full back. He played half back on each of these occasions. I'd seriously question JBM if he thinks Cahalane is even in the top 5 wing backs in Cork, never mind playing for Cork there. Granted he did well full back but I'm not sure his pure hurling is up to the level required. This may improve now he'll be devoting his full time to it though. He's a work in progress at best though.

    Its a similar story with Cadogan. I see people are saying he should have played there against Tipp but he had virtually no hurling done all year. Moreover, these people seem to be forgetting his first stint playing there where he was a liability. I think he could play half back but the way that line performed this year I don't see who he gets in ahead of.

    I'd have loved to see these two play football but apparently they don't have time for Cuthbert, particularly Cahalane. They do add excellent depth though.

    Full back continues to be the thorn for Cork hurlers as I see it. It played a large role in our performance against Tipp IMO. The lack of faith in Cahalane meant the whole backline had to be rejigged and the match ups were skewed all wrong. Spillane seems the ideal candidate to be groomed at full backthere but they appear to see him as more of a forward. His clubmate Colm Barry is another possibility.

    Full forward is the other problem area IMO. Cronin's given fantastic service but I think his time may be gone in the first 15. The next men up ala Moylan, O'Farrell all seem very similar to what's elsewhere in that line. Nice wristy hurlers but I feel we need a bit of a presence to our forward line. Take out Cronin and I don't think any of them are over 6 foot (maybe Harnedy?). Not sure who the man for the job is honestly.

    Id agree with all ,id have doubts with barry at 3 though,wasnt great v waterford u 21 or clare,bar great collims saves,could let four in v waterford,as,full back line not,solid

    Excellent at half back all year cork intermediates

    Totally agree regards cadogan,no great club hurling bar one championship up tipp game.
    Full forward could be harnedy if pa callaghan joins,or michael sul or cronin done,a job at 12,harnedy could go to 14.

    Im very optimstic cork hurling 2015 at senior

    Crucial jobs at u 21 and intermediate to be solved also imo.

  • Registered Users Posts: 417 ✭✭CORKDOUBLE

    Cuthbert is now going to try and get Alan Cadogan to play football ! an eye for an eye ! mind you theres no chance of this happening .

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  • Closed Accounts Posts: 340 ✭✭Slobbery

    CORKDOUBLE wrote: »
    Cuthbert is now going to try and get Alan Cadogan to play football ! an eye for an eye ! mind you theres no chance of this happening .

    Strange Cuthbert went public on this - surely this should only become a story if Alan Cadagon had declared for the Footballers? Cuthbert coming out saying he is talks to try and get him to play football alone seems pointless to me... Especially if Cadagon chooses the hurling - of which he is guaranteed a spot on the starting 15 after establishing himself last year.

    Just seems like a nothing story and I don't see the point of Cuthbert doing it

    Just seems like he is setting himself up for a fall in public?

  • Registered Users Posts: 355 ✭✭sean mac

    This is par for the course with cuthbert,he cant help himself with media-blaming the players after the kerry game,the parkinson interview,the wilie wonka interview,the pre mayo game nonsense and now telling alan cadogan thru the examiner we'll have a chat!!!!!your a year too late brian,this is an established all star nominated hurler

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 340 ✭✭Slobbery

    sean mac wrote: »
    This is par for the course with cuthbert,he cant help himself with media-blaming the players after the kerry game,the parkinson interview,the wilie wonka interview,the pre mayo game nonsense and now telling alan cadogan thru the examiner we'll have a chat!!!!!your a year too late brian,this is an established all star nominated hurler

    Maybe he is trying to pressurise Cadogan through the media - which is a terrible approach to take with a 21 year old and surely to result in the opposite happening.

    the other option, which is diffiecult to believe for an intercounty manager, is that he is clueless in dealing with the media and cant help shouting his mouth off.

    Either option not great!

    I know nothing of the man or his reputation as I am not from Cork, All I do know is that he was being talked up on Newstalk earlier in the year for being a up and coming, forward thinking, progressive coach... I started to doubt this when he shafted his players after the munster final and the crap before the mayo game

  • Moderators, Category Moderators, Recreation & Hobbies Moderators, Sports Moderators Posts: 32,546 CMod ✭✭✭✭ShamoBuc

    Cuthbert is clueless. He has proven this over and over again. He is not related to an intercounty manager, never was never will be.

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,276 ✭✭✭thinkstoomuch1

    Lads you couldnt make it up,cork football is turning in to a version of the scary movice,a horrow film,with a,few comical moments with the main characthers poor in acting out their role,in this,case a lad as cork manager but out of hes depth

    When i read he was trying to get cadogan i thought unbelievable.
    Imo its the news as broke regards walsh,so it lets show im doing my best ,cahalne is gone,so alan high profile ill come out try keep him.

    As sean said ,close gate horse has bolted scenario,jist like killarney were being hammered but ill wait til half time to change things.
    Theres no livining here in the now in on field,off field management,he seems stuck to a process if their problems,it follows step in that imo he cant act,staight asway,no instinct in gaa management to do that,he gave himself no help at,all by,surronding himself with naive management.

    I dont feel any sympathy regards,duals leaving,in he made hes bed in he got job as he was open to dualism,he gave walsh,and cadogan,cahalne hurling time,he should have,said no to it,after two months,couldnt be sacked then,and yes risk one lads may went hurling but unlilely lost all three as they would gave benfit doubt new manager like lads done with,counihan but once he,allowed it with football it set tone that football was again a poor relation.

    He makes it,worse by saying he reviewd it regulary but still thought it was,fine,sure walsh,cadogan missing key games,naive again to say cork top league and promoted hurling it worked
    it is imo like looking at book judging it by cover then imo,in pretty picture but the content is,quite poor when you go through it.

    Cork were hanted get promoted hurling over limerick loosing to offaly ,And the league in football at home we were haunted to beat kildare without cadogan at home.
    Cadogan played no hurling bar one game,yet cahalane no real football just back from aserious operation

    He,imo judged,dualism on team rather than individual perferomances imo.

    Cadogan,superb hurling year,now with jbm,and proffessional set up laced with all ireland winning men at management and playing,likely get best young coach on par with landers and former captain coming on board,with a,doddle of munster draw in hurling,in just beat waterford,loose munster,three games to success much better than the football go to killarney with no plan.

    There is no way hel will go football
    If i was jbm id ask mark,sugrue play hurling join league panel,could be,another half forward or even full forward.
    He on football panel but jbm asked him he may go .

    Hes played,some amount football,hurling for club,county,even sublime form cork teachers recently interfirm,a top prospect,didnt start for u 21 as there was a difference of views with u 21 management.
    Good when came on.
    Raw talent,huge potential,super attuide for the game,never complains,so fit as athlete,at young age represented,cork so much at minor,junior,u 21 intermaotede hurling and football,mcgrath cup senior football always big game performer,and wears cork jersey with prode,honour,diginity and skill

    Slobberry our football scence is parell to waterford hurling,selectors and players leaving and mcgrath doing powerpoint presenations to dublin group waterford hurling supporters,talking bout visions when he cant implement them.
    Like cork football ,waterford hurling has fine potential young talent that will be lost on the,field of play

    I only fear kilkenny and clare next year.
    Tipp i dont,and they wont beat the cats,as like cork ladies beating kerry and dublin,cats have tipp number before a game starts,too many tipp team suffered close,defeats league and championship to them,shea staying is not freash voice they needed so when tipp who have talent play kilkenny,theres nothing much new they can do with current group and management so wont beat them

    i rate o shea,as a good,coach but he went,down hill bringing in the overrated mcgeeney much loved by the media,sheedy saved them last year,unlikely he will next year
    O shea with new manager ryan are their too long,just one all ireland,imo inevitable a disbelief and lethargy and staleness will develop in panel next,year,and o shea said he belives in them so he wont change it much .

    They have great idea grooming new manager now for 2015,cork should do like wise but tipp will fail on ryan is good coach,imo wont be good manager and already their seven years too long in that only one all ireland as part of a set up.
    He,wont change much
    Macgeeney never worked with tipp and while armagh may be,competive for ist three years,he wont,win an all ireland,with them, be lucky to win ulster imo and last two years be,a downward spiral of hes term.
    Has good skills,but tactically very poor,one,dimenshoal.

    Clare and cork are only ones that can stop kilkenny,clare have,young all ireland winners,proven coach with no baggage,plus have beaten kilkenny u 21 twice,lost point highely rated minor team,like any team under davy wont have any inferiorty complex
    Cork under jbm,wont fear kilkenny,have,good record and have lot to work on but will have,a chance.
    Dublin will in time,not next year.
    Wexford,fine team,will be competive but wont.
    Limerick will think they can but,wont even come close
    Galway have no chance,but very dangerous in one off game when the,whole world is,against them so to speak
    Cunningham a good coach but is there too long,they needed a new voice,o donoughue clarinbridge,should got a chance

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,276 ✭✭✭thinkstoomuch1

    What i find interesting in todays interview is cuthbhert says they couldnt go ahead with 50 per cent commitment

    This year he was,fine with it at the start,but still couldnt see it was not working.
    Also not once did he say he was ending it,or issuing ulatiums ,hurling or football,it was walsh said he couldnt do both he ended it,imo if walsh wanted both,he would not have ended it.

    The excellent eammon sweeney ,i hope he mentions the current football set up sunday,football becoming a poor relation to hurling ,that one of their own,cahalane bred in football lilkely go hurling.

    I see again iø,no mention on u 21 hurling,or intermediate manager sub committe who it is to pick the new manager
    Lot going on in cork gaa now with games etc but we must not loose,sight of the importance of u 21 job,absoultey vital when jbm goes in 2016 we have least munster title and if we,win minster 2016 at u 21,we likely be all ireland final as its antrim in the semi final

    Vital few,weeks in u 21,intermediate,senior when the appointments of coaches is made,could,define,cork hurling,and make us great again
    Sars v killmallock next week
    Castlematyr sunday,lets hope they win.
    There reperesenting cork hurling now,lets unite as one in east,north,south and west and fully support them.
    I hope they do and they should win it sunday.

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,276 ✭✭✭thinkstoomuch1

    sean mac wrote: »
    This is par for the course with cuthbert,he cant help himself with media-blaming the players after the kerry game,the parkinson interview,the wilie wonka interview,the pre mayo game nonsense and now telling alan cadogan thru the examiner we'll have a chat!!!!!your a year too late brian,this is an established all star nominated hurler

    What do mean by wille wonka interview?

    I didnt see that one

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,064 ✭✭✭zetecescort

    What do mean by wille wonka interview?

    I didnt see that one

    He said something along the lines of "getting the Cork job was like winning the golden ticket to Wonkas factory"

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,276 ✭✭✭thinkstoomuch1

    He said something along the lines of "getting the Cork job was like winning the golden ticket to Wonkas factory"

    Anybody got a link.please to it

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  • Registered Users Posts: 303 ✭✭Smith614

    TTM ..... By all reports Ballyhea are the only club looking for a coach.

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,276 ✭✭✭thinkstoomuch1

    I missed that interview.
    Ill say one thing,and i geuinely mean these,he is,well,able to talk the talk,very charismatic,media,warm to him .
    I wouldnt have him as manager of any cork team but he has talents and i always believe in waste not want not in imo and by all accounts excellent adminstartion,he would be,an ideal adminstsator or vice chairman etc or pr job for cork when tracy kennedy moves up to next role.
    He,would be,excellent at that role,i dont doubt hes passion or love ,for cork gaa but i dont think he,fully understands the breaking down of management,reading books,going to conventions alone,wont do it,you must have,an instinct in management,i dont think he has that but in dealing with croke park,rules,games,cork gaa running i would,fully support him in that senior role and hes ideal in dealing with the media

    He has a natural flair with words,is imo a,good,wordsmith with a warmth and charsima media like,,teaching background good skills,from their,you need that on your board,id have him as one of the new breed of county board members with ger lane,tracey kennedy all very good memembers imo

    Id have two separte county boards football and hurling.
    Cusack or o grady be,director of hurling.Cusack the voice cork hurling craves for.
    Morgan or ricken with football
    Cuthbhert would be ideal in adminstartion,he has,skills but use them right

    Cork gaa must be,horses for courses.Every gaa man wants to manage cork,but that doesnt give them the right to.You must have the perfect skillset though
    Id love personally to manage,cork,but i wouldnt,dream going for it,as im not good enough,and are better coaches ,proven out there
    Im passionate but honest enough to realise,Cork football must,always come first.

    Cuthbherts part in that interview on who is he to be ,cork manager,id agree totally.

    He talked the talk bout numbers in dublin ,plays etc,always managers that do that i go red alert like trying to baffle me as these guys saying their know their stuff

    He was right in dont let kerry play ,but jesus the,space,we allowed them he coudnt do what he preached from the,sideline
    He reminds me of john allen,great interviews to give what naive fans believe,as insightful anayalis and you would think hes an expert but yet both not once but time and,again failed to be good in the big games and made glaringly poor mistakes in reading a games flow.

    That wille wonka interview just shows,again its all great talk but he,cant translate that talk on to the field.

    Here again is the Ned english piece
    Here the difference is ,he,doesnt talk the talk,hes proved it again and again.Compare and contrast hes views on the game its a level above the current set up
    We could play and evolve donegal system imo no end,as unlile them we have an abundance of scoring forwards.

    See the piece where its not bout just being sport physcologist and talking to players it bout actually coaching every aspect of the game techinque etc
    Cleary and english were set for the cork job.Proven coaches,we would be serious all ireland contenders and like,fitzmaurice with donaghy,o se,mahony,sheehan would have developed system like mcguinness in donegal to reinvorgate old players and blend it with youthful exurbence of new talent.
    People will make out cork football has huge problems and cant be fixed.Its quite simple,it can and very easily.
    You appoint cleary,english,gene o driscoll,o brien nemo rangers as management set up and you have a huge step forward.

    Eoin cadogan may choose football as he is not guaranteed hurling,thats the only saving grace for football
    Cork have no one to replace,him in football

    The league we have to go to tyrone,monaghan,derry,donegal,shorn of leaders in walsh,cahalane,a midfield with gould and maguire when maguire,a superb talent hes progreess be hindered by having an inconsistsnt partner beside him
    Then the usal talk when maguire is not great,fans,will blame him,ah he,was overated when thats wrong,its just unlike kerry who develop their players through good coaching ours stand,still their progression remains non existant or static.
    Good,coaching is truly the be and,end all of the modern game.

    Sean dinnen got games,could be in year two and would of helped maguire.Unlikely hell play next,year.

    we had a pondorous midfield last year,now its worse,and our forwards wont needed to be marked as they will be,starved of possesion
    If cadogan goes hurling,were in trouble,at full back,dont be,suprised we put dorman,clancy in their,they are fine players,not full backs.I hate to see good playerd made look poor,played out of position.
    The league is going to be very very rocky road,i cant,see,anything but relegation,mayo will be,a shambles this year may save us but two to go down,hard to see who else,will bar us,and mayo so i think we could go down.
    Derry are league specalists.
    Its going to be sad,to see such small,support cork footballers which imo is,bound to happen if we go on a run of defeats.

    Thats great,smithy,finn said,after final in paper,was thinking bout it
    And talk was would be more involved with limerick
    Is he going to be,fully involved,with charville?

    Mark foley living in ballygaran so he could,do ballyhea
    Keane go to kilbrin,kilbrin will win junior,castlematyr now out,and keane,wins wherever he goes

    Smithy who would you like as u 21 manager??

  • Registered Users Posts: 12 celticcc1

    Any news on managers for Newtownshandrum, Mallow, Milford, Charleville, Ballyhea, Kildorrery

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,297 ✭✭✭Horse84

    Just my opinion but I think cuthbert comes across poor in interviews. Actually replace the word poor with clueless. He wouldn't inspire me with confidence listening to him that's for sure.
    He's not as bad as say the ger fitz's of this world ie before an important u-21 game where he said and I quote "sure we don't know where we are really, we'll see what happens". I was watching that with a tipp man and Kilkenny man who were pissing themselves and I was embarrassed.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,105 ✭✭✭Boom__Boom

    Horse84 wrote: »
    Just my opinion but I think cuthbert comes across poor in interviews. Actually replace the word poor with clueless. He wouldn't inspire me with confidence listening to him that's for sure.
    He's not as bad as say the ger fitz's of this world ie before an important u-21 game where he said and I quote "sure we don't know where we are really, we'll see what happens". I was watching that with a tipp man and Kilkenny man who were pissing themselves and I was embarrassed.

    Totally agree - I would rate him as only very average, if even that in terms of his dealings with the media.

    The stuff he came out with on Newstalk after the Kerry game about the fact that the sideline considered making a switch to protect the full-back line after 10-15 minutes but ultimately decided to wait until half-time before was car-crash stuff. That was shooting yourself in the foot and then putting your foot in your mouth. Imagine what it would be like as a player to hear a manager to come out with that sort of stupidity. "We recognised that there was a problem and we thought about doing something about it, but in the end we shrugged our shoulders and said we'd decide at half-time" If a manager of an U14s team said that after a match and the lads heard it you just know that they would be laughing at him. For an inter-county manager, that's a fireable offence for gross negligence.

    That Willy Wonka quote sounds like awful rameis to me - almost like suggesting he got the job because his name was pulled out of the hat in a raffle. A superb way to inspire confidence and appear like you were the right man for the job.

    Also he said before the Sligo game that it was Cork's All-Ireland. That's not something a top manager would say in a million years.

    Overall I get a serious whiff of management PR speak from him. That sort of guff is tolerable when you're winning, but when you're losing its poison.

    That's before you go anywhere near the issue of tactics or man-management.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,977 ✭✭✭lukin

    I just read the article in The Examiner about Aidan Walsh and I noticed that Cuthbert didn't wish Walsh all the best or thank him for his contribution to Cork football.I think this is pretty disgraceful to be honest.
    I think the article was based on a radio interview he gave so maybe he did thank him but it wasn't included.
    I certainly hope that was the case.
    Edit:I stand corrected; he did thank him in private (
    I still think he should have said so publicly:

  • Registered Users Posts: 417 ✭✭CORKDOUBLE

    Strong rumours that Teddy McCarthy will be the new u21 hurling manager .....the man was a hero and an idol when playing ..those huge fetches magic.....but his record as a manager of teams is very bad ..I don't think hes cut out for it ....would not be a good appointment.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,216 ✭✭✭aster99

    Teddy Mac would be a poor appoinment for the u21's. Not a guy who brings stability to a set up

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,276 ✭✭✭thinkstoomuch1

    One other crucial point  people miss is going for  alan cadogan in football, which is flogging a dead horse  in he wont change is it imo sets another poor message to the team particulary the front,six as its like we need another forward

    I said it last year,we dont need,alan cadogan,as good footballer he is,is he better than colm,hurley,goulding,doc,as full forwards no he is not imo.
    If so can anyone give me evidenve to the contary???

    Is he better than hodnett,two different styles yes. but no he isnt
    Dan maceoin if developed every bit as good as him
    Why on earth would you bring cadogan in.
    Who do you drop
    Remember cork will be  playing two man full forward line now next year,so 15 is really in number a forward in reality ,a tracker defender,who will operate middle third a lot.

    Also you cant play alan a half forward as  he is creative to a,point but no way he is as creative as collins or kelly at 11 or vaughsn if injury free and developed

    Hes not a hardworking forward track defender role like dooher in hes day,rourke,brian o driscoll,a performing kerrigan,vaughan if you want on one wing more athletic,strong,paul flynn type player,can score and create

    Point is hes not thinking it through,hes setting himself up for another rejection but imo hes doing it as he knows he,wont get him,but,as time passes will use excuse lost cadogan,walsh,cahalane etc,deane injured,etc as he was severly disrupted in planning,never really hes fault when question should  be,why some left the set up

    If i was hurley or colm,goulding,hodnett id be thinking he has no faith in us as we are not short forwards and the only way he can get any any any slim chance of alan joinimg is to guarantee him a starting place,who do you drop then??
    If you dont guarantee cadogan place,yet you leave him on the bench at times,you take away hes chance,when hes certain starter hurling next year or at least better chance than at,football

    Its like he thinks we lost last year,and forwards will make a difference,as why is going for another forward

    He should be trying to  midfielders like dinnen on board ,michael laoire both never given fair chance as he needs to realise or someone in set up needs to say ,its midfield we,have huge issues we need some bit of maturity expierence as we cant expect kiely,maguire to carry the can next year
    We will barely have two midfielders,one sub,but if we have injuries and gould doesnt perform or maguire understandably not settle fast,we have no real bench options
    How can cadogan fare any better than the rest whem he will be starved of quality possession to cork having no midfield.
    you have a ferrai,but you still need feel to run it.
    A foward needs possesion,hes bread and butter cant survive without it.

    Why are we looking for a forward when its midfielsers and corner back we need.No lessons have been learned imo again from last year.
    If  eoin cads goes hurling ,id go to ray carey and beg him to come back,not sure he would but id beg him as even though i said he wouldnt be my choice,scence has now changed and if in blanket defenve carey may work as we if cads go need shields at full back

    Id have stephen,alan cronin two,but rays expierence would help

    We need corner backs,midfielders not forwards
    If you have a broken pipe,and now with water charges you must get it fixed asap you call a plumber not an electican
    He cant with all the,will in the world cant help you,you waste hes time and yours but you pay the cost over the mistake.

    Same here we,dont need forwards,we have plenty of them.
    If i was,a cork player and i read we were going for alan cadogan another forward,id question what direction were going and id be very dillusioned with things.
    Cadgoan a very good footballer cant bring anything the other ten or,so candiates have imo to the table
    I see no logic at all in this.

    Horse i totally agree with you regards ger fitzgrerald.
    Boom i said it then,to say sligo was our all ireland was,an awful reflection of cork football ,how far we had fallen

    I remember reading it as i was wearing  my cork underpants at the time,there not just an underpants now,i mean there a great,really really great underpants now,as its white with cork logo on left,and cork on waist part with a blissful touch of red.

    I had to change them fast,as i had a geuine  fear id get diarrohea after the thought of cork football v sligo with the greatest respect playing  outside croke park is our all ireland final and those Cork underpants must i thought be saved,i owed them that respect.Thankfully  i was at home,i changed  and saved them ,prevention better than any cure.

    Does the Cork jeresy have the value we see,sligo as,a threat to cork football now.Is that the limit of our ambition,peak to beat sligo in the middle of july in a good but hardly great staduim,in i mean great now really really great staduims???

    Is that what our players sacfrice nine months busting their balls ,blood,sweat,tears to see sligo as our all ireland
    Mayo knew and i said it then ,had us beaten before a ball was even kicked,and the interview bout the referee rubber stamped it .
    He said he wanted to change cork culture once in football, i admire that but how can you with that attuide,Sligo our,all ireland get the right culture.

    We beat sligo,so if thats our all ireland,should we  have had a open bus top parade homecomimg.
    We need roy keane characthers in cork gaa to dismiss such embarrasing standards for a county like cork.

    No disrrespect to sligo,they were very poor in fairness but at least they  are trying to change,sacked their manager.

    Would the really great i mean great sports stars set lower standards when it doesnt justify better talents
    Would Ruby walsh,Tony mccoy,the great now i mean really great jockeys settle for 3mile chases in Gowran park as pinncale their career they want gold,cups,grand natinoal,king george the de la creme de la creme ,i mean now de la creme of hunt racing
    Would man united settle for charity cups,Germany settle for beating faroe islands,new zealand,settle for beating tonga,western samoa etc,Barcelona settle for beating real socieas,Munster under foley settle for a rabo 12 and beating connaught,Kilkenny settle for beating offaly,no they would not,you set your standards accordingly to talents avaible.
    Whatever critisms Wenger at arsenal gets,you got to admire always get champions league,he wont settle for less,yet fans understandabky demand more
    Sligo i have great time for,but,rescources talent are miles above them,div 1 team v div 4 team.

    On way home after long day, I got.a text of a buddy ,cratloe training in limerick tonight.
    I Said ,sure worth a detour of 40 miles to watch.Cratloe senior footballers against dr crokes,last year earned my respect ,so did sean collins,also brought in ephie fitz and paudie kissane to clare.Top manager.
    Here was cratloe small place,doing brillant both codes,the footballers. trained close to two hrs,such tempo pace,to drills huge intenisty no going through motions,orchestrastrd by sean collins
    What struck me was when it got sloppy,one trainers roared not good enough were cratloe we want more.
    We WANT MORE Penerated through my ear drums like a rocket in to space,it ventured beyond limits of some,I thought ,This team has my respect and admiration,they always want be better they WANT MORE
    Cork football are not a small club but a large county,we dont seem  demand to WANT MORE at times rather we accept less at times.
    Cork should be aiming to be the pionners of modern gaa.

    As for teddy mac,i didnt hear  the same but if he gets it the u.21 job  just unbelievable,really,means we still dont learn from our mistakes yet again.
    He didnt get it the  last time so may not now.
    Great he was i mean really really great player,greatest dual ever ,a hero of mine as a player but you go through hes record in management its very poor to be honest inside and outside cork.
    No good being a manager of a lot of clubs if your record is poor success.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 303 ✭✭Smith614

    Ah jez, they surely can't give it to Teddy Mac. A hero in Cork Gaa but not the man for this job. It would be great to see Pat Mulcahy getting the nod.

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