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  • didn't get in yesterday, trained this morning:

    back squat to 140x1
    C&J 5 doubles between 85 and 90
    CLDL 140x10

    30mins including warmup.

  • Bench 70x 8 6 4, waiting for rack
    Speed squats at 90
    Bis and tris
    Leg press, ghr
    Horizontal row
    Some rowing of the cardio variety

    Cardio is dumb. Next time I have a deadline I'm gonna do cardio whilst working, time just slows to a crawl. All other times I think I'll just go out on a bike. What the hell is wrong with you people?

  • Power jerk to 100x2
    3 pos sn 75, missed 80
    Squat 4x10 110
    Block pulls triples at 130

    Squats moved OK but caused much misery.

    Pulls felt pretty heavy but good. I'm missing a bit of power at the finish these days. Probably due to doing deads instead of pulls

  • Snatch 87x3
    Clean, hang clean, 2 jerks, 90, one jerk 95
    Speed fronts at various heights 70
    Snatch pulls 110
    Rdl 100

    Other assistance stuff: circuit with a kb in me gaff, boring.

  • Trained friday:
    squat 130x5, tough
    C&J 5x3 75kg, lame

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  • Fried the brain in work, attempted to train:

    Snatch: 80-85-90-95-100

    Ton was heavy but I was too tired to be scared.

    PC+2PJ, 5 or 6 sets at 90, weight selection was good for a change.

    Back squat 115x10 was a bit worried about the hip

    Single leg leg press: Token was around and I wanted to train like the elite tdf muddafukka that he is.

    Press and row.

    Bit dizzy but that went well.

  • Cl hcl jk bunch of sets between 90 and 95
    Pan+2hpsn two Sets at 60 then 1+9 for the troops or Jesus or something

    Sn dl with hang pulls 110

    Tired again. Gonna change the template for the next 6-8 weeks, similar exercises different volume, more intensity. Guinea pigs will prefer the lower quantities of misery.

  • Today: lol

  • Hmm, logistics are screwing with training. Got into the local gym today. Stayed in touch with the Olympic stuff, front squat 3x8 80, press, pulldown.

    Stamina is shot.