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  • Was actually too tired to train yesterday, knew it on ****in' thursday. did half a session today

    Snatch+snatch from above knee 3x1+2 at 70
    Jerk: up to a pressed 107.5 (dem triceps), 5 singles 92.5
    back squat 6x2x115

    was too knackered to do the rest of the session. still tired.

  • still sub-par.

    Only brought one shoe to the gym, Harry saved me.

    front squat with pause at stickin point:
    105, 3x3x90, went down and up around the sticking point a couple of times on one of these. boo.

    power snatch: lumbered up to a parallel 80, 3x2x70

    push press 3x3x80 (sound)

    pullups, neutrdal grip 5x 0, 20, 20

    жиме стоя (press): singles 50-60-65-67.5-70, 5x60

    wasn't on the boil today so not too bad considering.

  • Did a session on Tuesday, Will have to paste it in here when I remember

    trained yesterday:
    snatch+snatch from above knee 3x2+1 at 75
    ****in' ouch

    jerk: up to a very solid 110, barely missed 115, 5 singles 95, back up to 110, had a intersting walk with it second time out

    Back squat: 5x5x115 was supposed to be 6x5 but the reps were ****ing horrendous looking so had to pull the plug, glutes didn't work at all and knees were all over the place (had been drivin' a few hours). Had a heavy dose of the malaise for a good few hours after.

    Today: couldn't get near recommended work sets, sulked a bit and called it a day, same malaise hit in after two sets of power snatches so there was no point in continuing. Will try again on thursday.

    Finding it hard to eat enough too. Will have to remedy that.

  • friday: (erm, I dunno if I remember all this)
    power snatch: 3X2X75
    pc+pj 3x2+1 at 90 (misloaded one set to 92.5)
    Front squat 115, 3x3x100
    Javelin press: **** that

    snatched 85, missed 90 a few times (sitting in a car a lot the last few days) just not sharp, 3x2x80kg
    snatch pulls: 105x3x3 (****)

  • few days ago:
    snatch pull below knee+power snatch 3x2+1 at 45
    clean pull to above knee+clean +jerk 3x2+2+1 at 85
    rows, bench

    power snatch: 3 doubles at 75, 1 double at 80 (PB methinks), PC+PJ 3x2+1 at 95 FS: 110, 3x3x95 ( think that was it)

    snatched 93, missed 95 and 96, 3x2x86 (eventually)
    snatch pull 3x3x105
    javelin press, pulldownz, boicers+troicers (roysh)

    Fat now. haven't seen a scales in a while but I'm definitely over 200kg

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  • T'other day:
    snatch pull to below knee+power snatch 3x2+1 at 50
    clean pull to above knee +clean+jerk 3x2+2+1 at 90
    Bench: 5x60-65-70-75, 4x80
    row: up to a very easy 90x5

    power snatch: 3x2x83kg (some full snatches but retook)
    power clean+power jerk+ supposed to be 3x2+1 at 98, kinda flirted with it but bottled it. Began to get a dose of malaise so called time, passed out on the couch when I got back, think I might try that again tomorrow, had to generate a massive amount of hate for all of today's lifts and that seemed to fry the circuits.

  • yeaterday:
    resumed the previous day's session.
    PC+PJ: 3x2+1, at 98 only got 1 PJ. I'm still not doing them right, have to knock it back. Gonna have to do something different to fix the non-moving feet

    FS: 115x1, 3x3x100, better than last time

    javelin press.

  • snatched 100kg.

    93 for a double.

    pulls at 105

    Ran it through kinovea, still very "forward" and loopy on max attempts. Require an ass and moar upperback.

  • Today: erm.... No. Everything is fried.

  • Slight adductor thing. Snatch pull below knee + power sn 3x2+1 at 55, clean pull above knee+clean+jerk, 3x2+2+1 at 95, lower back, abz, pulldowns, bench (80x5 pb), row 90x5, gunz

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  • Was elite and trained twice:

    FS with pause 108, missed 111, 3x3x93
    power snatch: only got to 75, 3x2x65, went back up to an easy 75 again. Think I was usin too much arm up to 75 the first time
    push press, 80kg, 3,3,5
    Felt tired

    Ate a chicken, drank a litre of milk, coached for a few hours,


    sn pull to above knee+MS 3x1+2 at 58
    PC+PJ 100kg, missed J on 103 but equalled PC PB, 3x2+1, 1+3 @85 (felt strong)
    lower back, abz, gunz, ring chins to 15kgx5
    Felt class after that.

  • Did the Capital Strength Open there yesterday:


    93 was disgustingly close, lost it forward on the recovery


    Sticking point killed me on the 108 and I didn't move my feet so I had to try to squat from the pulling position. No bueno.

    Racked 110 in the warmup room but couldnt stand.

    195 total, 1kg pb, 1kg CJ PB too.

    I have a few technical things to sort for the jerk, the drive is strong as hell (relatively) but I'm not getting under properly anymore and end up forward too.

    Oh, I came second. That doesn't usually happen.

  • Ok, monday:
    sn+sn above knee 3x2+1 t 70, jerked 105, a million singles at 90
    back sq 6x2x115
    saw 60kg so wanted to see how many times I could press it, 9 is the answer

    1+1/4 FS, up to 114x1, 3x3x99, PS 82, 3x2x72, push press 3x3x85

    sn pull to above knee+MS 3x2+1 at 63
    PC+PJ 100, 3x2+1 at 90
    lower back
    weighted pullups
    weighted pushups (had to catch up on assistance, pain in the ass)

    Training will either be amazing or awkward as **** for the next week or so.

  • Kind went to Estonia for a while.

    t'other day: 50/70 sadness

    today: snatch 85, 3 doubles 78, missed one behind. Not too bad.
    pulls aat 108, rotten heavy. Man sad.

    Gutted a Werksan. Their insides are purty.

  • Sn pull to below the knee+PS 3x2+1 at 55 I think
    Cl " " above " " +clen+Jerk 3x2+2+1 (went ascending to 95kg)
    bench 'n row
    some squats

  • Power snatch:
    did 3x2 at 85, only the last set were properly powered, the rest were just high snatches. 85 was previous PS 1rm so it's not too bad

    2+1, got to 95, managed to PC 100 for a double but missed the jerk

    100, 90x3x3

    Did that stupid ****ign sally thing. Stopped before the end because my lower back was pumped.

    Lost a quad-off with a woman.

    Weird, lifts are mostly thereabouts, squats have fallen off a cliff.

  • snatch: 93, missed 96, 3x2x85
    pulls at 110
    lower back

    Stupid loop. Thought I had it fixed. I'm gonna go back to step 0 after Cork and fix everything!

  • sn pull to below knee+power snaatch: 3x2+1 at 55
    clean and jerk: easy 100, cleaned 105, missed jerk, kept missing the clean on 105 then. Racked it about ten times. Lame.Went back down to 78, missed the jerk behind and nearly killed everyone, back up to 100, kept missing tht. Ghey.

  • Cork Open
    Snatch: 88-92-94
    Clean and jerk: 100-103-106
    87.7kg of fatness

    200 total, 6/6 Comp pb on snatch, pb clean and jerk, 5kg comp pb total. 3rd place in the 94s. Man happy. Many thanks to Harry for handling and Bum for programming!

  • yesterday: squatted 130 for a couple singles in flat shoes, no belt.


    Snatched 85, missed 90 behind, lost interest in 92.5

    Front squatted 100 5x3,

    1x60-100-120-130-140-150-155-160-165-160 all hooked
    155x2, double overhand, 150x5(pb) and some other stuff on the way down

    Bench: up to 92.5 of of pure tricep

    horizontal rows


    sat down for a while, got bored then did arms. Could invade a small country after the session.

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  • Edwardius wrote: »
    yesterday: squatted 130 for a couple singles in flat shoes, no belt.


    Snatched 85, missed 90 behind, lost interest in 92.5

    Front squatted 100 5x3,

    1x60-100-120-130-140-150-155-160-165-160 all hooked
    155x2, double overhand, 150x5(pb) and some other stuff on the way down

    Bench: up to 92.5 of of pure tricep

    horizontal rows


    sat down for a while, got bored then did arms. Could invade a small country after the session.

    What's the plan now for the next while?

  • Scuba Ste wrote: »
    What's the plan now for the next while?

    Legs, ass, technique, biceps, a job.

    Gonna get my name down for the supertotal at the Hercs champs and do some benchin' and deadlifts on the run up to it.

    I've to sort a bunch of movement dysfunction, fix the shoulders and get some knee stability.

    I also want to get disgustingly strong off the floor

    In summary:
    disregard all of the above, I'm just gonna do doubles and be sad :P

  • rack jerk: 105

    was gonna front squat but it was cold.

  • Did the kiwifit push-pull meet


    Nice grind on the 95



    sound. both lifts need to be higher but I think I deadlifted twice this year so that's not too bad.

  • Don't think I did anything for the last few days.

    hip stuff
    Deadlift up to 152.5x5, double overhand no hook.

  • power snatched yesterday, just did singles at 80, 83, fullsnatched 86

    cl pull ot above knee+ clean + jerk 3x2+2+1 at 85
    paause fs
    snatch position stuff

  • just squatted. hit 135 for a few singles then missed 140, doubled 130, singled 135, missed 138.
    Bunch of tempo squats up to 100, 4-5s down

  • Hip stuff and deadlifts yesterday, pulled 150 for 5 sans belt

    bench x5 60-65-70-75-80-80


    CGBP 10-10-9 at 60. Triceps just stopped working on the last one.

    Should probably snatch something at some point.

  • pause front squat 112, 5x3 at 97

    power clean power jerk 100,.3x1+2 at 85

    rowed 90x5

    got very dizzy during jerks but powered through. shoulder is a bit sad so leaving snatch movements for a little while. feet are beginning to behave like they should but still a bit soft on heavy attempts.

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  • Still alive, tipping away. doing some positional strength stuff. Squatted 140 today (****ty bar though so could have been 138 but it still had three wheels), did 120 for 10 as a rage set. Missed a 180 deadlift last week.