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  • C&J doubles 88
    PC 3x2 90
    SNP+PSN+PSNATK, 3x1+1+2 60kg
    FS singles 110
    Press 50
    pullups +10
    leg curl/leg extension

    Don't try to run up a stairs after doing leg curls.

  • Snatch 90 singles
    PS doubles 72
    4 sets of superiority complex
    Back squats 140
    Lower back, abs, couple of 500m on c2

  • Trained on Friday, forget what I did (apart from making my IT band try to kill me)


    wore a hoodie because I was a bit cold and coming down with something. The strings for the hood kept getting in my eyes when I was gettin' under. Actually missed some lifts because of this #princess
    got to 90, missed some at 93

    sn pulls 110

    complex to 80, IT band clenched up at 90

    BS: 125x6. had to roll stupid tfl between sets.

    bad session.

  • Right, I can still be described as alive at the moment. Got very busy for the last couple of weeks. Back training this week and everything is down about 10% or so. no biggie.

    Did an informal powerlifting meet in Platinum Balbriggan. Went 152.5/87.5/180 at 88kg, not great, not awful. Failed a 185 deadlift because my brain shorted out, missed a 160 squat, just dropped the head too much.

  • got a bit done this evening:
    sn to 90
    cl+hcl+FS+PP+J to 85kg
    def sn pulls 5x3 95kg
    squats: doubles at 130
    superduperset press+pullups+seated GM 3x8 50kg

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  • Overhauled the jerk again. Still having problems with hand position. Basically if I grip the thing I end up leaning forward but if I just do the "fingertips" thing and leave it resting on the shoulders then I end up catching my callouses when it goes overhead and that puts a lot of pressure on the wrists. New plan is gripping the bar with the elbows as low as possible, it's as comfortable as I've felt with the jerk in ages.

    Wandered up to 100 on Thursday and did a bunch of doubles at 85
    BTNPP to 100
    front squat doubles at 100 (knee behaving)

    hang power snatch: 75x2
    back squat to 150x1 (ok)
    comically wide sumo squats: 3x10 at 80. Hips are almost allowing these.

  • Monday: Sn 90x2
    C&J 95x2
    FS 110x2

    CL+PJ+J to 100, work at 90
    MS: 70kg
    BS: 130x4


  • hitting in and around daily maxes on things now, yesterday was:

    snatch 90-94 for a few singles
    C&J complex
    squatted 140 for a bunch of singles
    BB stuff

  • Bad Ed.

    Bunch of C&J in the 100-105 range, minding some outer-knee pain (Sitting is messing me up). Jerk timing is still messy

    power snatch: 84

    deficit CLDL: 150


  • Got in for my annual training session yesterday...

    Snatched a few singles up to 96,

    c&J 100, missed jerk 104, missed clean 109 (yea I know)

    def sn dl: 120 for triples

    leg presses

    I can't front squat at the moment, which is ruining everything! I can back squat but only if I'm not doing the olympic lifts beforehand. Leg pressing is ok, I'll mix it with RDL and GHR "going forward" (eww).

    Will switch to powers for a Clonmel and just rehab afterwards. I'm fat now too so I'd better fix that afterwards. It probably doesn't help with inflammation and all that other jazz.

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  • lol, down to once a week or so. did 90/100 for singles last saturday, trained this saturday but spent about 90 minutes doing jerks. finished with a set of 10 at 90. It's slowly coming together. Knee is not too bad now.

  • Right so I did the Clonmel Open.

    Snatch: 93-97-100
    100 was a loose, hairy snatch

    C&J, powered the cleans because the jerk is buggered:

    101-106(FJ)-106 (go away)

    206 total, comp PB, total PB I forget what the BW was. I think I got a sinclair PB too.

    I should have a bit more time to train now. priorities are knee&elbow rehab, preventing angry hips (Ed sits in traffic a lot and his clutchin' hip is becoming disgruntled). Need more "recoil" from the legs too. Obviously the elephant in the room still hasn't forgotten I can't squat.

  • Vidyas:







    Trained yesterday:
    sotts press
    pissed about with hang snatches at 70 odd
    horiz row
    Seated GM
    calf raises

    been messing with the peg board in the gym. Can get about halfway up now, not doing it very efficiently though. There's loads of cool toys in the gym that I never really use. Bad Ed

  • Jerk, sn-dl, speed squats, armz, rows, zzz

  • PC+J to 90
    rack pulls - 170 for doubles, position is not a million miles away from my squat sticking point.
    LB, abs
    shoulder fixey things.

  • Sn from blocks:

    HCL+J DumbKopfKomplex: 80kg

    Deficit Sn Iso thing 100kg

    BTN Pulldowns

    BTN Press


  • Yesterday

    Jerk: 90-110 in 1kg jumps. Took very little rest, just loaded and went #cersfert

    PC+CL from blocks: 100

    FS: 20x1 103kg

    Seated Row


  • Yest'day in fugee land:

    C&J 90-97 in 1kg
    Back squat 120x5

    incline bench
    Speed FS at 80

    better write a program.

  • C&J 13 singles from 90 to 102
    5+1 SNDL+SN up to 80kg
    FS 110
    hip fixin'
    peg board 3 or 4 sets. Need to figure out how to get down. Jumping may not work for much longer unless I learn to do one of those roll things.
    yes-no machine. so so wrong.

  • normal boring snatch 4x2 80
    PC+HPC+2PJ 5 sets 80
    DefClDl with pauses: 5x120
    speed squats 95

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  • Saturday: Leinster league: 95/106. We lost!

    power jerks: 90-102 in 1kg
    back squats 4x10 at 100
    SN DL with pauses 110 then 100
    Face pulls

    Was a bit tired after this. Started to get dizzy and blacking out later in the evening, ate a load of salt + carby things and had a beer (Galway Hooker stout, not great), which fixed things.

  • def sn 4x2 75
    cl+hcl+j loads at 90
    cldl 140 5-5-8

  • Powersnatch: 83x1, 85(full) 3x2 75

    back squat: to 120x5

    SN DL: 100x3x10

    KB Rows 32kg

    Much cake.

  • power jerk, 4x3 85, 3x 90 95, 2x100
    back squat 4x10 100kg, had to do them fast so the body couldn't realise what I was at.
    curls and swole things

  • Thursday: League 98-104, pressed 108, missed clean on 111


    jerk 110, missed 115,
    PS 2x80,
    fs 3x100,105,100,
    CLDL: 4x5 and 1x8 at 145

  • sn: 8 singles 85kg (one sneaky double)
    cl+2fs+J [email protected], [email protected]
    speed squats: 100kg (not sure they were fast enough)

  • Thursday,
    Squat 135x3

    clean hang clean jerk, bunch of sets around 90

    Def sn dl 110x5


    Went all dying swan with the heat

  • Jerk: a billion triples up to 100
    Pause snatch to 90 for 1
    Back squat 105 for 4x10

    Squats are pretty fast but feel heavy. Very very strange.

    I keep neglecting arms and stuff

  • No bumpers today.
    Snatch 80 4 doubles
    Cl,hcl, 2pp, pj, 5 sets 80
    Front squat to 110x3.

    Short session, much sweat, many cersfert.

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  • Saturday: League match v CSP2

    only got 2/6, 91/105, missed 96 twice and 109 twice

    Felt kinda weak off the floor so ended up making way too much contact on the snatches, looped the bejayzis out of the 96s

    Cleaned the 109s handy but kept missing the jerk. Have to finish the jerk before I pass out these days (sharrup) so there's little time to recompose.

    4-0 to ECB, Didn't lose to girls. Yay!