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No Time to Die **Spoilers from post #1449 onward**



  • I cannot remember anything about Spectre. It was never a film that I said to myself that I would ever revisit.

    But for NTTD, is there a continuation from Spectre. Would it make sense to go into NTTD, having rewatched Spectre.

  • Saw this on Friday ..... just OK.

    It seemed to me like someone (Craig?) was trying to distance themselves from the successful standard format of Bond, as much as possible. I watched his BBC interview on the red button and when I heard him talking about how much input he had into the whole project, I started to get worried - just act like you are told to do. I don't know why the producers would give him so much influence over their long and carefully crafted product.

    The new female 007 agent was tokenism as far as I could see, no need for it. There was very scant almost unnoticed reference to and use of, the standard Bond music theme - plenty of opportunities in the action shots to throw in a good loud dum, dit,ti dum, di dum ti - but none taken. There were references to the old movies timeline, but then new introductions and info that totally messed it up - where does the legacy history of Bond lie now with this ending and the new characters and relationships?

    In the end, I was disappointed ..... and confused. I waited right till the end of the credits to see 'James Bond Will Return'... I started to think of how? but I am not sure if I care.

  • That and when he blew up the baddies bionic eye with the watch, we were obviously supposed to forget that Bond himself was wearing a radio receiver earpiece that should have exploded into his brain too.

  • I would say that you don't need to watch spectre before nttd

    Spectre is such a bad movie that I wouldn't tbh

    And nttd handles it in a way that there is nothing missed by not seeing spectre recently

  • I really enjoyed it I have to say.

    Yes it is too long, but I wouldn't want to lose too many parts of it.

    Maybe not quite as good as casino royale but probably my second favourite Daniel Craig bond film.


    The good

    The first big action set piece.

    The chemistry with Ana De Armas, enjoyed that whole section

    Christoph Waltz

    Loshana lynch and the other supporting characters in MI5

    Actual deaths

    The Bad

    Rami Malek I honestly think he is kind of an awful actor, as were the other villains bar waltz

    The runtime

    Some sections felt a tad computer game like, especially a section on some stairs.

    The constant use of we have all the time in the world...was really distracting.

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  • Saw this yesterday. Not as good as the Craig Era peaks , which were Casino Royale and Skyfall, but a decent end to his era as Bond. Its three biggest issues are its love interest, its villain and its run time.

    The love interest

    There's no getting around it, Lea Seydoux's Madelaine Swan just isn't a patch on Greens Vesper. You can understand how Bond fell for Vesper and why he's still hung up on her 14 years later . Madelaine not so much . She's just incredibly bland, it feels more a case of her being a symptom of Bonds need for connection at that time of his career/life rather then the catalyst for change Vesper was. She came into his life when he was looking for an out. In a way I suppose that's why it still half way works for me, even if I don't buy her as this great love , she was symbolic of his need for connection, of a life he wanted but could never have, or maybe even deserved to have.

    The Villain

    Both Malek Saffin and Waltzs Blofeld feel like throwbacks to previous Bond Era's , I don't think they suited Craig's grittier Era. Bring back Spectre by all means, introduce a victim of Spectre out for revenge in the form of Safin , but Waltz's Whimsical delivery and Maleks flat monotone rob them of any gravitas . It feels like they felt they had to shoe horn in as many tropes as possible to please the purists regardless of whether it suited the tone of the Craig era.

    The Runtime

    Just like Spectre before it(which I'd watched the night before) its just too bloody long. Unless they were genuinely setting up spin off characters in Paloma and Lashana's 007, one of them definitelyshould have been cut . Similarly with Blofeld, either forget Safin and make him the main villain again or kill him off in the prologue and use his screen time to develop Safin beyond a cypher.

    All the faults above being said I was still emotionally engaged enough to have something in my eye over the ending.

    As such, it gets 3 out of 5 from me.

  • Is is not time to move on from Vespar Lynd / Eva Green fantasies?

    Madelaine doesn't have to be his greatest love ever - Bond was emotionally involved with her for sure, thought that she betrayed him like Vesper (actually with Vesper he was betrayed from the very outset of course) - then finds out she hadn't and more significantly that he has a daughter - that's a believable connection even for someone as detached as Bond

    (Green's not even a natural born brunette lads - betrayed from the start like Bond!)

  • Haven't watch any Bond film since the 1980s but went to see this one last night.

    Awful film.

  • Im afraid there's No Time for my Love of Vesper to Die Glasso 😋

    As for the rest of what you said , I think you'll find I agreed with you , she didn't have to be his greatest love, just 'a' love at a time he was tired of the Spy game and wanted out .

  • You have a lot of catching up to do! Assuming you saw the two Timothy Dalton films from the late 1980s, there are four Pierce Brosnan ones and four other Daniel Craig ones. From the PB era, I would recommend Goldeneye, and, from the DC era, I would recommend Skyfall.

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  • Definitely has its flaws, but I still thoroughly enjoyed - much more so than I did QoS, Skyfall, or Spectre.

    I totally get the anti Malek arguments (and he was pretty rubbish), but that didn’t ruin the movie for me… for once, Bond’s mission and focus were not the bad guy or threat, but the personal story, and in a way I liked how they ‘backgrounded’ the stuff that we’d have normally been hit over the head with (bad guy motives, who the global targets were, how the factory worked etc) - it didn’t matter to Bond, so it didn’t matter to us.

    Given the corners they’d been written into by the previous movies, I’m pretty happy with this as an end to the Craig series. Though I didn’t need the grimness of the ending. Casino Royale still the top dog anyway.

    As a side note, that ‘agent Paloma’ segment definitely felt like a test run for a character, and it really worked I think. Could be quite a playful, fun spinoff.

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  • @Ger Roe

    In the end, I was disappointed ..... and confused. I waited right till the end of the credits to see 'James Bond Will Return'... I started to think of how?

    In the next reboot, which each new Bond has effectively been, a reboot, a new continuity. The ending changes nothing.

  • Just back from the cinema.

    Enjoyed it, despite the secret lair... beyond parody. Amazingly wasn't spoilered for me.

    The super villain plot was paper thin ridiculous. Art House cinema it was not. Rami was wasted, and probably a little embarrassed all the way to the bank.

    Still, will miss Craig.

  • I would watch 00Ana de Armas any day of the week.

  • It got off to a below par release in the US and has an older audience then venom

  • I'll be completely honest: I still haven't got around to seeing this, and 80% of the reason is that insane run-time. While Spectre's ludicrous "it's all connected!!" arc pulled me right out of whatever emotional arc they had cooking for Craig. The more I've thought about it, the more Skyfall felt like the natural end to the storyline.

    As to wider audiences; I'd not be so arrogant as to assume my feelings reflect the general audience's; but I would speculate if all that time sitting in limbo killed the enthusiasm and interest a little. It's rare enough something bopping around the schedules for that long comes out and wows at the box-office. While I'm sure the chattering classes on YouTube will determine the failure is 'cos of that word that rhymes with "bespoke". Sequels generally see diminishing returns as any given series goes on - so that rule of thumb may also feed into the apathy.

  • Having seen the movie it's absolutely crazy to me that in the 18 months of limbo they didn't recut it. Even crazier if they did.

  • one complaint was about the "fake woke" marketing and attaching metoo to the film or the trailer showing Bond being put in his place in the trailer. Im not sure what their marketing dept was up to

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  • It looked like large parts of it were cut notably Malek's scenes.

    The original Mc Guffin was a chemical warfare/ virus which was then changed to Nanobots post Covid.

  • One thing for me that stands out that could have been cut is the AM Vantage. It's a nice nod but completely unnecessary (presumably they didn't have the budget for another gadget car chase) and adds nothing to the plot although it's also not going to take much off the runtime but there's a lot of that kind of padding.

  • In hindsight, the inclusion of the Vantage did serve no purpose. Though it didn't really add to the runtime I think.

    However I did appreciate it as eye candy and was glad to see it not get messed up like the DB5.

  • Oh dear oh dear.

    I think ive heard enough to expect Im going to hate this. At least I'll be going in with the bar set very low.

    Despite generally loving the gadgets in Bond films, my two favourite bonds have been very light on the gadget side, Craig and Dalton.

  • All Timothy needed was some toothpaste, a pack of fags and a camera to get the job done. I miss that James Bond ha.

  • Quantum of solace starting on itv4 now.

  • It, like Spectre, I've seen at least twice, and don't really remember much of either and neither I've strong urge to watch again. CR and SkyFall ive seen dozens of times each.

  • Think I only saw it the once and wasn't impressed at the time. After the big disappointment that was NTTD I said I'll give it one more go and see if my opinion has changed any bit.

  • One question......

    Madeline said not once but twice the the child wasn't Bond's so then why does he act like she is his by the end of the film? I'm pretty sure I didn't fall asleep and miss the scene where she tells him "Yes Matilda is your daughter". So is the little girl Bonds daughter or not? And if she is, why did Madeline say she's wasn't (twice!!!)?

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  • She is and she lied presumably to protect the child from what happened to her. Bond ditched her at the mere hint of a betrayal.