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Return of the King



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    Thursday May 29:

    Rowing 10 minutes - level 5 (of 10 on concept 2). Good warm up.

    Leg Press 90kg 12 reps (x3)

    3 in 1 Upper Body Exercise* 16kg 4 reps (x3)

    * Not sure what this exercise is called. You stand upright, feet together, with a dumb bell in each arm. 1) Do a bicep curl, then 2) continue on up in to a dumbell military press and then 3) straighten arms and do a slow controlled reverse lateral raise i.e. lower hands from overhead to crucifix style.

    Situps 50 reps (x3)

    Broom handle stretches* 10 reps (x3)

    * Another unknown exercise name. Hold a wooden pole in front, arms straight, grip slightly wider than shoudlers. Bring wooden pole from in front of body to over head and behind whilst maintaining grip. For each rep I try to get the hand grip closer and closer together.

    Calf raises (standing normally and pushing up on toes), body weight 20 reps (x3)

    Leg Press 110kg 8 reps (x3)

    Military Press 35kg 10 reps (x3)

    Barbell bent over Row 35kg 20 reps (x3)

    1/2* Deadlift 12kg (x3) 15 reps *using the cage lower frame so that bar is picked up from about 1 foot off ground

    Pullover 12kg (x3) 15 reps

    1km Run (had planned 3km but got a stitch from drinking too much water beforehand)

    Leg Press 50 kg (x3) 20 reps

    Pull ups narrow closed (x3) [reps 8, 8, 5 :mad: ]

    1/2 Deadlift 20kg (x3) 15 reps

    Chest Press 55kg (x3) 8 reps


    Didn't feel too knackered after this although it took about 90 minutes. I was trying to concentrate on my legs. I know the Deadlifts were too light, but hoping to build them up slowly over the coming weeks. Pulled a lower back muscle 2 weeks ago and wanted to keep it light on the back today.

    Annoying gym instructors in my gym keep hassling me each time I leave a machine. i.e. taking the weights off of the leg press each time I put them on :mad:

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    Saturday 31 March:

    Rowing 10 mins (level 5 concept)

    Bench Press
    30kg (x20)
    60 kg (x 8, x6, x4)
    40kg (x5)

    Pullups narrow open (x10, x5)
    1/2 Deadlifts 20kg (x15, x10)

    5km run


    Ate too close before going to gym. Had a massive bowl of tuna and pasta, plus glass of milk. Even a mini snooze for 45 minutes after lunch didn't digest the ball in my stomach. Adding to that, I got to the gym at 3:15pm. It closes at 3:45pm.. so the work out was too rushed and strained. Left feeling annoyed.

    The 5km run was a round trip from home to workplace to make up for lack of time in gym. Today I was extremely sore after Thursdays session... and totally drained of energy. Looking forward to tomorrows session.

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    Hey sounds like you have some good achieveable aims. Don't worry about the deadlift, start light til you are confident to get heavier. Just wondering about the number of reps you are doing, seems a bit arbitary is there a reason behind the difference in numbers? Especially the sit ups in the first post. If they are too easy add some weight, or try different movements.

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    Hi Brian, situps were on a medicine ball. Kinda afraid I'll topple over backwards if I use weight held against my chest. What would you suggest?

    I was using higher reps to "break in" my back and legs..... plus I was a bit unsure about what exact reps I should be doing when putting a program together. Suggestions welcome, thanks.

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    Yeah I know what you mean, but you'll get used to the ball in a wee while. I'd take a five or ten kg disc and hold it to my chest, and if you still aren't feeling much effort in your abs, hold it at arms length when doing your situps. Also some twisting movements like russian twists might be desireable. Personally I feel a three sets of eight plan is a fairly solid starting point. I also noticed in the first post you did the leg press three times? I think that effort could be better used on different exercises, or even skipped altogether if you are feeling really fatigued by the end of it? I'd do squats instead. I find if I do calf raises with the leg press machine first (by pushing with your feet very close to the bottom of the board, maybe with your heels off it) and then do proper leg press movement, it works better (but I generally only do that if the squat rack isn't free). One last thing, maybe its cause you were going light to test yourself but there seems like an awful lot going on in the first post, maybe cut back on the amount of exercises per day?

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    Sunday April 1:

    Rowing 10 mins (level 3 concept)

    Run 3km (15:08)

    Squat 20kg, 30kg, 35kg, 40kg, 45kg (x10)

    Pull ups wide open x10, x6, x6

    Deadlift 40kg, 50kg, 55kg (x10)

    Military Press 40kg x8, x6, x4

    Bent over barbell row 40kg x10, x10, x10

    Bench Press 50kg x10, x10, x8

    Pull ups wide parallel x6, x6, x6

    Deadlift 40kg x10, x10, x19


    Russian Twists* x25

    10kg in front held to chest x25
    5kg below neck on back x25
    10kg below neck on back x25
    right x25 x25 x25
    left x25 x25 x25

    Cycle 8km (around the city of London - great fun on a Sunday evening as traffic is minimal, the corporate pawns are at home in bed, and the roads are a wide open race track to fly around on. Easy to think of times gone by as you coast past Tower bridge and the likes.

    * Don't think I was doing the Russian Twists correctly. It seemed as if I was flapping around like a flying fish caught on desk in a shoal fleeing a dolphin. Will keep at them for a while and see if the form improves. Counted left (1) right (2), left (3).. etc up to 25.


    Yeah I know... I shouldn't do bench press, deadlift and squats all on the same day. I had planned not too, but when I got to the gym I just went on auto pilot and kept working around the old familiar routine.

    Another reason I did so much is down to the fact that my weight is continually creeping up and up. When I started this log I had thought my weight was 74kg, but the weeks before hand had seen it creep up to 75kg. Now it is more at 76kg. I'm hoping this means I'm putting on some muscle. However, it may also cause problems if I get too heavy and slows me down for the run and bike sections of the triathlons.... Therefore I am killing myself each day in the gym trying to burn extra calories off to keep the weight down as opposed to up.

    I eat well enough (I think):
    • porridge,
    • lots of water at work (about 3 litres a day)
    • apple, orange, banana per day
    • either stir fry style stuff for lunch, or Granary bread tuna sandwich
    • pasta in evening around 8pm, or sandwich (cheese, tuna, chicken)
    • I usually average about a can of tuna a day too (sometimes 2, sometimes miss a day totally... but usually one).
    • drink about 1/2 litre of milk each day for the past 10 days

    Perhaps someone is injecting me with ice cream whilst I sleep.

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    Monday April 2nd:

    Walk 5km roundtrip each weekday from home/work/home.

    Rowing 10 mins (level 3 concept)

    Run 5km (27:06)

    3 in 1 (12kg) 5 reps x3

    Broom handle stretch 10 reps x3

    Calf raises 12kg 10 reps x3

    Front raise 8kg 8 reps(alternating 4 per arm) x3

    Incline Bench dumbbell 20kg 8 reps x3

    Upright row 25kg
    • 8 reps x1
    • 10 reps x1
    • 12 reps x1


    I'm knackered now as I write this. Past 2 days sessions were tough. Wasn't going to bother tonight but I thought I may as well go burn a few calories. Had only planned a short run. Legs were very sore from yesterday and Saturday's run. Started off at 10kmph and didn't think I'd make it far. Got to 2km and started gradually increasing the speed. At 3km my legs were starting to warm up and the pain relaxed so I upped the pace a bit. By the time I finished the run I was rocking and could have went on longer... not out of breath or anything... just sore legs so I called it quits... and limped home. No running for a day or two now I reckon.

    Better get to bed. I had the inkling that tomorrow is going to be a sore sore day.

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    Thursday April 5th:

    rowing 10 mins (level 2 concept)

    run 3.93km (20:27) .....wanted to do 5km but stopped as tired -

    early to bed last night and didn't eat anything.

    pec fly dumb bells 8kg x8 x8 x8

    broom handle stretch x10 x10 x10

    leg press 100kg x8 x8 x8

    pull ups (wide open, narrow closed, med parallel) x4 x4 x4

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    33km cycle around London in the Easter sun

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    81.5 km cycle London to Southend.

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    5.6 km run (27:06)

    City running is annoying - smoke, traffic, people.

    Felt sluggish tonight, but all in all a good few days of Easter cardio.

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    Military Press 40 kg x8 x8 x6

    Bent over row 40 kg x8 x8 x8

    Leg Press 100 kg x8 x8 x8

    Dead Lift 50 kg x8 x8 x8

    Broom handle stretch x10 x10 x10

    Pull up close closed x6 x4 x2

    Chest Press 50kg x8 x8 x8

    Leg extension 50 kg x8 x8 x8

    Seated row70kg (I think - max stack :confused: ) row x8 x8 x8

    Cool down....

    Run 3 km (16:34)

    Rowing 5 min (level 3 concept 2)

    Thooughts... first time in the gym this week.. nothing spectacular today, just burned a few calories. That pint before with work colleagues probably didn't help ;)

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    BossArky wrote:
    Annoying gym instructors in my gym keep hassling me each time I leave a machine. i.e. taking the weights off of the leg press each time I put them on :mad:

    Just wondering, are they asking you to remove them when you are not done with the machine, just resting, or when you are finished? If it's the former, then I agree. If it's the latter, then I wish my gym instructors were more like yours. I hate it when people don't strip the weights and leave dumbbells littered all over the place.

    Anyway, best of luck with the goals, sorry to barge in here with my annoying bitch, but hey, there you have it :D.

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    The former. I usually make it to the gym for the 60 to 90 minutes on evenings / weekends. At this time there are only a handful of people left in the gym. I would be doing something like the leg press and instead of resting would do some pull ups... and repeat this three times. Whilst doing the pull ups, the instructor comes over and takes the plates off the leg press.... even though I told him yesterday not too... etc. I always put them back myself when I'm finished anyway.

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    Run 5.6 km (26:28)

    Sweat out 2.5 kg of water, was 71.5 kg when I got home.

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    Sunday April 15th:

    Rowing 15 mins (level 3 concept 2) - 3193 metres

    Run 3km (15:00)

    20kg x8
    40kg x8
    50kg x8

    Upright Row 30kg x8 x8 x8

    Lateral Raise 8kg x8 x8 x8

    Squat 50kg x5 x5 x5

    Pec Fly 10kg x8 x8 x8

    Bench Press
    65kg x6
    60kg x4
    55kg x4
    50kg x4

    Happy with todays workout. I've decided to increase the warm up rowing to 15 minutes as I'm seeing some good toning in general following the past 3 months of 10 min. Hopefully an extra 5 mins will top it off.

    The 65 kg on the bench press is the heaviest I've lived since 4 years ago at University. Recently I've been afraid of going higher than 60 kg in case the bar falls and crushes me when exhausted. However, today I talked my girlfriend into spotting for me. I explained that if my head looked like it was going to pop off she should tug gently on the bar. She performed her task admirably - touching the bar once or twice accidently.

    I'm confident that next weekend I'll go for 70 kg. Todays 65 kg didn't feel any heavier than the usual 60 kg. Just had my 2 cans of tuna and feeling good.

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    BossArky wrote:
    The former.

    Ah, Super-sets, OK. Move along, nothing to see here. Maintain incompetent personal instructer stereotype :p .

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    Monday April 16th:

    Run 3km (13:24)

    Push-ups / rows 6kg 10 reps x3

    Broom handle stretches 10 reps x 3

    Lateral Raise 6kg 10 reps x3

    Lunges 6kg 10 reps x3

    Dead lifts 50kg (on smith machine) 10 reps x3

    Hamstring stretches (on smith machine bar) x3

    Pull ups open wide 4 reps x3

    Push downs (???) 50kg 10 reps x3 (sitting and pushing down with arms on either side on ski-pole handles - really felt this in chest)

    The Push-ups / rows is one great exercise - can really feel it in the abs. Do the push ups holding dumbells, and then pull back with a row on alternating arms at the top of each push up)

    At last managed to pick up the pace on the run. This is the kind of time I need to be putting in if I want to reach my goal of 5km in 23mins i.e. 4.5 mins per km or 13.33 kmph.

    Wondering if the extra speed came from the lack of food and water in my stomach. For the past month I have been drinking about 3 litres of water per day and loading up on food to build muscle. It was slowing me down it seemed. Today, I didn't manage to eat or drink too much due to being all over the place at work... and I ran faster than normal.

    Contemplated continuing to 5km but decided against it in case I got to 3.5km and ended up knackered having to slow down and ruin the time :o ...so settled for one of my fastest 3kms :cool:

    Thanks to Emmet for the stretching ebook... once I have a read I will incorporate a few of them into my routine. Today I settled for the hamstring stretches on the smith machine bar.

    Overall a good work out, if a bit light. After the run I just wanted to take it easy and have a recovery workout following the weekend. 5km walk to work and back (roundtrip) in there today too.

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    Tuesday April 17th:

    Run 3km (13:51)

    Leg Press 100 kg x8 x8 x8

    Broom handle stretch x10 x10 x10

    Push ups / Pulls 7 kg x10 x10 x10

    Lat pull down 60 kg x8 x8 x8

    Overhead press machine 60 kg x8 x8 x8

    Pull ups parallel close x5 x5 x5

    Lateral raise 7kg x8 x8 x8

    Calf raise bodyweight x20 x20 x20

    Row 10 minutes (level 3 concept) 2093 metres

    Pull ups open medium x5 x5 x5

    Push downs (???) 50kg x8 x8 x8

    Another quick enough run - happy with it. Need to do a few longer ones in the coming sessions though. Had intended the row to be 15 minutes but was shattered after pull ups in the middle of the session.

    The push-ups / pull combination is great! An Australian guy came over to me and said "those pushs are killer man". "They sure are" I replied from a lump on the floor, trying to keep my head out of my personal swimming pool of sweat.

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    Thursday April 19th:

    Row 15 mins (level 3 concept) 3204 metres

    Run 1km (5:03)

    Push ups / Pulls 7 kg x10 x10 x10

    Military Press 40 kg x5 x4 x3

    Barbell rent over row 40 kg x8 x8 x8

    Calf raises bodyweight x20 x20 x20

    Deadlift 60kg x10 x10 x10

    Hamstring stretch each leg by 3

    Lat pull down 60 kg x5 x5 x5

    Overhead press machine 60 kg x8 x8 x8

    Dumbbell incline
    26kg x6
    22kg x6
    18kg x6

    Upright row 25 kg x8 x8 x8

    Today I almost puked in work. Had a terrible headache in the morning. The day before had eaten only cheese & crackers (tonnes of it - someone in work brought back heaps of the stuff) plus fruit. This morning my porridge stockpile had run out, so had only tuna. Must have been the lack of carbs. In the end I spent 30 mins in a park stocking up on bread, carrotts and humus/homous/ homus(sp?) ... and felt fine afterwards ;)

    Average gym session tonight.

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    Monday April 23rd:

    Row 15 mins (level 3 concept 2)

    Run 3 km (12:39) - personal best :)

    Pull ups x5 x5 x5

    Incline Dumbbell press
    26kg x8
    22kg x8
    20kg x8 (or 18kg..??)

    Upright row 25kg x8 x8 x8

    Lateral raise 7kg x8 x8 x8

    Calf raise bodyweight x20 x20 x20

    Very happy with the run this morning. Started off at 12.7kmph and increased speed by 0.2 every few seconds. Soon enough was up to 16kmph and chugging along nicely.

    New personal best for 3km - now just need to stretch that out for another 7km to get up to the 10km for London triathlon (Olympic distance).

    Odd though as I spent all weekend drinking and eating fry's at a stag do in Birmingham. The mind boggles :confused: Perhaps my legs / body enjoyed the 3 days off since the last training session.

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    Tuesday April 24: - morning work out at home

    Standing Dumbell Press 10kg x12 x12 x12

    Dumbell Squat 10kg x10 x10 x10

    Bicep curls 10kg x10 x10 x10

    Tricep extension 10kg x10 x10 x10

    Bent over dumbell row 10kg x10 x10 x10 (anyone seeing a pattern here?)

    Calf raise 10kg x10 x10 x10

    My weight is plummeting. Now between 72 and 73kg giving a loss of approx 2.5kg in the past 4 weeks since I started this log. Looking a lot more toned / defined. Aiming for 70kg. Current weight loss is perhaps a bit too rapid.

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    Wednesday April 25th:

    Row 15 mins (level 3 concept)

    Run 3km (12:20) - personal best again :eek:

    Pull ups x6 x6 x6

    Dumbbell pressflat 28kg x5 x5 x4 - personal best

    Situps 10 kg weighted x10 x10 x10

    The Bear compound 20 kg x5 x5 x5

    Push ups / Pulls 7 kg x10 x10 x10

    Calf raises bodyweight x20 x20 x20

    Wasn't going to bother with a work out tonight. Did, went well - 2 more personal bests.

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    Friday April 27th

    60kg x8 x8 x8
    50kg x5 I think :confused:

    Bench Press
    70kg x5 personal best - got to 3/4 lift on fifth of last rep before spotter took it
    60kg x5
    50kg x5

    Pull ups x6 x6 x6 x6 x6 x0 :eek: total failure after benching

    Bent over rows 20kg (oly bar as barbell taken) x20 x20 x20

    One Arm standing dumbbell press 10 kg (doing each arm)
    x10 x10 x10
    x10 x10

    Situps weighted 10kg x10 x10 x10

    Push ups / pulls 8kg x10 x10 x10

    Gave the cardio a miss today to focus on weights.

    Chest about to explode after this session. Legs pretty battered from the squatting too.

    Tried the one arm standing dumbbell presses to see if they would hit the abs. Didn't feel much - will up the weight next time.

    Bench squatter told me I was starting off with the bar too low and that I'd mess up my shoulders as I had my grip too narrow. My little finger was on the ring.. didn't think this was too narrow. Anyway this guy can bench 140 kg so maybe he knows what he is talking about.

    The push-ups / pulls holding the dumbells is a great exercise - kinda knackered after doing that on top of the bench press... really got a pump from it, plus can feel the core having to work hard to stabilise.

    Overall it has been a good past week with 3 personal bests! Can also now feel a burn in my abs from the weighted situps. No longer must I flop around on the medicine ball for 3 sets of 25 for little to no burn - weighted situps are the way forward!

    My weight had been down to 72.5kg for the past days... however now it is back up to just over 75kg following yesterday when I stuffed myself with curry, carrotts, brown bread, humous and pasta :cool:

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    Saturday April 28th

    Seated row machine 50kg
    x8 x8 x8
    x8 x8 x8

    Incline press machine 50kg
    x8 x8 x8
    x8 x8 x8

    Leg curl 35kg
    x8 x8 x8

    Leg extension 50kg

    Quick work out session for approx 20 minutes during course lunchbreak. Legs destroyed from yesterdays squatting - nice pain.

    Wanted to do 2 more sets on the leg extension but a couple came along and hogged the machine for the little time I had left.

    Whilst waiting (in vain) for the leg extension machine to become free i went into the gym instructors office and used the impedance monitor to measure body fat:

    Reading 1 - Bodyfat 14.5% - BMI 26
    Reading 2 - Bodyfat 14.9% - BMI 26
    Reading 3 - Bodyfat 14.5% - BMI 26

    ... so I guess that averages out just over 14.5%. Must check what it was when I measured a few months back in the same gym with same machine. Next time I will do the measurement at the start though ... today it popped into my head as I was waiting around for the leg extension machine killing time. Best to get the measurement before the workout rather than after or during.

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    Sunday April 29th

    Pull up variation
    x10 x10 x10
    x10 x10 x10

    Calf raises bodyweight
    x20 x20 x20

    x8 x8 x8

    Bent over row 40kg
    x8 x8 x8

    Military press standing barbell 35kg
    x8 x8 x8

    Pec fly on medicine ball 7kg
    x8 x8 x8

    Reverse fly on medicine ball 7kg
    x8 x8 x8

    Front raise 7kg
    x8 x8 x8 (each arm)

    Run 6km (35:03)

    Pull up variation explanation: Lying flat on ground facing up hanging onto bench oly bar, then pulling up to the bar so that heels stayed on ground but everything else lifted. Did them like this today to show girlfriend an easier pull up variation. She managed three sets of 5. I thought this was ok, since currently she cannot do any standard pull ups.

    Today was the first time I've actually done the deadlift from the ground, as opposed to the low bars of a cage. Wanted to start low in case the extra range of motion bending lower felt odd on my back. Wasn't any different really. Will up the weight next time.

    Run was more of a jog really. Wanted to keep it slow but long. Started at 12kmph, got a stitch due to pasta in belly. Slowed to 10kmph at 500 metres and stayed like that until about 5.7km. Had to up the speed them to 16.6kmph as gym instructor was getting pissed that I was staying on the machine as he was closing. 10kmph feels like walking pace.

    Good light session today - still hurting from squatting on Friday last.

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    Saturday May 5th:

    Row 15 mins (level 3 concept) 3194 metres

    60kg x8 x8 x8 x8
    65kg x5 x5 x5 - personal best

    Bench Press
    70kg x3 x3 x3 x3
    60kg x5 x5 x5
    60kg x3 x3 x3

    Weighted situps
    10kg x10 x10 x10

    Pull up variation to bench bar (shoulders & heels on ground initially)
    x10 x10 x10
    x10 x10 x10
    x10 x10 x10

    Pull ups
    wide/open x6 x6 x6
    med / parallel x5

    Pec fly
    10kg x10 x10 x10

    Military Press
    40kg x5

    Barbell Bent over row
    40kg x5

    Run 3km 17:04

    6 days since last work-out as have been busy elsewhere. Very tired during the intervening period. Good workout today. Personal best for squat. Legs were shot for the run at the end which was slow: average speed 10.7 kmph.

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    Wednesday May 9th

    Row 15mins (level 3 concept 2) 3229 metres

    60kg x8 x8 x8

    Pull ups
    medium/parallel x6 x6 x6
    narrow/closed x6 x6 x6

    Dumbell incline press
    28kg x6 x5 x4

    Broom stretches
    x10 x10 x10

    Round the world (I think :confused: - basically lateral raise that continues up to straight overhead and back down again)
    10kg x5 x5

    Calf raises
    10kg x20 x20

    Not much energy today, couldn't finish off any extra round of the last two exercises above. A workout for the sake of one. A tad stressed out with work and studying, not eating properly. Will fix this in 2 weeks time hopefully when more time on my hands.

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    Thursday May 10th

    Row 15 mins (level 3 concept 2) - 3279 metres

    Run 3km (13:58)

    Barbell Military Press
    40kg x7
    35kg x7
    30kg x7

    Bent Over Row
    40kg x8
    35kg x8
    30kg x8

    10kg x10 x10 x10

    Broom stretches
    x10 x10 x10

    Pull ups wide/open
    x6 x6 x6

    Leg Extension
    50kg x8 x8 x8

    Leg Curl
    50kg x8 x8 x8

    Walked 5km round trip to/from work... plus another km or so in between... probably 7 or 8 altgoether before getting to gym.

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    Friday May 11th

    Row 15 mins (level 3 concept 2) - 3300 plus a bit metres

    Run 3km (14:09)

    Pull ups medium grip/parallel
    x6 x6 x6

    25kg x8 x8 x8

    Barbell Military Press behind neck
    25kg x8 x8 x8

    Some very light squats tonight as wanted to experiment with going as low as possible and getting a good stretch. Seems fine but a bit too light. Did 60kg a few days ago and felt I wasn't doing a "full" squat due to weight, hence tonights experiment.

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