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25-03-2018, 12:55   #46
Collie D
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That bloke who posts on here...high flying German financier or something
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I'm sure Laura Whitmore is well known back home but she seems to be ubiquitous over in the UK!

Also if we count Nordies, DJ Michael Lavin (from Co Down) has a show on Radio X in England but how many people here have heard of him???
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25-03-2018, 13:01   #48
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Originally Posted by darkdubh View Post
I'd say it's 50/50 or close. Probably slightly more famous in Britain but it's not like he's a complete unknown here.
Originally Posted by Ralf and Florian View Post
Any examples of notable Irish people who are more popular or acclaimed outside of Ireland than here?
Just answering the original post.
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25-03-2018, 13:03   #49
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Jim Stynes RIP,from Ballyroan Dublin, absolute Aussie Rules superstar in Australia, died young from cancer but left a huge charity legacy behind.

DAve King from irishtown of Flogging molly band , irish American punk band , massive worldwide audience .
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Originally Posted by Ursus Horribilis View Post
A rock singer from Kerry called Rea Garvey. He's massive in Germany
I saw his signed guitar in the Hard Rock Cafe in Berlin.
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25-03-2018, 13:12   #51
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Originally Posted by foxyladyxx View Post
I had a look at Jedward's following on twitter. . They are not popular anywhere it would appear. .Only got 60+ fans on twitter.
Their Twitter @PlanetJedward is or was suspended for some reason. I don’t know why I know that but I do. They’d have tens of thousands followers.
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25-03-2018, 13:22   #52
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The Rathkeale travelers, famous all over the world...
Get very little 'credit' in this country.
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25-03-2018, 13:35   #53
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Barack O'bama.
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25-03-2018, 14:05   #54
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Kilkenny Beer. Not a person I know but majority in ireland wouldn't touch it but it's way more popular around the world.
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25-03-2018, 16:01   #55
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In terms of book sales,Eoin Colfer from Wexford, writer of Artemis Fowl and other fiction, is also enormously successful internationally. He seems, from the one interview I've heard him in, like a really down-to-earth man with a grá for his home place, too.

And according to a Guardian link in her Wikipedia page, by March 2017 Marian Keyes had sold over 35 million copies of her books. Crazy number of sales.
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25-03-2018, 16:11   #56
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It's so easy when you are

Lafcadio Hearn
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25-03-2018, 16:35   #57
Donald Trump
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Originally Posted by selfbuild17 View Post
Originally Posted by Patww79 View Post
He also did a Wogan and completely turned into a Briton after he went there. He's about as Irish as Ronaldo now.
He was born and raised here. Both his parents are Irish. He spends most of his free time here, has a home in West Cork and is well known to partake in local events, etc. He holds an Irish passport.

What gives you the right to denounce his Irishness?

But let's talk about the elephant in the room. People see him on the telly and it's quite obvious what he is. He's pretty open about it, and you can definitely tell from the way he talks and he acts. And there are still a lot of people in Ireland who disapprove of that kind of lifestyle and choices. I mean, most of us, including myself, have no problem with it but there are the older generation that are stuck in their ways. I am not saying that it is a correct belief to have but if they think that "he's not really one of us" then I understand and expect that they'd be inclined to think that and disown him as he is one of "them fellas"

i.e. a Protestant


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25-03-2018, 16:39   #58
Donald Trump
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Originally Posted by cameramonkey View Post
It's so easy when you are

Lafcadio Hearn

Wasn't it himself who penned the immortal line

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Not a person, but The Lyrics Board was picked up in 26 other countries which I think makes it the most internationally successful Irish television program of all time.
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25-03-2018, 16:46   #60
Mint Sauce
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Originally Posted by Johnny Dogs View Post

He's massive in Australia, yet relatively unknown here.

Google him.
He did a BBC show years ago, about him gigging and traveling around the Outback, him, a minder/escort/driver, and his (Jimeoin's) skate board.

Happened to meet him on a flight between Dublin or Belfast, and London, a short time later. Spoke to him breifly between the plane and Baggage Reclaim, possibly the only person who did, his only item at baggage reclaim, the skate board.
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