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Run run run run run run run....



  • I tried to apply your same psychology of not looking back during the race. I resisted the urge to skip ahead in the text to see if he did finally catch you. That was some tension and a great report. But also a super race.

  • Fantastic reading. Fair play on some phenomenal running and even better reporting! Gripping reads.

  • Your race reports are every bit as good as your running! I absolutely love the details & the tension you recreate in them. Well done on the 1st place beating Mick, must have felt unbelievable - those are the moments that make this running lark worth while. Really enjoying your log☺️

  • ⬆️ Thanks all! it's great to be back writing race reports, despite the dodgy boards platform update 🤭

    Monday 19/07 - 7 miles @ 7:30 m/m

    I was planning the day off as usual but with a good quality 4 mile race coming up at the weekend, I was advised to focus on getting an 80 mile week in and 'front load' the milage while also factoring in a taper for the race. This is always a difficult balance where you can easily end up overloading yourself early in the week and may end up making a mess of the race. To kick this off, I started the week early with 7 easy miles around the city after work. It was nice and very warm. I ran up around the Lough hoping the sight of water would cool me down. It did not cool me down. The legs were definitely still feeling the 20 mile effort but that was no surprise.

    Tuesday 20/07 - 15 miles

    • AM: 5 miles @ 7:24 m/m

    A tired and groggy run around Ballincollig. No interesting insights or incidents. These are the mundane ones that have as much of a role to play as the big sessions. It all adds up, every, single, boring mile.

    • PM: Track - 4x200m (200m rec), 8x400m (400m rec), 4x200m (200m rec)

    Helter swelter. This was a spicy one and an ideal situation to take the top off. I think every fella took the opportunity at some stage or another, not that runners torsos are particularly aesthetically pleasing. Hey ladies, check out my rib bones! This was essentially a blow-out for the race Sunday, whatever that is. We tend to use that term 'blow-out' a lot but I get the gist. I threw on the Dragonfly spikes to try them out, assuming the cushioning would allow me recover well. I was also looking at doing a track race soon so I'd need to get them out for a spin. After the first few reps I just didn't feel that comfortable and was feeling a lot of impact on my weak achilles when turning. After the 2nd 400m rep, I decided to stop and take them off and put on Hokas instead which immediately felt more comfortable. The last thing I wanted was putting myself in danger of missing the race on Sunday because of stupidly wearing spikes for a session days beforehand. I had company for the whole session with a club mate and we had a good understanding taking every alternate rep with no nonsense. Thank fizz for that or this could have been a long one. Glad to get this done and dusted. I'm not sure if he's still alive digitally, but great to see @skeleton_boy back on the track after a lengthy injury absence.

    Splits: 33, 33, 33, 33, 70, 70, 69, 71, 69, 71, 69, 67, 34, 33, 32, 32

    Wednesday 21/07 - 16.5 miles

    • AM: 11 miles @ 7:25 m/m

    My track legs were quite sleepy and unhappy this morning but I knew I wouldn't regret getting the longer miles in early today with the Azores high planning on torching the country for the day.

    • PM: 5.5 miles @ 7:12 m/m

    I met up with a buddy at around 6pm. It was still 24c but almost pointless waiting until later in the evening, it wasn't getting any cooler. Just get it done. It was grand. Sleeping is a challenge these days.

    Thursday 22/07 - 12 miles @ 7:25 m/m

    I would have done another repeat of yesterday but with golf on the menu for the afternoon, that would in effect be a 5 mile run. I got out nice and early for this with a club mate, it was cool and that's all that matters. The legs were still a bit fatigued but I was confident they would come around for Sunday with a bit of rest and a rub.

    Friday 23/07 - 10 miles @ 7:09 m/m

    Beautiful morning in Cork. A nice trot to the marina and back with a club mate. The legs definitely felt fresher which was surprising because I was wrecked after the golf in the heat which also meant I slept like a log. It's a strange phrase, to sleep like a log. Tree's definitely don't sleep, especially murdered ones. Got a nice massage later that morning to freshen up the legs a little.

    Saturday 24/7 - 7 miles @ 7:16 m/m

    The (race) day of sabbath day is upon us but with a few races under the belt now, the apprehension leading up to a race feels back to pre-covid levels. I decided to go easy on the legs and headed for the grass sanctuary of the UCC farm. It was a lovely old trot with a few strides on a beautiful sunny morning. We seem to be in bonus territory with this mediterranean weather now. We'd all expected it to turn but it's hanging in there. 11am tomorrow is going to be toasty so I'm getting plenty of fluid into me today and I've kept spirits up by washing two cars, doing some garden jobs and watching crappy television. What a day. I'll probably spend most of the evening playing GeoGuessr, my new favourite pastime in the world. See ya at the next race report...

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  • Best of luck tomorrow! Looking forward to the race report 😊

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  • Sorry to hear that, it's the freaky accident things that are hardest to avoid. I fell off the bike once (yes, I'd had a few) and the ribs were sore for a long time. Hope it clears up for you before too long - I'm enjoying your race reports too much for you to take an extended break. Good luck!

  • ...and we're back. Ribs are slow to heal and I was no exception. Every day I woke up on my back and had trouble putting on socks, I knew I wasn't ready to run. The good news is after 7 days of little or no movement I went out for 5 miles and I didn't make it worse. I was a little shocked at how achy the legs were after the mini hiatus, it felt like I had stopped for a few months let alone a week. I can deal with the aches as long as the ribs are better and I'm sure the legs will come around very soon. Fitness is hopefully not impacted too much but I'm trying to see it as a forced break that will set me up for a good strong block now. I was disappointed to miss the Kilbeggan 10 miler today, especially seeing the quality field there but was also delighted to see my club mates putting in some good strong performances. Anyway quick summary of the week and we're hopefully back on track for Berlin. 8 weeks to go...

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 0 miles

    Thursday 05/08: 5 miles

    Friday 06/08: 5 miles AM + 5 miles PM

    Saturday 07/08: 7 miles AM + 5 miles PM

    Sunday 08/08: 10 miles AM + 4 miles PM

    weekly milage: 41

  • good to see you back - hopefully not much damage done to the fitness.

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  • Great to see you're still on course for Berlin after the little lay off. What's your most important LR session that you've planned? Oh, and are you racing a HM?

  • Yeah great to get that week down. The only other long run session planned (3 weeks out) is 20 miles with 14 at pace but nothing is set in stone really. I've never done many of these LR sessions in the past as running a hard Saturday session (e.g 4 x 2 mile) followed by an easy 20 mile on tired legs the next day is just as effective in my eyes and I've had decent success off it. I think some people can focus on the LR sessions too much and neglect the faster stuff and the recovery. The midweek tempo (MP+10-20 seconds) or say mile reps have as much a role to play along with the easy doubles days.

    In terms of a HM, time or logistics are not going to allow that so it'll just be the big session. Between tapering down and recovering it's just not feasible in the time remaining and while it has its place, I don't subscribe to the notion that a HM is critical in a marathon block.

    Hope all is going well with your Manchester plan.

  • Super race in the 4m - amazing result given the training - that 20m run on the Sunday is fantastic.

    How is your training structured? Do you get it weekly or is it more laid down for the months ahead? I presume its Donie who's coaching you??

  • Brilliant race report as usual! Well done on the PB😊

  • Congrats, great run and thoroughly entertaining report!

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  • You are in great shape! Stay safe in that bubble wrap😊

  • Very best of luck to you 😊 Looking forward to the race report already!

  • I think I may be one of those solo soldiers lapping around the farm.

    Best of luck tomorrow, hope everything goes to plan

  • Thanks a lot Treviso. I’m not sure if I know you or not but company is always welcome at the farm, even at the ungodly early hours

  • Best of luck tomorrow. Not sure what time the lead German lady is targetting, but that's a great way of getting some international TV time 😁 enjoy the race and the post race-beers.

  • Best of luck - may the running gods shine on you.

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