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Run run run run run run run....



  • So sorry to read this, hopefully your feet heal and you can put all that training to good use.

  • Better days are coming... Dermot Kennedy song I listen to a lot at the moment!

    I'm gutted for you but as you said yourself, this running lark brings good days & bad days. The race report was just as good as I expected but for different reasons. You did yourself proud by not just heading off & sulking (which I may have been guilty of in my earlier days of running 🙈). I have really enjoyed reading about your journey to get to Berlin & you came across as someone enjoying their training & yes there were some days you didn't want to get out of bed but you did!

    Sorry for waffling, I hope the feet heal quickly & you're back on the road to your next marathon 😊

    Can I ask, how many Marathons have you done?

  • Thanks for the kind words Lainey, better days are certainly coming! I think that was to be my 8th marathon.

    I hope you’re all set and you get the result you deserve in Manchester.

  • Was really sorry to read that report. It's clear from your log that you're as pragmatic about these sort of things as you are invested in your running.

    I'm sure you've been told all the usual tenets about what can happen on raceday so I'll spare you my two cents here 🙂 But I can only imagine how things are intensified in the rarified air that you operate in. Still though...blisters 😕 tough enough one to take.

    Without playing Devil's Advocate, which is exactly what I'm doing I suppose, but if the blisters aren't too bad would Manchester be the worst option? You only got 10k in, you've a few days to clear the head, it could be a decent option. Have you talked to your coach about what's next?

    FWIW, on my first attempt to crack 3 hrs, I blew up in Rotterdam on a hot day and shuffled home to finish. Months of preparation down the drain. Took a chance and ran Limerick 4 weeks later, without having even looked at the route, and broke 3 hrs.

    Anyway, hope the blisters clear up quickly and the head follows suit 👍

  • Thanks a mill C, here's hoping I do myself & my da proud 🤗

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  • Sorry to hear about the blisters. That's very bad luck but I'm sure this training block will be the foundation to something impressive in the not too distant future.

    Do you mind me asking about your shoes and the blisters? Had you ran many training/racing miles in them in advance? I'm very curious as I have vaporflys that I have ran sessions in and have never had any issues. Have a new pair that I am hoping to race a marathon in and while I've ran a couple of short sessions in them with no issues I'm now a bit paranoid.

  • Wow, sorry for this bad luck. I'd seen from the tracker that you'd dropped out and thought it must have been the chest injury you'd written about in your previous post. I suppose blisters are a less serious ailment so that's something! 10k seems very soon for them to come on though, so definitely something up - please share the learnings when you figure out how it happened. For now, Compeed is your friend. And good luck in Manchester if you do it (I would).

  • Sorry for the slowness, I switched off for a week in Cyprus where I didn't run a step, lay on the beach loads and ate and drank what I liked. It was good for the soul but maybe not for the belly. I would have liked to run a bit but my chest injury deteriorated to the point where I found it difficult to swim or even do basic things like close the boot of a car. Two embarrassing injuries in the space of a few months, I think I need minding. I gave it a full week of rest after Berlin and tried a run in the Phoenix Park today when I got back but it's still not right and I'm going to go get it checked out tomorrow. It's a shame because I'm probably still race fit and feel like I could really tackle a few shorter races and give the XC a good rattle. I'm hoping again it's just a matter of time to let it heal and then I'll need to practice a little patience coming back.

    @healy1835 thanks for the kind words and appreciate your thoughts. I won't lie, about 15 minutes after pulling out I was already thinking of Manchester when I was taking the subway to the 32k mark. When something unfortunate like that puts a spanner in the works, your immediate motivation is to get out there and make it right. Things just haven't worked out like that in this case. I'd have seriously considered Manchester this weekend and backed myself for a good run but unfortunately I didn't run a mile in Cyprus and the chest injury is still there. Who knows what would have happened but I think best thing to do for now is pick out another marathon in a few months time, Seville is on my radar. Hope you're looking forward to smashing it!

    @Murph_D thanks Murph, if I was a betting man I'd have put a few bob on the chest injury also. Two blisters? Not a hope I'd have said. As you say, they're a less serious ailment, it's the confidence and the fitness that needs rebuilding more than anything now. Plenty of opportunities will come my way, you take the bad and the mediocre days because those precious good days make it all worthwhile.

    @TRR_the_turd Good to see the old guard still hanging around these parts! Got to take the positives from the block, it was one of the best yet so nothing lost there. I wore the AlphaFly shoes for the race and 1000 mile socks. I'd worn them both in training BUT not together. For what it's worth, I've never had blisters in the Next% and I've done a good few half distances in them and one 20 miler. I really can't pinpoint what happened but I do recall getting blisters in those areas a few weeks back, that was wearing the Nike Tempo shoes. Perhaps they didn't heal properly and pulling my socks up around my arse on race morning probably wasn't the smartest move. I wouldn't worry about it once you're practicing in training, I think I was a special case. What marathon are you planning?

  • '...I'm at the point where I've realised that the majority of races I do are just ok. That's maybe down to high expectations but more than likely, it's just life. You win some and you lose most. The good days, the wins and the PB's are the 1 in 10 races and I'm fine with that. You just need to keep showing up, striving for consistency and simplicity and trusting in the process. This was just another step in a long journey and when I look at it like that, it was completely worth it.'

    This really resonated with me. I don't race nearly enough and it took a disastrous day on the big day out for me to really realise this. Great report and nutrition advice too 👍️

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  • If the result is unexpected, It’s also worth looking at the process though, surely, rather than just trusting it? Not that this is the case here, with all the chest stuff going on. Time to sort that out and refocus, maybe (I only say that because it seems this was a disappointing result for you. Or was it?)

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  • @healy1835 Glad to hear you got something out of my ramblings and also some good reflections on your own log about Manchester. There's a lot more coming from you and I'd really urge you to focus on the short distances for a while, it'll repay itself come the next marathon and it's just good for the mind to switch it up for a while, lower the miles and focus on pure quality. I've certainly enjoyed the last few weeks of it anyway. You just can't beat the benefits of a race no matter what shape you're in.

    @Murph_D Some good feedback there Murph, thanks. It may have come across as disappointing but in hindsight, it was more of an acceptance of a run that wasn't particularly good or bad. The whole purpose was just to race and spend some time outside that comfort zone again. I had tapered for a marathon that never happened, took a whole week off and had two weeks of running behind me. In that sense, the run was about right and my expectations were probably a bit off. I still fully trust in the process as I felt I really came on this year and I just know what to do at this stage to get race fit again. That's what I mean by just keep showing up, regardless of your race fitness. I'm really glad I did it in a sense because it got a bit of a fire burning again and I raced better the following week in the Munster XC. Damn it, now you've reminded me that I probably should do that race report, thanks Murph!!