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How can we curtail bus lane misuse



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    you want to remove car park spaces from where they are required in a rural setting in your other thread


    now all people parking at a pub are drink drivers - another moronic comment.

    never mind the creche users who don't want to be ferrying creche-age children from the supposed "nearby" council car-park


    want to not do proper examinations of motoring accidents as you want in your other thread but go all in on speed - that is simply moronic.

    imagine suggesting that to the garda motor accident scene examination unit - they would be shocked at the suggestion.

    -> another moronic anti-motorist thread


    in this thread have proposed some sort of stasi informant system for anyone touching a bus lane


    use emojis like a 5 year old (that may be insulting to 5 year-olds actually)

    to go with your child-like national-school level categorical statements!

    there is a clear anti-motorist sentiment in the recent threads that you've started and you can't even admit to this - why who knows - it's so obvious just admit it and be done with it.

    it's simply pathetic