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  • Squert:


    143: 3-3-2-1

    ARSE! supposed to be 4x3.

    Super secret press program.

    Had to stop the squats, there's "really really hard" and "you're going to break in two if you continue", this was the latter. Way too much back involvement. Failed a single in a 5th set then so just left it.

  • did some walking yesterday at the culchie world fair

    Squat, 135:


    supposed to be 5x5 but my erectors are massively fatigued. Did some hip rehab.

    Press stuff.

    I need to eat more.

  • 3 pos snatch up to 84kg
    3 pos clean up to 100kg
    hyoogening stuff.

  • haven't squatted in 5 days. Feels like an eternity. Today:
    [email protected] not too bad


  • Lifted at the club championships last night. Didn't really taper or cut. Weighed in at a Rubenesque 90.3

    Warmup was ok, I was coaching four lifters at the same time. Hit 88 twice a few minutes apart

    88... Grand
    92... bit heavy
    95... Nailed it. 1kg comp PB

    102... caught the clean wrong but it was ok
    106... Felt a little heavy
    110... I'd lost interest in life at this stage. Felt the right elbow wobble but got the lift 2:1`, 4kg comp pb.

    6/6 205kg total, 5kg pb with 238 sinclair. Pity my prep got screwed by the wrist but whatevs

    I would have pissed 100kg snatch but I wanted to hit 6 lifts and wasn't really sure of where I was after the layoff.

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  • Final Snatch (95kg)

    Final Clean and Jerk (110kg)

  • Today
    Caught up with the press program, then...

    Intense W4D3:
    Back squat: 3x4x143kg

    First set ok, second terrible third not as bad. Last rep was very very ugly. I reckon I could have hit 5 reps in the first set. Happy to be finished. Lost a lot of confidence last week and thought I'd be buried by everything but it went surprisingly well. I don't think I'll ever make any of the lifters do this, the base cycle is just hard but this seems like it'll snap **** up.

    Might max next monday, I've no idea what to expect. Might just try 140-150-160 and see what happens.

  • Yesterday: Up to 155 squat, missed 160, kinda gave up due to falling forward a bit

    OHP program

    DEF sn pulls

    Pin squats

    Unracked 300kg, almost turned into a liquid.

  • Edwardius wrote: »
    Unracked 300kg, almost turned into a liquid.

    Were you not tempted to give it a go, just for the craic like? :p

  • Best log title I've ever seen

    Fúck yo couch!

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  • conzy wrote: »
    Best log title I've ever seen

    Fúck yo couch!

    AWHHHH the milk's gone bad!!!!

    PRessing and hip stability towards the end of last week


    Press program,

    Snatched up to 65 with minimal wrist pain

    Clean, pause BTK
    80-85-90-95-100, no pause after this-105-110-115(PB)

    Sound. The recovery is starting to get a bit funky though. All the back squats messed with me positioning, no biggie.

    Snatch pulls (deficit) 3x3 95kg (v strong, got these to chest height, was angry)

    Concentric back squats 4x6 85kg :o

    Got woken up by ridiculous ankle pain this morning, will have to see where that goes

  • Mystery ankle injury is still there, not as bad today. For some reason the right knee decided to get annoyed.

    Just pressed, rowed and did various band things and tricep work today. Lame.

  • Ankle is kinda at "Ignore it" level, managed some triples in the snatch at 70 yesterday, pressed 63 for a few triples as well as triceps, hang power cleans up to 95 today, pin squats at 90kg, curlz, hip rehab, abs.

    Press program has another week or two so I'm gonna hammer the wrist rehab afterwards

  • press program,
    zombies: up to 115, 85x10
    death lift 100x30 stiff legged most of these because I was too lazy to bend my knees

  • Press 65, Snatch 90 back squat 150x1, 125x10, reverse lunge.

  • Went to the "Urban Weightlifting" squad/max session thing up in Portadown (piratetown) yesterday. hit 95/110, Very close on 100/115. The atmosphere was class, good folks up there.

    10rm squatz + Wine the night before = taper.

    Ankle is ok, tib anterior was the problem.

    Wrist is nearly there too.


  • Press 64x3, doubled 66 twice but kept missing the groove on the third.

    snatch triples, 74, singles up to 95, missed 100 a few times
    C&J 85 triples, single 105 (tired)

    I'm a lot stronger off the floor now but still a bit sluggish on the turnover.

    Zombie squat 70kg 9x10, 1x4, 60sec rest, bar rolled of on set 5 hence 4 reps. increased to 90s after that. I'll see how this leaves me later in the week before I decide on going again next week. I'd instant DOMS and a headache till 3am but I have no quads so summat has to give, yo.

    snatch pulls (deficit) 95kg 3x3 much soreness.

  • positional things

    jerk drives: 105 for 3x3, jerked 105 then.

    back squatted 150 for the craic. Wanted to see the legs still worked after monday's holegcaust.

    split squats

    SLDL 100x2x10, 110x10

    Tiredness set in then.

  • Speed stuff

    Front squat 110x5

    Press 70x1

    Single leg things

  • Yesterday:
    Light Powers

    Leg based sadness tomorrow

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  • Snatch triples at 78, singles up to 98, missed 101, haircut on second attempt

    Cj triples 88, singled 103 (lol) missed jerk on 106

    Deficit pulls 100kg

    Zombie 5x10 73kg 60s rest

    Cs row.

    Wrecked today. Snatch was OK. Jerk crap.

  • Nice snatching, was 101 for a PB?

  • dylbert wrote: »
    Nice snatching, was 101 for a PB?

    Thanks man, it's 1kg below my pb. I'm gonna have a crack at it again next week. I'm happy to hit feeling weak. It gives me a shred of optimism!

  • Think I remember you hitting 100 a while back "for the love of god stand up", didn't know you bettered it again!

  • dylbert wrote: »
    Think I remember you hitting 100 a while back "for the love of god stand up", didn't know you bettered it again!

    Heh, I reminded herself of that. Was not pleased!

    Missed training on wednesday :(

    jerked 110, power jerked 100, was trying some things

    I forget what else was done.


    forgot to eat carbs, snatched 90 but brain prevented 95. Dropped back and power snatched up to 85.

    C&J 100, missed the jerk on 110

    pause FS 115 (3s pause with slow eccentric).... hmmm.

    back squat 140, dropped 150

    deadlift: 150-160-170-180
    (pb and, shamefully, my first double BW deadlift. I should probably deadlift the odd time)

    Push press: 90, missed 95

    power cleaned 95 for some singles then tripled 100 (pb).

    I thought I was finished being stupid but now I want to max the "two hands anyhow".

  • Yesterday:
    had like 55mins including warmup:

    Clean pull up to 1x140
    C&J, 1x90-100-90-100
    Pause FS 5x1x110 (3s pause)
    Glute bridges: 2x10 110kg

  • snatch:
    triple at 85, attempted two other triples but missed a bunch of them behind, single at 93

    C&J, triples at 90 and 94. very gassed, single 100, missed jerk 107 (Footwork is still ****ed)

    BTNSGPP x 1:

    pause FS 5x3 100kg

    sn grip rdl (toes on plates), 3x8 100kg

  • Light PS 70, pcpp 80

    Jerks:up to 105, back to 100. Working on feet.

    Back squats 5, 4 125kg

  • Push press 95 (pb) missed 100 very close to lockout.

    Jerk footwork up to 100 again.

    Pause front, 8 singles between 105 and 115

    Pulls from a few positions with 90.

    Got some plans for the next programs.

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  • yesterday:
    Snatch: 85kg I pulled 89 like 2" off the floor and gave up to my eternal shame.

    Squat: did a single at 85kg and opened a beer. It was a heineken :(:(:(

    I guess that's a deload then