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SPOILERS: We're Alive Discussion



  • Will check out your list as well . thanks dakota

  • Just finished episode 2 of Lockdown and so far I really like it. Production has gotten a bit better, though We're Alive was never terrible. Fun stuff! Glad I was still subscribed here as I had honestly forgotten about it.

  • Episode 3 now. Really enjoying it surely some more we're alive fans or zombie fans apart from me and Dakota are listening ?

  • Yup. Caught up!

    This thread is tagged as spoilers so some discussion...

    Ya had to figure someone was going down. Didn't know who but Chuck had it coming after that stupid stunt. Wasn't sure Deputy Mark had been bitten too - was it just blood from when Chuck stabbed him?
    Stopping to check the phone when they did was awful stupid however - not sure I would have done that w/ biters at the door.

  • Yeah when the other guard (name escapes me now) asked about marks wound one of the convicts remarked it's only a scratch most of the blood is not his own.
    So possible he could be infected through blood getting into spear\stab wound
    Using the phone when z,s are banging door down is dumb
    But also arguing about anything when your holding a door from certain death is so stupid
    I find it hard to not put myself in that position and end up in my head shouting ( "don't do that ya stupid xxxxx) but I suppose the aim of a good drama is to engage you so much that you Feel the need to Shout srceam or laugh at the decisions they make

    Oh only waiting for the moment when freddo(spelling) explodes
    Also the twin towers jail is where " ink" was housed so won't be long till all that **** hits the fan

    On a different note started the cleansed only on episode 1 now but so far so good

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  • Yeah - I thought the same on the "most of the blood isn't his" bit.

    Yeah - Fredo, or whatever, is a wild card. Maybe he'll become a Behemoth?
    If I remember correctly, wasn't Ink being transferred when it goes down? Can't remember...

    Also - the Family's they mentioned in prior episode. I'm guessing this matches up w/ one that Angel, Durai, Scratch and Latch were part of? Ran across a mention of them looking for info on Ink. Wonder which one they were part of....

  • Re-listening to the entire We're Alive series for the first time in ages. It still holds up really well to anything currently being produced for podcasts. As of June 1 the We're Alive team has a new project up - not sure when it starts but I think its the story of a different group during the same outbreak. 
    Lockdown as great. I'm really looking forward to whatever comes next.