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No Time to Die **Spoilers from post #1449 onward**



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    He didn't. It's the other way around - the mist was the nanobot bioweapon that was meant to kill Bond, but had been reversed by Safin to kill all the Spectre guys instead.

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    Hackman shouldn’t need to do a screen test

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    Sam Heughan (not sure if the spelling - the lucky backstard what gets to to be with Catriona Balfe in Outlander) would be a good Bond but he is in his forties now.

    I think they should go with an actor in his twenties and tell a story of how and why he he was recruited.

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    Jamie Dornan's been rising up the betting - he's good in the (somewhat ridiculous) The Tourist on BBC and getting excellent reviews for Belfast.

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    I'd definitely watch a prequel Bond, but not sure it would have mass appeal or how they'd make it fit. They've already done Casino Royale, so we've already seen his beginnings at a 00 agent. Can you make a 2 hour movie of the events leading up to that, but one that isn't just a drama and contains action sequences etc like we're used to in Bond?

    It would be Bond without a lot of the usual Bond characters. No M, no Q, no Moneypenny, no Felix etc.

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    Thing is, there's no way a Bond prequel would resist filling its film with endless nods, quips and "fan service" to the point where it stopped being amusing. Even in Casino Royale, I found the Martini line a bit 🙄 obviously just my preference but Hollywood rarely does well with these "before they were famous" kind of stories.

    There's also the problem where the question is ... is Bond that interesting that his pre 007 is worth telling? The franchise's biggest strength is its biggest weakness; a power fantasy whose main character is intentionally void of personality beyond superficial aspects; we just had an attempt to add texture. Not sure how you go back to that well so soon - and what you do different

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    probably mentioned earlier but i see Tom Holland talk about how he pitched a younger james bond origin story to Sony... (not sure if its Sony) they turned it down but he got the uncharted gig instead..

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    Casino Royale is an origin story but Bond is already a capable agent by then.

    I was thinking more of some mission he on with the SAS (he is former SAS isn’t he?) that leads to him coming to M’s attention or something and then a pre-00 mission that doesn’t go well or such.

    but maybe he has to already be a capable to a Bond.

    A younger Bond wouldn’t mean a prequel - each new actor is a reset of the character anyway. So with the next 007 Casino Royale to No Time to Die will never have happened.

    Plus No Time to Die means all the characters have to be recast too.

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    I have a doubt that they'll go for another white actor. So my guess would be either:

    Henry Golding (English, suave, hits the diversity angle).

    Rege-Jean Page (good rep coming off Bridgerton, sex symbol, also mixed race so good the diversity angle again).

    Either would actually be a good choice for the role and they could offer something new.

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    Was thinking recently that for a TV spin-off show, 001 would make a lot of sense. A show based around the origin of the 00 idea itself, and the first agent they test the concept with. Ideally done as a cold period piece.

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    I assume you mean Cold War.

    I don’t know about a TV series but I love to see 007 put back into the Cold War setting.

    A set of movies that take Bond from his prime in the early fifties through to the 80s and the fall of the Berlin War. His last movie could have him over the hill and a seemingly irrelevant “Cold War dinosaur” (as M said in Goldeneye).

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    Yeah. Further, maybe a prequel that centred around Spectre, now that the rights are back with the Broccolis; criminally underused in NTTD, and might make for a useful fulcrum for a spin off. The 00s started as a response to a mysterious group, born in the ashes of ww2 and seemingly trying to seize power in the vacuum. IMO it'd be a better choice than trying to stay wedded to the main Bond timeline and get bogged down in winks and nods.

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    Same way Craig brought something new. He didn't fit into the stereotype and neither would they.

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    Craig did add more depth to the character but if by “stereotype” you meant the cold blooded murder, “misogynist dinosaur”, etc. of the previous films and the books, that is still there.

    The movies have changed how they treat women but not how James Bond treats women. As Pheobe Waller-Bridge said that is how you update the franchise but if you change Bond then he he isn’t Bind anymore.

    As long as Bond is still the “stereotype” then it doesn’t matter what he looks like.

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,076 ✭✭✭eviltimeban

    Well personally I'd be more interested in seeing a movie with Golding or Page in the role, than Cavill. Cavill spoofed the role somewhat in The Man from UNCLE and I'm not sure he'd be able to get away from that.

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,014 ✭✭✭OU812

    I'd totally watch that. 18 cert crude as **** ultra violent gentleman spy???? Sounds like a great movie

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    I’ve seen Crazy Rich Asians and five minutes of Last Christmas. Golding seemed to be playing the same guy in both. I don’t know who Page is.

    I think Cavill and Heaughan (from Outlander) would be great Bonds however the more I think about a new Bond the less I want to think about a new Bond.

    Craig did a great job and the ending of No Time to Die has me want no new Bond actor for a couple of years.

    And when it is time for the return I think the most exciting thing would be cast a complete unknown with 007 his first role.

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    there was twitter chatter last week that Cillian Murphy's odds had shortened.

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    I believe most of that Twitter chat was started by a Cork newspaper too.

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    Worst Bond film of all time.

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    All Bond films including this one now are up on Prime.

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    Watched this last night, much better than I expected and miles better than Spectre

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    Gave this a watch. Thought it was done pretty well. Glad the lesser focus on computer hackey type tech. This one felt more down to spycraft.

    Definitely helped that I watched this recap beforehand. The putting-together of the bigger story from all the films had just gone over my head. They hadn't communicated it well at all.

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