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Run run run run run run run....



  • Congrats on a well deserved PB.

  • Absolutely epic race and report. A testament to getting the head down and putting in sensible no BS training. As already mentioned the enthusiasm is infectious race report is probably the best thing I have read on the forum in the past 12 months.

    Enjoy the recovery it is certainly well earned.

  • You forgot to mention the elephant in the room: No headband. Unforgivable. The boy had turned his back on basic aerodynamics and fashion!

    Ah look, it was either the beard or the headband and as we all know, beards are babe magnets. Easy decision. It's just a pity my beard only seems to attract food :(

  • that was brilliant, great race and report :D

  • jebuz wrote: »
    Ah look, it was either the beard or the headband and as we all know, beards are babe magnets. Easy decision. It's just a pity my beard only seems to attract food :(

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  • Absolutely epic race and report. A testament to getting the head down and putting in sensible no BS training. As already mentioned the enthusiasm is infectious race report is probably the best thing I have read on the forum in the past 12 months.

    Enjoy the recovery it is certainly well earned.

    +1 defo report of the year for me

  • Best. Report. Ever.
    I really enjoyed that, thanks!

  • Superb performance and the report was the measure of the run. Most certainly a fantastic crew and setup you have down in Leevale and little doubt you'll continue to take great chunks off your PB. Fingers crossed for another 5 minutes next year.

  • Jebuz, meant to say that you made an appearance in the "Berliner Morgenpost" on the Monday morning. There was a results supplement with a few photos and your mug was on display. I have a copy of it that your welcome to?

  • Wow, really well done. Great result after such commitment and focus.

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  • Really enjoyed reading that, thanks! And big congrats, fab race.

  • Congratulations on the race and most importantly on the mosquito logs. I was going to read Part 2 last night but scrolled down and decided to postpone so I'd get to work on time in the morning ;).

    Great writing and a brilliant result!

  • Yeah, going to belatedly add my kudos for class race report which also involved some lolling. I actually printed out both parts which in these days of thumb-scroll reading is high praise indeed...

    The log itself has been brilliant to look over as someone trying to break through the next level which you were at not so long ago
    Thanks Jebuz

  • Well done in that today. Missed you the first couple of times you passed - was expecting a Leevale singlet!

  • Jesus Jebuz!
    Superb run today.
    Well done.

  • Nice win today in Rosslare, in decent shape

  • I was saying, I'll pick this log up again sometime soon and now probably feels like a good time. Jesus it's been almost 5 years! I'm suddenly a little terrified of time's wrath and I feel like crawling under the sheets. I was having a read back over this log recently and it dawned on me how enjoyable it was to sit down and write up a review of the weekly training or a race report. It's even nicer as a historical journal to look back on and even brings a smile as I remember a certain session or a particular muffin I ate.

    I felt it might be good to bring it back to life as there's a few more chapters left in me yet and the process of writing stuff down is always cathartic for me. I should probably also fill you in on my whereabouts since Berlin 2016 so I'll use bullet points which I always enjoy making.

    I've been keeping track of my results on my website here which is more of a personal reference but it's kind of relevant to the log. I'm such a dinosaur, website are so 2016.
    • 2017 - I focussed on 5-10k racing for the Spring and Summer and got some good results but was also learning how to race better and won a couple, my favourite being the Millstreet 5 mile where I ran 25:58 and this felt like a bit of a breakthrough just seeing 25:xx on the clock. I got the half down to 71:37 near the end of the year and had a pretty good XC season for someone who didn't really feel like an XC runner. I was 2nd in the county novice, 10th in county seniors, 24th in national novice and 75th in national seniors . I golfed a lot this year and also joined Snapchat.
    • 2018 - I have only attempted two more marathons since 2016, both in 2018 and both in the space of 5 weeks and I'm still stuck on 2:31. They weren't exactly terrible runs but I made a few mistakes and probably learned something valuable. I'm certainly not done with 26.2 yet. I didn't race nearly as much as I should have but I did win Millstreet again and another 4 mile in Killeagh. XC was poor as I was still suffering from the marathon(s) hangover and a lot of long haul travel - national novice 65th, national senior 80th. Became a master and not the good type, the old, good type.
    • 2019 - I was still quite fatigued and flat in early 2019, I could barely muster 57 mins in the John Tracey 10 miler following a trip back from the US and was feeling far from optimal. Things started improving when I moved to California for 5 months on a long term work assignment. I was training alone running hapes of 400's mainly but I had no complaints, it was sunny every day. I was running consistent mileage at 70 a week and I started racing well and finished with a 70:53 half marathon just before I left for home. When I came back, I ran a 15:22 for a road 5k and was 3rd in the national masters 5k. Then along came the Vaporfly's and things got even faster. I lowered my 10k pb down to 31:00 winning a race in Lisbon and ran 15:03 for the 5k. I even got relatively decent at XC this year - 4th in the county seniors, 8th in the Autumn open, 3rd in county masters, 56th in nationals, gold team in national novice and made the British and Irish M35 team winning silver team and placing 2nd.
    • 2020 - Spring started with good intentions with motivation and confidence high. I ran 24:37 in Raheny 5 mile followed by 2nd in the Munster 4 mile road champs in 19:43. Then probably my favourite race to date, a 68:03 half in Den Haag where things just felt right. Then the Covid thing hit, the world panics and and everyone went a little mental training like absolute animals. I trained pretty well all summer but had little to show for it bar a sub 15 5k time trial and an enjoyable 4 mile "elite" race in Fermoy. I was overcooked by the time Nationals came around in August and I had a bit of a rough day for the 10k on the track. I knew I wasn't right, I was lethargic and easy runs were feeling hard so I took 2 weeks off to reset myself. I slowly rebuilt and by the end of 2020 I was back in a good groove, running some decent time trials close to my PBs and banging out a nippy 20 every Sunday (a habit which has stuck and served me well since) but more importantly I was enjoying it more than ever.
    • 2021 - With a bleak outlook and pessimism infecting the country, all we had was the hope and promise of races come summer and the distant possibility of a marathon in Wrexham in Spring. You just had to try stay optimistic. I started the year feeling in good shape so got busy training and tweaked a few things focussed more towards building strength and resilience. I got into a good routine with a club mate and just put in solid weeks of consistent 80-85 miles with two quality long sessions and a 20 miler. I ran some very encouraging time trials off this, most recently a half marathon around 67 flat and a 10k in 30:37. These were satisfying but a little hollow at the same time. While they were on a (relatively well) measured and pancake flat course, they're not PB's and and won't go into any history books. I see them as mere (good) indicators of form and potential when it comes to racing again. I had a minor scare for a few weeks around February when I was screened for HCM (i.e an enlarged heart) due to a family occurrence. The scan showed I did have a fat heart and I was advised to ease up on big efforts for a few weeks until I could get an MRI. Eventually I got the MRI and the diagnosis was thankfully athlete's heart, not HCM so I could go back to hurting myself. For a while though I thought that I'd have to make peace with hanging up the shoes early and possibly getting really good at golf instead.

    On reflection, that's a pretty good 4 years running and a good reminder of why I do it. Plenty of ups and downs but at the core, pure and utter enjoyment of running. I've been lucky to avoid major injury, I've progressed slowly but surely, had plenty of thrilling races, a few stinkers, some brushes with overtraining but on the whole a good period and at 38 now I'm hopeful that the best is yet to come.

    I don't post publicly on Strava anymore, I've been clean since late 2019. I only use it for my own tracking and of course some stalking but really only for races - which is why I also make my races public, that's the juicy stuff. It's not to hide my training, people know what I do and it's nothing out of the ordinary. I just don't want the distraction. I won't lie though, I'm human and I want to be told I'm good so I do kind of miss the kudos, the serotonin rushing through your blood as that randomer signals you with a big digital thumbs up to say 'I approve of your excellent run today'. But honestly I don't think it's very helpful, at least not to me, to be aimlessly scrolling through other peoples training without any context. Were they tired? Were they feeling unbelievable? What was their heart rate for that run? Was that a race effort? What did they have for lunch? What was the purpose of that session? So and so's doing this mad session and is running really well, should I do it? At least on a log people can speak about the sessions and explain why they're doing certain things and you get a better picture. Strava is a great tool but sometimes gets in the way of keeping things simple so I try simplify my use of it - which is actually quite hard.

    I do have ambitions to run the Berlin marathon this year but I'm very conscious that things can change very quickly. One thing we can be sure of is that the races are starting to surface locally so at least there'll be something mildly interesting to write about soon. Well, we'll see...I might give it another 5 years.

  • You could come over and run the Den Haag half again, pints in bars here is a real thing again!!!!

  • Welcome back - fantastic to see people of your caliber posting here - even if it is fleeting!

    Some serious running in the previous 4 yrs - DC's '10 things' blog used to keep us somewhat updated as to your shenanigans in far oft places.

  • Having been more or less logging since your Boards sabbatical, you wouldn't know me from Adam, but I've read your log from beginning to end and got a lot of insights from it. Great to get the update.

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  • OOnegative wrote: »
    You could come over and run the Den Haag half again, pints in bars here is a real thing again!!!!

    Ah I'd be all over it if it wasn't the same weekend as Berlin! My OH lives and works in Leiden so that's why I ended up running that race. I've been back and forth a bit and could get used to living over there, the Dutch do life pretty well. And they drink pints inside.
    Welcome back - fantastic to see people of your caliber posting here - even if it is fleeting!

    Some serious running in the previous 4 yrs - DC's '10 things' blog used to keep us somewhat updated as to your shenanigans in far oft places.

    Thanks AMK, good to see a few familiar posters still around. I'll try be less fleeting this time and way more boring.
    healy1835 wrote: »
    Having been more or less logging since your Boards sabbatical, you wouldn't know me from Adam, but I've read your log from beginning to end and got a lot of insights from it. Great to get the update.

    I've been peeking my head into the forum the odd time and I do take a read the logs which is always interesting. I've read your log and the great progress you've made and good to see you're still flying it. Nice to hear my log was somewhat useful to you.

  • A bit of brief catchup on the month of June before I remember how start to log...

    May 31 - June 6 : 85 miles
    Monday - Rest
    Tuesday - 10 miles am @ 7:09 m/m + 6 miles pm @ 7:22 m/m
    Wednesday - 10 miles steady @ 5:48 m/m (12 total)
    Thursday - 9 miles am @ 7:17 m/m + 6 miles pm @ 7:09 m/m
    Friday - 8.5 miles @ 7:22m/m
    Saturday - 4 x 6 min (@ ~5:10 m/m) & 3 x 4 min (@ ~5:00 m/m) (12.5 miles total)
    Sunday - 20 miles @ 6:34 m/m

    June 7 - 13 : 85 miles
    Monday - Rest
    Tuesday - 5 miles am @ 7:07 m/m + 14 x 400 (70-71 sec) session pm (16 miles total)
    Wednesday - 6 miles am @ 7:28 m/m + 6 miles pm @ 7:01 m/m
    Thursday - 10 miles am @ 7:23 m/m + 5 miles pm @ 7:25 m/m
    Friday - 8.5 miles @ 7:23 m/m
    Saturday - 8 miles tempo @ 5:16 m/m (12.5 miles total)
    Sunday - 20 miles @ 6:35 m/m

    June 14 - 20 : 80 miles
    Monday - Rest
    Tuesday - 10 miles am @ 7:07 m/m + 6 miles pm @ 7:20 m/m
    Wednesday - 4 mile tempo @ 5:15 m/m + 8 x 2 mins (~4:55 m/m) (16 miles total)
    Thursday - 5 miles am @ 7:45 m/m
    Friday - 9 miles @ 7:14 m/m
    Saturday - 3 x 2 mile (~10:30) & 1 x mile (5:07) (13.5 miles total)
    Sunday - 21 miles @ 6:26 m/m

    June 21 - 27 - 81 miles
    Monday - Rest
    Tuesday - 10 miles @ 7:02 m/m + 5 miles @ 7:03 m/m
    Wednesday - 5k tempo in 15:57 + 8 x 2 mins (~ 4:55 m/m) (13 miles total)
    Thursday - 11 miles am @ 7:04 m/m
    Friday - 9.5 miles am @ 7:24 m/m
    Saturday - 5/5/4/4/4/4/3/3 mins (5:00-5:10 m/m) (13 miles total)
    Sunday - 19 miles @ 6:41 m/m

    Time for some footnotes where I will try to sound like I know what I'm doing. Taking Monday off for me has had a big impact on my week and has really helped balance the week. I don't know how I didn't ever cop that it's the obvious day to take off given the structure of my weekend which is a typically a tough session on Saturday followed by 20 miles at a decent clip on a Sunday. It's a much needed break both mentally and physically and gives me a good ~48 hours of recovery before another run on Tuesday morning when I'm generally feeling fresh and motivated for the upcoming week.

    The 8 miles tempo and the 4 x 2 mile session were my bread and butter for a lot of the Spring and this gave me a really good base of strength which I have noticeably felt in recent weeks. We've dropped those longer sessions now for track on a Tuesday and the Saturday reps on grass are shorter as it's time to start getting sharp for some races (I think).

    I've generally found in the last year or two that my body is able to take a little more milage without going over the top but this has been very gradual. Back in 2016, I was getting a lot of achilles flare-ups when I hit 80-85 miles. I'm not free of those flare-ups but they're the only thing I seem to get and these days it's much less frequent (shut it Conor, don't jinx it). A couple of home "gym" (if you can call it that) sessions a week including eccentric heel drops are one type of preventative measures I take to keep on top of it along with a whole 5 mins of foam rolling each evening. Every little helps.

  • Monday 28/01 - Rest
    Watched loads of football. Looked out the window for a while.

    Tuesday 29/06 - 17 miles
    AM: 5 miles @ 6:54 m/m feeling nice and fresh this morning, enjoyable morning run around Ballincollig.
    PM: Track - 16 x 400m This was a workout focussed on volume (8 mile session in total) but at the same time getting the legs turned over and tuned for racing and I was really happy with this one. Upon hearing the session I thought I'd be doing well to hit 70-71's but once we hit that first 68 I was was moving really well and then as we kept banging out 68's I was feeling really up for it. The recovery was generous at 400m but we kept this quite nippy at around 1:35-1:40 so the intensity level felt high for the whole session. In with a nice solid group for this where we took every 4th rep each until 12 reps and then it was just myself and another club-mate alternating for the last 4 which did get inevitably tough but they were all consistent and it was just about the right number of reps as I was close to being done. The group makes such a big difference, it was a case of trusting the pace, sitting in and focussing on the person in front of you while every few reps taking one on yourself. Great session.
    68, 69, 68, 68, 68, 68, 70, 69, 67, 68, 68, 67, 68, 67, 67, 66

    Wednesday 30/06 - 13 miles
    AM: 7 miles @ 7:14 m/m My go-to route these days for easy runs is usually somewhere around Ballincollig and there's a nice variety of routes including the excellent regional park - the closest thing to the Phoenix park you'll find in Cork city. A mini Phoenix Park, with no deer. The legs were good considering the bashing they took the evening beforehand.
    PM: 6 miles @ 7:04 m/m Scorcher of an evening. I just love evening runs in the summer despite the noticeable increase in body temperature and forehead fluid. Met with a club-mate at a cemetery after work which is a very cheery meeting spot, well it is on a sunny evening anyway. This one just flew by with the legs a little more awake than this morning. It was odd not watching football this evening so I made a game up in my head, it was terrible nil all draw.

    Thursday 01/07 - 15.5 miles
    AM: 10 miles @ 7:08 m/m Early start with a club-mate and enjoyed this one around the backroads of Ballincollig.
    AM: 5.5 miles @ 7:21 m/m Eating a delicious bowl of granola 15 minutes before this run was a poor choice. I knew I would regret it but I was also very hungry so I'd just deal with the consequences. I felt, and heard it sloshing around my belly in a stormy sea of creamy milk. As if that wasn't enough, it was another sweltering evening and I could feel a layer of salt welding itself to my face. Other than that, I really liked this run. One of the best things I rediscovered recently was my iPod shuffle from circa 2007 and is still in perfect working order. It's got 2GB of random songs on it so I just clip it on and throw on music whenever I feel like it, like this evening.

    Friday 02/07 - 8.5 miles @ 7:09 m/m Friday morning is an enjoyable routine set in stone with a club-mate now for the past few months. We set off from the Lee Fields car park at 6:30am, head through the city to the Marina and then back. It's always a nice run where the weather seems to always play ball and it's interesting to observe the world waking up to its Friday. There's a noticeable difference in traffic, noise and pedestrians by the time we get back to the car park. There's also a noticeable increase in our own smugness. Let's see if and how this survives into the winter months.

    Saturday 03/07 - 13.5 miles
    AM: (3/2/1 mins) x 3 With a 10k race planned for next Wednesday, this would be the last effort before winding down a bit. I'm well due a down week at this stage anyway and aim to take one every 4-6 weeks or so, timing it with a time trial or in this case a real race. The Saturday sessions are on the grass pitches at CIT now, not far from the old stomping ground of the Farm and a very similar set up. This was tougher than it looked on paper. The morning was grey and misty but really warm and muggy and we were feeling it in the last set. The session went well though in general, hitting around 5 min pace for the 3 min reps and slightly increasing for the 2 and 1 min reps. The recovery was only 1 minute so it started to feel tough near the end but just about the right effort over all with 18 minutes of quality in there.
    PM: 4 miles @ 7:22 m/m 30 min recovery around Blarney. Nice enjoyable and relaxed run as I listened to Wexford v Kilkenny on the radio and once again had my heart mauled by the cats.

    Sunday 04/07 - 12.5 miles @ 6:53 m/m
    No big one on the menu today with the 10k coming up and it's always good to take a break from these when you're doing them so regularly. Today was just a nice relaxed 85 minute run with a club-mate from Carrigrohane to the Marina and back and that's a good 80 mile week in the bag.

    Weekly milage: 80

    See, I can still log!

  • Operating in rarefied air there :) brilliant racing and report to boot. Two 10k races in 4 days making me very jealous. Distinct lack of realistic options where I am.

  • Congrats on the win, and the fabulous race reports. A lot of takeaways in there for any runner. Thanks for putting it all together.

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  • Wow - what a read.

    Congrats on the 3 races - the report with Mick is superb, I could feel the tension reading it.

    You're in super shape!