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10-11-2019, 02:14   #6586
Join Date: May 2019
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Sorry but you are not the centre of everyones life.

I have no issue cutting you out. Cut me out of yours too .....thanks !
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10-11-2019, 11:26   #6587
Join Date: May 2019
Posts: 1,098
And I forgot to mention you aswell. Not everything is about you either so save the crocodile tears.

Absolute weasel of a woman. I'm embarrassed for you.
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11-11-2019, 17:09   #6588
Three More Big Sleeps
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Dear F,

Eleven/eleven. Happy 40th birthday: I hope you’ve found whatever it is that makes you happy.

Remember your sister told you that if you turned your back on me, you’d have no-one left? Remember who held your hand when we met with the lovely folks from the Rape Crisis Centre? Remember who came running when you “fell down the stairs"?

Remember you told me that you loved me?

Years and years later, I still don’t understand why I wasn’t good enough.

I’m no longer angry, F, after wading selflessly through your wake of destruction; just irrevocably melancholy and, dear God, forever broken.

Happy, happy birthday, baby.
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19-11-2019, 09:36   #6589
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I wish you could see how beautiful a person you are. You're lack of confidence in yourself is heartbreaking.

You have the kindest heart and are a beautiful person but no matter how many times you are told you still don't believe it.

You pick men who you think you deserve . You need to start thinking about who deserves you !
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19-11-2019, 22:06   #6590
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Join Date: Apr 2016
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You need to grow up and cop on to yourself. Youre in your 30's with kids but act like bratty spoiled little princess. You expect everyone to pay your way like youre entitled to others people's money.
Everything you have your parents paid for, your house, your car, your kids, youve never worked a full week in your life and you have the cheek to pass comment on me because I have money, I work two jobs, everything I have I worked hard to get, I put myself through college and saved since I was 25, I saved my dole, I went without food to make sure I had something to put away in the credit union every week, I planned for my future because I had to, no one was ever going to give me a hand out or help me out and im proud of that, I know I can stand on my own two feet and will always have a safety net to fall back on.
Through all the years that I was badly stuck for money you never offered to help in anyway and I never expected you too but what really showed you for what you are was how much you looked down on me from your ivory tower because in your eyes I was 'poor'.
The years I worked hard and saved and up skilled to get better paying jobs are starting to pay off for me and for once in my life im able to buy nice things.
Instead of being happy for me your jealousy is obvious and if it wasnt bad enough that you questioned how I could afford the new shoes I bought and repeatedly called me a 'rich bitch' but when you started the crocodile tears about how you only have 400 a week to live on (of your dads money and your dole), tried to guilt me into giving you money and then started hinting about what expensive gifts you wanted for Christmas, to say it was uncomfortable being in the room with you is an understatement, I felt embarrassed for you.
By the way, when have you ever bought me a Christmas gift?
I dont know where your sense of superiority and self entitlement comes from?
You haven't achieved anything in your life, all youve ever done is financially drain everyone around you, use people for your own needs and throw tantrums when you dont get what you want.
You have ridiculous high standards for other people and how they treat you but you treat everyone like dirt.
If your partner knew what you where doing behind his back, that 8 weeks ago you had sex with a random married man that youd met on a night out, that you constantly text and send naked photos of yourself to other men, that a week after kicking him out with no where else to go because you felt he wasnt good enough for you.. you invite a random man from tinder over to your house and have sex with him in the bed you share with the father of your kids. Now, because you kicked him out, you dont have access to his money anymore youre feeling sorry for yourself.

Ive been there for you again and again and again but youre never there for me and it really hit me this week when you knew I was starting something new on Monday and you never even bothered to text me to ask how it went, you didnt even reply to my last text where I was checking up on you after what you did over the weekend.

I dont know why ive made excuses for you for so long but I just cant anymore, youre a total narcissists.

I dont think I want to be friends anymore.

Last edited by Airyfairy12; 19-11-2019 at 22:10.
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20-11-2019, 00:14   #6591
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SaltSweatSugar's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2019
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I can’t believe you’re gone, it’s not that long since I was laughing with you at the wedding. If I knew then how things would turn out, I’d have asked you for a dance and spent more time talking to you. I’m glad I got to see you last week and that we had one last chat.

You were one of the nicest, kindest, funniest men I ever met, and I’m so heartbroken that you’ll never take the piss out of me again. Thank you for always thinking of me at Christmas and New Year, I never expressed how much I appreciated ye thinking of me, and I was always so touched that you considered me part of your family. That St. Stephen’s Day that I spent with ye was one of my favourites, and it was so nice to spend New Year’s with ye last year, when I really didn’t want to be alone.

You have raised a wonderful family, and your children are my best friends. They are some of the most incredible, smart, loyal, caring and funny friends anyone could want, and that is down to you and your wife. They love you so much, and I know you loved them. They know that too. I’ll do my best to take care of them.

Thank you for letting five teenagers take over your shed with guitars, drums and amps all those years ago, for not complaining about the noise we made, for being so cool, for being an amazing family man, and for being like a second father to me.

I’ll miss you big man.
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27-11-2019, 13:26   #6592
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Kitty6277's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2014
Posts: 5,919

What the fcuk are you doing? Or is this you showing your true colours and am I the stupid one? This seems so out of character for what I thought you were like, so maybe I am just the stupid one.
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04-12-2019, 15:45   #6593
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PoisonIvyBelle's Avatar
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I am so sorry that this world was too hard for you to bear. I understand why you had to leave. I just wish you hadn't.

Things like this make me think. This past whole year has made me think. I've wanted to reach out to you now and then, but your sheer lack of empathy held me back. But the things you said? They were cruel and so very untrue. And perhaps you did believe such things, but even if you didn't that's a cycle I'm not sure that you can ever break. I'm not sure what it is that draws me to you, I think I was attracted to how unemotional you could be - stoic, steady, calm. And you know the worst part of it all? If you apologised, if you truly understood that what you said came out of anger rather than reality, I would accept it once again.
What kind of weakness does that display in me?

I miss you. I miss my friend. I'm sorry we couldn't fix it. But I will always be grateful to you for the years that you spent keeping me alive.
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22-12-2019, 23:06   #6594
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Dear C,
Thanks for sending me a message on Sunday night. You were supposed to contact me last Thursday re us meeting on Friday. I know you were not well and were busy in work.
Yet you were well enough to go out with your new boy
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23-12-2019, 23:22   #6595
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Airyfairy12's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2016
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I know youre on cloud 9 right now with this new guy and I dont want to ruin that or the happiness youre feeling but from what youve told me about him there are so many red flags. Youve only be talking to him about 2 weeks but already know his life story, he's told you all about his mental health history, his relationship and family history, you know his financial situation and now he wants to plaster it all over social media that youre seeing each other.
He has kids to different women, told you all about his 'crazy' exes and how he's a victim yet doesnt take any responsibility for any wrong doing? I would love to hear his exes side of the story.
I had a peep at his facebook and nearly every post is about how he's been hard done by and how toxic and manipulative women are and a load of other sexist posts about women, theres also allot posted about his personal life and 'deep' posts about depression and anxiety that didnt come across genuine but more like 'poor me'. Not to mention the umpteen selfies, posts of him flexing his muscles and how every post from him has lots of comments from random women, he clearly loves the attention.
He's texting you 12 hours a day from the time he gets up to when he goes to sleep.
He's telling you everything you want to hear, some of the things you told me he said are clearly attempts at boosting your ego and getting you to like him and youre being completely sucked in by it. Not forgetting you've already heard bad things about him from other women.
I get really bad vibes from the whole thing. He sounds like a covert narcissist.
I know you wont listen to me but ive had enough bad relationships to spot the signs and this guy is abusive if given the chance.
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25-12-2019, 13:33   #6596
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Originally Posted by notsoyoungwan View Post
Hard to believe so much time has passed since you died. Yesterday I wore the necklace from our ‘lost weekend in Paris’...ten years ago yet i remember it as if it was only last week. It’s beyond belief to think of you dead and buried. That mega-watt smile that transforms your’ll never smile it again. It catches me off guard so often... I think that I must tell you something or that you’d enjoy something and then it hits me all over again that you’re gone. I hope you didn’t suffer, that you died so suddenly you didn’t know it was happening. To think anything else is unbearable. You had so much living left to do, you were only getting started! Life is cruel.
I’m grateful for what we had, whatever label may be put on it. It was fun, it was dreamy, it was adventurous, it was loving, it was sexy, it was exciting, it was an eye-opener, it was life-changing, it was bloody epic! Thank you for that. I will always remember and I will always miss you.

My dear M,

Now more than a year has elapsed since you died. So much has happened, and it still seems unbelievable at times. I think of you so often. Your smile, your rogueish nature, your sincerity, your sense of craic, your character. I miss you. There’s no other way to put it. There are others in your life who have a greater claim to grief than I, but still, I miss you, I mourn you, I think of you and I will never forget you.
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25-12-2019, 17:47   #6597
Join Date: May 2010
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S, you are NOT Copernicus and the universe does NOT revolve around you.
Mr Crumble and I are at a 'friends' today. I wasn't too keen on coming, but was persuaded into it.
Another friend who lives near S was also coming with her teenager.

S has been snippy, bitch, argumentative and critical ever since we got here. Her usual entitled self in other words. I've just kept my mouth shut, but I am REALLY on the verge of telling her where to go. I'm 40 years old and I don't need to be told that I'm looking at my phone too much, that I shouldn't put salt on my potatoes before tasting them and that I'm 'clearly OCD' because I was annoyed about having to take dog hair out of my glass and cup and off the meat.

Unfortunately Mr C and myself are staying here. The other guest and her teen left about 5. She's just messaged me apologising for leaving so soon, but saying that she just couldn't take anymore of our esteemed host and the constant criticism and bitchyness.

At least I know that it's not just me anyway!

I will NOT be coming again.

ETA: She had the camera shoved in my face all day. I asked her not to put any pictures of me up on Facebook because I don't post pictures of myself online.
I've just seen that she's put up three pictures of me, each one more unflattering than the next because of the angle she deliberately took them from.
Very pissed off right now.

Last edited by RhubarbCrumble; 25-12-2019 at 21:56.
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27-12-2019, 11:24   #6598
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Dear E, D, C. V, B, U. M, A, F

Everyone of you treated me like **** this year, I hope you all have a miserable 2020 and then die alone

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27-12-2019, 15:43   #6599
Join Date: May 2010
Posts: 3,145
I'm sick of you putting everyone before me and never giving a f**k about me.
If anyone else in your life was going through what I am, you wouldn't be able to do enough for them, but as usual when it's me, it's a different story.
I have gone out of my way to be there for you and have tried my bloody hardest to help you when you need help during the year, but obviously I've been a complete bloody fool because it's very obvious that you don't give a damn about me.
I come right down the bottom of your list every time.
You don't care about me. You don't care what happens to me and you couldn't make it more obvious if you tried, yet you're constantly claiming that I'm being 'ridiculous', while you deny everything as usual.
What do you even want me in your life for anymore? Is it just to use as a verbal punchbag? Because you're certainly making me feel as though that's all I'm good for.
Dump all your **** on me, but the minute I need any help or support, you just don't want to know.
I'm tired of you treating me like ****.
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27-12-2019, 19:57   #6600
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You’re an alcoholic. Whether you believe it or not. You’ve said some hurtful, unforgivable things. I can’t wait for you to leave tomorrow. If I could leave the house tonight and stay somewhere else I would.
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