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Cork GAA Discussion Thread



  • Closed Accounts Posts: 5,851 ✭✭✭Mountainlad

    TTM, do you know anything about Tom McGlinchey? Looks like he'll be the next Waterford Senior football manager.

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    Well holy god,what  a truly wonderful honest read,articulate intelligent,no bull article by derek daly in tonights echo he said practically almost  everything i said here for months regards cork hurling i doubt he was reading my posts here,more so imo just great gaa minds think alike.
    Top piece all credit due ,Derek.

    He said if jbm went as manager the options were slim as o grady,allen,ger blue,cusack,face woudnt fit,he said why is for another day.

    He said cadogan should stay football,i alwsays preached it,and cormac murphy jamie nagle better options.At last someone other than me said it in paper.
    Nagle must imo get a chance.

    Said cahalane may be best option for full back,colm spillane may be tried on forty ,as bonner maher role
    I said it ,i d maybee try him but hed be back first if chalane fails
    He said cork were not that bad as tipp game in hes right,systmatic failure was the problem
    He said joyce aint a corner back,half back or nothing.

    He said pa callaghan would be huge addition to cork and cork have forwards to win an all ireland.
    Top stuff real intelligent,honest reading.
    I respect and admire that hughely.
    This a writer that doesnt do odd article,consistently he writes top stuff

    Paudie kissane coaching snapped by someone else not intercounty but a,top set up all the,same.
    Hasnt been offically said yet so i will not say now

    Also more big cork gaa news set to make waves within the next week i heard

    Mountain lad ,hes good coach ,qualifed fitness instructor i believe, played clyda won county intermefdiate 96 with them,done good work driving them on the field,a real leader,unlucky v nemo senior county semi 2000

    Coached tipp seniors robbed munster final in 02 by cork,ballylanders county with limerick,was with killaloe hurling team four years ago,had limerick,minors,junior u21 also

    Youngish but expierenced
    Limerick u 21 were awful,but he had no rescources at all at all,no commitment panel either

    Used to being involved in teams fight adversity and are small fish,being a clyda man,knows values of team unity,spirit honesty,work rate,courage,and never give up
    He is not like some a bluffer,spoffer,doesnt have an ego.
    Good choice for ye.

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    Id have an issue with that article in should said liam hayes wonderful truimph,as me best hardest ever win,beat waterford,particulary clare abundance young quailty hurlers,tipp ,practally beat galway u 21 team,beat good wexford team in knowlan park,tough place to win for any cork team.

    In regards kenneally cork having a heaving beating is being kind,imo it should be,said shambolic nightmare or sickening dissater be more accuarte imo.
    It was an awful night for cork hurling lets call it as it was .

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    Had declined to post u 21 team 2015 ,while current set upwas there,now it is new here is my team provisionally

    Patrick Collins playing intermediate aweome eyes of a cat hands of a vice Great puck out as power like shot put thrower,agility like Cummins and gymnast
    Third year u 21 playing intermediate club

    Stephen Murphy outstandimg corner back senior for rockies,could be for cork
    Alan Dennehy outstanding cork intermediates,cit,and charville,on u 21 panel last year
    Cian walsh top corner back senior this year barrs
    Conor Twomey outstanding newtown senior,bulked up,could play at six
    Niall Cashman senior this year sub ,but defo club next year

    Alan o callaghan superb minor,and u 21 rockies
    Rickard Cahalane senior ballmartle super player
    Glen kennfick injury free will be outstanding and amazing senior year behind him

    Horgan or keniry Both intermediate senior players club,powerful players
    Dayne lee senior club outstanding
    Pa callaghan senior cork he wants it senior club next year
    Mark O Connor outstanding senior year douglas
    Sean Hayes outstanding minors,intermediate mallow,and senior avondu
    Anthony Spillane....outstanding freshers ucc,castlelons intermediate,cork intermediates ,will benfit fitzgibnon cup hurling,powerful pacey,agressive,has hurling,good ball winner,second year u 21

    Darren o connell
    , Killian O Connor,
    Sean Bourke,
    Conor Kelleher,
    Killian McIntyre,
    Eoghan Keniry if not starting
    Peter Kelleher
    michel macsweeney
    Kevin kavanagh
    James o brien
    David geary
    Aron ward douglas
    Mark o connor douglas
    Shane milner glen
    David dooling glen
    Dylann quinn barrs
    Dillon Cahill Cloyne
    Luke meade
    John cashman

    Other names will come up for consideration depending on form
    Injuries etc but this panel i have no doubt can win v waterford push clare all the way at home
    Just one thing,must appoint proven quailty manager now

    Seventh ,the development,squads be similar this year player wise

    Ag fine team,gunnimg,lee,o connell all senior na.piarsaigh,add in dan gunning,couglan,awesome evan sheehan hanafim,ye have very good team,great fitness coach in liam shorten

    Is padraig gould helping out as well if so?,great addition

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,276 ✭✭✭thinkstoomuch1

    Jeusus there dropping like flies in waterford senior hurling team,another retirment they say is imminent on their thread i feel for them

    Cork should beat them handy

    Big news,for cork gaa in the next week .

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  • Registered Users Posts: 2,297 ✭✭✭Horse84

    Jeusus there dropping like flies in waterford senior hurling team,another retirment they say is imminent on their thread i feel for them

    Cork should beat them handy

    Big news,for cork gaa in the next week .

    Hurling or football and is it good or bad lol?

  • Registered Users Posts: 303 ✭✭Smith614

    The u21 manager is a vital appointment in Cork now. who is ur money on TTM1. I hope its not musical chairs.

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,085 ✭✭✭zetecescort

    Smith614 wrote: »
    The u21 manager is a vital appointment in Cork now. who is ur money on TTM1. I hope its not musical chairs.

    Ger Cunningham....oh right, you were looking for people likely to be appointed.

  • Registered Users Posts: 303 ✭✭Smith614

    The Dublin Job is probably more like a career choice.

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,276 ✭✭✭thinkstoomuch1

    My candiates smith

    Sean o brien midelton
    Mark landers killeagh u 21 with someone like cody  trainer replacing him minor if he goes
    Eddie murphy
    Pat ryan
    Pat mulchay
    Fergal ryan blackrock
    Wayne sherlock
    Pat hartnett
    Jim sullivan as selector be ideal
    Anyone has a case here

    No way should these below get it

    Ronan dwayne not proven top level
    Teddy mac no,no,no,no,no,.simply no.Hes record as manager is poor.We judge him as manager not player.
    Joe deane,sean.og no way, my heroes like teddy but not any proven coaching.Great players but we need a Great coach i mean now Great coach.
    Peter smith,tactically not great
    Gardiner in time but too early for him just one year as coach so far

    Alan browne no
    Fergal ryan mallow no
    The rock no,must prove himself at club etc

    Ger blue was the man,loves coaching young talent,developing them if offered this last year when it was vacant with guarantee next senior manager would im told never left ,went limerick,could doubled up like kinnerk did at u 21 senior,and when he got senior job would have had lads he developed at u 21.
    Im told would have jumped at thst if offered it.

    Hard to know yet as sub committee is set up,be two.main men pick manager,rest have they any real input???

    Club delegates have no real power as if they did kenneally wouldnt got it in last year or cuthbhert over cleary or when both michael maguire and shamrocks delgates both tried to debate two issues,like cleary overlooked then underage structures and pairc,Both times our chairman refused to debate and then delagates most refused to back him.
    At least in dail eireann you can debate issues,in cork gaa no.

    Theres two links,two articles back in 2009,has muched changed in cork gaa since i ask that those articles highlighted???

    Not much imo has changed.
    Thankfully we wont have strikes again but lot old problems still exist.If things got really bad,players would just walk away.
    Reaaon is players dont have appettite for stikes and i can understand why.Three was more than enough.
    Have cork gaa listened to its grassroots since that 2009 poll?

    Not consistently imo,no strikes but same old problems resurfaced such cusack had to go on public tv and say the facts,like moyinhan said then though,messenger in cork is,always blamed.
    Cusack was the enemy.

    We had Ger Fitzgerald getting fpur years,a new second term,despite poor results as u 21 boss

    We had pat kenneally getting the minor gig,despite better options
    Then he got the u 21 gig

    We had Cuthbhert getting senior elite job cork gaa based on what ??

    Ballyclough poor club record
    Bishoptown poor
    Minor selectors various teams poor results
    2010 manager got to a all ireland final yes but made poor tactical moves in final could have won

    Denis walsh got two year term,at most should been one,despite o grady ,ger blue wanting it.He had no record at management,yet good enough for an elite job in senior Hurling.

    If their was a poll done now,what would the results be.
    Imo interesting reading
    The one main point from poll was club delegates had not majior input in managers or voiced,concerns grassroots, imo they failed cork gaa again last year in cork football they owe it to cork gaa,clubs represent,hurling men,women,kids of cork hurling who play it ,the fans,all who dearly love cork hurling to please please please for the love of god just make sure they get this,appointment right in cork hurling and if theres even a whisper of an unproven coach getting it or a person with a failed record,object to it.

    Its not personal,just doing whats right for Cork Hurling at the end of the day

    The board spordically lets be fair get it right and credit where its dur,like denis ring,john cleary u 21 then sean hayes u 21,liam hayes hurling intermediate,jbm,but too many times at various levels,poor choices,are made
    The cork public majiorty crave for consistently good choice managers.
    If the cork u 21 manager is a good choice and intermediate,ill support county board etc fully in hurling etc as.Nobody likes to criticise our county board,but just do whats right for cork gaa,yes mistakes naturally be made,no problem,we are all only human at the end of the day but dont repeat same mistakes over and over and over again.

    We will with ring ,landers,jbm have,a full house with ace of spades and kings and no jokers in our house of cards so to speak.
    Cork hurling craves for imo a top top u21 manger,ist time in six years I mean craves for it,16 years without an all ireland.

    Now i ask Will cork gaa get the manager we want at u21 hurling.
    All I want is a proven quailty coach,i dont care what club he is from,east,west north or south Cork or what he achieved as a player.
    What has he,done in management is all that counts
    This is not a complicated process can be made quite simple imo look at results of candiates.
    We got to get this call right,no room for error imo.Simply got to folks,this appointments signifance cant be overstated,Huge importance to survial Cork Hurling.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 303 ✭✭Smith614

    Even tho Pat Mulcahy is being mentioned as joining the senior set up I Think the u21 job would be an ideal stepping stone for him. It would be a popular choice and he knows the scene thru colleges etc.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,297 ✭✭✭Horse84

    Smith614 wrote: »
    Even tho Pat Mulcahy is being mentioned as joining the senior set up I Think the u21 job would be an ideal stepping stone for him. It would be a popular choice and he knows the scene thru colleges etc.

    Agreed pat mul would def be my choice too. Its feasible he could manage both roles, it would benefit both camps in my view. Whether it happens now is another thing. I agree with previous posters ger cunningham would've been ideal for the job. It's sickening from cork hurling's sake that he's been lost to Dublin for the time being

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,276 ✭✭✭thinkstoomuch1

    No cork football all star

    Correctly so but shields ,kelly,walsh,doc,colm,hurley,goulding etc talent was their ,but further inditement of how cork football continues in a rapid downword spiral as players were made look poorer.Disgraceful for cork football but no critisicm will be given .Dare not criticide in cork gaa.

    As for this u 21 appointment,hughely concerning,it barely got much mention in Cork media ,just a bit ,basically hayes and kenneally are gone.Tell us why there gone,etc.

    Now fair point,lot on this week intermediate final,munster rubgy,Cork city,but surely it deserved piece .

    Yes people may say nothing to write about yet,but imo should of been more,like a huge appointment is up for cork hurling and who may be in the frame.
    Also liam hayes departure ,was just mentioned in hoganstand,for examples hes gone,won all ireland with cork.I read and thought ,is that it???

    Surely a manager,won five games ,won all ireland, a panel severly disprupted by injuries,suspensions,illness, retirments,players away still won an all ireland , with just one game at home,a manager that had so much commitment a passion so huge he had the team playing wexford away in a challenge ,the day cork played the replay v waterford deserved more than that.
    Away from the spotlight hayes had just one focus,Forget bout others,they had a job to do,they had one focus,did not think bout watching seniors,he had one focus that morning.
    Surely a piece highlighting hes great contribution to cork hurling,even last year,unlucky beaten by,a point in tipp to a very good tipp team ,that won the all ireland.
    Also hayes,Gave young potential cork hurlers like,Dennehy,Barry,Murphy,Cronin,Drake,Colm ,anthony spillane ,ist time ,their careers all ireland success.
    Hayes did not just win an all ireland, he done so much more for cork hurling
    Lets do a tribute in the coming days,to do him proud is my opinion,he deserves it to be fair now.Imo the Best Ever Intermediate all ireland win for many different reasons for Cork.
    They played some amazing hurling
    along the way.

    The u 21 vacany must be simply must be,given media profile in the coming days,as i hope like last year this next appointment is not rushed through and nice low media profile given in the lead up to the announcement.
    Cork public in  gaa,have we not right like any other sport,know the,shortlist of candiates,why so much secerecy it is like the,Da Vinci Code,at Times that secret.

    Does cork.u 21 hurling job not deserve profile of the leading candiates  lets name the contenders????

    Many people dont even know u21 job is up for grabs,as nothing much in the media yesterday.
    As one poster here said,it was very low key announcement.

    Alan browne some want as manager ,he was a very good player for Blackrock,and Cork.
    In 96 in hammering to limerick got a goal to keep us in it til half time,vital point in 99 final as sub,sublime in 2001 county final.3-8 out of rockies 4-8 in the county final,im huge fan of him as a player.

    As manager,not great record ,selector 2013 beaten by ballymartle,again lost them this year,hasnt stood out.Far from standout candiate.

    Sean o.brien ,in comparison,won as a player,and coach,coached blarney 2010 all ireland intermediate title,won junior and senior titles various teams,cork won all ireland intermediate title,then won lots underage success various teams,done lots coaching in cork,very good drills imo  by him, fergal ryan  manager,o brien coach,landers selector and still coach with minors,pat mulchay and jim o sullivan  be a dream ticket.He done a lot of coaching workshops in cork before ,great man work with underage

    City,east cork,avondu,duhallow well repreresented.
    I just selected these on records ,thats why i got,.

    If these got it,ccb can sit back,relax there would be a munster within two years.
    Next year will be harder for cork as limerick would be the only home game if we got to a munster final and lost.
    Cork have a great chance with all home games guaranteed in munster this year no matter who they meet.
    Waterford have a new manager also.
    Clare i believe are currently making plans for next year.

    Nothing against west cork that i have no west cork candiate,give me a candiate better any of above by all means and i put him in their
    I dont want to see like we had on various teams past, a county board man put in to make up numbers

    Key is link with minors to u 21 landers,thus if mulchay goes senior link with senior and u 21
    Cork must plan for the future,a new three year plan be ideal,review it then again.

    All of these guys have won at clubs and o.sullivan,ryan, pat hartnett,recently won u 21 county a with clubs selector senior midelton team would come in for serious,consideration for a role,top coach,landers won b with killeagh u 21 but all are close to u 21 scence in cork recently and know it inside out
    Jim sullivan,is a genuis for what he done with duhallow,is,down to earth no airs and graces,met him matches many times,has no ego will talk away,and hes knowledge on a player is like an enclocepedia,talking to him,such a shrewd man,i got a lump in my throat talking to him.
    If pat ryan got it over fergal,i wouldnt complain as in two years won two senior county with Sarsfields and is a top top coach,real hurling man to the bone.

    Remember,the hurlers Cork have,majiority have won nothing at minor,been on two hammerings in two previous u 21 teams,so they need belief,and to get belief you must have reason to believe in a set thats why my set up is embedded with winners ,and successful men not men who are just high profile names where we hope can make it,are proven top top coaches.

    The next intermediate hurling.manager  should be proven coach also.
    Also if,charville win sunday,do not put claude gough in,selector yes but hes not the tactican,or main man at charville,peter finn is just yet.
    Anbody doubt this,watch charville train,i have,Finn is key.
    Hes limerick so he wont be the main man in media etc,Gough will if they win be talked up,and cork will promote their own and cherry pick for credit accoladation but lets be fair,if hes good coach,from limerick, in cork doing well lets acknowledge it.

    I have nothing against gough,i do think in time he could make a fine,coach but hes not there yet so i wont say he is just yet the main man.

    Now im not a fan of going outside cork in going for coaches but if keane and others doesnt want it,finn outstanding club record,drom athleccas,effin,kilmallock, limerick intercounty minors limerick,deserves to be seriously considered.
    Liam ryan newtownshandrum,patsy morrisey deserve to be in the fray if they could commit to it.

    And if  its not keane or the others finn he is not from that far away,he is just over border in bruee,.

    Would he choose Cork,imo he would be mad not to as hes unlilely to have success with limerick hurling,,just around seven all irelands, in forty years across,minor ,u21,senior and intermediate,pretty woeful record to be brutally honest ,you would think he would jump at a chance to join us,yes cork has problems, similar hurling poltics similar to limerick but imo compared to limerick ,the lessers of two evils I would think compared,to winning all irelands.

    We have given them so many coaches they still manage to make a mess of it bar with Dave keane 3 in a row all ireland u 21 hurling titles,bout time we got one of their good ones,balanced the books a bit.

    Finn is a Top ,modern coach,lot former players speak good of him.
    Try our own ist but if no stands out,he is worth considering.
    Good coach like denis ring is hes opponent sunday,only one can win sunday so none will be a bad coach if they loose in my eyes

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,276 ✭✭✭thinkstoomuch1

    Ballyhea could be without pa callaghan,im not sure ,sent off in the league defeat to ballinshaig,i thought hed be fine,can never understand the sendings off ,does it carry over in to the championship for next game??
    If hes out,added to ronan absence they could be in real trouble against a dogged tough teak lixnaw who will mix it ,so there could be a lot pressure on Eugene o Leary then,cork minor panelist this year to do the bulk of the scoring in the absence of Neil Ronan and Pa Callaghan.

    Blackrock must beat ballymarle tommorrow in the league semi final ,two defeats in two years got, to beat them.
    Their not too young to win league ,imo,midelton team that won the senior last year had current u 21 lads ,and in 2013 12 of that team plus cormac walsh  was a a sub won u 21 in 2011.

    Speaking of midelton conor lehane graduated in  ucc recently is he eligble for fitygibbon cup next year?

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,085 ✭✭✭zetecescort

    Milstreet win the Junior A football, 1-9 to 1-8

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,984 ✭✭✭lukin

    Milstreet win the Junior A football, 1-9 to 1-8
    I was at the match.The Barrs threw it away really,they were five points up with twenty minutes left.Millstreet got a goal and dominated after that.
    Apparently six clubs have gone intermediate from Duhallow in the last few years?Can't be too many clubs left in the division at this stage.

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,276 ✭✭✭thinkstoomuch1

    Donal og cusack on the saturday night show tonight

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,276 ✭✭✭thinkstoomuch1

    Lyre,boherube,dromtarriffe,kilbrin knockgaree,cullen,castlemagner , I may be wrong,i think are left.
    Id imagine knockagree or boherbue may in time be the next ones to win it.
    Kilbrin will struggle due to hurling.
    If ned english took them over,a possibilty,down the line,guaranteed to win it.

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,276 ✭✭✭thinkstoomuch1

    I dont think barrs threw away ,its when the need was greatest ,milstreet had the hunger,had not won in over thirty years,barrs couldnt match that intensity.
    Lot milstreet won u 21 few years ago,vaughan,ellis,magical kevin crowley all various cork expiernce.

    Yes barrs,want to win but with senior team also truth is doesnt mean as much to them.
    It will be the same today ,castlwmatyr can stay in the game as long as possible,wet day suit them,in they havent won in fifty years hunger should get them over the line as its ballinshaig second team.,despite talk and hype they cant want it much as castlenatyr.

    Castlematyr should win it.No excuse if they dont.

    Fermoy v charville be very tough.
    Id fancy charville just slighty.
    James o brien,dennehy,flynn,cagney will need huge games

    Ballyhea to beat lixnaw but it be tough and set up huge clash with bruff.

  • Registered Users Posts: 9,460 ✭✭✭Orizio

    Wet day will suit Ballinhassig all day long, big strong team, Castlemartyr a lot smaller and will slow down the likes of O'Tuama and the Lawtons.

    Hassig 6 to 2 up, 6 ex-senior hurlers playing for Ballinhassig, that experience and size winning it for them.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 9,460 ✭✭✭Orizio

    Ballyhea winning. Ballinhassig beating C'Martyr handy at HT.

  • Registered Users Posts: 9,460 ✭✭✭Orizio

    Ballyhea two down.

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,085 ✭✭✭zetecescort

    woeful from Ballyhea, poor first touch, second to most breaking ball and must have hit 14 or 15 wides. Maurice O'Sullivan the only one to play to any sort of standard. Lixnaw full value for their 3 point win, 3-11 to 1-14

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,085 ✭✭✭zetecescort

    Castlemartyr win the Junior Hurling, 18 - 10.

  • Registered Users Posts: 9,460 ✭✭✭Orizio

    Great win for C'Martyr. Adrian Bowens MOTM, must be 36/37 at this stage. TTM and all the lads in Dungourney must be devastated. :D

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,085 ✭✭✭zetecescort

    Fermoy 2-14 Charleville 1-16. Is that it now for Pairc Ui Chaoimh?

  • Registered Users Posts: 344 ✭✭wackokid

    Fermoy 2-14 Charleville 1-16. Is that it now for Pairc Ui Chaoimh?

    I wonder will they keep them seats for the new stadium?
    They were a little bit crampy.

  • Moderators, Category Moderators, Recreation & Hobbies Moderators, Sports Moderators Posts: 32,666 CMod ✭✭✭✭ShamoBuc

    wackokid wrote: »
    I wonder will they keep them seats for the new stadium?
    They were a little bit crampy.

    Thought the seats were fine, they were simply placed too close.

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,276 ✭✭✭thinkstoomuch1

    Orizo, with the greatest try and paint a picture that suits,in i dont like castlematyr ,but unlike you who had no faith your team,with rubblish rain wouldnt suit them, playing the poor mouth all week just in case,ye lost ,i said it all weak,and today castlematr would and should  should win,i clearly said last week i wanted them to win,justify east cork titles and win as its good for cork hurling they win ,as there in  munster
    Im not wasting my time going tit for tat with you,but just to be crystal clear

    My quote of my post
    You are quite fast on many topics not just cork but dublin even last week to dismiss them in hurling,total disrespect to what he will bring to the set up.
    Fast enough to dismiss cork minors,a game by your posts you werrnt at,you dismiss all cork underage teams as lack talent,dismiss players with one liners not backing it up,yet you complain when anyone crticises anything to do with castlematyr.
    For your info ,i hope castlematyr win a county now,got to push on ,if not ,imo want someone else win east cork.
    Thats my post,9998  from the old cork thread.I take it you can read,if so you will see im not devasated ,but like i said here ,i WANTED THEM to win.Im happy they as any poster here will tell you i want the best for cork gaa .

    You also must realise a game isnt just twenty minutes,your shrewd assesement bore no fruit,in being behind meant nothing so early as i said all they had to do was hang in there,any fifty fifty ball was going to be won by castlamatyr,fifty years of hunger.

    I rightfully questioned and criticised there performances v cloghduv and newestowm,and unlike you am not club biased to just dare not critisise or get carried away in anything castlemstyr are gold if they deserve praise i give it,if not no i wont.Get used to it lad,with respect this is real sport,real anyalis.

    Just cause i critisice doesnt mean im anti a club,i was well justifed .I said as showed post you ignored again last year,wanted them to beat kilbrin.Explain that one to me please if im biased.
    I critise cork teams,does that mean i want them to loose,No,it means unlile you ,i dont belive in any team being immune from critsism.
    Ye,won cork county,expected by me,minuim standard imo would have been a dissaater ye lost again.

    Wasnt at game as at ballyhea,but said if there were any good should win it handy and it would take 8 points to make me happy.
    8 point win is good win and they suprised me as they normally flatter to decive,to be fair all credit due that was a performance should be proud off but they must
    Must drive on for munster,its important to remember ballinshaig second team talking few fans after hunger simply wasnt their for them.Meelin,effin,clyda,all for example won munster clubs for small clubs,no excuse castlematyr cant or should not expect to do the same now.

    Will castlematr win munster ,i doubt it but i hope they do,good for cork hurling,and farther they go,will improve their players.

    Next year at intermediate is a step up again,so they have to push on.
    Congrats to them,good for cork,our munster repersenation won a county,just like i was delighted milstreet beat the barrs yesterday.

    Ballyhea ,i always knew it would be.tough,i fancied them to win,on the basis pa played,take out callaghan and ronan two huge looses and while galvin was out for lixnaw out over a hamstring , he was a big loss for lixnaw,Griffin was a loss,and they lost an injured player, callghan and ronan were two huge losses for ballyhea worth at least six points for their team and so much more.
    Ballyhea normally you would expect to win with a full team,but lixnaw are a serious side.Kerry are strong at this grade ballybrown beat ballinshaig in 2012,beat ballybrown,their represenation beat courcey,also.
    Ballyhea could be without pa callaghan,im not sure ,sent off in the league defeat to ballinshaig,i thought hed be fine,can never understand the sendings off ,does it carry over in to the championship for next game??
    If hes out,added to ronan absence they could be in real trouble against a dogged tough teak lixnaw who will mix it ,so there could be a lot pressure on Eugene o Leary then,cork minor panelist this year to do the bulk of the scoring in the absence of Neil Ronan and Pa Callaghan.

    Blackrock must beat ballymarle tommorrow in the league semi final ,two defeats in two years got, to beat them.
    Their not too young to win league ,imo,midelton team that won the senior last year had current u 21 lads ,and in 2013 12 of that team plus cormac walsh  was a a sub won u 21 in 2011.

    Speaking of midelton conor lehane graduated in  ucc recently is he eligble for fitygibbon cup next year?

    They without two cork players,and my fears were realised  were in real trouble.
    This is a fine lixnaw team tough,real bottle have hurling,and at home to bruff will test and could and i think will beat them.

    Ballyhea touch was awful,and sloppy and looked void of ideas without two key men,o.leary tried hard ,o sullivan most of the scoring and coleman was good at times.

    Lixnaw had a marquee forward james o flaherty,three goals from play.Ballyhea had no forward like him,load of poor wides.
    Flaherty a former kerry senior took a year out in 2012,after hes football club lost an all ireland intermediate final.
    Obivously  i dont want him get three goals but jesus,huge respect for him,and delighted he bounced back.Hes fast strong,pacey,would walk on many senior club teams in cork,and would be better on better teams.Some hurler all credit due andJohn buckley ,kerry minor was good, and galvin too.
    These kerry lads dont just in fairness have like some wrongly believe hurleys for just beating bushes in north kerry,they have fine hurlers and are a credit to.their county,mark foley doing immense work with them,i hope they win a munster.

    What a classic fermoy,v charville, i missed the ist twenty.
    I fancied charville slightly but fermoy won,and deserved it,in truth nothing between two fine young teams,charville i hope and will be back next year,only could be one winner.

    Ring is  some coach,winning touch,cork minors lucky to have him.
    Shananan,superb,winning point,clancy,geary, were immense ,for charville,dennehy,o brien,collins in goal,cageny tried hard for the loosers.
    A well coached team,if they met ten times both would win five each,nothing to separte them.

    Good for north cork hurling but more importantly  cork hurling two young teams gave a super game,where both will actually get bettee,fermoy will be senior in three years,charville could win it next year,must,must keep finn though.

    Fair play to eire og,on last nights win,im delighted for dan goulding,some win without ciaran sheehan all credit due.
    Rebel og squads,seventh you were looking for them last week.

    Blackrock beaten by ballmartle in the league semi final i heard,will beat erins own now imo,blackrock cant beat ballymartle for some reason,id really have,doubts with current management,if they want to win a senior county they got to do all they can imo to get fergal ryan and wayne sherlock involved in their senior set up next year.
    They have the talent imo.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 98 ✭✭seventh7

    Yep saw the squads, shocking indictment of last years coaching. This is the feeder group for this years or next years minor panel. Missing from the squad Ross Coleman Blackrock, Micheal John Shine Blackrock, Paddy Glesson Eire Og, Killian Ahern Na Parsaigh , Adam O'Sullivan The Glen. Where is the logic here. I can't see too much its simply take last years underachievers and lets try to get a different result with the same formula.

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